World of Tanks || Grille 15 cm – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Grille 15 cm. Today I’m previewing the WT Auf E-100 replacement the T10 German tank destroyer the Grille 15.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. the fappers, hands down, yuck

  2. super
    could you make a video about the flak bus the tier 5 german td

  3. Look at dat gun length dammm

  4. Fast
    Super gun
    Good gun handling

    This thing is going to be OP AF

  5. “hands down, you’re just gonna have to let it slide”

  6. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    Why can we have all 3 like the soviet mediums? After all, the Grille can do
    what WT E 100 and JE 100 can’t, and the WT E 100 can do what other two
    can’t, I think such diversity should be put into good use.

  7. Der Wahre Hunter

    so technically it’s like the “old” hellcat in t10, but with the usual op td
    gun and a worse turret…, so nothing special at all, but it will probably
    used in CWs on some maps, at least the wt e100 spam in randoms ends with
    this thing

  8. Make a video about T92 arty! 😛 A arty replay :)

  9. Yea shell velocity is crazy.. first game i played i was leading like 10 m
    at 300 m and i kept missing and i was shocked when i hit a tank at 500 m
    without even leading 😀 but i think they will nerf it, as i got 7 k damage
    in the 2nd game after 1 month of break from wot..

  10. Xenomorph Paco the Great

    Errr… I think that the traverse degree of the turret is 50 on each side,
    not 45.

  11. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Did you just bounce a shot from somewhere when fighting against the T49 ?

  12. Coming to the console version in 2018

  13. It just doesn’t add up, highest velocity yet poor (relative) penetration,
    Velocity has been used to overcome armour since forever.

  14. 150cm gun ….. Make it true wargaming :)

  15. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i am german and i dindt get the word “joke ” with the Artillerie player
    maybe sombody could explane it to me pls

    thx quicky baby keep up the good work <3

  17. i hate to say it but wot will never be balanced they will come in with a
    huge nurf like they always do and with tank ppl will cry about it (like
    always) and then the nurf bat will hit

  18. Dontcallmeshirley

    Am I the only one hearing: “WTF E100” ? :D

  19. Dimitri Petrenko

    And replace a imaginary vehicle for another imaginary vehicle! gj WG.

  20. i like it

  21. no doubt it il get nerfed sumwhere lol….pity we couldnt have both tanks

  22. Lol the t49 bounces …. xd

  23. Yes, the penetration is mediocre, but when you can shoot through a needle’s
    eyes from half a kilometer, hitting even the smallest weak points, it’s

  24. i have got a question: 6000 dmg of a 16000 health enemy is how rare in t8?

  25. About the premium ammo, could it be that the message from WG is “we’re
    giving you an ubberly accurate gun, learn to fucking aim” instead of “press
    2 to win”? Just a thought.

    About the vehicle, love the looks of it. I’ve been waiting for a fast,
    accurate TD since forever. All the others tend to be lumbering, awkward,
    mostly blind vehicles with very little options for the driver. Yeah, you
    can have monster games when the battle goes your way, but you can also
    position in a spot where you don’t get to shoot anything because the battle
    is somewhere else. I’m a bit concerned about how sneaky this vehicle will
    be, considering it is a one shot for any arty. Hell, even a T49 will wreck
    you. To be able to use the view range you kinda need decent cammo.

  26. I am sad wte100 is being removed. But I look forward to being more active
    in the fight now and not waiting that 55 second reload. I am going to miss
    the 5 rounds, day ruining gun tho haha.

  27. nice tank, but i think this kind of playstyle we will never seen in random
    games 😉 all of them will sitting in the same positions like before without
    to be a autoloader. so we will see a smaller amount of grilles in random
    games! fine for me ;)

  28. When is 9.15 officially released ?

  29. 2 guesses what I’m playing when 9.15 Is live… T49 ?

  30. You should have added the clip when you got 1 shot by arty :D

  31. ‘E’ on the end of a German word, like Grille is pronounced more as an ‘eh’
    as opposed to ‘ay’, not perfect but meh. Cheers for the vid,

  32. Plz do a review About is7

  33. It must feel really great when any tier 9 or higher arty can one hit kill
    you out of nowhere…

  34. RonniePoleCasper

    AMX 50B? u mean Foch 155?

