World of Tanks || Hail to the Chief

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. Today I’m playing the T10 American medium and my most played vehicle in the – Hail to the Chief!

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of a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. glad it got some of its stats back from that 7.6 OverNerf. to bad i dont
    care enough to play this game anymore. its all about dat Armored Warfare =D

  2. ah, that’s why my marks on gun went down by 0,5% for 3000dmg with my super
    pershing :D

  3. Vector Signorelli

    e50m is faster than m48

  4. You did MT-12 that second game with the two fires. Here I am still trying
    for over 6 months

  5. A stunning display of WOT mastery QB! Fantastic. A true master!


    lovin’ 9.14 and my mediums. though i think my 48 is cursed i have good
    games in it most of the time [for me] but my teams seem to fall apart. it’s
    a great tank though great vids ..and great sound :}

  7. Master Quicky Baby im so happy youre doing videos on this tank, its my
    favorite tank in the game and nobody plays it

  8. QuickyBaby plz help me im new to wot which nation is good plz ?

  9. Ah nice, just unlocked this yesterday and decided to buy it instead of the
    E50M (will later). Great timing!

  10. QB, I’m just wondering, with how many games you have in the M48A1 and
    considering your statistics in it, i.e., damage per game and kills per
    game, how do you still only have 1 mark of excellence? I would expect you
    to have at least 2, even 3, considering I have seen people with lower dpg
    that that with 3 marks. Maybe you don’t really care about that, but I enjoy
    being able to 3 mark a tank in a short number of battles. It just gives me
    a sense of accomplishment.

  11. Drunk Wolf Productions

    14:20 What ? 9.14 version but i see IS-8 wtf is this :D

  12. I think that the amx 30 b kinda have the same gun handling than the m48A1
    (tell me if i’m wrong)

  13. Isn’t it funny how WG nerfs a tank while adding a bunch of same type tanks.
    People ditch the nerfed tank and grind other tanks of the same type.
    When enough grinding (money) is achieved – nerfed tank get’s a buff.
    Seen that numerous time…

  14. Why plaing Super Pershing when KR is around?

    And Patton is awesome. Dont have it yet myself but I had a go on a test
    server. Realy nimble machine!

  15. I wish we had these crisp new sounds on Consoles, they’re so good!

  16. does anyone else think that it looks easy to play tier 10 in general?

  17. You ‘re playing a very good word of Tanki.

    And also you’re the king of the word tank

  18. Mr Quickybaby please throw up a video playing the Super Pershing. This tank
    is very under appreciated for what it offers. I’ve had some very effective
    games in the SP, and I’m just a tomato. I’d care to see how a High Caliber
    player like yourself handles it.

  19. Î recently finished grinding through the M46 Patton and it is also very
    very well rounded. It was a harsh grind in the beginning but now I
    regularly have matches with 5k damage. So the Tier IX predecessor is
    comparably good on it’s tier level.

  20. I honestly think your voice was clearer with previous mic :/

  21. Quickybaby, how does the M48 compare to the M60? I only have the M60 and I
    totally love it so Im thinking about if the additional M48 grind is worth

  22. biggest nerf? oh dear you srsly forget on poor poor foch this is the one
    which is completly destroed for couple of years

  23. i saw this live!!

  24. im surprised you like this tank so much. of all the tier 10 mediums, this
    is on the bottom of my list. i don’t know about that recent buff but i
    don’t see anything special about this. speed, armor, firepower, etc. pretty
    much on all aspects it lags behind. even with that good gun dispersion i
    don’t think it’s worth grinding for. i think even with that recent buff the
    stb has a better dpm.

  25. You don’t play much with Ik anymore?

  26. After watching live stream is no point to watch the video.

  27. +Quickybaby You…. You mentioned IT…. The CykaPershing

  28. Petr Komenda (Komik)

    Did wargaming improve the sounds (loading, shooting and so) lately? Or it
    might be because I did not play that tank yet.

  29. nice gameplay. very good and nice tank

  30. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  31. Quickybabe, I am the T10 in your first replay, a total pleasure to be
    playing with you and i’m glad I was on your team, haha. I am so glad I
    recorded this game also, thanks for all your content and advice on WOT in
    your videos which has certainly allowed me to improve.

