World of Tanks || Heavy Tank, Big Impact – 110

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today zampe96 is going to carry his socks off in the T8 Chinese heavy the 110. Showing why Heavy Tanks can have Big Impacts.

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  1. 5:48 388dmg lol

  2. …aaaaand, our 300k subscriber winner!

  3. One of the best games I have ever seen.

  4. He shots down not super pershing :P

  5. I loved the 110 so much i sold the is3. i had 500+ fights in the is3 and
    think besides being slower and the lack of spaced armor it is a better

  6. Panther 2 more like the panther Toodaloo :P

  7. he really has an amzing amount of luck with his shots!

  8. Great game

  9. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Nice block there dude @ 1:20; good that you are looking out for your team –
    making sure they can pass you….

  10. What is that Jumper?

  11. Yes he did fire apcr, at an artillery! That really bothered me.

  12. Why APCR at the end? Surely HE would have been better…

  13. dont you just hate those moments when you see a very good 110 replay and
    then tries to play the 110 yourself but people pen the crap out of you for
    unknown reasons.

  14. And this is why you shouldnt cap in a fair game. All tanks that are safely
    capping are also completely useless to your team. This gives the advantage
    to the other team, the team that is not capping.

  15. That T34 is a prick

  16. One misplay though: He should have shouted at his teammates in chat to
    defend the base. They would clearly have required it.

  17. Papa-docson Gaming

    He Fired APCR At the artilhery by the way ;)

  18. He used APCR on the G.W. I guess he wasn’t going to risk bouncing off the
    arty again!

  19. Wish the console version had the ability to share complete replays after
    the fact. Had a great match today, didn’t think about starting a recording

  20. There’s something about the t29 and kv4 where people will get the turret
    before the top gun for some reason, can anyone explain this choice?

  21. shutsdownshutdownshuttingdownshutsdownshutdownshuttingdownshutsdownshutdownshuttingdown

  22. going to the useless flank…..
    well played
    I don’t even believe this guy is green

  23. At7 didn’t even get a shout out at the end or a glance at hit score

  24. Awesome peformance by Zampe!

  25. Really good game by this guy. I have nothing else to say except gg wp

  26. Really good game by this guy. I have nothing else to say except gg wp

  27. Hmm should try wot blitz…

  28. hahaha, the NOT so super pershing

  29. Not to take away anything from him, I think he had a poor choice of ammo at
    the end of this game. He fired APCR at the arty! Still, an amazing round
    and more than I have ever done.

  30. Of course only players with good stats come back to defend the base while
    those average and under keep on pushing to enemy base and get eradicated.
    When will they ever learn ?

  31. very nice upload :)

  32. All of these Chinese heavy videos have given me hope for that line! I
    re-bought my IS-2 so I could keep going.

  33. Even though I may be a WarThunder player, I enjoy these videos , Great job

  34. apersonthingy productions (apersonthingy Gaming)

    It may just be me, but are the graphics settings lower than usual?

  35. Awesome content QB!

  36. why 2300exp but60000money…

  37. was that cardy a christmas pressie?

  38. the frontal armor profile looks more like a duck’s bill.

  39. Really good battle, well done. I must say I was playing a different 110
    because mine couldn’t send shells from a perfectly aimed gun straight :D

  40. Hey Quickybaby, can you do reviews and tips for mid tier battles like tier
    6. Also it’d be cool if you did a series where you go onto each map and you
    tell us what you think the best route is for certain tank types etc.

  41. If you accidentally delete some crew members with 4 skills each,
    remember…. Wargaming says “fuck you! Thanks for the money, Americanski!”

  42. Just got the IS-3 and it is truly terrible stock

  43. how dare someone play a video game with their child!

  44. Very stupid play by the friendly Centurion. The team has a heavy advantage,
    but has few medium tanks, so naturally, what does the Centurion do? Go to
    the tracks and tank ridgelines like a boss? No, he goes to the town like a

  45. QB makes a HT vid a day after Mighty Jingles makes a good the bad and the
    ugly about stupid fat heavy tanks

  46. 7:47 wtf?

  47. When I saw this in my M103, I thought it was a T-22 XD

  48. After 7000 damage and 11 kills just get 29.109 credits or 63.102 credits
    with premium account.
    I think is is very bad rewarding compared to otter games.
    Make credits in this game is very hard grind. I need more than 30.000.000
    credits to buy all the tanks I have researched.

