World of Tanks – Handicapped

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If you really want to play of in Hard Mode, play a stock Chi-To. Actually, don’t do that, nobody deserves to experience that. Even a stock VK3001P might be better.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Loosing 50 k Credits and only using standard ammo? hmmmm Having “SHIT” Armor and recieving 13 hits but only 5 penns.. Hmmmm He was extreemly lucky and deserves no sympathy what so ever. The right team won the game.

  2. Well, playing that tank as super unicom and having that result is nothing special, but that end is sad.

  3. Painful to watch

  4. Worst tank (if you include the spg) is the bishop. Slow, no range and don’t start talking about the ammo.
    I was glad when the grind ended with that thing

  5. Jingles do you play WOT ?

  6. 10:40 What the hell is that up in the sky? 😀

  7. Dylan van der Velden

    25 tp worst stock grind

  8. The life of (NWW) Non Wallet Warriors

  9. the good thing is , a stug even with binos and a godly crew cannot get max viewrange

  10. WoT is a broken crap game
    just like ships

  11. What is the paint job he had?

  12. Thanks Jingles. That was a fun video to watch.

  13. -worst tank in the game.
    -does probably the best anyone can do in the tank.
    -1 sec to take shot to AT LEAST reset
    -shit gun trolls him
    -gets capped out…by an arty

    “I’m done” (gets a rope and ties a noose….)

  14. The “magic” is one of the reasons why I’ve stopped playing WoT.

  15. I’ve had three very painful grinds with stock tanks in WoT. The Chi-To, the VK 100, and the Panther II. The worst was the Panther II followed closely by the Chi-To, and not really close was the VK 100. At the end you get a POS Panther II, a below average Chi-To, and a quite enjoyable VK 100. But I still do have the Chi-To and VK 100.

  16. honestly this is one of those tanks when stock that if you hit the battle button while in you should be banned for griefing your team. he literally cost his team the game by selecting that tank, knowing how completely useless it was in that state and purposely wasted the slot.

  17. Stock WZ-120
    COMPLETELY stock WZ-120

  18. If you have never played this game before STAY clear of it. It the most unfair game towards new players that has ever been

  19. Joseph Williams Tart

    The m3 Lee had a good game as a bottom tier tank in a heir 6 game

  20. Battles like this give me hope in world of tanks

  21. @9:10 when did 78mm of pen was able to pen the type 4 from the front? LUL ohh jingles

  22. Good morning Jingles it’s a fine day here on the Island of long (Long Island USA) last night I was in my IS 6, end of game just me and the other sides IS3 I was in the there cap the IS 3 pops up and tracks Me I have Gold in the Breach he turns his side too me and I put the Gold just above the track were YOU showed me many years ago BOOM, the game is over we win, WHAT the game called a draw and no credit for the kill with 3 minutes on the clock this is not the first time this has happened, I can’t explain it and WoT won’t. My in game name is badimage444 stay well

  23. finally we get the jingles meme again

  24. “Why don’t you play WoT anymore?”

  25. If a Cheeto catch fire do they become hot Cheetos?

  26. You say it’s slow, but my Matilda Black Prince is pretty jealous at 10kmh cruising speed and 22 downhill.
    190hp baby!! I think my 4-cylinder car has more than that.

  27. Next time I see a Chi-to in battle on my team, I’m going to try and make their grind as easy as possible.

  28. Considering the quality of the player and the amount of free XP he probably has, I’d guess the only reason he’d ever play something like this completely stock is as a masochistic challenge.

  29. The Amazing Goldfish

    Mr. Crow’s reaction could have easily been swapped with,…….the “screaming Goat!”

  30. Cornelius McMuffin

    If you think this is bad, you should see the stock ARL V39

    • Cornelius McMuffin

      Also, you should make a video showcasing how overpowered the T6 Medium is with a 105mm howitzer at tier 4.

  31. Remember a stock T-34-2 is a tier 8 medium which is already underpowered when top
    But stock you have:
    T-34-1 turret
    128 AP pen 172 APCR pen (tier 6 gun vs tier 10 tanks)
    you first need tracks to equip the turret to equip the gun you had at tier 7
    at least you have the same engine

  32. Unfair plane, he kemp bush
    kudos to whoever remembers that meme, and I wonder what happened to those individuals

  33. What a heartbreaker.

  34. i tought when u told how fast it can go “only reaches that speed if u drop it from mountain”

  35. Wow what a game that was amazing.

  36. Video by famous CRO streamer Mistercro 🙂

  37. Worst stock grind? AMX 40……

  38. Trusteft's Twitch Archive

    I love the humour in this episode.

  39. jingles with the troll video. hahaha

  40. Oh, btw Mr. Jingles, he is Bosnian despite CRO in his nickname. 😀

  41. *reads video title*
    “Hmm, not sure if that’s an insult to the player or not.”

  42. So funny how in a game of “skill” you lose because RNG

  43. MM pure example it sux hard. top tank, tank dogshit yet 9 kills.

  44. Looked like a ghost shell on that first shot to the m44…

  45. 63% win rate in this thing fully upgraded. I have yet to figure out how, and can only assume its bc it has pretty good dpm and gun depression with the upgraded turret.

  46. Chi-To is 100% trash, let’s make quickybaby play it

  47. The Chi-To sounds like Japanese version of the Setter

  48. Newbie question… Would Mistercro have done better if he’d used his repair kit to fully restore his tracks at the beginning of his mad dash back to the cap circle after he finished off the StuG? I understand it’s usually best to keep it in reserve, but he only needed to buy a few extra seconds. Or would that have been too big of a risk?

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