World of Tanks – Guide To The AMX50B

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  1. great video, just got my 50 B so timing was excellent

  2. Dunno what is it, but whenever I see you play the 50B, at long ranges the
    gun just works. I find it terribly inaccurate though at range?

  3. Good guide, re jigged my crew skills :)

  4. perfect timing, I am currently grinding the 50 120 and enjoying it, this
    will be perfect to help me when I finish the grind. (Funnily enough I am
    actually enjoying the 50 120, I thought I was going to hate it, but its
    still a very powerful tank despite the horrific elevation and depression),
    50B will be an upgrade in every way so I cant wait for it.

  5. i prefer 100 x more this one to the t57;. 50b 100% fun for good players not
    in all hands ..

  6. Finally something to jack off to. Thanks Anfeels, always reliable.

  7. If you haven’t already, check out my 3rd mark session video –


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