World of Tanks || Hetzer 1 vs 10

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Today Shabadouya is going to show you how to play the T4 destroyer the and end up 1 vs 10!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. call me when m3lee/grant 1vs10


  3. QB why do you always upload games played by other people? I wanna see you
    playing, not random seal clubbers…

  4. Obviously, this guy can play. But he plays against bunch of donkeys..

  5. Mathijslol LolBesselink

    Nice game 

  6. wow what a botter. obviously a skilled player, but he has 10k games and 500
    wn8, i wonder what bot program he uses.

  7. U2 QuickyBabyTV

  8. 99th view

  9. Sub TheBouncingChicken10 and me and him will sub u back!!

  10. derp noob. very noob game only luck….

  11. PZ38t is my sealclubber toy, 66% wr on 1100 games

  12. Alexis Péloquin-Poklukar

    I got alot of great games in my T18. I think it is the best tank at tier 2

  13. Against all odds? his tank is a rock

  14. I want the old Hetzer back 🙁
    Was so much fun

  15. Amazinggg I’ve had crazy game like this on my Xbox 360 world of tanks loll
    in the end it was me in a hetzer vs Matilda uhhh tht was worrying Lol 11
    kills.. I was like bessst friggin game ever in thisss 

  16. Seal Clubbers IMO
    Tier 3: Cruiser Mk. II (with 3.7″ howitzer)
    Tier 4: Matilda (kind of)
    Tier 5: AT 2

  17. WHY? WHY AP 

  18. The matilda, i play on the 360 but when i rocked the matilda i got a
    kolobanovs medal i went up against 8 tanks and won

  19. T1 Cunningham can rip shit up in and game!

  20. Hetzer gonna hetz

  21. Lol, arty should never try shooting on the move. It cant be done…unless
    you’ve got some sort of hack

  22. m3 lee tier 4

  23. Awesome job buddy, congrats on 13 kills! And still not a Mastery Badge!!

  24. No stream today?Well,I guess is the first day of Christmas so yeah,happy
    holidays QB!

  25. French clan , french player … good battle

  26. Tier 2 T18… Does any more need to be said about this ridiculously OP

  27. The Cruiser Mk.II with the 3.7in howitzer is, when top tier, the most seal
    clubby non-premium tank, though the armor of the AMX 38 can be hilarious.
    The Pz.IIJ, Pz. 38H 735 and, BT-SV are some of the most trollish low tier
    premium tanks.

  28. Cruiser ll I feel is a pretty good seal clubber

  29. paulius petruskevicius

    i live in lithuania,rasieniai is one of lithuania’s town

  30. I don’t want to complain or anything but whenever you show us videos like
    this then the tank of interest in almost always top tier and if not, then
    it’s a scout in it’s most favorable matchmaking. Games like this happen
    more then you make it appear to be, I’m sure this is a good game but I
    can’t find myself being impressed when the tank is top tier.
    I’m not saying I get games like this in higher tiers but the fact it’s top
    tier makes it less impressive.

  31. Marry fucking Christmas!

  32. Hetzer is on Santas nice list. Christmas hax.

  33. The player rocked that game. I don’t understand the negative replies. For
    this one game, give this guy his due.

  34. PZ II J at tier 2 (with gold ammo)
    PZ III C at tier 3 (with 40 shell aotoloader)

    they are awsome

  35. lol that guy’s in my clan


  37. Merry Christmas Quicky and Peppity. May all the blessings of the season be

  38. World of tanks channel has uploaded this before. It’s very old

  39. I think the best seal clubber tank is the pz1c. I got two top guns out of 6
    games today before when u asked whats the best tank. 

  40. I sealclub in my m3lee :D

  41. luck, i cod write a bot that would play it the same or beter

  42. merry christmas quicky have a good one! could you possibly do a video of
    the jagdpanzer iv? it would help me out

  43. Cruiser Mk 2 with the 3.7 inch howitzer
    Tier 3

  44. Procrastinator Desend

    Finally, A video with a hezter from Quicky

  45. I saw this replay somewhere ? i guess…

  46. Bots can have good game :)

  47. OMG crazy HETZER!!!!!
    BTW Merry X’mas to you QB & Peppty~ Thank you for your live stream and
    youtube video. It helps my WOT gameplay so much.

    Appreciation from your Taiwanese fans XD

  48. Wtf? He is not using any HE shels with the derp gun ? such a skilled
    Whole game was luck and donkeys against him.
    Merry christmas !

