World of Tanks || Grosstraktor – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of || Grosstraktor – is it Worth it? Today I’m going to the ridiculous Grosstraktor a T3 premium German medium!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. At 1-3 euro’s is worth it. 10 euros for this piece of crap? nope.

  2. Hey QB, how about a video on ‘keepers’ I’d love to know your favourite 20
    thanks for your output dude.

  3. GrrrrrrrossTrrrrrrraktor ? LOL !

  4. I have the grosstraktor for some time now, and I actually really like it. I
    also like its looks.

    I just wish it could get MoE, I would love to see 9 stripes on that small
    stubby gun.

  5. Shame on you QB!!! Your prejudiced against weakly armoured derp tanks! For
    shame!!. *How do you know it is not better than the Comet if you do not


  6. Well, qb i do respect your videos. I do also like the community. But are u
    guys serious? I mean it is just favoring me that you all do underestimate
    this tank, even in tier 5 matches there will still be tier 3 opponents. And
    pulling of such a straw poll into the community is simply dumb as the
    result was just very clear, since most of the voters probably did not even
    buy that tank to try it out, how can they recommend it then? Why should
    they vote for yes when qb says it is not worth it for him? I don’t mind you
    guys underestimating it, but i hate the fact that you judge without even

  7. +QuickyBaby with what program do you record and edit your videos?

  8. Is it worth it? look at the more info.. 84% no… obviously obvious

  9. I want that gun on the Pz II J

  10. 13 min of ‘no’.

  11. I like the tank and have fun a lot when I play it . But I rarely get in low
    tiers in it and get master ace tanker 80% of the time

  12. my bt7 artillery is a mini kv2

  13. Nguyenthanhloc Nguyen


  14. This tank is basically the leichtractor on steroids.

  15. Last I checked the King of derp in tier 3 was the Cruiser II

  16. 7:14 by the Luchs of it.

  17. it’s a pos

  18. Type 59 is on sale for ps4

  19. Tier 3 10€ No!

  20. Although the Pz S35 is better than the Grosstracktor, there is one thing
    the Grosstraktor does better than the Pz S35: The Grosstracktor can train 6
    crew members to the Pz S35’s 3 crew members

  21. I love mine it’s a beast

  22. Is an odd tank for players eager to spend money on stupid things .

  23. I hate how lower tier tanks are fucking messy and complete garbage for the
    most part

    Its like world of tanks is a joke until around tier 6; kind of

  24. Cruiser Vier… 😛 lol u really got used to saying the numbers in german :D

  25. The Cruiser II is the true king of deep at tier III, it’s a micro KV-2!

  26. Yes, more people need to buy this tank. My HE shells want love too.

  27. Hitler was guiding those shots…Derp guns ftw

  28. i liked and did well in it buti sold like all my tanks so im playing catchup

    with recovery tickets and credits..

    regardless this tank was fun for me gun depression was awsome

  29. Indranil Muikherjee

    i thought this is the next free prem tank for WG anniversary.But still it
    is not as fun as the toldi or bt 7 a

  30. “As the true derp”

    Cruiser II sends his regards…

  31. Grosstraktor is love, Grosstraktor is life. best tier 3 troll tank, so many
    derp kills

  32. German tog???

  33. if only the T18 was still a tank destroyer

  34. well im not going to get this tank cause im not paying $15 for it

  35. Looks like a tank that you buy and pray for good match making haha, i don’t
    see players performing TOO well in tier 5 match making with this kind of

  36. hey quickybaby WoT came out to PS4 and I was wondering if you knew any way
    to get replays of PS4 WoT replay gameplay to you

  37. I want one purely BECAUSE it’s ugly.

    Sadly I play on the NA server.

  38. most hp at tier 3. ah perfect it might actualy challenge valantineAT’s
    alpha damage.