  35. can you do tank review object 268 ?

  36. This is basically a Tier 10 pre-nerf Hellcat…neat

  37. Jesus, this thing is utterly terrifying…

  38. Stealing my WFE100 is unforgivable.
    Pay me out ,don’t give me an inferior TD.

  39. if the grille15 is 2nd in dpm which is 1st?

  40. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    The king is dead, long live the king. It seems this is the end of an era.

  41. Shining Darkness

    Well, I am going to start grinding that line again. If this thing comes out
    of testing successfully (they have tried other replacements in the past
    that did not pan out after all) this will likely become one of my favorite
    TDs in the game.

  42. 7:12 to watch battle

  43. Isn’t it about time they gave back the Foch 155, you said AMX 50b in the
    video by the way, mobility back? The Foch 155 is in a sad states of being
    almost “unplayable” dues to it terrible gun handling, reload time, shot
    between shells 5 second, and it engine being nerf down to the Foch, and
    some armor nerfs here and there.

  44. “TheFappers – Hands down, we gotta let it slide.” LOL

  45. Thrill3rKill3rz

    so there is no special tank you get if you already have the 1st e 100?

  46. It definitely feels like a tyrant has been dethroned. There are fewer
    villains to despise in World of Tanks now.

  47. Bye Bye W-100. It’s been a slice. I’ll miss the fear you generate when you
    look at someone. .. I won’t miss that 1min reload. I sure as fuck won’t
    miss that stupid foil barn for a gun shield.
    The Grille 15 is crazy cyazy good and SMOKES the W-100. Can’t wait to own
    this thing.

  48. TheGamer'sAdventures

    German Accuracy

  49. another broken TD. the back of the map snipers should have a field day with
    this thing.

  50. Nataniel Ivanov

    ай дай гас :D

  51. +quickybaby did you buy all of your with free experience and gold or did
    you earn them legitemitely?

  52. Igor Foster (Fudenciojp)

    Wt e-100 out is such a bs they keep inventing and removing tanks on the
    game wtf!!!

  53. that is 1.5 second of aim time

  54. CleqGfx HandyAcc

    why die he say “grilley”? xd

  55. Schutzstaffel Gaming [World Of Tanks]

    Waffenträger E-100
    Gonna Miss that Son of a Bitch
    P.S. Never.PERIOD.
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
    P.S.S I love Wargaming Nerfs they’re simply Straight up G’s

  56. While I like your review, op is replacing op. The constant increased
    accuracy has pretty much negated armor. The few tanks that do have armor
    worth mentioning have huge gaping weak spots that allow even moderately
    accurate tanks rack up damage on them. Hit points and armor sloping is all
    that matters in this game. GG again warshaming. Still no control over mods
    either, so the aim bot users dream with this one.

  57. This gonna be a very strong Td

  58. i hate my wt e 100, so im soooooo looking forward to the grille. i miss my
    tier 9 wt very much, had many fun games

  59. Jayce Castial Lauper

    i just want my xp and silver back so i can go down a different line.. no
    onterest in this tank..
    and i know the wtf e100 was overpowered as fk thats the only reason i went
    down the line for the lols..

  60. Edwin Coscolluela

    your camera should be on the upper right not the lower left It’s blocking
    the tech tree of the different nations of tanks thank you.

  61. Well I started playing German TDs only to get WFT E100. Manage the Unlocked
    it couple of weeks ago And now it’s getting replaced by WFT Auf XV ( grille
    15). Complete waste of time. Doesn’t seems to like this new td either. Want
    my e100 or my invested 100s of hours back. Very disappointed from WG.

  62. reminds me of peter baylish

  63. i hate my wt….liked the grille instantly on the ct server.