  49. My list is: T18, Pz II J, Hetzer, Pz I C and the Matilda. Merry Christmas!
    Happy Holidays!

  50. The Hetzer is my favourite low-tier tank by a mile. Its great camo and
    outrageous gun means it can eat its own tier alive and work just fine in
    tier 6 games. great aim time and track traverse help too. I prefer using HE
    to AP in my Hetzer though. It doesn’t have a very high ammo capacity and AP
    is hopeless against most higher tiered tanks.

    The most important thing though is that the Hetzer is goddamn handsome!
    Merry something all! Great replay.

  51. Well the ultimate Seal Clubber tank probably is the T82 with its 105mm
    howitzer (same as on the A20 and the Wolverine) or PZ. IC.

  52. Merry Christmas, QB !! And have a Happy New Year !!

  53. While I don’t think it has quite the same seal-clubbing potential as the
    Hetzer, I’d definitely keep my eyes open for the Japanese tier 4 Ke-Ho for
    trolling purposes. It has a very nasty 57mm gun with insane DPM and high
    penetration, 10 degrees of depression, excellent camouflage ratings, and
    decent view range. Crouching Ke-Ho, hidden rapist.

  54. Its because all the enemy tanks had paper thin armor

  55. i do not drive seel clubers, but good tanks in 1 2 and 3 is T-1 Cruiser3
    and Pz. Kpfw 38(t) but thy need a brain behinde the controles.
    merry crismas to you, your videos are excelent :-)

  56. This is a typical replay why the Hetzer is my favorite tank!

  57. Hetzer gonna hetz.


  59. What a Hetz ! 😀 Great game, here’s the reincarnation of Kolobanov himself
    (in a German tank but whatever) …

  60. I’d say a Matilda is a good seal clubber 

  61. Merry Christmas every one xxx

  62. Your a beast quickybabytv and hope you keep doing videos 

  63. Broken Heart Martinez

    i dont want to be annoying but i recently started to play world of tanks
    again, but for some reason i guess they improved the graphics alot since i
    no longer get 40-50 fps, i get around 10 fps now, is there a feature that i
    can turn off, or am i screwed? thank you and dont hate T_T

  64. quicky when ll u do a wz111 review!?:)

  65. so many good memories :)

  66. Quicky, please don’t upload games like this, in which luck wins not skill.
    No fun at all to watch tomato wars.

  67. My only Kolobanov’s so far is indeed in the Hetzer !
    Love that little seal-clubber ;P

  68. Best repplay of the week (4-7 one of those i think) a Stug was in the exact
    same 1 vs 10 scenario and pulled off the win.

  69. I am not against using gold ammo when needed, but this was a clear case of
    just gold spawning tank with luck on low tier whitch is sad. Great repay to
    watch, but not much impresive beside the 10 vs 1 situation…well in
    reality 7 vs one because there were 3 donkey arties…and in retrospect it
    was max 2 vs one, because he never encountered more than two enemies at
    same time (more or less)…

  70. on what server plays quickybaby ?!

  71. Balanced

  72. Seal clubber? Definitely the old t49 (the t67 as it is called now

  73. Panzer 2 j

  74. I loved the classic T-50. When you got good MM it was just hillarious.

  75. MrImjustaminorthreat

    I would say the FCM36PAK40, I bought one with the gold I was given by WG
    staff at pax and although its slow, even as a tier 3 it is able to quite
    reliably chew up tier 5s. It is completely undetectable if played right and
    has the full view range. So yeah either the FCM or that giftcode only tank
    you featured a replay of a while ago that has the insane armor.

  76. fucking shit

  77. T40 with the 105 mm derp

  78. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Awwwwww that’s awesome I know that guy he’s in my clan

  79. This dude was complete trash…

  80. do that in t10 game noob

  81. “We are not even two minutes into the game and he has already lost half his
    team. Sorry, make that about 60% of his team (…). That’s nothing new in
    low tier game.”

    Well i have felling that most high tier games are exactly the same.