  39. Hey QB, your right this tank definately is quite ugly and in my books not
    worth it.

  40. GrossTraktor / Großtraktor is one of my favorite tanks for just pure fun
    and seal-clubbing. 1) Its a mini-derpt and 2) It looks so freaky it always
    gets noticed. In higher tier matches I use it more as a support and scout.
    Its quick enough. I mean MM putting you in higher matches… any tier 3 in
    a tier 5 match is going to be at a disadvantage so not sure “It can see
    higher MM” is a good excuse not to pickup one. ~.^

  41. Where can I send a screenshot of my post games stats so everybody can see
    it? I couldn’t record the replay unfortunately

  42. German or Engrish QB?

  43. Its big, fugly and stupid but I love playing mine just for the novelty even
    if I kind of suck in it.

  44. Васил Димитров

    Um pz iii a dafuck than is this D: it’s more derp than this also the marder

  45. The 9,99 euro’s includes 1250 gold.
    So you get this tank for about 5 euro’s. (incl. slot).
    You can have some fun games for 5 euro’s :)

  46. I would say no

  47. When I first heard Cruiser Vier, I laughed, the senond time I cried :'(

  48. Mod a Volvo with a cannon and you have a better tank right there.

  49. 45 people have regretted buying this gross traktor xD

  50. LOL he actualy has loader heat in a tear 3 to pen tier 5 LOL what happends
    if he spam the heat in tier 3 tanks 😀 fucking good player my ass :)

  51. QuickyBaby can u review the BT-7 artillery please?

  52. Maybe called

    Grass Traktor

  53. enough with the German pronunciation of the number 4 ! It would be fine if
    you did it with all the numbers but when you only do it with one it sounds
    pretentious and silly. Also, the tank snobbery against lower tier or
    difficult to play tanks lowers credibility.

  54. Gus Davis (Major G)

    Cruiser Vier?

  55. Gus Davis (Major G)

    Hey QB, are you gonna review the Sherman Jumbo and like-tiered tanks?

  56. QB will u make a vid of the new test server?

  57. Kommen sie bitte, und willkommen to ASSTRACTOR!

  58. so bad it should be in detention!

  59. Toggtraktor

  60. Gross!

  61. sidestrafe did a vid on this a million years ago, did it just get added?

  62. This tank looks so weak and pathetic.. sheesh. Reminds me of the free tanks
    WG give away forevents, Light VIC, T7 Car, Pz ll D, AKA all shit XD

  63. “it looks like the caliber of it is the same as the front”

    So the front armament is a water cooled machine gun?

  64. daje lunarlupooooo TKBS forever

  65. Cruiser Vier? I’m at least 3% sure the Cruiser IV is a British tank, QB

  66. 8:56 omg that cruiser fear. lol the german brit? xD

  67. A new T3 premium coming around? GREAT! Time to get into my cruiser2 and
    have a blast.

  68. 7:09 He’ll have to go and defend the cap by the LUCHS of it?????? no, no
    one, okay…….. I’ll see myself out

  69. Short awnser: No. If you want a tier 3 derp, get a Pz IV A or M2 Medium.

  70. It has a butt cannon!!!! Shut up and take my money!!! It doesn’t work? Kill
    it, kill it with fire!!!

  71. Every tank in the game is worth buying but at a certain price point only.
    If this tank was $2.99 yeah sure but WG are Soooooo greedy ! It’s really
    starting to make me sick to my stomach how evil this company is. $70 and
    $80 tank packages ? Entire massive PC games are cheaper than this… Whole
    games !!! I don’t know if I will ever buy a premium tank again. I have 2
    and each time I look at them I wonder where my money went. I would rather
    pay to play per month than get taken for a ride with premium time.

  72. i think the back turret is only armed with a mg

  73. Adam Peretz (n00bypl4y3r)

    Wait, it’s on sale for 10 Euros? I bought my Gr. Tr. for $30 on the NA
    server two Christmases ago! It was well worth it though, I love it. I’ve
    had matches with nine kills with it.

