World of Tanks – Guide to the T62a

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  1. Hey Anfield. Awesome video btw? are you going to do a guide on the 140? I
    know it’s pretty similar to the t62a, but just wanted to ask. Would be nice
    if you made a guide on the 140 to??

  2. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    Next time E5? I got the 3rd mark on it but it’s cool seeing your guides!

  3. I hope E50M will be next!

  4. i already have the obj 140..80k exp missing for the T62A :)

  5. Obj 140 more or less the same as I just unlocked that

  6. Guide to the B1 please :)

  7. 62a is in good when you can get hill down imo…. I hate the speed, gun
    dep, hull armor, repair speed with full repairs… I two marked it and I do
    not play it well, I would like to be able to 3 mark it but I just dislike
    the tank

  8. I love this tank, but I cannot do consistently well in it. I will probably
    have a session tomorrow where I can gauge my performance in it. It has been
    a while :)

  9. Thanks for the guide. Very useful. Like how your content is just “straight
    to the point and this is what I do. A general guideline but so what you
    feel best”

  10. little tip, next time you use free cam press P so its smooth ;)

  11. More please:)

  12. Anfield, you said “make another guide for your other tanks you already
    uploaded right? so I’m might see your favorite tank guide too? AMX 50 B?
    I’ve been waiting for that.

  13. Anfield why dont you three mark my 2 mark stb1 🙁 (d3athbyn1ght) you pleb

  14. I just hate how you can have 100% repairs on a tank and your track repair
    time will still not be good enough to out repair a Russian tier ten medium.
    About the only tanks I know that can out repair their reload are the Bat
    Chat and M46 Patton.

  15. Where are you putting your girl crews if you done mind me asking?

  16. Packed with practical information. Fantastic series concept.

  17. Thank you for showing me how to use T62A’s turret effectively. Personally,
    I think T-62A is less forgivable, comparing to obj 140. It has less
    mobility, larger size and an easy penetrate hull armor. It is harder to
    make it as good as obj 140 in most situations

  18. the T-54 spoiled me so the T-62 kinda felt like a let down once i got to it

  19. Oh yeah because god forbid you make a 140 guide

  20. you deserve more subs and views = cash :)

  21. I have 3 marks on T62a with 7 gold shells and without any busting shit my
    avg dmg is 3650 so yeah spam gold…

  22. Great Information Anfield, love your tank review style its very helpful.

  23. Guids are great. I have second gunmark aswell and knew anythink but still
    cool to watch. Maybe you should be more detailed in the stats of Tanks
    (dpm, aimtime etc.)

  24. Yahhel Amateur Gaming


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