  49. 5:48 Excellent shot right there, went right over the hill into the turret

  50. Hi quicky baby do u play wart hinder ?

  51. all write “why he shot apcr to a spg?”…. Ok guys i’m sorry but i’ve just
    loaded before come out to the angle and i forgot it

  52. on Xbox had a wolverine save the cap at 0 secs left

  53. on Xbox had a wolverine save the cap at 0 secs left

  54. That moment when youre driving a A-43 and watch a friendly T34 and an enemy
    T29 (obviously with the 76mm) both hull down, failing to penetrate the
    opponents turretfront….just hilarious

  55. very good game there congrats 110

  56. 3rd mark of excellence, amazing game, and on a standard account? Someone
    buy this guy some prem time!

  57. Not really sure what to say about your words about the T34, sometimes I
    think you take the game too seriously even for a Unicom player to allow
    others to have fun

  58. nice i will have both the IS-3 and 110

  59. The 110 was my first tier 8 heavy and I loved it to bits. If you hide the
    lower plate you will bounce reliably. The turret is good, the gun is rapid
    firing and accurate. It is really fast an mavouverable.

    I still think the Chinese heavy tank line is underrated. Granted, the Tier
    X was underwhelming but the grind is really good. All tier entries are
    strong and now finally they buffed the Tier X.

  60. how does he zoom in so much? is that a mod?

  61. an amazing carry game wihtout being a gold spammer. so so so impressive

  62. i have no words for those two shoots on the centurion wow

  63. The top of the turret on the IS 3 is so weak that even HE can pen it done
    it a few times in my KV 4 dumb IS 3s always try and face hug me

  64. Hmmm, because the enemies are too retarded to go to A0 and A9. He would
    have been dead 10 times over if they did that.

  65. hey QB going a bit off topic here…
    i just played akinator… did you actually put yourself in there? :-P

  66. Today QB shows us why HT can have Big Impacts, while also today, on the
    other hand, Jingles gave us an episode of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
    specially focused on big stupid heavy tanks.. I smell conspiracy :O

  67. that was one of the best games in a while, and he hadn’t use any gold ammo

  68. that was one of the best games in a while, and he hadn’t use any gold ammo

  69. Just look at the bottom right of the map

  70. Il “StrayDog” Randagio

    STOP with these fucking cheats!! WOT is unplayable !!

  71. Tolakos Green Love

    Finally a great video by a trully GREAT player!! Well played bro!! Almost
    perfect played i should say!! We want more of these kind of videos QB!! 🙂
    And not just luck and gold spamming :)

  72. Great vid Quicky. Just a quick point, being English are you aware that the
    word “momentarily” means “for a moment” not “in a moment”, which is the
    American definition. So saying their flank will be over-run momentarily
    means that they will be over run for a short period of time, which doesn’t
    really make sense. Picky I know, but you use the word a lot in your videos.

  73. un italiano in un video di quiky era oraa ;)

  74. who thank is best

  75. QuickyBaby u have never done a tank review on the 59-16 I think that the
    tank isn’t getting any love anymore even with the buffs.

  76. Quickybaby I can’t get your replay website to pull up it says ” THIS PAGE
    CANT BE DISPLAYED”…but the wot replays site works. What could be causing

  77. what is potential damage? because it’s not dmg taken + damage blocked

  78. I love how knowing that you have to keep the enemy from capping your base
    is considered a special achievement, instead common sense.

  79. I had one time Steel wall on SU-14-2 , because thanks like the IS-6 shoots
    me in the gun or in the manteled (if this is written right , i know that
    this is wrong)

  80. The abolute schoolbus of tank… XD???

  81. The abolute schoolbus of tank… XD???

  82. Unfortunately, the hull is easily penetrated. Most guns with 220 pen or
    more will shoot through your upper plate if you angle it even the slightest
    bit, which you need to do in many cases to hide the lower plate around
    corners. Many tier 9 and 10 tanks will also just shoot through your turret
    front. The gun is only mediocre, but at the least the tank is fast, for a

  83. well played, but that gun normally doesn’t behave nicely like this.
    sniping cupolas, barely aiming, punching through 7/1 turret – yeah…

  84. 110/is biggest s*it i ever drive… Canon is totaly unaccurate+ totaly 0
    armor even t6 tanks can easy pen you into shi*ty weakspots on turret and
    its slower than is3…

  85. I’m looking for someone who wants to get and use a INVITE CODE to WoWs

  86. That was really good game. Haven`t seen long time game like this in this
    channel where player doesn`t spam gold just to “secure” the pens-. And yes,
    i think those gold rounds at the end were rightly done cause we know what
    kind of scumbags arties are. ;)

  87. never fully aimed but all times he hit with so much luck :D

  88. Every time i gona take 110 then IS-3,just better tank for me

  89. what a schoolbus of an arty!

