World of Tanks – Guide To The IS7

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Source: Anfield


  1. juan san jose peña

    do a guide for the IS-4
    please : (

  2. action x or maybe is3 whould be interesting for me, nice video as allways

  3. i have very big problems with reversed sidescraping.. either i dont angle
    enough and i can get shot in the ass when trying to take my shot, or i hide
    my ass and they penetrate my 100mm side below the spaced armor…

  4. I always bring at least 1 round of HE just to finish off tanks with less
    than 50 health that they are in sidescraping positions or in hulldowns,
    pretty useful because of the fucking penetration struggle with the IS7

  5. Fuck vents, i use optic

  6. I have easily gone net zero in the IS-7 with 100% APCR, not counting the
    prem consumables that were bought previously on sale.

  7. Is reverse sidescraping workable with the is7?

  8. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    does safe stowage stack? I thought it didnt, so I never have two loaders
    with it.. what the fuck? If its true, my whole life has been a conspiracy

  9. T-34-3 guide plox

  10. how to play russian balance tank, drive forward – shoot tank – do 3k
    average damage kappa

  11. Maybe IS-4 guide
    btw great video :)

  12. Hi, Anfield. Does not safe stowage skill on both loaders stack up? Just one
    will be enough I think, maybe wrong

  13. Christian Noack

    Tier for Tier i think the T10 is the much better tank but maybe that’s just
    me :)

  14. Giedrius Plytnikas

    my favorite equipment is rammer+heavy liner+ engine, rapier kit+speed
    remover+oil, and play it like medium

  15. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    Im in IS-3 Right now. wonderful tank

  16. How about a Centurion Action X Guide?

  17. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Where is the IS-7 3 MoE session at

  18. make a guide for the is-4 please c;

  19. I’ve got a shorter guide for you. Have 500wn8, press the W key, and left

  20. Is it worth to purchase Chinese tier 8 premium tank T34-3 considering its
    gun depression has been buffed to 5 degrees ?

  21. FCM 50 T Guide, please?

  22. 121 guide? its the main tier 10 medium i want but i know that it has a few
    hard things to deal with.

  23. T57 guide Anfield! Rng Yisus need that!

  24. Michael Møller

    Thanks for the guide mate. It was useful but missed somme actual gameplay

  25. I would love to see one of these on the T-10, as I cannot seem to get it to
    work well.

  26. Lol, you have the same retarded semi-female crew as me on your IS-7 xD

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