  74. Cruiser Vier? NO! Cruiser FOUR!

  75. So, how does quickybaby get his crew up to 3/4 crew skills in just 1 day.
    Like how… Its his own account so yeah

  76. funny because I already have this tank. no.need to buy it again

  77. It’s a tier 3 combination of the tog and kv-2….sounds damn good!

  78. Whaaat? A low tier vehicle in WoT that is absolute shit…well of course it

  79. If you love me plz comment back cause I love u?

  80. That more info icon is just so COOL ?

  81. saw you play this tank in the stream its terrible defo a no from me

  82. Mister Torgue Flexington

    it’s worth it if you like to collect tanks.otherwise no,as it sees tier 5
    85% of the time.

  83. Ca$H in WG

  84. Qb can you do a highlight video on the Churchill 3 Sovjet heavy tier 5
    premium tank?

  85. Hey you said cruiser vier instead of four 😉 you like the german language i

  86. well we know Indiana Jones is not going to purchase that one

  87. Cruiser II king of derp at tier 3

  88. what’s a derp gun?

  89. I say they should make a tier II tank thats a the mark IV British tank

  90. Tonight I are be mostly playing my derpen cruiser…

  91. QB that rear turret on the Grosstraktor is actually a mg-turret.

  92. I’d rather play the Cruiser 2 over this, haha

  93. Enric Talens Miralles

    Just a so bad tank that I needed it in my collection. I played it like 6
    matches, 4 in tier 5 and spamming HE is a really stronk tank. Totally worth
    it (just 3,8€, discounting the gold) because of the fun you get smashing
    tier III tanks. And its rare, not so much Grosstraktors out there because
    is a “bad” tank. gg

  94. I love all tier 3 tanks honestly

  95. ewww tank but it a ok tank.

  96. Quickybaby, its a british tank, therefore its a cruiser four.

  97. Grosstracker is that a name or am i dreaming?

  98. Should I get the cdc or the m4a1 re

  99. When pronouncing German words try to soften that fucking R for crying out
    loud. Wafffffentrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraeger, Grrrrrrosstraktor. It’s not
    Russian for god’s sake, it makes me cringe.

  100. QB if you want the real king of derp at tier III, try the CruiserII.

    94mm HE can oneshot any tier 3, most tier 4, and some tier 5 even ! 11-12s
    reload “only”, and if you bring like 5 HEAT (in case you want to 1v1 Kv-1)
    you can oneshot the 100€ PzIIJ.

  101. Luchs

  102. quickybaby, can you shot vidéo on BDR G1 B or ARL 44 please ?

  103. Vladimirovic Zunkdacze

    he said “cruiser vier” whilst it is a british tank, GG quicky :3

  104. Literally means “big tractor” in German. Real original Germany.

  105. my cruiser II will love this thing…

  106. how come you never showcased the IS-4 on your channel?

  107. With all do respect please don’t try to say the German tanks in a German
    accent, I cringe every time

  108. The bt-7a is so much better than this thing.

  109. ummm what is the use of view range with crap accuracy?

  110. Cruiser Vier? I think you reviewed too many German tanks lately QB XD

  111. 🙁 Not on NA server… Sometimes I just wish I lived in Europe…

  112. Guys, my friend has a very frustrating problem in WoT….Sometimes (far to
    often for his liking, though I can fully understand) when he gets hit, his
    game immidiately crashes, he says his screen starts to blink red and then
    normal, the sound goes on but his picture turns still, then jumps forward 1
    sec, then these 2 symptoms keep on repeating…Could this be a VGA problem?

    Any ideas? Thx.

  113. Hey Germanbaby its Cruiser Mark FOUR !!

  114. Cruiser Vier lol

  115. qb your statement that you cant even imagine yourself playing this tank is
    honestly a bit of a shock to me i thought a unicum player can do fine with
    any tank and now that illusion is gone i ty.and that tank is so much fun
    well certainly better than toldi or bt7-a

  116. anonymous “i see you” !