  90. that at-7 also carried this game

  91. I’d prefer the 110 over the IS-3

  92. I’d prefer the 110 over the IS-3

  93. Wish my snap shots would connect like that.

  94. Is the Obj. 430 worth it?

  95. Is the Obj. 430 worth it?

  96. GG, that was impressive

  97. Yes he … did .. .he fired lots of APCR rounds … he even killed the arty
    with APCR xD

  98. Great match. So great, it almost make the viewer think this is an easy to
    play game. Gratz, zampe.

  99. not every child is a bad player, i know a 10 year old who plays this game,
    he has played about 2k battles and has already yellow wn8 rating.
    usually a child can become a better player than an adult, because children
    have better reaction times, better vision, etc

  100. fantastic video my friend!

  101. What did we learned from this video?If you want to be successful play
    support! :D

  102. fantastic video my friend! :D

  103. 8 year old girl with a 53% WR? seems legit

  104. he can pen the centurion7/1 turret,but he can t pen russian artillery,
    wargaming logic!

  105. Simply fantastic display of skill, marksmanship and map awareness!! Best
    110 gameplay I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen A LOT!! Why? Because I couldn’t
    make 110 work, it simply didn’t fit my playstyle so I watched lots and lots
    of 110 gameplays, but to no avail!! It remained one of my rare ‘neverAced’
    tanks with only 52% WR in over 150 games played… luckily, 110 leads to
    1-4, which is a beast imho!

  106. i ve already seen this replay, but it still a pleasure to watch.

  107. have you seen where and how this 110 was aiming, hitting and
    penetrating…. looks like war gaming bullshit called rng to me

  108. really shoting gold vs arty?

  109. After the IS-3 buff its somewhat useless to play an 110. Slower, big LFP,
    no magic side armor, no russia accuracy, cupolas….meh.

  110. 9:35 apcr, why?

  111. I’m using my 110 in tournament play on console along with teammates in the
    IS-3 and am doing very well with it. The only drawback I’ve noticed is you
    are slower to accelerate or climb hills. The Alpha difference can cost you
    if you are trading shots, but your improved aim time and accuracy give you
    some nice peek a boom effectiveness. You are overall much more flexible
    than the IS-3 thanks to view range and accuracy, and are more difficult to
    ammo rack ’cause the shoulder is effective about 40mm more. I think they
    are both very good tanks. IS-3 is still the king of brawling, but the 110
    is better all around IMO.

  112. love you QB

  113. What happened to daily videos, I miss them.?

  114. What happened to daily videos, I miss them.?

  115. What happened to daily vids, we LOVED!! them.

  116. What happened to daily vids, we LOVED!! them.?

  117. What happened to daily vids, we LOVED!! them.?

  118. What happened to daily vids, we LOVED!! them.???????

  119. What happened to daily vids, we LOVED!! them.???????

  120. I really like the 110, but it needs either a smaler or a bit stronger lower
    plate, to compare fairly to the IS3

  121. if that 8 year had done like 1000 dmg I would laugh myself because you know
    some people can’t even do that and they are way beyond 8 year old.

  122. Fully enjoyed this replay. Finaly a guy that doesnt get a good game by only
    shooting gold. Thanks QB, keep it this (real) way!

  123. he may have done really good but he doesnt know how to use the armor of
    this tank

  124. Can you talk about world of tank on Xbox one

  125. Not sure if it is just me but the audio is abut 20 seconds ahead of the
    video… not to much of an issue but does give slight spoilers into what
    happens before I see it. :/ Other than that good commentary :)

  126. It was a very good game from him, but he had so much luck at a few shots

  127. Klab “Klabstepih” Stepih

    the ideal game

  128. Im first like a boss!!!!

  129. Extra Terrestrial Being

    Quicky, what do you think of Advanced Warfare? And the other WG games: WoWP
    and WoWS?

