World of Tanks – Heavy Tanks Are Boring

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9axel5 thinks heavy tanks are boring to play. Or he did until he took his T29 out for a stroll around Pilsen…

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  1. Heavy tanks are still pretty boring, a game in probably the best heavy tank
    tier for tier in the game in almost the best matchmaking possible is just
    that 1 in 100 exception

  2. If anything is boring it’s artillery…

  3. Nice job, 9axel5. :)

  4. Go Finnish commander go!

  5. I really appreciate the fine selection of videos that you posted Its going
    to be hours of fun for me..

  6. 108 games in heavy and he has a tier 7 T29?

  7. Not saying he is a noob but he played his T29 really badly… Went to the
    wrong flank, was too passive for a such an amazing tank, got extremely
    lucky against cromwell who bounced 3 times of his side when he was on 100
    or less HP. But GG anyway, luck and good mm is usually what gives good

  8. is it on my side or is video and comentar wrong synchronized?

  9. The cromwell was not a noob, he was way worse.

  10. 5:15 “For axel and his T34″… T34?!? Guess it wouldn’t be a Jingles video
    without cocking up tank names at least once.


  12. To be fair, heavy tanks are not boring. Many, many heavy tank players,
    however are boring.

  13. I feel like jingles is everyones grandpa.

  14. I don’t know if I’m the first to mention this, but…

    “Actually, Jingles, the M6 has a muzzle brake on its 76 mm gun, but lacks
    said muzzle brake on the 90 mm gun. Seems paradoxical but it’s true. So
    it’s even worse than you thought: that M6 could have done some serious
    damage to him and completely changed the outcome of the battle if he’d

  15. hey jingles what do you thing of the new fv304 in HD?! I think Bert ate to
    much. it looks like a buff guy with a small d**k. I mean really WG big tank
    with a small gun that looks like it just through snowballs. anyways jingles
    what do you think of the new Bert?!

  16. Lol at suffering from a nasty case of the Admiral Akbars

  17. I am pretty sure that M6 had the muzzle break. 90mm doesn’t have muzzle

  18. Yeah Czech map me from Czech Republic

  19. T29 is magic. now i have the T32 stock and i can’t do it without that way
    to armoured turret.

  20. this was so awesome at the end i wanted to open the chat and write gg

  21. David Genthner Jr

    Great video Jingles and congrats to axel. The whole time I was watching I
    had the tune “Axel F” from Beverly Hills Cop 2 playing in my mind. I find
    playing the Russian Heavy IS line boring and play TD’s and mediums more now
    a days.

  22. jingles can still handle emails better than Hillary

  23. Well now, Jingles, you should know your way around the M6 well enough to
    know that the 90mm gun does not have a muzzle brake either :P

  24. Cromwell wasn’t a noob, he is worse

  25. Do a video on the VK 30.01 P, and/or the VK 30.02 M
    I’ve never seen a review on those tanks from you Jingles.

  26. I really like your humor and laughter 😀 😀 :D

  27. Only 108 battles in heavies? And he’s in a T29? Holy shit he must have
    bought a LOT of converted free xp…. WG loves him…

  28. Torilla tavataan!

  29. Karl fraredemptor

    that cromwell is so idiot..he could have won the game

  30. Galaxy Wolf Gaming

    See? Donald Trump is right, walls save the day!

  31. Jingle are you on the “Wargaming Community Party 2016” ?

  32. Btw “he got 5 kills so he isnt a noob” dude… Everyone can get 5 kill (by
    auto aiming) for example and espicially for arty xD


  34. Leader of the world

    well for me that was the most lucky T29 replay I’ve ever seen in my life
    over 10 shot that they miss n his side and his rear if that guy was me they
    would never miss me XD, GG T29 and nice replay Jingles

  35. Heavy tanks are boring.

  36. Daniel Vilbergsson

    heavy tank arent boring youre the one thats boring

  37. Who pisses at the side of the toilet to make it quiet like.

  38. Not fun at all, not with all the tier X td’s and arty

  39. Yep, Cromwell panicked, easy kill there. Also, your laugh when that M6 was
    getting abused was diabolical!

  40. Jingles, whats the buzzing noise? AC?

  41. Too much luck. Trash finnish bob. sinä mulkku.

  42. hmmmm so jingles does the news now?? well it is more interesting than the
    BBC news

  43. Armored Warfare is a much better game

  44. jingles if you were living in America and had the right to vote would you
    vote for Trump or Hilary

  45. 太郎xX9, 9Xx山田

    The D.W.2 in WoT Blitz is super fun to derp light tanks

  46. I should feel sorry for you Jingles , but having just finished working a
    month of 10 days on , with 3 days off .. then back in for 10
    ..etc..etc..etc …. my sympathy cup runeth dry . Cry me a river coz i’m
    off now till 15th :D

  47. Can someone I’m the comments help me? I hate playing heavies because they
    are usually too slow to get anywhere. But I die everytime I play mediums.

  48. I was a beast in my t29. I can’t wait to grind out 1.3 million for it.

  49. Yes, that cromwell is noob. He had perfect position to kill T29 when arty
    detrack it. He did put like 3 shots to side and then back off for no
    reason, he could easily withstand one hit and finish T29 from that spot.

    Still its team fail since they could cap…

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