World of Tanks – Guide To The E100

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  1. 10k subs yey

  2. nice vid, thanks

  3. Really good video ! Thanks and keep up good work !

  4. do you need another 3mark session? You could try the third mark on my T54

  5. how to deal with facehugging IS4?
    load AP and overmatch his roof

  6. when u think its a mlg guide

  7. Thanks I’ve had this tank a long time, my first T10 as well and I suck with
    it so your advice and opinion is welcome. What I actually need is practice
    and to position better 😀

    That crew though!

  8. First Anfield video I completly agreed with everything he said.
    Am I becoming a Unicum?
    Nah, sadly enough I am still a scrub.

  9. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    great video, maybe i should rebuy my E100 and man up^^

  10. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    O.o how can it take you 18:40 to make a guide in this tank? :O i thought it
    was load HEAT and just yolo!!

  11. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Pro tip:Set cHEAT ammo as standard ammo and rek Russian HTs that thing they
    are OP

  12. Hey Anfield! Do you think taking the toolbox over the vent is a good idea
    as your track repair time coupled with crew repair skills will make you
    pretty safe from perma tracking and circling at a certain point? Anyway
    good video as always! Keep it up :)

  13. I have no life. Over 2000 games with the E-100 and 48% on 5th crewskill.

  14. hey anfield, nice video, just a suggestion, you should try out intuition
    again, since you have 2 loaders you get a 30 percent chance to instantly
    swap shells either while loading or if loaded and I can’t tell you how many
    times I have instantly been able to switch to HE to fight a waffle for
    example and it loads the shell. But great video as always and keep up the
    great content.

  15. You should do the Centurion AX for a review. It’s a new release and not
    many people have made reviews on it and you’ve three marked it; it could
    attract views & subs (if you care for that.) I think you could make a good
    guide for it.

  16. The transmission should still be in the front, that’s why the drivewheel is

  17. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Give us some gameplay next time. Just my two cents people like to see

  18. Jose Pablo Bermudez

    nice video bro o/

  19. Thanks Anfield! I have used these angling tactics against those scarecrows.
    They were really difficult at the time, but now they are easy. Kappa Kappa

  20. The autoplay after the video brought me to Quickybaby’s E100 Tank Review,

  21. Dang it anfield, it’s 10:00 here and I got school tomorrow… Y u no let me

  22. the AP is a rather nice round as an alternative to HE when killing arties.
    HE for WTs.

  23. Video starts at 12:25 🙂 thank me later

  24. guide to the e100 angle and have a brain and load some HEAT because around
    100 more pen when you find another uber heavy tank

  25. do one for the amx 50b :D

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