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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – FV4005. Today buelent2779 is going to demonstrate why the FV4005 might have just become one of the most dangerous tanks in the game!

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  1. Quickybaby the hesh rounds are not balanced they should have less alpha then the HE.

  2. 0:08 seconds, might seem silly, but why is an American flag hanging along side a French building?

  3. I did 890dmg on my 1st shot and 980dmg on my 2nd shot in my e100 shooting a fv4005

  4. Everyone on the test server plays this thing and it’s so aggravating lol

  5. Only the salty people will say remove the buff

  6. That’s no medium tank. That’s a shitbarn.

  7. i think this tank was already balanced. but the deathstar was OP. well its too early to say if this buff made this tank OP or made it a little bit playable for players with any level of skill.

  8. QB we’re all waiting for your first 10kdmg game!

  9. He should die in 0:22

  10. This thing looks like a tier X KV2

  11. When did the batchat arty get a HD model?

  12. Up and aid them lads.

  13. for a second i thought i was in this on his team, guess not lol

  14. First impressions of the update on pc in north america: played one grand battle not long after the update. good mode. had a nice hull down battle in my e100.

    After that one grand battle, i’ve seen nothing but peacocks spamming gold on the same maps.

    The team with fewer peacocks camps, regardless of map or tank types, a few purple medium tanks blaze through burning nothing but apcr, penning everything in sight. everybody yells at each other for camping.

    I’m pretty sure that since the update i have seen zero games where scouts went out and scouted and tanks behind them shot the spots. Instead, one team camps and the other comes to clean them up.

    Cleaning up some old secondaries on missions, I see how dumbed down they are. That will make pay to win players happy since many of them were having a hard time getting the real status tanks. Now it will be easy to tuck that 260 in the garage next to the T22 med. I don’t know what took them so long to turn the last real interesting challenging accomplishments in the game to shit. Down to the lamest ways to keep people paying I guess.

    I’d pay $20/month of my entertainment budget for a premium account in this game if it were just grand battles no arty no gold ammo. If it stays this way, the $70 i spent over the last 4 years looks wasted.

  15. This tank has sacrificed everything, what have you done!?

  16. I do love this tank so much. You can do a lot of work with it if you, and hear me out, take mostly armor piercing. (and stick with 1 or 2 team mates) Use ti as a flanking tank to pop up and take a shot AFTER the enemy has engaged your friends. Have gone 6 kills with this so far as my record using pop up and shoot tactics. Its an engagement rebalancing tank but you have exactly zero pushing capability.

  17. like a figure skater gracefully bashing your head in with a large warhammer

  18. 16 rounds would be fair for it instead of 20. And also should give the 183 4 more.

  19. Anyone want my account? All Chinese 8 perms except t34-3, amx cda, prime Victoria lowe jt8.8 amxcdc ….. More than that but I’m done. Uninstalled game never playing again.. All hackers and shitters that push you out

  20. Quicky baby please do a SU-152 with derp gun review.

  21. That tank is the T10 équivalent of the scorpion G except for camo and size… Armor is in papier, good mobility, good gun depression, and OTK lower tier tank…. But scorpions is balanced by the fact that IT s a T8. Here we’ll see, but when I think that my Primo Victoria can meet that…. Well… Anyway Thx u QB, good vidéo again !

  22. The FV4005 couldn’t rotate it’s turret much

  23. Hidde Van Der Beek

    Wargaming plz nerf the non pen damage of the HE

  24. Was really a garbage in old patches and it really needed this buff but still, those 1750 alpha destructions for premium players only are still totally game-breaking : ) all for my oppinion

  25. Wow a 14mm turret that’s a little ridiculous

  26. Honestly not really worried about it.

  27. The only thing I hate about this tank is that i meet it with my tier 7 lights and most of my tier 8 mediums :))……
    While with a light, it’s “shit happens”………A tier 8 medium holled down with the perfect angle should be able to withstand at least 1 shot from this bastard 😀

  28. Since WG nerfed the top speed of this tank on the Test Server, it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore ?.

  29. Lol, a gold spammer -_-

  30. Shitbarn is back in business!

  31. I did 6k damage in this on the test server in the first 3 minutes.

  32. It pays off grinding for the worst tanks in this game hehe

  33. Much needed

  34. So this is not OP , but WT auf E 100 was ? Which also had a shit cammo and it was removed from the game because you could kill a superheavy with 1 clip. Sometimes WG logic makes me sick.

  35. It could only carry about 12 rounds in the turret, but you could fit more than 20 in the hull, even though that made the tank too heavy

  36. Pay to win tank.. Another one…

  37. The camo on the back of the turret looks like King Kong fighting Godzilla. A nod to the upcoming movie maybe? 😛

  38. Instead of banging on about how over powered this might or might not be how about saying !At last It’s about time the Brit lines got a break in this game”

  39. I’m on the tier 7 currently and I can’t wait for this tank!

  40. This thing definitely needed a buff, and it’s a good thing they nerfed it in comparison to the first iteration of the test server because it was insane.

    But as long as they keep HESH shells the way they are right now, this tank will always be problematic.

  41. Can’t wait! Argh Asia server always 1 week late.

  42. Ole Schøn Mortensen 8B Hirtshals undervisningssted

    Tier X KV-2

  43. Hi. (Sorry for my bad english)

  44. for once he isn’t showing a replay from a unicum…

  45. This tank is just a gun barrel nice vid as always quickybitches

  46. QB I LOVE WHAT YOU DID THERE ON 3:10 Nice editing!!!

  47. Hey QB loved the “Live” in game info of the over-match with the Conq! Really good idea hopefully something you will implement more often 🙂 Love the content!

  48. GET A DISLIKE! biggest fucking retard ever, why do u even feature these morons on youtube? 5 AP shells and 15 HESH shells… gold noobs everywhere

  49. because artilery was problem one shotting tanks … with awfull aimspeed and slow shells, so now we mess up arty and create oneshotters that are more accurate and mobile … perfect … sowhen will WG start using their brains ?

  50. On console the HESH pen is still 275mm. Fuck me.

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