  64. Needs nerfed to 7 degrees of gun depression and a +1-2 sec on the reload
    and then it’ll probably be balanced.

  65. it looks stupid with that big gun

  66. I feel like it might get nerfed in a few patches, at least with regards to
    the aim time and whatnot…

  67. 🙁 i just logged in and bought the tank, forgot to load the ammo ^^

  68. How on earth would this gun probably be stabalized in real life?

  69. I literally have only two “problems” with this tank: its appallingly ugly,
    and it’ll probably be five years before it comes to Xbox (we don’t even
    have the Japanese heavies yet).
    I also still need to actually get the auf E100 eventually. I really want
    one – just to be able to say I have one and for when I feel like being a
    total asshole but don’t feel like spamming HESH at 8K a pop (plus console
    version still has a six round magazine – but the Sturer Emil completely
    killed my enthusiasm for it.

  70. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    first comment

  71. Mom's Spaghetti

    Im afraid that thing will be OP af on live server :/

  72. I like it Thumbs up XD

  73. Tom Hanks tried to take out a Tiger I with a handgun in the movie but the
    Tiger then gets destroyed by a P-51 plane. If you look closely you can see
    the Tigers in the movie being mock ups, built on T-34 tanks.

  74. I feel like the Foch 155 could use a buff.

  75. Zak Stratford-Smith

    WT auf E100 tier 8 prem? just give it a bad gun like a 5 round autoloader
    with 200 alpha and a 25+ reload

  76. Are they going to make the waffentrager E100 a tier 10 premium?

  77. hi mate…. can you do review on the new challenger? with the buff how much
    does it worth to play that tank..p.s. mine currently sit collecting dust in
    the garage

  78. Man, you’d have to have parkinsons to miss with this tank.

  79. The hands down comment after calling out the fappers, I see what you did
    there QB ? touché sir well played.

  80. I have played Grille 15 and… its just so much more fun than the WT auf E

  81. Make the Waffle a premium tank 😀 😀 :D

  82. Foch 155 have 750 dpm, 1 shot hit and the other shells fuck themselves, and
    then a minute to reload…

  83. if overpen was a thing this tank would be insanely op

  84. GG Wargaming, you replaced a vastly overpowered tank with….

    nice one

  85. 19% better accuracy than any other tank? I smell power creep!

  86. I am playing like an idiot with toaster (Pz.Sfl.IVc), fucked up my win rate
    and then they remove the tank I wanted… -.- seriously? -.-

  87. QB plz do a T-95 or T110E3 Review

  88. Niklas Lindberg

    I was just wondering the other day: What non-premium tank makes the most
    damage and has low ammocost? In other words the best damage/ammocost ratio

  89. Omg it’s A TIER 10 HELLCAT.

  90. can I have that 150cm gun on my oi chassis as the Japanese t10 art.

  91. Wow, I was gunna grind for the highest dpm tank
    And I have a marder 38t

  92. Wait, Did Quickybaby call artillery players “wankers”?

  93. Ok, another reason why not to play tier 10. This is way too much. Imagine
    you meet it with Pershing and I cant hold my tears.

  94. It’s just too OP imho. Fast, great aim time, high damage, accurate, gun
    depression, reload time… armor doesnt matter if you can kill everyone
    with 3 hits across half the map.

  95. +100.000.000 credits and +100.000.000 free experience ….. crying in the

  96. dat grill eh

  97. GAH! QB! Stop saying Waffentreager auf pz fiir!?! IF you must then also
    learn how to say, Grille 15 (fünfzehn). And also E-100(einhundert or just
    hundert). Be consistent with your “german”… !

  98. Patriotic American

    but let me get this straight Tds get huge guns that are accurate and can
    snipe weakspots and QB complains about the pen when heavy get smaller guns
    and worse accuracy, yes TDs are long range so then need to be accurate but
    if there that accurate they shouldn’t need massive pen, heavys fight in
    close quarters and can aim and miss, shouldn’t they get better pen

  99. Thank you serb for the departure of the wtf e100.

  100. The T49 Boom stick has a new target.. That’s a dam decent TD

  101. QB, this tank destroyer gets 0,26 accuracy and u are disappointed to get
    334 penetration with gold ammo? Well, others get more but the accuracy is

