World of Tanks|| Hall Of Fame VK28.01 Cliff HE V HEAT Gameplay Tutorial Guide

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| Hall Of Fame VK21 Cliff HE V HEAT Gameplay Tutorial Guide

HE or HEAT which to use and when? In this episode IPO22 shows us the answer to that question in the first installment of SirHavocTV Hall of Fame!!!
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Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

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UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks


World of Tanks NA
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  1. Good game a pleasure to was good to.

  2. when advertising your clan pete, you should probably say the age you need
    to be to join ._.i admit there are downsides to that but the upside is
    people like me wont waste your time trying to get in when we are still
    under the age limit :)

  3. Please remove background music. It’s hard to understand you.

  4. Great video – thumbs up!

  5. cole wolf (Scrub games)

    sir havoc as some vid I enjoy your vids a lot. would you ever consider
    doing a mod pack demo letting us know what you use and if it is aslans what
    settings you use as mine always looks cluttered thank you as always with
    your help I have gotten better. same as the other comments music was a
    little loud but I know you’ll sort it out for next time. keep doing what
    you do.

  6. Well played. Trash talking others for using premium ammo when all but 2 or
    3 shots he fired were premium is pretty lame though. I’m sure the 64 was
    firing at other hard targets and wasn’t going to do a reload just because
    the VK showed up.
    Hypocrisy…. The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs
    to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

    Other then that, a good game. :-)

  7. Nice song, Well done IPO22 represent the community well bro

  8. What’s with the reticle not following the barrel?

  9. Ipo22 great game, and i need that tank

  10. The background music can make it difficult to hear what your saying

  11. I never use my premium even when i have some in the battle, its always full
    AP or full APCR/HEAT for me… as the scrub i am x)

  12. Great vid! Thats an epic game right there! Need to get out in my VK28.01
    more often… and with less dying to arty!

  13. I wish I could drive a Lt like that.

  14. Great vid Pete and stonking play by IPO22….keep em coming buddy

  15. Hello Sir Havoc, looking for suggestions for playing a heavy when your 2
    tiers down. I’m very timid when I’m in my T-150 in a tier 8 game. Thanks
    for all you do. Watched your vid the other day on how to angle properly and
    then took my KV-1 out to try and blocked 3100. I’m bad but getting better.

  16. Crusadertank01 .H2VOC

    Pyer he is using Alsains mod pack i think

  17. James Pyle (NewYears1978)

    @Pyer 35, He uses Aslains, look up

    Pete, the music was a little loud so it was hard to hear you, just a
    comment! Loved the video though as always :)

  18. Very good play by this guy .. I want to join the NA clan now haha I’ve been
    noticing a lot of people i usually see improving a lot!

  19. this game made me wana play my 2801 more 🙂 nice play ipo22

  20. But look how lucky he got… bounced 2+ times, got shot at like 6 times and
    they missed 4 times, etc. etc.. never happens ever else.

  21. Hey sir havoc, awesome video as always 😀

    Could you give us your xvm modpack for 9.10? :D

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