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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – WZ-111G . Today the matchmaker pits the strawberries versus the apples – let's see who wins!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Considering that the m103 wasn’t that great player himself he is imo the most annoying player type. Whining about teams when there’s not enough blues and purples to carry him, and looking at his stats you can see he doesn’t bother himself. Why cry?

  2. And its wery hard to get better win rate when you are tomato because wot has wierd “skill based” mm that put team of noobs vs team of unicums. And when you do get in the better side erverithing happens so fast you simply dont have enough time to do anything

  3. Piotr Marek Kujawa

    QB it is so funny, and ridiculous what you say. 200games you put to peoples head “I look at XVM and seeing the statistics i know i must play behind just to do dmg”, and now you get a good at say shit like this. Well not shit but for once something useful regarding gameplay but in gods name lad, it’s 200 youtube films or i don’t know how many too late. Or not?

  4. Since i dont use xvm anymore, i Play way more chilled as before. Honestly, you dont need it rly. If you are into the Game you can analyze the setup without it. And in my case, way back as i used it (around 8k played games), i often hat Situations where i had a unicum in Front of me, knowing it from xvm, where i thought “Oh fu… A unicum, nope, im outta here, someone else should kill him, i dont have any Chance to mess with him” and drove off. Now without it and way more games played i take the advantage relaxed and well, ive got way better results. No, im not a strawberry, thx to you QB with your guidance i got myself around 2,1k Wn8 after 17k battles.

  5. but your a very good player QB , i’m just above average ( played 15 games this week only won 1 ) this game becomes more and more frustrating all of my clan members are complaining and all play for them selfs instead for the team

  6. Thank you. This is the exact kind of thing I was talking about. This approach to those games is absolutely crucial. Something I have been trying my best at since you released an underdog video just like this one a few years ago.

    Absolutely keep posting content like this when possible. Just maybe with a bit of luck you may manage to cut through the “103” players.

  7. Or, you can stop obsessing over wr and other numbers and just have fun

  8. Using XVM gives you an unfair advantage if you so want to use it. XVM sniping lets you see enemy teams better players and start picking them up but without XVM every enemy is equally your enemy. WG should ban XVM usage, it has divided this playerbase for too long…

  9. I saw this game live, it was a really nice one.

  10. I stopped playing this game cause of the fucking bots with 10+ battles and wn8 under 1500…

  11. the enemy team defend this map in the wrong way… nowadays all teams do the same, if your team is a little bit clever takes the west and south, the rest is only to be patient, no mather XVM, your arty can approach the enemies and shoot them all to make them dust, also the TD’s, I hate so much play this map this way when I’m defendend.

  12. Log in and use my account. Last 2 days it’s been nothing but loss after loss. Fully aimed shots under 100m derping all over the place.
    For sure the game see’s that you’ve had a good run then just fucks your arse for a while.

  13. That S.Conqueror player is terrible, he let that IS 7 flank his team mate right in front of him.

  14. I’ve never really used xvm to judge my team mates. I just use it to see who will be scary on the other team.

  15. Quickbaby, I disagree with you. 90% of those players that have poor stats don’t care what they can do to win the match. They don’t think about what they can do to work with their team to win the match. All they care about is going in there, holding “W” and progressing down their tech tree. The players that are maintaining 50%+ win rate are the ones that see their team and think of all possible ways to win

  16. But this was a great example of XVM being toxic to game play.

  17. My advice, don’t run xvm. Players might look great but stat pad at tier 5..then you wonder why you lost so hard at tier 9

  18. I use xvm not as negative way but use it to see the players i am facing. To see how good they are and how i can take then down. 🙂

  19. Hey QB…how about doing a video on the tanks you would most take the second best gun?

  20. Gary van der Merwe

    I generally think that the XVM stats does help my game.

    The only time I think it has a negative effect on me is when you have someone on your team who starts calling other people on the team, or yourself, idiots/noobs, and the person doing the name calling is a tomato. That really gets me upset.

  21. What are you doing QB , just delete xvm

  22. QB, usually the unicums are the ones being destroyed first, without helping the team. Stop making them look as gods, as they are not. They’re just farmers

  23. No no no baby man…. The stats on xvm doesn’t matter now.. even the most unicum person out there would be succumbed by stupidity in WoT.

  24. @QuickyBaby, stop using this XVM mod!

  25. I use xvm so i know what the skill lvl of the player (s) that I am facing, and to track my own gameplays…I used to be a tomato…then i learnt…so why not help them?