  82. I don’t understand why you comment this, it’s not epic at all..
    Anyone can do this, it’s not epic at all, 1vs10, ok but anybody is
    dangerous except the T40…
    Afterwards, all the red team play bad, and Shabadouya play bad too…
    It just stay in the middle of the map and wait enemies.
    It never does good move like the fight against the Covenanter…

    This replay show that it’s a brainless tank and that anyone can do
    something with it…

    I’m disappointing about this video… 

  83. QB please do the STB-1 review

  84. GG very good quicky

  85. The ultimate Sealclubber is the T18, as you showed us. But the Pz1c is the
    most fun!

  86. merry chrismas

  87. He didnt choose the thug life the thug life chose him

  88. tier 3 pz.II.j

  89. ultimate sealclubber is the Pz. 2J

    other (i think) op/very good are: Hellcat, matilda, AT-2, KV-2, KV-1, T150,
    T18 and the locust ;)

  90. Superb game! I have a 1 vs 12 Kolobanovs replay on my channel from a viewer
    in his Matilda which is just hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Merry
    Christmas QB!

  91. In Tier 3 with the Pz.1c

  92. Ever since i got tope comment on a video i comment on everything now for
    another chance. Merry christmas though!

  93. Mery Christmas guys

  94. Pz1c best tank 

  95. T18 ofcourse. Ultimate sealclubber.

    Great replay!

  96. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    pz II J. tier 3

  97. HI Quicky – Happy Christmas and all the best to you and yours! From your
    top 8 year old girl fan Anna Banana – watch out for me in my Pz1c!!!!

    Please take a look at my recent match in T37. Quickybaby, this is for

  99. A tomato with 10 HEAT rounds loaded, nothing new.

  100. I don’t want to sound like one of THOSE guys, but I make everage 5 kills in
    this thing. It’s blatantly overpowered top tier.

  101. How do you veiw/record these replays becauae you are able to move the
    camera freely suggesting its not the players own software 

  102. I got a new compuper and downloading world of tanks thus soon I will send
    in replays

  103. GEEK Clan ftw!!!!

  104. oh world of tank you are so silly

  105. I Have a kolobanovs 1v10 in my bulldog 😀 …… capping 

  106. Tier 2 : T 18 with 75 derp
    Tier 3 : Pz II J
    Tier 4 : Matilda

  107. The cruiser II

  108. To all of you sealclubber-screaming bright sparks: if your statistics are
    red and you drive the Hetzer without HE you are probably not sealclubbing,
    just grinding the TD line as a newbie in WoT.

  109. “all you need to do is click up here” Every time i do all that happens is
    the video pauses ,

  110. Merry Christmas to you.

  111. Hey Quickybaby, will you do a tank review of the Christmas gift Tier 2
    German premium tank the PZ. II D?

  112. T 18 (got 9 my self), Cruiser III (got 11 my self), PZ 1 C (got 9 my self),
    Matilda (got 9 my self), Hatzer
    Maybe T 127, and PZ II J, Pz. Kpfw 38(t). Locust (to little ammo to kill
    all). T2 Light.

  113. sasa stojisavljevic

    merry Christmas quicky baby and can you make an IS TANK reviuew

  114. sasa stojisavljevic

    this video is form world of tanks best replays you can find it its 13 kills
    and i think 2.2k dmg

  115. Bas Riemenschneider

    I laughed my ass off when QB said:”there is the marder…. aand he
    one-shots him. Like it was the most casual thing to do in wot.. haha!

  116. I love the hetzer

  117. Hey, it is me DK_STONEMEISTEREN
    My little dirty seal clubber is my tier 4 usa td T40, i got over 1k battles
    in it and also most 1400 kills

  118. Merry Hetzmas.

  119. What is Seal Clubbing? Sorry if i`m dumb

  120. Should really have got 2 Kolobanov’s medals, but a wonderfully world of
    tanks-ish game at first, and then it turns into a one in a million. Wow.
    Great video QB!

  121. Red stat player in an OP tank, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!! :O

  122. T1 chunninham with the 20mm

  123. This is no suprise the hetzer is an op tier4

  124. Pz 2J i win button

  125. A dertp gun without HE- that hurts my eyes XD

  126. I saw this replay, i dont know were but i saw it before….hmm…..strange

  127. merry xmas QB

  128. just moved from wot xbox to pc. Currently at the hetzer, and pc is 10x
    harder than console

  129. I have a match ONE VS 14 AND WIN…

  130. For is where to be the Claus? For is where to be the gems of funny writes?
    For to be the Claus writes of stupids of replay is gooderer than replay of
    stupids itself.

  131. I… Hate… Hetzers…

  132. Most kills I ever got was 12 at tier 2 in a pzj1. 


  134. You need no skill when you have a gun that can one shot all enemy tanks and
    you are in low tier battles. Just luck, so you do not wake up with 6 tanks
    surrounding you. If they come 1-2 at a time, no problem. Also there were 3
    arty left so it was like a 1 vs 8 because 3 arty = 1 tank threath thanks to

  135. The tier 2 french H35

  136. “Fantastic play”. Make that fantastic luck. This guy only autoaimed and
    clicked, could have lost the game on several occasions but the enemies
    where even worse.