    Like for free cheeseburgers

  117. This is that tank where you’ll have 100 games played and 10 kills that you
    got in 1 of the games

  118. 8:55 Fier ? Dont think that is a German tank QB :P

  119. i got a kolobanovs medal with the tier 2 light tank the t1e6-x on xbox 360
    (not many people have the t1e6-x because it was a give away and has not
    been given away again yet)

  120. Pz 2 J is the only tier 3 premium you can have fun with.

  121. Why would anyone buy a tank like this? A large box of paper for 10 euros?
    No, please…

  122. Kristopher Koperski

    do a crusier 3 review the real king of derp for its tier

  123. Tier 3. Why would you even bother with it?

  124. I got it because it was for a good price and i am a collector 🙂

    My first game in it was almost a Top Gun but got cut down by an LTP, Doh!

  125. That voice crack in the beginning of the video was a 10/10, good job

  126. thank you for telling the truth about this tank and NOT recommending it.

  127. idiot pz i c :D

  128. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    this tank was very good, in WW1…

  129. Just imagine going up against an autoloader firing HE shells….

  130. Most ugly tanks: The tier 1 Czech tank, This grosstraktor, bison

  131. new test server i dont rly like the new psysichs everthing seems so slow

  132. Your more of a higher tier play QB

  133. I call it the grrrtracktor

  134. Mauro van landschoot

    I cant buy it from my mum

  135. I bought it with 12500 Gold, so i get it for free, bause it cost about

  136. why does it not come with a billion gold and credits and cost an arm and
    leg? is WG relay listning? Nerf arty and ill come back wg. and before all
    you arty lovers say well actually arty not broken dont wast your time with

  137. it’s really not worth it.

  138. “Crüzer Fïr” man you have been playing to many German tanks buddy

  139. Cruiser vier? Is that some British-German cooperation?

  140. If it becomes top tier in a match it can destroy any tier 3 or 2. I would
    love to see it face either the M4 with it’s 105mm or the KV-1S with the
    122mm cannon.

  141. +/-2 MM spread is so retarded, one of the worst things in this game.

  142. 8:49 did he really just say Cruiser Vier? That’s Jingles Job to do that
    kind of thing!

  143. it’s the standard gun of the DW 2

  144. That’s the most stupid tanks in the game

  145. Hy there!
    I think its Time for a new Intro. Or what do you think? all of you?

    Cheers and thumps up!

  146. Even with only 17% of players with good opinion about this tank inlucing QB
    himself i can say that you all are wrong. This is superb tank.
    1) he is only good as top tier – most of tanks in this game are really good
    only as top tier lol … all japanese heavy tank line for example ! no real
    argument here. Beloved KV-1 is good in tier 7 ? Sorry but no. He is not. As
    most tanks in this game
    2) cannot say how many battles QB had in this tank but talking about
    mobility without driving this tank … this tank is faaaaaaaaaaaast.
    3) his he ammo is just superb because you can seriously hurt many of your
    opponents and you do not need to aim for weakspots – soo this is the same
    reason why many likes KV-2 or japanese 150 mm howizter in japanese super
    heavy tanks – you just shoot and do damage
    4) of course mm is a problem in this tank but i think that still if you
    combine his excellent speed, he ammo with huge alpha damage and gun
    depression you can have super fun and good games; in wot i am average
    player but GT is one of the best tanks for me just working and doing that i
    want him to do.

    In the end) do not judge this tank from how he looks like – this is fast
    beast with good gun.

  147. When you will pick Pz.35S , I will pick FCM36pak40

  148. I’ve had some great battles in my pz1c, when japanese heavys came out :D

  149. its not really seal clubbing any more these days because they separated
    players players <1000 games from the seal clubbers

  150. QB, I think you are afraid of lower tiers, because tier 2 is strongest tier
    in game with average 14000 battles per player, no more sealclubin after
    patch 9,7

  151. Pz 2 J died early lol

  152. this is a m2 medium with the howitzer. it just has less armor and premium

  153. DAMN, 87mm pen with HEAT isn’t terrible for tier 3. the bt-7 art doesn’t
    even get a prem round. that can pen a lot of t5’s easily and it doesn’t
    lose pen at distance. i wouldn’t mind grabbing this actually.

