World of Tanks – HD Steppes Problems (Stream Discussion)

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  1. I plan to make a full video with more detail about the problems with the changes (you may of all seen this at the end of the 12 map highlight). Basically they barely changed maps gameplay wise even when some really needed it but changed Steppes which was very well balanced which makes no sense. Aesthetically it looks nice but they broke the map and I hope it doesn’t reach live.

    This stream highlight talks about the problem although it doesn’t get a chance to properly demonstrate it (the one time i get no TDs KEK) but you should see what i’m talking about, If not the detailed video later should sum it up.

  2. I totally agree. I love this map.

  3. That’s what worries me about the conversion of all of the maps in HD. if WG suddenly add a small hill on each side and the map is fucked. Looks great tho

  4. The loading times are really long on the sandbox for me, why? on Test server and live im the first one to load in

  5. Obviously hey did some unwanted changes. WG will have to look into this. Steppes is the best tank country map imo.

  6. They really need to change the retarded gun sounds just dont fit in with new maps and vizual efects

  7. Why would they fuck with this map? Mountain Pass and Airfield are the trash maps that need to have gameplay fixes, not Steppes.

  8. The most I hate that you can’t run away being fairly safe, that’s just retarded. Its not some aggressive high risk high reward position, its the whole fucking east flank. C’moon WG.

  9. I already had problems with TDS camping from the opposite south spawn on this map. Now instead of removing that they are giving camping TDS more places to hide for the whole game.

  10. Funny a guy who runs autoloaders and farms people. Crying about people having the ability to farm in their tanks.

  11. I bet they changed it cause that side of the map was the most important part in the game i bet they saw that the team that mostly went on this side won the game more often or not. So they prolly changed to put a lil more risk to going here just my thoughts.

  12. Well playing as a super heavy versus 3 artillery in this map is, very enjoyable. Hope they dont fuck this map, hope they totally remove it.

  13. Ah shit now people are going to have the entirety of World of Tanks ruined for them by steppes being messed up.
    For real though I hope this doesn’t stay.

  14. hey can you advise me a bit about which tank type is for me? I’m fairly new to the game. right now I’m about to unlock the o-i, I’m grinding the hetzer and after i saw a lot of your videos, ive started the french heavy line. I’m confused what type and what line is for me. the o-i exp bounces a lot of shots when i angle it properly, but i usually end up in flanks where I’m literally surrounded by enemies that haven’t even been spotted. i havent yet even had a game with 1k damage. i feel like a need something more mobile, can someone please help me out? if you need more info about my stats my username is OmeiWamouShindeiru

  15. There are like 5 trash maps and they choose to fuck with this one which is workable at worst.

  16. This is a stupid change….hands down. They haven’t resolved unbalanced map problems and they are just keep adding more problems. No wonder why Google trend shows a steady decreasing interest despite their new content hype.

  17. ffs, hope they change this before it goes live

  18. How do you still play this game honestly, I want to kill myself after one fucking game

  19. 2 birds with one stone.

  20. Richard Gustafsson

    I’m glad I stopped playing since last month

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