  26. I really hate XVM users like that M103, especially when I used to run XVM. Lord, how many games have I been in where I’m a flash of green in a column of red, and the enemy team looks so much better. Then you win, by a lot. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens. Everyone has good games, and I think some people grow over confident sometimes too when the reverse happens. It’s like they forget that, despite being a tomato player, his gun still works just as well as one played by a better player.

    I’m not perfect either, I always try my best but I would be lying if I said that it didn’t affect my personal morale sometimes. So, I stopped running XVM.

  27. m-103 stats are what they are because they seem to give up even before the battle and not trying to win and perhaps demoralize some of the team by telling them the game is already lost as well as his attitude in chat.

    I think we all have gotten to that stage at times of being angry at losing streaks taking it out on a teammate or yelling at players for not playing how we think they should but I agree with QB about taking a break even just for a few minutes and sometimes longer to at least hit the reset button on that idea and perhaps if the source is stats that xvm shows you but not in vanilla game its probably best to remove xvm as well if your approach to seeing it is welp we lost and definitely do not show win chances if nothing else even though it can be inferred based on player colors often anyways.

    stats can show some things but are just an average and cant really tell you with 100% accuracy for individual game. The likelihood of it being accurate is pretty high given the average but its not a guarantee.

    Ive seen bad players have a game of their life and help team win and that’s a memorable game for them and sometimes that can be a result of a great player working with them.

    Also seen good players crash out or just give up because of stats and then sometimes those games turned out to be winnable but if that one player hadn’t given up.

    I think some people definitely can use a mod like XVM to their advantage without hurting their own play or their teams play but many players who use it I feel it does more harm then good where players go like this team isn’t worth my time or revealing win chances in chat or letting team know they are failures or w/e.

  28. QB, i share some of your wievs, i dont care about the team i got, i always do the best i can, i dont give a damn about what others do. But on the other hand, i do not use xvm and if the enemy has experienced players like you, and they see me on their xvm, and they see im a good player, i am f*ked up. Always, there are battles where 3 artillery, they keep hitting me, they have 14 other targets, maybe half of them shootable, but no. They keep firing their shells on me, like the rest of the team, who got xvm, and knows anything about what the xvm shows. You know whats in their mind? “I gotta kill the good player, so he wont do much to win the battle.” And when you combine it with the bad RNG that sometimes cursing my tanks, it is super bad. So what i am trying to say is having xvm gives you the advantage on the other players, like if the bad RNG sometimes not enought to get you mad. XVM is cancer, that leads to xvm focus. I do not want to know what kind of player i battle, and i do not want him to know what kind of player i am. That would be called fair play, if WG give a damn about rejecting mods.

  29. after 50.000 games i can EASILY predict if we are going to lose, BUT this doesn’t affect my game play!!
    so telling the little happy strawberries that we are going to lose and then being top tank is normal for me

  30. sometime you gonna be top tier and sometime you gonna be bottom tier,
    Nope, iam bottom tier 96% of the time and team wise tomato 98% of the time xD

    But yeah sometime i manage to make a difference to win even with monkeys in team

  31. QB. my respect for understanding what is this game for.

  32. Tiger II video?

  33. Xvm and arty is the problem.

  34. I was a happy little strawberry myself. Then I’ve started watching your videos and streams and now I’m an above average player carrying game after game after game. So this video makes me happy in particular. Thank you!

  35. 10:00..exactly how i feel when i look at my service record, quackybaby lolol

  36. I hugged my grandma and I really *DO* feel better! Thanks QB!

  37. Is it my imagination or is the hate in chat becoming more and more frequent? Used to be maybe 1 battle a day like this, now most are like this for me regardless of how well I play, even if the hate isn’t aimed at me it’s still a bit of a downer

  38. I don’t need XVM to play good, or to have an impact. I make plays, sometimes risky plays, I take important positions on the maps and constantly try to relocate. I played with XVM, but I couldn’t get rid of the frustration that it fed me so I stoped using it. Watched some streams then applied what they did.

  39. It’s not the fact that they are tomatoes, it’s the fact that most tomatoes rush forward and die within 60 seconds. If tomatoes can pick a position and be patient then yes you will get good games.

  40. Well said…fight to win.

  41. V9.22 modpack plz

  42. AM i the only one who finds this title hilarious. Also gg to the team for pulling the win.

  43. Which cheat does QB use to always get matched against potatos and how does his low acc guns always hit a dime on 300m?

  44. whould have been nice if you have sayd HY back to that guy at the start at the battle… just sayng ( sorry for my bad gramma )


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