World of Tanks – Herman, Not The German

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Because Herman the German is a thing. Well it is if you're and mocking a certain Reichsmarschall and it's World War Two. Not really a thing, then.

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  1. Wait, Herman?? I thought his name was Dave, Jingles. 😉

  2. tier IX is 9 😉

  3. I guess the poor Char Futur 4 on the enemy team got butt fucked by arty. 3 artys on one team and all going for the same guy. That’s what you get.

  4. The intro could only be better, if it was a KV-2.
    Thanks for the return of it.

  5. Herman might be a German thing, however Hermanni is not a German thing – google ‘Pelle Hermanni’ and you’ll see the image i would guess fair number of Finns of certain age group would associate with that name… Though it too might have something to do certain with a Reichsmarshal 😀

  6. I miss the model painting vids Mr. Jingles. 🙁 Maybe bring them back? 🙂

  7. WG did a good job with the Char Futur 4 – fun to play, but not OP in any meaningful way.

  8. “Its a t8 french prem. medium autoloader”, no Jingles!! Its a t9 Reward tank, doenst make prem credits. Unlike WoWs there are no premium Vehicvles over t8 ^^

  9. “is-2 too many two’s” god that hit me good xD

  10. 4kDownloader … best youtube downloader app

  11. IS-3 Duo, perhaps?

  12. Cancel-culture Fun Police arriving, sirens howling… “Scumbags”?

  13. That first clip. Havent played the game in half a year and it still so good to watch.

  14. Getting a like just for the intro clip.

  15. Enemy char got hit by arty…
    Look at crater by his wreck…

  16. No Jingles, you should not call artillery scumbags. I identify as a scumbag and I don’t want to be associated with artillery players, thank you very much…

  17. shit, this is only displaying for me at 480p

  18. Jingles, you have in my memory have featured hermanni0769 twice before.

  19. Is hermanni the new regular?

  20. Am I the only one that hates the Dynamic Camera?

  21. Don’t worry Jingles it’s still ok to call arty names, it’s CVs in WOWS that have made it forbidden to call them names on the forums because they found it offensive.

  22. Ok then….the driver is OP, please nerf!

  23. Read my name.

  24. Not gonna lie at first I thought Jingles forgot to add his voice-over to the video so I was gonna watch a 10 minute video of just plain world of tanks :))))

  25. *video is about a French tank*
    *it’s not a French light tank*
    *starts with a Deathstar II one-shotting a Merde-mobile*

    Awww, Jingles, you shouldn’t have!
    (you really should, though)

  26. As a part time arty player you have my full and complete permission to call us scumbags. Tradition is tradition and rules must be followed Jingles.

  27. No Jingles, arty scum is more annoying with constant stunning and faster reloading than before. At least with old arty you only lost HP, now when an arty or worse three start shooting at you, you loose HP bit by bit with stun making you loose hair & your sanity.

  28. The intro audio though

  29. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    Say Jingles, are you planning on giving Desperados III a try?

  30. The IS-2 many 2s 🙂 I feel a new nickname has created

  31. Hey Jingles, i just uploaded my first replay for WoWs ever, its in Halland and likely to see Search for: 1st Game in Halland 2 Dev Strike, Kraken, High Cal and more
    And u can call me Dave

  32. aim? what is that?

  33. Short clip at the start…wait a minute we’ve been here before this isn’t another trick to make us watch another artillary replay again jingles…oh good its not had me worried

  34. How’s the hand doing Jingles? Hope it’s healed up alright

  35. 00:43
    I moaned out loud in my living room. That was too good.

  36. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Char Futur, AE Phase1, Obj. 777, Super Hellcat, T-50-2 and now Super Chaffee. Gift tanks for non-gifted players that either had their account for a long time, sucked badly, left and came back to grab free stuff and keep sucking or grinded a game-mode to gain high-tier tanks that they have no idea how to use.
    Matchmaking is clustered with these clowns that usually only come out on x5 weekends.

  37. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Arty is annoying as its every been lol. Id rather get 1 shot then permastunned all game.

  38. some players are OP please nerf!

  39. Ironically enough regarding your comments about artillery and the enemy Char Futur…Arty seems to have killed that tank and by the judge of the positions on the minimap its not like he YOLOd…just artillery barraged and deleted. Oh, and arty is just as annoying as ever.

  40. 7:17-7:24

    Thanks for the compliment!


  41. Tfw the surprise intro

  42. It is always the driver, the tank is just necessary but never enough.

  43. Naa arty are still scumbags…Most of them still drown themselves, still hit you across the map dealing tier 10 heavy tank levels of damage to things two tiers higher than them and stun you just for measure. Just as easy to play them as it ever was.

  44. Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving here in the US, I’d just like to take a moment and thank you for all the excellent content, and for always making life just a little more enjoyable.

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