  137. I saw only 1 vs 12 Kolobanovs medal.

  138. My ultimate lowtier sealclubbers:

    – Cruiser Mk. IV with 40mm Bofors
    – Hetzer with 105mm
    – SU-85B
    – SU-76I

  139. Panzer 2 j
    No description needed

  140. Schastlivogo Rozhdestva and Marry Christmas Peppy and QB 

  141. Tomato with fucking stupid luck ..

  142. RiechMarshall Nimitz

    may i ask why he is using AP on a derp gun? I just bought it and thought
    that HE would be better…

  143. Ah, It has been a while since I’ve seen some quality hetzing :)

  144. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanza….. Hey someone has to do
    it :P

  145. aww great now there will be 100 hetzers online tomorrow and i wont be able
    to grind my t4s, shit

  146. This is a very old game. The original video has been around on youtube for
    a while.

  147. Happy New year
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    You will receive 1 Day premium account and 300 Gold for free
    Bonus code: 2015WGNY
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  148. oh I love bouncing hetzers ap with my matilda

  149. chabaduja (whatever his name is) allready posted this match weeks ago on
    best replays…

  150. I would love to see an upload with banter/ commentary at the time of QB
    with friends! Would give a really nice variety I think 🙂

    edit: kinda like the company uploads!

  151. T18 Before the nerf i got 10 kills in it on himmelsdorf. When i just had 1k
    games and 600 eff….

  152. I laughed so hard when he tunnel visioned that tank at the beginning, lol.
    That move is what caused his team to have such a poor start in the first

  153. he did not “play” with his platoon-mate , thats a NO NO thats your “wing
    i have more Brothers In Arms MEDALS than i have TOP GUNS…

  154. Pz II J. No question.

  155. T2 Cruiser III (pom-pom), H35(40mm all around), T28 (just look at it)
    T3 Cruiser II(T5 howitzer), SU-26(fastest shoting arty in the game)
    T4 Hetzer(armored and derp) (kind of the Matilda)

  156. Merry Christmas Quicky

  157. Why does he carry so much gold rounds? I didn’t even use any gold rounds
    when I had hetzer… just HE all the way… but what I see is AP with

  158. Pz. B2 = Best Seal Clubber

  159. bah another gold ammo spam :/ so why do u show players spamming gold ammo?
    disliked i afraid

  160. I think THE alecto is a seal club tank, cause i have camo skills on iT and
    it kills every tier 4 within 8 sec

  161. THE hetZer was actually a far below avg player and managed to pick up 13
    kills. Well done!

  162. So many people complain about the videos, it’s so annoying. I love all of
    your videos QB and whether it’s a newbie, a full blown noob, or a damn-near
    professional, all of the videos you post are entertaining and I really hope
    you don’t change your content because of the few people who can’t just
    enjoy the video. Keep up the great work man and merry Christmas! 

  163. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Thx for the replay, you made my day 😀

    I think the cruiser III is the ultimate sealclubber, i saw unicums stat
    padding with it a lot. They have 80%+ winrate with that beast. 

  164. I used to have the 105mm gun on the Hetzer and the highest amount of kills
    I’ve ever had was 8 and it was in this tank.

  165. hmm when i had a top gun and 9kills in my marder it didnt show.
    When we won the game the medal didnt show up at my screen.

  166. BT SV and Pz II J in tier III and Pz 38H in tier II (I have all of them)

  167. If you equiped the SU-85B with binocs, camo, and whatever of your choice
    and a good crew. You can rekt any Matilda with that 85mm gun and do tons of

  168. i think the t18 is a seal clubber tank it can 1 shot all tanks from tier 2
    and some from tier 3

  169. Retarded game. Quicky gz to upload shit like this yo

  170. QB feels sry for arty… Scumbag confirmed :D

  171. Sealclubber tank… Ehm…. Pz II J???

  172. Time to rebuy my Hezter :P

  173. I was going to buy the marder 3 but i changed my mind

  174. I’ve seen this battle before on World of Tank best Replays…

  175. Ultimate seal clubber: Pz II J, just ask Jingles :)

  176. this is the teams in tier 10 on NA

  177. Seriously deserves props even though it was low Tier with a Hetzer with
    derp. I got a game with my Obj 704 over a day ago and got Radley Walters
    with 9 kills, though wasn’t 1vX as there was a Crusader SP who survived
    with me, wasn’t quite as dramatic as this, but was fun. I’m gonna try to
    cast it and stick it on my channel.

