World of Tanks || HE WHO DARES WINS!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to see if “he who dares wins” in Object 140!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. S1 is the normal play of world of tanks player, as the stats show even after 20k games and win rate of 46% he not willing to learn or be a better player. No wonder these type of players ruin the game. Wargaming will do nothing to stop this kind of players as they buy premium tanks. I dont get how players dont want to improve thier skills. Well when they are on the other side it makes easy damage and kills. At least he is not a bot or an aimbot cheater.

  2. Never knew Van Gogh painted “Starry Night” on a tank before….bravo Vincent…

  3. He who gold spams wins. QB no better than all the others. nearly 50% of shots fired was gold spam.

  4. Hey man that game was awesome, with those guys it was fun, but I’ve never expected to see an arty carried game on your replays, congratulations Quickybaby best of luck! 😉

  5. i dont know why..but later when these two arty driving together, i saw love

  6. says hero on his tank. gues he is.

  7. Stupid S1 player …

  8. Normal Swedish TD gameplay, unfortunately. That tech tree promotes camping and it’s bad for the game imo.

  9. What went through the head of the S1 player? Absolutely nothing! This guy is braindead.

  10. IΩI Νιcο / IS_33 IΩI

    Hi QB, i like your video and what you do in generaly 🙂
    Can you do a video that explain how do you play in generaly, how would you react if //////, where you give advice to be « as good as you » ( not really as good as you, but improve our game style etc… )

    ( I’m french / so if there’re some misstakes, please excuse me 🙂 )

  11. Seen Timelord in games before. Completely useless

  12. Sanjeewa Chandrasiri

    is it worth to buy Gigabyte GT 1030 OC 2G for WOT?????? plz answer,i wanna buy that one

  13. I’d report that S1

  14. “qwackybaby”? Lol i dont think many caught that, only a few comments about it ? QB youre soon going to be like our console CC Sinz saying English is hard ? regardless good vid mate

  15. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    I didn’t know it was referred to as “Feathering.” I always called it “Bush-Painting.”

  16. 14:32 *H E R O E S* indeed…

  17. At the very end there, the M40 was going to place his tank to protect the other Arty from another shot, since the other one had not fired yet. Freaking genius

  18. It is standard operating procedure fur all OP Swedish TDs to get into one spot and never ever ever move from that spot. Then they complain that no one is spotting for them. Kemping Stet Pedders….

  19. Arty ftw! >.=.<

  20. i hate this tank i sold it, obj 430U(57%win rate ?) shits on obj.140(40%win rate really??)

  21. “He who dares wins” – load of bullshit!!!! He who dares is the one that dies first gold spammed to death by players with 130% crews, additional modules and premium consumables in what is the biggest bullshit game, 90% of games rigged against you if you don’t spend money on it and so far worst case of pay2win game ever! And I don’t give a damn what you have to say about that because I’m talking from my own gameplay experience. If you camp in the base like that strv S1 at least you won’t get gold spam raped to death like I get every time in the game I try to do something.

  22. What goes through that S1 mind? Pretty much nothing. He won’t look at minimap. He won’t mind chat. He is on a position, he waits for the enemy to come.
    Look at him, he has played 20985 battles and won 46.74% of them. That player can’t play, he won’t ever learn. Just don’t count on him.

  23. “I love playing with artillery.”

    Yes, I like playing with ebola too. We should say positive things about it and keep it part of this reality as long as possible.

  24. natural behavior of Siege mode spoiled players:
    Phase 1: Find a comfortable bush to sit in
    Phase 2: press x
    Phase 3: wait up to 15 minutes
    Phase 4: profit

  25. S1 is a stupid tomato player. So what´s the point QB???

  26. QB when I play arty, I use the key T instead of F8, because that write in chat time to reload and where i am aiming 😉

  27. This is the day we remember not all Arty are Scumbags

  28. Quicky you are a good player so i will give you this tip. DPM is important as long as you have a tank to shoot towards. The italian Autoloaders have a bad single shot gun but when the enemy is low enough you unload everything that you got on him and for those 5.5 seconds your DPM skyrockets. Imagine single shot gun vs autoloader, the single shot is at 50 percent, the autoloader is at 35, but the moment that the autoloader get’s a full magazine that can kill you the table will turn.

  29. The S1 is a shitter, plain and simple.

  30. S1 Boot

  31. Well, this game shows pretty well that the 5% is just not realistic.
    Look at the amount of “2” shot in this game… and I am not talking about QB alone, but also about the tanks shooting him.

    Let’s see if they really do anything after chaging the ammo to “only available for silver”…

  32. BeastOfAustraliasEast

    arty farty poosh the bush party 🙂 love those two

  33. That S1 spent about £370 on premium tanks alone (some of which they’ve played less than 20 games in) and probably always plays with premium time. It’s not that uncommon to see this kind of player in WoT. Just another tomato whale.

  34. Lol he showed wrong location of the bush at end

  35. S1 is noob player that destroys the game

  36. I’m playing the object 430 right now and enjoying it a lot. Can’t wait to get the 430 U. Now I already have the Object 140 played about 20 games and I’ve been underwhelmed….

  37. Arty rules!!

  38. Gotta say the S1 is the worst kind of player.

  39. People like this S1 made me stop playing WoT.. sadly the absolute majority of WoT’s community are either the most toxic people I’ve ever seen or incapable of breathing and thinking at the same time. Because like Jingles always says – thinking is hard.

  40. arty is just a support class that doesn’t do dmg 🙂

  41. The player base is filled with so many noobs… It’s impossible to know if you can count on anyone to know what they are doing. Even having XVM is not a sure thing if someone else is playing the person’s account.

    I had a good player, according to my XVM the other day, just act like a total dumbass. The entire team were screaming at him asking wtf he was doing when he could of won the game for us but he blew it.

  42. Quby hes fucking red. You can Put a tree in ur Team and it has the Same influence in the Battle Like a red retard

  43. you overthink s1 actions… he’s just a 47% idiot you don’t get those stats with normal brain

  44. Since when bots are considered to be real players?

  45. I think you can press the TAB key to see the shorcuts. or is that only in WowS?

  46. The S1 is fucking tomato noob. People like that should not play this game.

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