  130. World Of Tanks King

    i like

  131. What ? He fired APCR at SPGs

  132. What ? He fired APCR at SPGs

  133. What ? He fired APCR at SPGs !!!

  134. What ? He fired APCR at SPGs !!!

  135. What? He fired APCR at SPGs!!!

  136. What? He fired APCR at SPGs!!!

  137. 2300 base xp without premium?? pissening

  138. Phonpisit Suwannarat


  139. SU-14-2 doesn’t have much armor, but still bounces all kinds of shots

  140. that was a well played game..but he got quite lucky..then again, nice

  141. APCR against artiges?

  142. Why let your child play a tier 8 tank? Either your greedy and are making
    them work for you to get credits, or you’re just too stupid to have them
    play tier 1.

  143. Cooool video !!! Like all the times ;)

  144. jokerspet karlsson

    big fat stupid heavy tanks eh? jingles? :P

  145. -the not-so-super-pershing-WOW QB………..You do know your tanks QB!!!!

  146. lmao at the Roman Nose comment

  147. He did use APCR for spg kills. Just for safety sake I suppose

  148. He did use APCR for spg kills. Just for safety sake I suppose

  149. what a great game finaly someone that doesnt shoot gold, well he did at the
    arty but i guess missclick.

  150. Is-3 is better sadly great hame

  151. Daniel Sedlarević

    Now imagine if E75 actually knew how to play

  152. Satanam Daemonicis

    T29 with stock gun is just too damn hilarious. You see that gigantic turret
    and then a cute little 76 mm gun. lol

  153. Damn. That was really well played. Also just used AP, even though he was
    under a lot of pressure. Very impressive. Some good RNG with some of the
    mid distance shots against Super Pershing roofs etc. But even so, the
    overall result as no fluke. Well played.

  154. the best tank i got is the t 29 and i am not buying anything

  155. Hey QB can you make the WoT fails and wins video like blinde shots or epick
    jumps becaus i have few rrplays with kv-2 and hellcat 

  156. Great example of nothing flashy but doing everything right

  157. That Final play was amazing. Not many players would figure it out.
    Disengage, get out of proxy spot range, go around, use tracks. Very well

  158. nice of the t34 to let him know he wouldnt be of use before he made the
    choice of how to engage the enemy

  159. This or IS 3 for Tier 8 Clan Wars???

  160. i love the 110

  161. i love the 110

  162. He did shot a APCR round, the very last one, on the artys

  163. What a carrying rampage… Absolutely huge game.

  164. the 110 is king mediocre of tier 8 heavies but this guy rocked it good.
    that choice to go back to the base paid off well.

  165. Nice sweater!

  166. jagdpanther II, not panther II, oh qb,that jingles effect..

    P.S. 110 is ugly as fuck

  167. jagdpanther II, not panther II, oh qb,that jingles effect..

    P.S. 110 is ugly as fuck

  168. great game no Gold spam and good decision making !

  169. the father who let his child play seems to have enough brain (WN8 wise) to
    take over the keyboard if the game had become close

  170. I love how everyone says great game or great video if they couldn’t have
    watched it in that time..

  171. I love how everyone says great game or great video if they couldn’t have
    watched it in that time…

  172. I love how everyone says great game or great video if they couldn’t have
    watched it in that time…

  173. theodosis polytarxos

    G.W.PIG lol :D

  174. I have Researched the T29 frome the Jumbo and im wondering if its a good
    idea to sell the jumbo to buy the T29

  175. sick cowichan, quicky

  176. For Warfare (planeman777)

    Six minutes, 20th comment, almost 1K views.

  177. I stopped playing WOT because,
    EXTREMLY bad teams and not being able to cary hard enough (im not that good
    And not keeping calm enough but now i can keep calm and carry on.

  178. wow quicky, great moves. keep it up. proud of you ;)

  179. Why not “Heavy Tank, Heavy Impact?” :)

  180. fantastic video my friend!! :D

  181. fantastic video my friend!! :D


  183. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)

    Great vid man!

  184. Almost first. Lol

  185. im from livestream :)

  186. Not first ?

  187. What do you think of the 110 vs the IS-3?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  188. First

  189. ayy` sup d0ods

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