World of Tanks || Grille 15 is Still a BEAST!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. The was significantly nerfed two years ago but I tried it out recently and it’s still a BEAST!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Also does anyone know if QB’s latest mod can run in the new version and how?

  2. Tomáš Chochola

    My grille miss 8 out of 10 shots and rest didnt pen or do just yellow tracks. Also LT100 is reguraly bouncing shots from grille becouse f you and your accurate gun with shit pen for TD

  3. That skin is fabulous – very neat indeed.

  4. There’s no Russian bias

  5. I’d buy a QB skin for my comet ?

  6. I got my 1st mark on my Panther for a 500 some odd damage game. Apparently no one is playing that line

  7. well that cage thing is new

  8. I would have to say the Grille 15 is a high skill cap tank. It’s meant to stay back and snipe yet it’s a giant bulk of metal that can rarely find a good hiding spot. As soon as it gets spotted from being a massive hunk it’s nearly instantly killed or at the very least you have half your HP wiped since it also has next to no armor. Went down this line expecting something grand but found that it’s really not all I expected. I’ve asked around a lot in game and on the forums and in general the only players who seem to actually enjoy playing this tank are players who are light blue or better. It does have it’s games, but in general it’s usually just you driving in and doing around 2k damage before dying. I’ve never once gotten a tier X tank and considered selling it like I have with the Grille 15. It’s just that bad in my opinion. I noticed a lot of people though seem to enjoy the tank’s pen. For me the pen is nonexistent in most cases. Most of the shots you take result in something like at 2:10 in the video. A bounce off of a tank showing you it’s direct side.

  9. Buying LoL skins in 2k19 :failfish:

    You can get tons of free skins in lol, even those expensive ones. Really not worth wasting money on that game 😛

  10. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    I found it very difficult to play. Was spotted, missed target, or target bounced shell, constantly.

  11. Something I heard from digital extremes (a game developing company) has always stuck with me when it comes to free to play experiences. They said that if you’re selling power, you’re doing free to play wrong. Wargaming sells power. Like it or not that is what they do. I think shifting to a cosmetic market rather than only a tank/ premium currency market is the way to go. People like making their stuff look really good, it’s like that is most situations. And gold is too damn expensive.

  12. Nerfed = Bad Buffed= Good ???

  13. Nah Russian OBJ 268-4 is beast:)

  14. Who has hoping to see A WTF E100 come on the black market? God I miss that tank.

  15. 5:06 this is why I convert led from wot to wt.

  16. WG give Grille 15 some love!

  17. doing 4k damage in any tank in the game is considered a good battle by most players

  18. There is no such thing as “german accuracy” in wot. There is so much fucking russian bias… I snipe successfully in my 430U more than I should be able to… we had the fucking loot baoxes thing, then the even more stupid black market… I barely play the game nowadays… Forever bottom tier when playing my tier 8 premiums so the game makes sure to minimize the income to the lowest. Premium rounds spamming, uselessness of armored vehicles, russian generated numbers making you bounce the side of every russian light tank… And the humongus number of clueless muppets, all dead after 2 minutes in the game… I unlocked this TD but yeah, as every non russian tank in this game, it was nerfed…. So I won’t spend any credits buying yet another noro russian POS tier 10 tank…

  19. Waffenträger E-100


  20. 6:30 Hold up QB, that’s a Russian tank you’re shooting at. You can’t take off it’s tracks AND damage it. Silly.

  21. Yes I’d rather pay for skins than premiums. I spent too much on LoL lmao

  22. whats better tier for tier, the T30, or T110E4?

  23. WG actually tries not to sell skins but instead, harvests your money by putting redundant tech tree branches and unskilled crews. I’m happy to pay for a LOL skin I love, even if the price of some skins almost equal one-fourth of a normal worker’s monthly wage in my country after applying the exchange rate, but WG? Nononono. If I can, I will pay them not even a dime.

