World of Tanks- Guide To The Maus

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Source: Anfield


  1. Safe stowage, the effects are not cumulative with multiple loaders.

  2. RIP 1 million credits!

  3. You know that 2 Times safe storage does not give You a extra bonus?

  4. nah. if you angle your tank you always gotta angle your turret more than
    the hull cause of the weak turret front.
    and if u r fighting the is7 1v1 you really want to facehug it. you easily
    penetrate its turret roof and he only sees your upper plate

  5. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Official Short Guide to Maus:
    Right click Maus carousel -> click sell.

  6. I know what you mean with Sisters in Arms but isn’t the correct term
    Sisterhood of Steel?

  7. Thx for the vid, but most of this I already know. I do however struggle to
    get to the third mark from the second, I feel a lot of people just auto
    load premium shells when they see me. I can hold up quite a while in a side
    scrape or hull down position but eventually ill just get overrun as the
    team around me falls apart.

  8. anfield have u tried relocating the fire extinguisher button (6) to the
    space bar. i have found that i don’t even need to use an auto extinguisher
    as i can put them out just as fast if not faster as soon as i hear the
    audio prompt. btw ik foch uses this system i didn’t invent it. also i have
    had to reposition the hand break which i have put as left shift.

  9. Very Helpful Annie, I’ll have to send this link to my Uncle, his first Tier
    10 was the Maus and he’s not too good at it, this’ll help him out for sure.

  10. Thanks, I am struggling so much with Maus

  11. lukas matusevicius

    do guide in tiger 2

  12. You are so right about that “make your enemy aim longer” i killed an E75 in
    my Tiger ONE alone from 100% while face-hugging …. that was the key, i
    constantly penned his cupola while at the same time make him waste 4-5
    seconds aiming for my cupola and also missing it :)))) or dinging my gun
    because i always put my gun barrel in front of his gun so he always shot my
    cannon for 0 dmg XD he cursed for the rest of the battle, then pm’ed me
    insults for like 30 minutes after the battle :))) one of the best games i
    had in WOT .

  13. Wut program did u use m8 for that maus demege ich bettle ?


  15. nice guide the Maus is a monster

  16. Nikke Knatterton

    Great video as usually.
    Flying Fin from your streams.

  17. Can u teach how to play IS-7?

  18. AMX 50b :)

  19. tank is completely useless on open maps imo

  20. BlackRose1mmortal

    I’m a new subscriber and this is my first comment….I own a Maus and E 100
    and can’t play any of them very well at all. I play on Xbox One, but the
    strategy should be the same except for the crew. If the Maus had the 15cm
    “Hammer of Thor” as the E 100, it’d be feared way more; but then again it
    seems I can pen more easily with the 12,8cm on the E 100 than the 15cm.

    By the way, love your All Female crew set up.

  21. Thank you so much for this video! I’ve been looking for a recent one for so
    long. Keep up the great work! :)

  22. 10:22 safe stowage effect doesn’t stack, and even then, if you have jack of
    all trades, you’ll be covered in that department, though i can understand
    your need for assurance, i feel you’d be better off with an different perk
    on the second loader instead of both having safe stowage

  23. tommy dickinson

    when im home alone……i like to fill my bathtub up with bbq sauce and
    pretend im a chicken wing……

  24. ‫مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا Europe turns Islamic مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا‬‎

    Guide to the Maus: Right Click on it -> Sell

    This Thing is a Skycancer magnet…for these faggots that need to click cuz
    mediums are hard to play fucking bots

  25. DramaticWarlordGaming

    omg hax Kappa

  26. oh shit waddup

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