World of Tanks || Heaviest Light

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – WZ-132-1. Today Unknown Baguette is going to show you why the T10 might just be the “heaviest light”.

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  1. look closely at 9:52, you can see a tree falling down in the town in front of him

  2. baby can carry any match using any tank :3. when you see him at team..just sit and support..let him do a joob lol

  3. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    because this tank is Type 59 with 105mm L7 gun 😀

  4. Balcones Del Mar

    nice vid baby

  5. I love the chinese light tanks but there is one trump card from the chinese Lts that I really miss so much…

    *You can hit everyone on the move*

  6. I just got 1,825 base xp for the Pershing. Wasn’t an ace tanker

  7. Do a video on the Panther m10 please

  8. Shouldnt it be compared to tier 10 tanks? Not tier 9?

  9. WZ-132-1 is the only good Chinese tank, but I don’t think the shitty ones before it is worth the grind.

  10. Quickybaby logic:

    *Player has Canadian flag emblem on tank*
    QB: Guess he’s Canadian
    *Player has French flag in XVM and a somewhat French username*
    QB: Not sure if he’s French, might be a troll.

    Never change, quickybaby.

  11. it’s spherical…SPHERICAL!

  12. Wait, so LTWT is no longer best armored light in game?

  13. You gotta carry on your #TankBetter series, QB. Keep uploading replays is cool, but sometimes players need to see a variety of contents. Don’t be afraid of spending too much time on making a #TankBetter video, it’s the time you have to spend sooner or later.

  14. I haven’t gotten a kolobanov’s, but i did win a 1v3, me in my IS-3 against two lights and a heavy. It was awesome. The lights tried to outflank me but i was in a city and predicted all their movements lol. As for the heavy i just outbrawled him before i took care of the LT’s.

  15. wtf why does this look better than the video in game.

  16. Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson

    Löwe – lets just drive backwards and forwards side on to the LT that will work.boomok lets carry on, it’ll kick in soonboomyeah well he cant hit me 3 times in the side…

  17. Leader Of KaRu 420

    Your *BIGGEST* fans xD

  18. The Sleepy Sheep

    why you don’t understand estimate a light tank

  19. Fredrik Börjesson

    I don’t have a o ho

  20. I wish I could play that well in a LT

  21. Some arty use the target marker on friendly units to signal quickly that they are being flanked. In that case he was and thanks to the warning got out in time.

  22. RPG does not stand for rocket propelled grenade lmaoooo

  23. Hello what option is that you can see the players flag’s?

  24. Zachary Brouwer

    Where can I find the new mod pack by Quickybaby?

  25. still got the 131….should of get the 132 when it was 75k exp to get it

  26. SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Battleship Bismarck

    In morning i eat Bagguate

  27. Alexander Öhman

    11:23 so what a Cool Calm Calculated Carry. :p

  28. Balázs Földes

    RPG is HEAT.

  29. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    QB goes all in with alliteration @ 11:23

  30. 0:25 Baguette “inconnue”. Please QB stop torturing those beautiful french (and german) words… Pleeaaase

  31. Anirban Chakrabarti

    quicky baby be like: I just casually murdered 10 tanks, nothing exceptional
    me: damages a tank , * I am the greatest *

  32. Im not French ? im Croatian QB

  33. If you wanted to say “Thanks for your replay”, it’s simply “Merci pour ton/votre replay”.
    “Replay” isn’t a translated word, it came into the french lnaguage, such as “fiancé” ou “rendez-vous” in english. Don’t believe Google Translate 😛

  34. Got a W.O.T ad before this video

  35. U always state the obvious its so annoying

  36. Ahah, as a French sub for a while, I truly love when you speak French. It’s all but easy and your accent is lovely :p

  37. Nt sure if the arty was aiming at his team member. I think he was expecting the Emil I to come around the corner and hence pre aim the spot, and to get the WZ to lead him into a trap.

  38. That shell velocity looks amazing.

  39. those cargo things around the turret make this tank the Homer simpson/mr. burns of tanks.

  40. always hightier =D

  41. Light tanks bounchig multiple shots and dueling with top tier heavt tanks – not flanking, dueling face to face – shows hpw broken this game is. “Not losing a single hit point” against 4 opponents. Uttter nonsense.

  42. Arty may have also been trying to get him to notice the tanks coming up from behind.

  43. João Paulo Silva

    WZ-132-1 =WhangZou-132-1

  44. One of the best replays on this chanell

  45. dat grille cunt

  46. Tesla coil? Omg the cringe is strong.

  47. that enemy sheridan player name was the best way to discribe this battle 😀

  48. SGT Morningwood

    This is why top tiers are so unblanced

  49. Farid Zulfarayana

    ..Hmmm. really WZ-132-1?
    i Think amx 40 HAHAHA 😀

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