  32. The AMX 13 90’s clan is mostly filled with reroller stat padders. Probably
    some juveniles.

  33. Buff tier 10,but really nerf tier 8

  34. саша корепанов

    Hi,im russian noob, lets go and roll in a platoon
    52% побед, помогу понять русский гейминг(Google translator)
    and yet, your watershed a little boring, and he plays on Arte(a shame what
    the fuck)

  35. snapshot is not headshot-its butshot

  36. I feel like every Ukrainian owes Quickybaby a thank you for that little
    correction in the name of the map, as little people actually know the
    differense 😀 So thank you, Quickybaby. :)

  37. I preferred the M48A1 when it was nerfed

  38. Hey QuickyBaby, do you think you could give me some tips on how to grind to
    tier 10 quickly when I have little spare time?

  39. Is the console version of this tank the same as on pc?

  40. Unicums: “YEAH, I LOVE BEING PURPLE !!!”

  41. FV215b snapshots even better, with the exact same dispersion stats but
    better accuracy and aiming time.

  42. quickybaby must like cs because he mentioned it twice :)

  43. Make a reviwe on a IS 8 plsss

  44. That ‘violet stet pedder’ reference was hilarious :D

  45. mult vorbesti…

  46. Try Ram II QB 😀 as Tiers 5 have quite good crew exp bonus so it will go a
    bit faster 😀 :D

  47. the 48 patton is a great tank in the right hands but not all will enjoy its
    play style.

  48. I like this tank to, I think I got some girls in this one. So they are on
    the third skill or something like that.

  49. “no other t10” well you know those Russian medium have even better
    dispersion :p and there is the amx30 with very good dispersion and aiming
    time :p

  50. LichKing300ification

    Qb is t 10 good tank btw great video

  51. Aaron Hilsz-Lothian

    What happened to the new intro comp?

  52. Grinding the tier 9 Patton atm . grrrrrr

  53. Stop shooting to poor noob players its child abuse

  54. Богдан Роман

    he actually pronounced the name of the city in ukrainian
    im pleased

  55. love it, make a review for the new m48a1 plz

  56. I would rather play an amx 30b then the m48… It has much better mobility
    and when it comes to dispersions: 0.16, 0.16, 0.06 amx 30b, 0.10, 0.10,
    0.08 on the m48 and 0.18, 0.18, 0.10 (i think) on leo…. So the 30b has
    better dispersions than the leo and worse than the m48.. But the 30b gets
    0.3 acc 😀 So i feel like it’s mobility vs. armour for the 30b and the
    m48…. Damn, im going moblility, of course!

  57. what is that “it’s a trap” with your face is it a mod?

  58. i saw the first one in the livestream on twitch

  59. 7:04 MURICA

  60. Very nice rounds, a tank I really need to grind to.

    loved how Kharkov started off pronounced English style, quickly went to
    Russian style, then ended up (9 during second round) being Wookiee style ?

  61. lol, QB you didn’t compare it to the E50M ahaha

  62. QB’s most played tank, 1 mark? Doesn’t seem right…

  63. How do you pronounce Charkov? Me (as a german) always pronounce it
    “Tscharkoff” :D

  64. Quickybaby said “‘Murica!”… my life is complete.

  65. QB likes a tank a lot. He likes a US tank a lot. He likes the lower end
    Medium(wounded heavy) in the game. How odd.

  66. Andrew Daniel Djapri

    use your old mic

  67. What would you guys choose:
    Leopard 1

  68. Can you do one more video on a leopard 1 teir 10

  69. Biggest nerf in the history of the game? Try being the T-50-2!

  70. I have tried shooting through the windows on that map (and Pilsen) and
    failed. although it does work on other maps.

  71. pretty sure the hellcat is the most nerfed tank

  72. I bet it wasn’t as bad as the hellcats 3 unnecessary nerfs in a row

  73. Gbblitz Entertainment

    Why do people in EU server suck so much????

