World of Tanks – HD Abbey Battle

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  1. lol how did u get into a battle

  2. Holy shit the sparks are a bit much

  3. whoa, wargaming made HD maps amazing my jar is open when i look at it and i didnt even finish the video yet!

  4. Himmelsdorf went fine, but y second map Mountain Pass, the game froze on the loading screen and I had to abandon battle to the garage 🙂

  5. hd maps looks and feel like shit the game will be very confuzing to play.

  6. It took a long while, a competitor and some huge fucking blunders for them to get off their asses but I’m cautiously impressed by what I’ve seen today.

  7. I want to play on sandbox but not a single battle will load with the latest drivers. I’ve tried both min and max graphics. 🙁

  8. o boy gues no choice either a new pc or quit wot … damn

  9. Welp after hd maps come out i wont ve playing any more

  10. When you realize that WG made a supertest of HD maps coz WoT is losing popularity and players

  11. quality on youtube even in 1080p is bullshit when moving fast or lot of explosions

  12. it looks extremely pixelated to me tho 🙁

  13. Dellinger the fighting fish

    Why i can’t Download Sandbox Test Server?

  14. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    I hope these maps don’t cause FPS problems for me

  15. 2:09 look at that huge tracer fly across the screen from the Type 5. So fucking sick.

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