World of Tanks – Hermann Ze German

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

His names’s not exactly Hermann, and he’s probably not German. The Mighty Jingles – stretching for titles since 2013!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Daily dose of jingles i see

  2. Holy Crap! # 4 to view.

  3. Ohoho you thought you could keep me awake didn’t you Jingles. Well I have news for you! You are 100% god damn correct old man.

  4. Good morning from Canada

  5. Jingles, happy Thanksgiving from us Yanks

  6. Sleep is for the weak anyway. And I’m not a strong man! Why do you do this to me Jingles!?

  7. Flabbergast – somebody is so astonished that they shake like a jelly. First used in 1772 apparently??

  8. Also “0 damage in a Type 4 Heavy”
    Proof no tank is idiot proof.

  9. Lamayo luv u I’m ded

  10. Still gets me why people still try attack over a ridge when there are waiting tanks.

  11. Wow, ELVIS is still around after all these years. Nice.

  12. Hermannie Ze Germannie lol

  13. You know jingles hasn’t played WoT in a while when he says the 113 has heavy tank armour

    • Although you might believe it does looking at this battle.

    • He probably meant only the frontal upper plate…and that’s it
      since even the premium 112 that is basically 113 on tier 8 has same or better frontal armor with that monstruously thicc lower frontal plate.

  14. Came for the puns, stayed for the battle

  15. That ‘friendly’ arty deserve team killing. The amount of stun they dealt to Herman….

  16. Movie villain thugs wait patiently as each attacks the hero one by one.

  17. Russians are good at standing in a line? I mean I guess they had to do that for their cabbage rations, but all the dashcam footage of Russians driving on the wrong side of the road to try to cut the line in traffic jams kinda tells a different tale…

    • Try to wait patiently in line in russia is like to try playing draughts, you leave space for a person one will jump there while 5 others will try … Only reason lines work in russia is cos everyone is glued to person in front to not leave space for anybody to intrude, and still there will be at least one enterprising fellow who will try to intimidate better place in line.

  18. it may be 1:30 am but I hear the jingle bells a ringin’

  19. Guten tag

  20. I got a high caliber in my Sherman Jumbo, when the SU-100Y on my team had sone 90 more damage than me.

  21. Warum Sind fische so schlechte tennisspieler?

    Sie hassen es na ans netz zu gehen!

  22. No OP russian medium, no gold spam, well played battle, entertaining to watch, nice commentary… really nice video Jingles

  23. and he make 10k creadits only…

  24. Herman, I know you’re going to watch this and we have to know, are you German??

  25. you thought you could catch me me awake didn’t you Jingles? Well, fuck.

  26. That position is the reason why I like to take my Arty to K7 if it has the speed. If I can get my arty to K7, tanks fighting to work the slope over there will often angle their roof armor towards where I’m shooting from and is one of the few situations where I can expect a direct hit to still have a decent chance to pen most tanks… and even if I fail to pen them, one or two shells is usually enough to convince them that the position is untenable.

  27. nice game 🙂

  28. Stupid slot machine “game” : Cant pen with std shells – Cant earn money for new tanks ,when shooting gold all the time – Boosters fckup mm & winchances – Premium time is a “must” , thou it runs out , while you sleep …. 50 % winrate IS just “normal” … and then……. Period !

  29. chinese and russian tenks???, where be the tog II !

  30. I do not like the 113. I’m pretty sure the tank legitimately hates me.

  31. Actually Jingels, Hermanni is finnish name, not german. 🙂

  32. I just had a game in my Mauschen where I blocked literally 43 pieces of gold ammo.

  33. if only people knew the obj 430 has a weak ass turret roof.

  34. I know it’s a tier X match. Basically the grind is over, but what amazes me is the little that is left of the earnings of the game. Our friend Hermann here ends the match with 58.030 credits earned, he scrapes away with 10.479 credits in his pocket. That’s unbelievable. Two things to watch there. First of all, it’s not just ammo that is digging into the credits. The cost of both ammo and repair are almost equal. Secondary, this is not just happening at highest levels. This is one of the most annoying things to me in WoT. The grind is hard enough and this makes it even harder. The economics of the game are off.

  35. Great joke Jingles! Although name “Hermanni” sounds more like Finnish since there is “ni” syllable at the end.

  36. And this is Tier X? I’ve not made it up there yet (Partly because of that Tier 8 Barrier, partly because I have little time to play), but one thinks “Tier X? The top players, I’d get my ass handed to me!”
    And then I see this game!

  37. I literally carry ZERO gold ammo in my JgPz. E100. Not because I’m against using gold, but purely because you literally don’t need it. You can do 500 damage to hull down IS-7s with HE.

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