  74. QB you make 6k damage look easy and I can hardly get to 2k damage. :(

  75. So many violent rerolls lately…

  76. QB makes getting a Top Gun look so easy! great job!

  77. “and I’m representing ‘murica” lmao

  78. Must pad those stats to feel pro

  79. Jono Moore (Flint)

    +QuickyBaby how about some Super Pershing replays? With the recent buff it
    has become playable again.

  80. I’m thinking of getting into the game what’s the best tier 1-3 tank I
    should work on getting to start off

  81. Damn it wargaming is going to nerf it again!

  82. e 50 m in my point of view is better but the gun dosent have good reload
    but e 50 m better

  83. Do you think you’ll ever upload a video with Johnharmon, Phil, and yourself
    speaking over teamspeak with the gameplay in the background? I think it
    would be a great idea, and I’d love to see it!

  84. I’d pay to see quickybaby play CS:GO.

  85. at 2:38 why only 49 dmg to WZ111 1-4?

  86. Fuck, man. QB is so damn good, it’s like enemy tanks just waltz in front of
    him trying to get killed.

  87. Aleksandar Djorovic

    I played 2300 battles with patton!

  88. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    “goddamnit you steal my top gun” xD

  89. I remembered Ragebaby when watching this,
    “This is not World of Tanks!”
    “**** this guy he’s getting luck of the Irish right now”
    I have the same feeling…

  90. I think we found a Jidenna fan

  91. Wargaming is gonna see this and nerf the damn thing

  92. Bah I could have done that in my kv-2 XD

  93. QB, I have to say that the M48A1 has to be very cool for a Med tank,
    awesome video man.

  94. type 59 is the most nerfed tank :(

  95. Thought he was wearing a life jacket in the beginning lol

  96. I love this tank can you do a review?

  97. The Hull was considered a “Boat” form Quicky.

  98. Trained on the M48A2C at Ft. Knox and served on them in Korea 1967-68. Good
    tanks except for the gas engine which was changed for a Diesel in the

  99. Heello little baby

  100. Patton = True Love

  101. Tayezhan Metcalfe

    why and the hell are you still playing wot? you need to play war thunder.
    wot is shit compared to warthunder

  102. How do you get that overhead view of the battlefield? Very fine strategy

  103. The FV4202 (P) needs a top speed buff, a premium tank must be fun to play

  104. Dude, when pronouncing the name Kharkov it is as if the initial “K” is
    silent and then it is kinda like “Harkov”. You can roll the “r” if you
    like, but the “O” is NOT pronounced like an “i”. It is more like “Harkov”
    and NOT “Karkiv” or “Harkiv”. Cheers and keep up the good work

  105. Seems like it is time to return to the world of tanks
    Ready to kick som allied butt haha

  106. I do like my Patton as well, but I am not as good as you QB. I feel like I
    always lose against those Russian Mediums with the Patton

  107. xX_MLG_soviet_Ivan_Xx

    Quicky playing cyka-Pershing :3

  108. I have a Super Pershing and even though I love it, I totally suck in it.
    I’d really like to see you post a video on your recent endeavors in your
    Super Pershing, QB, please? Perhaps I could learn a thing or two…

  109. “Stalistically” ! :)) 7:08

  110. Couple of really nice games. This is getting me interested in the M48 A1
    Patton now.

  111. 0:52 – finally a tank that understands how the Marder II feels

  112. Love how you Said “Merica” Quickybaby… 7:04

  113. How do you show the WN8 rating in the post game stats under your tanks
    name? FYI I am using QB’s mod pack.

  114. Quicky baby is playing arty!!!! Well, point and click is pretty close

  115. Richards Slebonick


  116. when u talk about nerfing a tank outta the game, The worst nerf ever was
    taking the top gun (122mm i think) off of the su26

  117. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    10:15 yeaaahhhhh

  118. hey quickybaby you think you could find some gameplay videos of the
    perishing, cause I’m pretty unmotivated of the iidea of buying the pershing
    I hear it’s terrible

  119. why does it say FV4202 next to Phillip’s name?