  24. You are implying it was a beast when it never was to begin with >.>

  25. QuickyBaby, what is your opinion on having Zimmerit as an attachment on tanks in game?

  26. they could fix alot of the grilles problems by giving it a true turret aka 360 degrees and improve its gun depression and up its pen and then it would be competive

  27. I played a game in my cheiftan on console that I did 7208 damage 20 penetrating shots, I’d love to share it with you, if only I could it’s on console

  28. Ragebased Gaming

    The Grille 15 is complete garbage, this game was nothing more than “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.” Bring back Waffle E-100

  29. Thanks for the tip QB! I will see if I can use the Grille better next time.

  30. I play on the Console (XB1), and I love this tank, but it’s gun is soooo troll it’s not even funny. Fully aimed shots just go around the target, literally in the same fashion as the ISU-152 BL-10. Such a fun tank but the gun can really make or break it in my experience.

  31. I play WoT Blitz and I ground up to the Grille 15 and was actually very disappointed at first but know that I am getting used to its quarks like I had to with Wt auf PZ IV I am really enjoy it now. I just had several good games in it today (3000 to 4500 dmg) and then came to YouTube and you had posted this. Thanks Quickybaby!

  32. Mališa Jevremović

    There was no arty in this game, the only reason you were able to shoot from middle and farm damage. So nice luck there having no arty.

  33. I’ve been struggling to finish the mission for T-55A TD-15 with this tank for about 3 years…

  34. 5-10 euros for a skin tank??!! QB i must stop to watch your movies

  35. Balc0ra's Gaming

    6:10 You might think they ware worth €10. But the black market showed that others are not that keen on paying that much for a tier X skin. As there that skin did cost 3500 gold. And they hardly sold any one of them. For €5 or less? Sure. But for €10 or more? I don’t think that would sell as well. G1 B skin was even a tad pricey for most for a tier 5. And WG said they did not sell that many of that vs the KV-2R.

    But if the price is right based on tier? I’m sure WG could find a market for it and make lots on them.

  36. Still miss my WT Auf Pz. E-100. Grille is neat but not the same.☹ F

  37. The Leo PTA is borderline op. In the hands of a good player, you can rack up so much damage with that gun due to the pen and the alpha/accuracy. I consistently do 5k dmg and carry games. I three marked the tank in a couple days and have a 73 percent win rate. Hopefully they don’t nerf it.

  38. Obj 268v4 still exists … Only the heshbombers are relevant, other tds are pointless.

  39. I want a special skin for my Doom Turtle, I want the top covered in sandbags and machine guns like the allies were using it as a mobile strongpoint. Like it is part of the trenches that up and drove off, that would look sick as hell.

  40. This tank was never in fashion. It doesn’t compare to the WTE-100. Shame on Wargaming for removing that awesome tank with a fully traversable turret and autoloader and putting this crap in its place which has none of those.

  41. They get rid of the Waffen, give you tye Grille 15 (if you had the Waffentrager) then nerf it. Apparently when I play I’m apparently not lucky enough as you to have great team mates…summation: I hardly ever plsy the thing anymore, poor cammo long reload…no armor, nuff said

  42. yes it is good, i recently had good games in it.

  43. Your skill is master level… however with all my respect you cant do this in ASIAN SERVER….a server doing trench war with tanks,full of using aiming hack using+camping VIETs..

  44. Hey QB, do you know any bonus codes for Hk server? I am asking because i want a prem tank and gold.

  45. Can u explain the xvm again pls it doesnt always work

  46. The biggest problem with today Grille is horrible gun soft stats, doesn’t matter it has some of the best aim time and accuracy, if you move your gun or, even worse, your tank, the reticle goes huge.

  47. Gutted by my Grille 15. I have a 42% winrate in it. Pretty sure I get Fire for Effect most games, but just cannot buy a win. And I hate pressing the 2-key. I missed out on ever playing the WT Auf E100.

  48. Some low tier non sense gameplay please

  49. Ah this was the game i had a chance to give you all those well deserved reports 😀

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