  102. It’s gonna get whacked by the nerf bat

  103. I hope that they put the Grille 15 as fast as possible into WoT Console,
    the Waffenträger annoys me SO much, at least when I play against it

  104. Just Another Doge M8

    Gunna bring more HE to the party then, just for the lulz, it seems tasty

  105. the best accuracy was 0,29 on the wt e100 2:55 – 3:00

  106. looking forward to the new zoom more then anything lol. as someone not
    using any mods that was always one thing that kinda made me wanna start and
    now I still don’t have to :P

  107. Awesomeness Guy

    0.15 aim time lol

  108. Nicholas Mihalko

    wait the WT E100 is getting removed?!

  109. MAYIS dance school


  110. Your mic is to small try a bigger one

  111. hehehe “the fappers” then he says “hands down” :P

  112. Gun traverse is 100°…says it right there in the garage..

  113. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    QB stahp u make me feel like bad player

  114. Bjorn IronHammer

    lol its probably going to get nerfed i bet. it seems like too many things
    are going for it, only downsides are no armor and not a full turret, but
    everything else pretty much is golden. i hope not, but with wargamu you
    never know. :)

  115. there goes my journey for the waffentrager auf e100

  116. Still I don’t like it :(

  117. haha “the fapper hands down, we are just gonna have to let it slide” was
    that intended?

  118. why are they replacing the auf e 100?

  119. I wish the WTE-100 replacement would have got the gun of the Jagdpanzer
    E-100. This would make much more sense. The FV4005 has got the same gun
    then the FV183 as well.

  120. kristijan juric

    great video,but can anyone tell me name of mod that show you wn8 of battle
    and your ammount of crew xp…

  121. So grille 15cm = hellcat at t10 basically

  122. martynas samsonas

    the fact that you absolutely can’t afford to be shot in grille because of
    its rather low hp for a tier 10 td makes it already of much higher skillcap
    compared to that OP waffle e100

  123. Raúl Pérez Martínez

    Hey, love your videos and your channel, really usefull, go on that way. How
    could I download your modpack?

  124. One thing for sure that tank looks awful !!

  125. Hanfgurkenhasser

    That’s nice n all but that thing is SO ugly!

    WT at least has this ridiculously large turret that looks amazing.

  126. Anyone notice qb almost got derped by the borsig when he was fighting the
    t49 lol?

  127. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    i believe that this is a great change

  128. арта сука блиать ))))))))))))…

  129. I smell a nerf

  130. i wish i could say it was a worth while replacement but i have been
    surprised many times on the test server by the grille before i could get my
    tank half way to a flank. but I own a deathstar now, so I cant wait to see
    the grille on the live servers >:D

  131. 150cm shell nice

  132. lugnutdecepticon


  133. imthemistermaster

    sooo you turn into a pirate saying how did that one miss on your live

  134. Juippi2 Pelailee

    grille 15 turns 50° not 45°

  135. This makes me wanna start the arty-magnet line..

  136. Looks like a batchat went through a period of inferiority complex.

  137. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    you cant just play peekaboo around obstacles like in the borsig or the wt
    pz4 because you cant turn the turret thats a big problem

  138. Time to wash my T49 and prepare for hunting these lil cuties.

  139. Yep the AMX 50b 6:15

  140. The Great Coneage

    So, it’s a Hellcat…

  141. I still have a way to go to reach the Tier X to get the WT E-100 which i
    think is a very good tank (from all the reviews i have seen), is a tank
    feared by many but loved by many more. It is sinister looking like a STUKA
    which makes it even more attractive. This replacement looks like a sissy
    but runs like a rabbit. I appreciate your review to the Grille, but have to
    give it a thumbs down cause it is just soooooo ugly.

  142. Outwardpanicjoe

    150cm lol that would be a 1500mm cannon lol

  143. I believe one of use NA server guys played 300 games on this on the test
    server and got 3 marks.

  144. if the grille just would look like the wt auf e100, i would love the tank
    but it just looks SO UGLY! i mean look at this pice of crap! it has NOTHING
    beautiful on it and thats nearly the only reason for me that i am
    disapointed. :C

  145. How stupid do you have to be to forget ammo, you get a warning about it if
    you try to get into battle without it.