  120. fuck this guy is so good

  121. My all time favorite tank, Im at pershing and almost to m46 patton

  122. justin_the_prosurfer Gaming

    Hey , is there anyway i could stop getting high tier battles ? im currently
    using a tier6 sherman jumbo & new to the game . I play via xbox1 . = )

  123. God. Seriously, how many of you clicked on this, thinking the Chieftain was
    out? I certainly did.

  124. Mmm, salty stet pedder sounds delicious!

  125. Mmm, salty stet pedder sounds delicious!

  126. WOT Blitz with TrolloxD

    hey cool video but isnt this the game from your stream?

  127. Nashten Spanbauer

    For your biggest nerf statement:

    I think the Foch 155 was the largest nerf in the game. They cut one of its
    balls off…

    This is only my OPINION, like how your nerf statement was your own opinion
    too. :)

  128. Lucas Vandersanden

    Like this for Belgium!

  129. MeKanism Lastname

    6 thousand damage, 6 kills, all in 6 minutes? 6+6+6=666? Is QuickyBaby the

  130. the most anoing thing is that u fuking say isabout the profit with a
    preminum acount…well not everyone whants to fill up wg’s pokets so say a
    thing or two about non premium earnings.

  131. I loved my patton pre buff, and when it got buffed i was like HOLY CRAP

  132. wish the super pershing would get a buff T.T

  133. 14:48 lol bug, it says Phillip was in the FV4202 but he was really in the
    Centurion Action X

  134. 14:48 lol bug, it says Phillip was in the FV4202 but he was really in the
    Centurion Action X

  135. Hey QuickyBaby, since you said that the M48 is your most played tank what
    is your second most played tank and how big is the difference in battles?
    (I’m just guessing the Comet)

  136. hey QB, can you make a new review of the SuperPershing or make a video
    about it?

  137. should of ram at the end

  138. It’s one of the best all around medium tanks in the game and OP from hell
    just like the T-29 heavy.

  139. Why only 1 mark if this is your most played tank? QB even I have one on my
    Cromy B (192 battles)…

  140. Violent stit pidder lol

  141. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    I’m early time to make a joke

    the IS gun handling.
    Russian accuracy!! misses at point-blank range!!

    then one-shots the AMX Elc driving at full speed ;)

  142. hey can you suggest me what to do i am new to the game and i dont know
    tactics and which tank to use please help me

  143. QuickyBaby you on fire today ??????????

  144. “Stalistically” – Quickybaby 2016

  145. 6k dmg, 6min, 6kills

  146. sry, QB, but the in-video-link to the next Patton-video doesn’t work.
    Klicking on the preview screen just stops and starts the actual Video.

  147. the most nerfed?
    how about the su5?
    7.0 8.5 8.6
    and to top it off, they reduced the ammo load from 14 to 12 rounds!
    and they took away the heat

  148. Alexandru Gabriel

    All wot gamers, look ar 5:10 and tell me if that isn’t auto-aim or orther
    bulls**t ,
    Quick just delete youtube channel and Aim and play like morons.

  149. new intro pls

  150. I agree Quicky this one is a true BEAST, got him one year ago and I realy
    enjoy playin with it. Hope I will meet you on the battlefield friend :)

  151. Anyone else notice the centurion ax was called the fv4202 in post game

  152. Couldn’t wait to use that title for Mk.6 Chieftain?

  153. Graf Brot von WoT

    Do a Kv-13 review pls

  154. Glorious snapshot.

  155. The m48 is classified as a heavy tank from the us army I think

  156. I have 1200 games played in my tier4 Russian A-20 w/55% win ratio and two
    barrel stars. luv that tank for some reason.. and yet, the crew only has
    2-1/2 skills. Earning experience at lower tiers just sucks. a hit is a
    hit. an assist is an assist. a spot is a spot and a kill is a kill and
    why these actions don’t earn the same experience thru all tiers is just

  157. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    So how stupid is WG ballance ? E50m is way worse in soft stats then Patton.
    Only acc is better…Who is ballancing this game. yes QB, cuz u love this
    tank, it should be OP? cuz reasons …Armor is better on ufp in e50m, thats
    all what germans tank get. No BIAS, nice ballanced,…..and Leo 1, paper
    tank ,get worse soft stats on gun then Patton , 121…WTF wg doing. What
    ape is ballancing this game….