  154. anyone pumped for Friday (the anniversary) cause I am let’s go wot

  155. Surely the Cruiser II (not zwei) is the best tier 3 derp tank?

  156. You say panzer vier, but never panzer eins or Panzer zwei or drei?

  157. good to know it at least has good spaced armor for HE shells

  158. Sine when did “Traktor” adopt an “L” in the name? I get that people like
    saying things with an accent, but germans dont say “Gross Traktor” Glross
    Glraktor”….That just isnt a thing.

  159. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  160. Still no review about the new IS prototype or Grille 15 or another new tank
    for 9.14 ?

  161. Agree 100% about the Pz S35- a terrific seal clubbing tank: two of my 12
    kill games took place using this tank. It may not be agile or fast, but
    it’s a lot of fun ignoring the Pz 1c, which has to be really lucky to pen.
    The rate of fire and quick aim time is a delight, and with binocs, you’re
    untouchable in an end game situation. It can struggle vs. the Matilda and
    KV-1 as you will need premium ammo and carefully aimed side/rear shots to
    pen. But in a tier 3 battle, the Pz S35 dominates.

  162. 10 euro!? omfg. 60 euro’s a couple of moths ago…

  163. Dreadful tank

  164. I think this thing’s success will vary on your choice of ammo. I actually
    load mine up with equal parts HE and AP. Worth it if you enjoy weird tanks
    and a cheap german premium. ALSO in the 10 euro package you get 1000 gold,
    exactly enough for that other german premium tier3.

  165. i love this tank! :D

  166. Last I checked it was Cruiser Four.. It’s a British tank.

  167. Oh boy Quicky, you’ve been around too many german tanks. 8:48 Cruiser vier!

  168. Ugly?! Are you nuts?! It’s super cool, it has the exposed tracks all across
    the hull!

  169. If you think about that this tank was developed during the Weimar Republic
    together with the Leichttraktor its not too bad.
    Just imagine they’d put this into tier 1.

  170. *Cruiser II intensifies*

  171. QB since wargaming tells you when a premium tank is going con sale in
    advance, do you know if cromwell B will be in sale anytime soon? Thanks for
    the review I dont have as much time now and id like a cromwell

  172. Gee, let me guess this thing’s gonna see up to tier 5, right ???
    Oh yeah, well worth those 10 Euros… … …

    Isn’t the game over-saturated with glass cannon tanks by this point? When
    will WG get the HINT that people are tired of these semi-fast tanks, decent
    gun with bad penetration but good damage / rate of fire (sometimes) and
    shit for armor… …

    Oh well, guess some people are just going to buy it as a collector tank,
    but I really don’t see the point in this addition… Oh well… BRING ON
    THE NEXT ONE !!!

  173. …”and the one that everyone wants: the Kolobanov’s Medal”…

  174. >it’s an ok tank

    stop shilling QB, we know it’s terrible.

  175. German Rolling target.

  176. This tank … xD

  177. british cruser vier :D

  178. The gun on the rear turret is a machine gun — it looks so fat because is
    has a water jacket to keep the barrel from overheating.

  179. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    If it had premium matchmaking, then it would be worth it.

  180. You forget the 60 degrees of gun elevation :)

  181. Your German pronounciation is so cringe
    (-Comming from a Norwegian)

  182. Did you notice there was a Pz II J in this game?

  183. Cruiser Vier? I can understand using German numbers for tanks like the
    Panzer Vier Ausf. H but a Cruiser?

  184. Grosstraktor was made mostly obsolete when they gave everyone a BT-7A.
    BT-7A has the same gun from it, but with much better mobility and a much
    smaller profile which lets you easily sneak around and flank just about
    anything with ease to make that HE gun effective. The only thing the Gross
    has going for it is the viewrange nowadays, but again hiding it is still an
    issue due to its size.

