World of Tanks – Heartbreaking RNG

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Source: Svatekl2

wot fail
worst rng ever

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Intro music ► Saint Pepsi – Private Caller
Outro music ► Home – Resonance

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  1. Mathias Johansson

    Like mitsos wrote, the Bulldog gets ammoracked in like 8 out of 10 shots.
    So no rng there.

  2. RNG giveth, and RNG taketh away.

  3. NuclearFLame666

    Like the gameplay m80. 1+ sub

  4. Markli_Gamer oo

    I have the Tiger (p)

  5. more like ammo rekt, hue hue hue

  6. Mammoth Production

    WTH was that Skoda thinking?

  7. U got my replay with the special place? mike_baconggod1

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