    And stop saying about ramming is e50m, u can take more dmg then u do. Yes
    e50m is 60 t tank, but cuz of lfp, u have only 100mm armor, so u will ram
    way worse then amx 50 b….and take more dmg by ramming. After 9.14, I did
    lose 300 HP by ramming t54 in side armor, like wtf….E50m is joke. nice
    that WG buff “weak” Patton

  158. Both variants of pronounciation of Kharkov (Kharkiv) are wright. The
    difference is the first one in russian and the second one in ukrainian. But
    I like the first one )

  159. Can you do a replay video of the T26E4?

  160. ‘Harkiv’? pretty sure it says Kharkov right?

  161. M48 best tank for pubbing in the game.

  162. some just reported me for using warpack because i ammo racked some and then
    set someone on fire with the shots :(

  163. Hey quickly, I’m having a bit of trouble grinding the amx 50 100 for the
    top gun and I’m feeling a bit demotivated. Any tips on how to play the tank
    better, or even just make it feel like less of a grind?

  164. QB, there is a tank that makes the Patton or any other med feel clunky and
    that is the T-22. It is the true point and shoot tank.

  165. I love your snap shot and how you snapped and did a replay.

  166. Tomislav Lovricic

    How the fuck do you pronounce Kharkov? That’s just bad.

  167. From looking at the M48A1 and the great buffs that it has gotten, it makes
    the M60 feel rather left behind. And if you didn’t know what the M60 is,
    its a clan wars reward tank that behaves similarly like the M48, but with
    less armor and a hint of better gun handling. But again as I said before,
    it feels like the buffs on the M48A1 made the M60 feel rather left behind.
    QB: do you think that they should buff the M60 just a tad bit so that it
    can become more useful? And not QB, you guys can also give your opinion
    about if they should buff it or not.

  168. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    I thought quickys most played is the Comet?

  169. +Quickybaby can you or have you done a reveiew on the teir 5 Chaffee if not
    can you or if you have can you send me a link to the video also can you do
    a review of the t 34 85 ( you might have ) thank you

  170. T10 review pls

  171. you pointed that window out in your map review

  172. Love this tank

  173. That comment about CS though… Made no sense whatsoever! xD

  174. 5:29 Top Gum?

  175. World of Hackers nothing more , shit server fuck all czech and poland bitch

  176. Could you show some of the Super Pershing games? I have one as well, and
    would be interesting to see how you play it.

  177. Blue Rules Minecraft

    Nothing better than a Brit saying “murica”

  178. Holy shit QB u talked so much with outa water brake lol good job. nice
    video :)

  179. ‘Violet Stet Pedder’ – Oh man. I remember that XD

  180. anyone know if these buffs have been applied to the console version?

  181. Why do they call this the M48A1 Patton? Nothing about it is M48A1. The
    closest tank to this is the Magach 3? The odd combination of the L7 gun and
    still having the big cupola was not common.

  182. nice vid QB, just a question. what is ur opinion on the leo 1, do you think
    it needs some love? there is almost nothing special about the tank anymore.
    at the moment it was added into the game it hade amazing pen, speed and gun
    handeling. with the addibg of the new tier ten meds it is falling behind
    and losing what it was known for… (i was wondering if u agreed/ could
    prove me wrong)

  183. 6,6,6 ???

  184. QB if you can get the ripper patton, you won’t regret it. It’s so much more
    fun then the stupor pershing

  185. “How do all these tanks match up salitstically?” Oh QuickyBaby, never

  186. Im about to get the m46 is it any good?

  187. Patton is my favourite tank in the game I’ve got 4 videos up on my channel
    with 8k plus damage just from 9.13

  188. Man, I´m stoked for the Leo 1 and Objekt 140 which I´m close to research!

  189. I realized that when you are narrating a video for a tank you like (M48)
    you can hear the ‘I-like-this-vehicle’ in your voice :)

  190. Momarorcocusos Adodrorianon

    +QuickyBaby you are my favourite youtuber can you play or watch t110e4 or
    t110e3??? plz

  191. Could you make a video on the superpershing sometime?you dont have one.

  192. QB, when you have a 5-skill crew, will you be doing a comparison to a 50%
    crew in the M48A1 ? It should be really interesting what stats are affected
    and by how much. Useful to know for newer players as well.