  185. Anyhow, the gun seems similar in performance to the BT-7 art.

  186. If you want tier 3 derp, just drive a Cruiser II with the howitzer.
    One-shots practically everything, regardless of whether it penetrates or

  187. He isn’t entirely right on it being the true derp of tier three. The
    Cruiser Mk II can mount a 3.7 inch howitzer. I believe the Valentine AT can
    as well

  188. oh god please it is a watercooled MG at the back, not another 7.5 cm gun.
    ok i hold still now

  189. Didn’t know the Cruiser IV was a german tank……………….

  190. I Love Purple Hazmats

    What a piece of shit. The fact that they charge you, even 10 euros for it
    is just disgusting. The ONLY reason one would get one is as a collectible.

  191. What can you expect from a tier 3 german tank? Not much I guess. It’s crap,
    but it’s as it says, a collector’s gem. And I think it’s what it says
    exactly, a collectors vehicle. One that stays in garage and is being taken
    out for a walk once a month, maybe.

    Actually it could be lots of fun if it wouldn’t be matched against tier 5s.

  192. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)

    Love how he calls the Cruiser by a German name haha.

  193. Needs premium MM to be considered worth anything to be honest. I agree with
    QB. Do not buy, unless you are an avid tank collector, even then, think
    hard about it.

  194. why is this upload out of lip sync and the framerate lurchy?

  195. +QuickyBaby Methinks that gun in the rear is a water cooled machine gun,
    not a canon.

  196. Better get the pzs35,this tank is only good for killing bt 7’s that are
    trying to shot you on the move point black range and still failing to
    miss,i mean come on,the HP is just 2 more hits from most tanks on tier
    3,and considering the matchmaking of world of tanks,you wont be seeing that
    much tier 3’s,i would say mostly tier 4’s,imagine trying to kill a hetzer
    or a matilda with this thing,Oh God…

  197. Eh! I think this tank love my Pz.1.C

  198. its not really the world’s greatest tank. but if you like strange tanks, it
    certainly is a strange one.

  199. patch is coming qb barrel rolls and drifting and map changes..

  200. LOL QB its a Cruiser Four…. (which is British). Not a Cruiser Vier (which
    would be German) 🙂 Great video.

  201. Leichttraktor and Grosstraktor XD

  202. tier 3…why even bother

  203. you are butchering german xd

  204. i buy it this thing reaaaaaly fun !

  205. Un tractor mai gros :)

  206. is this the guy who make the funny unicum how to videos?

  207. lol QB already said cruiser vier instead of simply (and correctly) saying
    cruiser four.

  208. very nice video quickybaby!!!!!! keep up the good work

  209. The Grosstraktor is quite good at tier 3, but because it has that derp
    cannon it just fails to do any damage to tier most tier 4’s and basically
    all tier 5’s. Sure heat has 87mm pen, but such low shell velocity its hard
    to hit with it, and going close quarters in a tank this size with no armor
    everyone will focus fire on you and you just die. So if you are lucky with
    MM i recomend it, if you are not lucky i dont recomend it, as simple as

  210. Grosstrektur strönk tenk, loving mine.
    Not for scrubs.

  211. Has the gun been buffed? When it was first released, the Pz IVA had the
    same gun but with better stats which seems rediculous given that the IVA is
    also more mobile and smaller.

  212. It is worth it if you are a crazy tank collector who wants to have every
    single tank in the game in their garage. Otherwise buy a Pz. IV A and
    you’ll get an even better tank than this :D

  213. Replay is so old! T82 is still TD!

  214. Valentine AT will be a big enemy for this tank with the 7.5 INCH derp gun

  215. The rear turret is a mashing gun Cuickybaby, you would have noticed that is
    your eyes where as quick as your fingers.