  146. So can the foch be rebalanced with a single shot 155 and regain its old
    armor model and top engine?

  147. TheKingCobra78 - WoT

    the grille 15 is “fairly comparable to the amx 50b” …. GG :P

  148. RandomSoftware Rd

    The tier 10 charioteer for sure :P

  149. Why is the WT auf E100 being removed?

  150. At first I was mad because I’m grinding WTF100 on my WT4, but then watching
    this I’m gonna stick with my WT4. 360* of turret rotation is a must, also –
    like Grille 15 – it’s gun is located at rear and THAT is one good advantage
    to be taken 🙂 Too bad Grille can’t have full turret traverse, otherwise
    I’d fap all day knowing I could have another dream tank in WoT :)) Well,
    outside the WTF100 of course.

  151. Waffle is dead. Glad of it.

  152. another op tank gg wg

  153. world of tanks gameplay

    i have already played in it

  154. Armas Jürgenson

    idk about other players but i played wayy better in grille than wt, im a
    avarage player but all games i was in top3 soo it feels alot more op than
    the wt

  155. That gun still made me wonder, whether i should call Grille 15 ‘Lance’
    ‘Jousting Tank’ ‘The Penetrator’ or simply ‘Telephone Pole’.. Any

  156. The Spice Must Flow

    I give it two patches before they nerf it.

  157. The way this currently sits, I feel like this thing is gonna be OP. That
    much speed for that gun is too much. T67 close at Tier X, that’s sounds
    really fair.

  158. I have been waiting for this review for 1 month and here it is. It helped
    me a lot because I have a WT auf E100 in my garage and now I know how is
    the new tank

  159. It’s so nice that when WG replaces one tank they don’t GIVE NOTHING FUCKING
    BACK FOR CAMMO AND EMBLEMS AND EQUIPMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Xx_HyperBeast_xX XOXO

    Thats a LONG thing you have there quickybaby

  161. Ferrari Driveby

    I’m a console player, and I must admit I’m excited about this tank. Sure,
    the Waffle was a great novelty tank, but it really didn’t fit the trend set
    by the rest of the line. It was also very situational, some games I died
    doing 8,000 damage, others I died doing 0. This tank seems much more
    reliable without all the best and worse in class that the WT-Auf E100 had.
    Also, I never felt “the waffle” was overpowered. It just had strengths that
    were pinnacle of its class, and weaknesses that were incredibly inhibiting
    as well.

  162. Why such a shit penetration of 279?? All the better armored ones have
    around 300. Stupid WG

  163. Im real. No joke.

    Amx 50b confirmed td

  164. I cant wait to get it.. never really liked my waffentrager……..

  165. speaking of how progression of tech lines how does the the tortise to the
    183 make sense

  166. why they remove it ?

  167. I see one huge problem with that turret. You can’t reverse around corners
    like you could in the Wt IV or the Wt E100.

  168. So please tell me someone where is the piont in using a leo 1 again?!…
    ahh wait, there is no reason to use it, because every tank wargaminng
    intruduces new into the game is at least 10 times better… wp?

  169. 3:05 “point 15” that’s a dream come true for every tanker ?

  170. 6:16 amx 50 foch and not amx 50b

  171. I think its going to get nerfed soon, it is good now so WT auf e100 players
    wont be to disappointed, but after a while when they forgot that tank the
    grille is going to get nerfed.

  172. They replaced a broken tank with an op tank 😀 Cant wait to fire all of my
    he ammo at these tanks

  173. Thanks

  174. Honestly, this will be one of the best TDs in the game.

  175. finally the Grille 15 is here, i hate the WT E100. this thing is basically
    a Lepord with 150MM cannon and travels at the exact same speed! god, i
    always want to get my hands on the Lepord, now i don’t even need to unlock
    the lepord anymore, cuz this is better!

