World of Tanks HD – I’m So Pretty!

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Source: The Jingles

What's all that noise on the Sandbox ? Keep it down you kids, we're trying to play XCOM2 here! Wait, what's this…. WARGAMING SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Ole Emil Lindkilde

    This is not a shooter anymore. It’s an graphic exploration game!

  2. They put the indestructible downed zeppelin to protect the heavies from arty down there and I love it cause I’m a heavy driver.

  3. There’s an Xbox one x update coming btw

  4. Fuck this game … they did this to everyone because almost everyone has a skorpion g aka the best tank in the game

  5. meanwhile WG made also a great halloween event in World of Warships …
    They just put an heavy weight of love in my “love/hate” relation with them …

  6. 22:47 Eyyyy I’m in a wheelchair so that’s an easy task mate ^^

  7. seems like they removed more bushes too, see Abbay southern spawn for example?

  8. While the graphics look good, some of the textures still look 2d in a 3d world. For example when you’re close to the trees, the leaves….

  9. The area outside if the map (thkse mountains) reminds me of a game named firefall, giant terrain and/or structures some yiu can get to some you cant…thiugh that game is basically dead

  10. Jingles you noob! You didn’t tell them about the grass and trees moving when you fire your cannon…

  11. The aesthetic appreciation of Jingles absolutely floored me. Just drive the bloomin tank Jingles.

  12. on El-haluf it will be hard now with HD to hit enemy tank with arty

  13. The maps looks roomier even though they claim they are still 1000x1000m. Did they change the scale or something? Maybe it’s just an illusion because they render a bigger area outside the battlefield.

  14. Whoa there Jingles, You know you aren’t allowed post pornographic material on YouTube.

  15. i was salty they haven’t yet made fully destructible environments yet but then i saw this.

  16. Yep , prettier but still too small dull maps !
    I prefer ugly but big so we can have a choice of strategy at the start of the game and not “put a rock there otherwise they will be able to shoot from one spon to the other”.
    Not impressed – polish a turd it’s still a turd !

  17. Can’t make a video mentioning console without being divisive? Honestly it gets old and pretentious

  18. They made it even more difficult for arties now.

  19. saying 3.8 Ghz i5 doesn’t say that much you know? the early I7’s get the stuffing beaten out of them by the newest I3’s. just let us read the specifications of your rig from the description. (ps. i still think it’s weird that you are running an overclockable chip on stock speeds.)

  20. They did very, very good. Might even need to get back into the game now when I know where all dem prem monies go to.

  21. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The game has hd maps
    Your intro should too.

  22. HA! Video uploaded 3 hours ago…and first again! take that posers.

  23. Am I the only person who wish WT to make more exotic maps like WoT, so maybe we would have a better map rotation and don’t get stuck in these few old maps over and over again.

  24. Didn’t they say Redshire is an English map in the dev video?

  25. I havent played WOT For a couple of years, I switched to WOW but this makes me wanna play!

  26. Holy fuck this will be the reason for me to reinstall!

  27. When can we expect this to be on live serwers?

  28. Nice video editing Jingles, now i can’t wait for it to arrive on live server

  29. I feel slightly bad about hating on WG for getting rid of the ability to be a goat haha

  30. Can’t wait for another Cold Waters video. I really love how Jingles does them.

  31. Unless they fix the gameplay – this game is beyond saving, to be honest

  32. you didn’t show the sunken battleship in the port.

  33. Amazing graphics, but 4:28 is really not fit to the HD maps. They should change the way buildings are destroyed :/ Anyways…I,m happy for the new look of the game.

  34. Now everybody here’s talking about the map changes and “wow it looks so good” or compare it to something else…
    and im sitting here and thinking: “well if this goes life, im gonna drive over EVERY fence and rock wall there is just because it looks cool.”

  35. That awkward moment when World of Tanks has better water details and sea animations than World of Warships.

  36. … sighs. – I hate wargaming. Just when I though that i would not return. Now im not sure anymore.

  37. video 2001 and you didnt do anything for video 2000… thats too bad you let that milestone pass!
    anyway job well done on achieving that milestone, keep up the great work!

  38. i thought himmelsdorf was paris

  39. What’s the music used after the middle portion of the vid?

  40. Jingles you didnt show the sinking bismarck in himmelsdorf

  41. Imagine if the floating zeppelin could stop arty shells….

  42. I got on I played awful, spent to much time go ohh ahhh

  43. wow looking good problem is i have a potato so i play at low!

  44. I always liked the green lushness of Cliff. I wish they had kept that feel instead of turning it into a greyish rock yard. Its a very pretty rock yard but it somehow feels more barren.
    Apart from that these upgrades are gorgeous.

  45. Nooo, I knew this day would come where our console graffics are no longer so impressive. One question though, when do we get that wonderful water/ocean textures ( those tanks going through the water man!) fuck me time to get a gaming computer am I right!!!

  46. wot is still a dying game. but holy hell let it go out with a bang and cool maps

  47. The new architecture on the hill for the mines map makes me wonder if we’ll have *slightly* more possibilities for cover from arty on the hill now.

  48. just wow

  49. That pop in though ….

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