World of Tanks – HD Cliff 1440p

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Source: Anfield

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Music – Wontolla, Kasger & Limitless – Miles Away


  1. Let me know how you want to see the HD Maps to be displayed, I can do simple run overs of the maps or full battles ect.

    Remember this is the sandbox these maps are a work in progress, see floating pillar kek

  2. all looks great, but the destroyed bits look like styrofoam getting pushed by tanks, so stupid! 😀

  3. 1080p for me

  4. Panagiotis Kolokotsis

    finally someone that uses sick music puts it in the description too.. ty anfield.

  5. this looks like a whole different map tho. i think the map looks really good and wargaming made a good job

  6. Wtf way too many visual glitches..
    Please WG stabilize it!

    Plus, Anfield, can you please make a FPS comparison for the sake of performance.

  7. Have fun relearning all the maps

  8. wow i didnt recognized the map at first and its way brighter now wow

  9. Damn HD maps look sick AF

  10. Lol, I needed a bit to recognize the map. Looks gr8

  11. It would be incredible if they now added also weathers like rain and windyness 😮

  12. So who else thinks that Cliff is the most visually amazing map now with HD textures

  13. That’s Cliff? I can barely recognize it.

  14. I played some SB yesterday and saw a minimal FPS decrease (like 5 average) with max graphics. Is this what everyone else is seeing as well?

  15. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Floating blocks for the win!

  16. Atrocious music

  17. Boo 1440p. Should’ve done 2880p or at least “4K”

  18. Yaaaay finally someone who is 1440p master race 😀

  19. This looks actually pretty damn good. Only the physics with the breaking walls look quite a bit off.

  20. Anfield said he doesn’t like poor gun handling and playing Bat chat .lol.

  21. Can you make a quick video of all at minimum graphics? Would be appreciated anyways keep up the great work and hopefully I won’t be one of the plebs you kill well I’m admiring the maps because every time I’ve been in battle with you so far I’ve absolutely embarrassed myself?

  22. Damn, I hardly recognized the map!! Very nice!!

  23. Is this on the test server or is sandbox different than that

  24. Those tracers look SO COOL

  25. makes the map more 2 dimensional from what i can see here, seems as though you can only go up the paths if you want to go to the lighthouse

  26. It’s so trippy. At first it seems like they changed the map drastically in terms of like features and terrain used for fighting etc, just because of the visual changes, but the longer I looked at it the more my mind realized it really wasn’t changed and all the positions were the same, just the new scenery was so drastic.

  27. wow like war thunder just faster

  28. Central Intelligence Agency

    RIP potato PCs

  29. for poor nonpremium players with old pc delete a game

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