  193. Hi i mostly play console wot but im starting to play on pc, which is better
    the bat chat or the M48A1?

  194. 12:10 Unfair plane! he kemp bush!

  195. What is a reroll ???? +QuickyBaby

  196. “it literally is point and shoot” 1 sec later… “that one didn’t go

  197. Damn QuickyBaby, back at it again with the old intro.

  198. ze german scourge

    you only have one mark after 3000 battles ?

  199. I watched this on the Livestream

  200. i think the m46 kr is a better premium than the super pershing


  202. hey quicky could you please do some videos on the tier 8 pershing and tier
    9 ? I’m grinding them out and hear good things , but find it almost
    impossible to find any YouTubers discussing them within the last 1-2yrs.
    really unsure how to play them effectively

  203. I’m early let me make a joke…

    T-10 drivers…

  204. Check out my replay guys: Skill or Luck? 4 blind shots 4 kills M12 😉

  205. Gill van ooteghem


  206. Shoulda gone for the arty in that first game. You would have had a medal.

  207. if I report a big bug, I will get a reward from wargaming?

  208. misleading title……. automatic dislike

  209. Hail to the Chief ? ? ? ? Where dafuq is the chieftain then

  210. 7:10 Stalisticaly? :D

  211. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    The whole, “spotting for yourself” thing is complete garbage. It rewards
    players for playing mediums and light tanks over other tank types. It also
    just completely shits on arty players, making them almost unable to earn
    above average experience per game.

  212. I wish WG do the “midle term” buffs on the STB-1 like they did on the
    patton :(

  213. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  214. AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken

    Havin trouble pronouncing those Russian R’s Willy?

  215. Hey QB do you recommend using cola on the m48 or is that just your
    preference ?

  216. You have been having to play the super perishing? Oh I pity you

  217. Please do a video on the Tiger II!

  218. Nice replays qb! Was a joy watching!
    How you stuck the camera to the tank? The new free camera modding doesn’t
    allow it anymore.

  219. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    2/3 of my total games played are in the M18 Hellcat.

  220. Hey quickybaby, for some reason my computer wont let me download your mod
    pack, any suggestions? thanks ^.^ keep up the good work!

  221. Quicky? Avenged Sevenfold fan? :D

  222. OMG! at 6:33, “6 1/2 thousand damage and 6 kills in less than 6 1/2
    minutes!” 666! Quicky worships Stalin!

  223. Worst nerfs to a tank? I’m not sure, tbh. What about AMX 13 90? I think it
    was nerfed like 5 patches in a row and its AWFUL now. Bulldog is a better
    13 90 than a 13 90 is.

  224. Crap I’m here early, let’s make a joke- the m3 lee

  225. o7

  226. what mic did you get?

  227. All hail the chief! At the start of the vid i thought it would be a british
    tank like the chieftain mk 6.. mk2 i dont know i cant remeber the name

  228. That moment when you realise…Tier X british tank destroyer is behind you.

  229. Buildersquish Gaming

    Why not play the M4 Improved as well as the SP? Ultra crew training

  230. Avenged Sevenfold – hail to the chief

  231. Great vids QB. I’m a pretty big fan myself. Keep it up!

    Although I never was a fan of the M48 Patton, this was nice

  232. Awesome ! Btw: You are best player I ever see :)

  233. QB never underestimate the super perching it is an awesome tank in some
    situations or in hands of a good player…

  234. if they put +50% and then -33% it stays as it was. congratulations for
    having your beloved tank again :)

  235. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    you should be able to chose maps in this game

  236. I think KV-1S was the biggest nerf. They turned it into 2 tanks.

  237. you make it look so easy!

  238. Hey Quicky, gotta question for you. Jingles has expressed his annoyance at
    people calling him out, and then making it their sole mission to kill him,
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