  176. Tank seems like it’s going to be a whole load of fun but I can see due to
    alot of people going to be complaining about it’s powerful gun and speed it
    will be nerfed within the next patch alas


  178. an other tank to be called “clicker” :D

  179. But the Grille 15 gets 50 degrees to a side, not 45. Why? Who cares?

  180. Is that tank based of the Panther?

  181. What are the main differences between the Object 263 and the Object 268?
    Which one would you recommend?

  182. Nerf the accuracy to at least 0.32, and the reload time to at least 14
    seconds even with equipment.

  183. bi sus çenenin yayını sikeyim be

  184. greslie lagunday

    goodthing i decided to grind for the jagdpanther E-100.

  185. We all know here that the Grille 15 will get nerfed 2 months after it comes

  186. I’m gonna miss my Waffletrager

  187. Alecsandru Dragos

    How come 3 artys ignore you???

  188. One of the advantages to the WT Pz4 was that it could reverse out of cover
    or over a ridge line to minimize its exposure. Here it seems that the tank
    will have to expose its hull before it can bring its gun to bear, which is
    somewhat limiting but good balance considering the reverse speed and gun

  189. Thank you for the preview QB!!!
    BTW: At 2:12, in the video, you state that the turret limits (gun traverse)
    are 45/45, when you can clearly see on the stats panel (top right side of
    the screen) that it’s limits are 50/50…

    Had been a fan for over 2 years now…

    Keep up the good work!

  190. I was surprised you did not die while jumping on the T49…did they changed
    the ridicilous fall damage? Also Im glad they gave it bad / average
    heat-rounds. Now they only need to nerf other heat / APCR (gold) rounds.

  191. Swaggy shirt.

  192. I want wte e100 premium tank version

  193. This tank has to be black…look at the size of that gun!!

  194. This looks like the russian spg Su-5 with Panzer 4 canon on it…

    Deez nuts wg..

  195. i love how much more appropriate this tank is for this line than the wtf100
    and i am now actually interested in this line now i never grinded it before
    because of the tier 10 which i thought was dumb but this thing really
    intrigues me

  196. And we all know this is best in class for the moment. They always over
    power tanks on release to get people to spend real money converting XP.
    Once the hype drops off and people stop spending as much money they
    magically find the tank over powered and preforming to well and nerf it.

  197. Damn that turret is UGLY!!!

    Never mind cool tank.

  198. sovelis holimion

    nice video QB 😉
    started this TD line when i knew this would come… looks like i’m not
    going to be disappointed

  199. so a new tier 10 German medium huh? =]]

  200. They need to just keep the WT, this thing is crap.

  201. of the grille has the second highest dmg/min, what tank has the best

  202. QB are u streaming today and what if u are, doom or wot?!?!?

  203. “Let’s focus on the Grilke 15cm and not TheFappers” best QB quote ever ?

  204. That accuracy looks a little OP. Otherwise, a nice tank.

  205. This thing is going to get nerfed to hell

  206. Andrewlik is awesome


  207. Alexbuildit Productions


  208. I love watching pom
    You that read wrong
    You read that wrong too
    You read that twice to make sure you didnt read that wrong

  209. The Fappers – “Hands down, we’re just gonna have to let it slide.” – QB,
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  210. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  211. Jeez that canon who is probably 2x longer then the tank look so derpy xD.
    But not longer then my D of course

  212. First

  213. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    AFN, 3 WTF E100 statpadders disliked.

  214. War thunder should add a option to change all caliber mesurements to mm,cm,
    inches,ect. How do I know what is intches in mm?

  215. when does the update 9.15 arrive??

  216. GD Class_Crafter

    hello i heard that you will release this in the stream :D

  217. TheGoodOldChappie

    You mean the axm 50 foch (155)

  218. I’m in first 30 comments yey ?

  219. Two WF e 100 lovers was here

  220. For me, its just Improved Waffle auf. Pz. IV

  221. we should call it the gorilla

  222. WeaponsEngineer

    4th, wow, i feel so happy, please dont like this comment; it is pointless.

  223. jajajaja love the vids QB keep it up watching stream

  224. Christian von Essen


  225. first xD

  226. Get rekt lads. ʕʘ‿ʘʔ

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