  216. Cruiser II gets a true derp gun at the same tier, and you can get it
    without paying. So this tank isn’t really worth it, especially when
    compared to tanks with a similar play style at the same tier.

    Though I’m tempted to buy it because it looks so damn stupid. c:<

  217. that poll is cool add it more often please

  218. same cal rear gun? uhhh… thats a machine gun.

  219. Its the same 7,5cm gun like the Pz IV A. Screw you premium tanks!

  220. it don’t know of I’m right but I think that it is impossible to penetrate
    with HE against spaced armour such as the side panels on the Pz.IV H, can
    someone of tell me if this is true or not.

  221. The Pz S35 guys is WAY BETTER!

  222. No it isn’t worth it.

  223. has he never seen that gun before?

  224. is it’s name literally big tractor?

  225. Looks like I need to play some Cruiser II. The true king of derp !

  226. Please don’t waste time on these tanks, many tanks have no review yet such
    as STB-2 etc

  227. Grosstraktor? atleast it lives up to its name.

  228. +QuickyBaby Hi! Awesome replay! However, I think you should try put in a
    bad game too! Becaus this feels a bit weird, as we only sees the good side.
    Show us some negative too ?

  229. For 10€?!? People bought dis for like 84.042.529,32€ back in the times when
    WoT had 9 billion gold in packs!
    MUST BUY TSCHÖRRMEN TENK!!11 **foam comes from mouth**

  230. Salute a tutti gli italiani ;D

  231. cruzer fier lol

  232. i have one and i can say its the worst tank ever

  233. Is it gross?!

  234. m2 medium is very like this at tier 3 but with better armour, same gun,
    same mobility and 10 degrees gun depression. It easy one shots. My record
    as can see on quickbaby replays is 1800 dmg. if you dont believe me check
    it out

  235. Sealclubber noob.


  237. this is a german type 91

  238. So, you can pen the frontal boobs and the arse, right? (From the O-I video

  239. if its ugly your ugly really.

  240. Its not ugly its German engineering!

  241. Love those ridiculous vehicles :D

  242. Looks meh

  243. It’s a Cruiser Four +quickybabytv not a Cruiser Vier! God dam it man,
    that’s a British tank 😉

    On a serious note though, not worth it.

  244. Why did he say Cruiser fier

  245. lol that tank in tier 3 matchmaking is troll.

  246. Hello Quicky! Could you do a review of the 59-16? I’m a new light tank
    driver. Great review btw!

  247. It is not worth it

  248. Alexander Schlecker

    hey quickybaby can you do another event like you and jingles did when the
    tog was removed

    i mean just playing with the community so that we subscribers meet each
    other in battle :)

  249. Christian Armbruster

    Großtraktor not Grosstraktor!

  250. Ew, maybe

  251. I got it when it first came out…and its utter garbage….but it looks
    cool…. lol

  252. this tank and its price is so gross…

  253. not … if this tank will meet only tier 3 Yes but because of 4, 5 battles
    this tank is carp 2/3 of time Another shit premium … Great Job WG … :(

  254. 13 comment

  255. it took me 1 minute and 22 sekonds to figure out it is worthless, not even
    worth the metal it is made of.

  256. cyka blyat

  257. keep up the good work qb
    your a realy good tanker

  258. its the worse tank ever haaha
    but its a funny one

  259. Is it worth it?

    Gross Tractor?

    Says it all right there.

  260. Why someone would buy a tier 3 tank ???

  261. That tank is so GROSS! EWWWW

    Ok I’m jumping off a bridge for that pun.

  262. I should be watching your steam, but this looks really interesting! :D

  263. How do you record and edit your videos?

  264. I’m turkish.I’m QuickyBaby fan!!!

  265. Quickybaby! Common Test is ONLINE!

  266. 13 place

  267. I dont like The grosstraktor

  268. lets ssee

  269. first

  270. 1st…. Have to

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