  178. this is dirty

  179. this is not 1 vs 10 its 1 vs 15 

  180. haha explains most of my games with the mighty Hetzer :>

  181. Lol why use AP, I fire HE only, better results versus tier 6 tanks

  182. theSwedishTankDriver

    Chi-Ha, Cruiser IV, SU-85B and T67

  183. he was danm lucky but still fun to see lol

  184. Panzerkampfwagen 38 aufs H…..the micromaus is a great seakclubber :D

  185. This is very poor for us to see… pls stop this ;)

  186. You can all say he is playing against newbies, but this particular newbie
    stood his ground very well… If I were him I’d be sweating and making
    mistakes… Well done! And merry christmas everyone :)

  187. Showcase my Charioteer replay on Quickybaby replays. 🙂
    It was a great game, close encounter defending allied base!

  188. maan my most kills was only 8 with the russian t34 medium with 57mm, yes
    its nothing compared to the pro players, i have humiliating stats…i did
    have number of games were people with the xvm mod put me down because of
    it, when i told them i had 8 kills only once it was a joke to them all, but
    i dont care i concidered it my great achievment and im proud of it no
    matter what they had all said. maybe i could of stopped playing the
    game…but naahh i still concider my self a player like everyone else.

  189. Is Claus for always for to be rights. Is red teams full of stupids. Is
    Jabadup for to be stupids too. Is games stars for scout is for to drives
    by so for what is do hetzer? Is for to ignores scouts for to gets postions
    for to shoots? NO! Is for to decide chase scouts like stupids rabbit for
    not catch! For to chase for to not catch for is hetzer for to be fast
    likes scout? NO! so is chase scouts like stupids rabbit is for not catch
    for then is for to notice is all team dead! so stupids hetzer is sits
    middles field likes duck for stop for finally decides is for to be times
    for to shoots. So what for red team do for see hetzer stops middles field?
    Is alteco for to see hetzer stops middles field likes duck so for what do?
    Is for to aim for to shoots hetzer? NO! Is decides is better for to rams
    tank like stupids! Alteco for to have zero armor is decide look me i for
    to ram tank! LOL. Is stupids. Is then for to have all team like stupids
    for to sits front hetzer guns like stupids. Is always for to see sames
    game. For one stupids play but enemy is for to be more stupids lose. Is
    all enemy team for to should be awards specials premiums tank for gift for
    wins personal mission. Is win personals mission call for to be mosts
    stupids player. Is wins free premium tank for is specials for to have no
    guns for to have no armor for to have no engine. For shoulds win tank and
    for have to play for 100 games for sits likes stupids duck for not shoots
    not drives not have armor! Is play for like this anyway! Is Claus let for
    to be ins charge is fix games so for not to have all stupids play for to
    have stupids replay for to watch! 

  190. The Panzer 2J, T18 and KV1S, its seal clubing so hard that greenpeace asked
    for a nerf

  191. Just noobs … tell him and you quickly baby to go play like this to
    warthurder. …… 

  192. Great result for a player that we normally call below average….

  193. Merry Xmas QuickyBaby, have a good time and a happy new year

  194. I think the greatest low-tier Seal clubber is the Pz II J, obviously. but
    one you can buy in the In-game shop? probably the T18 Tank destroyer or the
    Matilda, but the Matilda usually gets into tier 5 and 6 games, so its at
    the bottom.

  195. I deduce that the uploader is on a quest to prove to his audience that Red
    Barons are in fact, a force to be reckoned with and competitive tankers,
    who use advanced tactics!
    I presume that he is doing this for his own purposes, baddies will think
    they are good, therefore more of them will watch him and feel better about
    themselves when he complements them. Sad.

  196. All i need to say is that this was a very lucky Bot.

  197. Remember the days when qb uploaded his own gameplay… Seems like these
    days it’s a lot of bad players getting lucky games. 

  198. should carry mostly heat and HE maybe 2-3 ap

  199. showing tomatoes being tomatoes… not that impressive.

  200. When I want to pick apart the entire enemy team at low tiers, my first and
    best choice is the SU-85b. I have more 6 and 7-kill games in it than in any
    other tank, and in my best game ever I was able to kill 11 tier 3-5 tanks
    without taking a single point of damage. Great little tank. 😀
    I just picked up the Hetzer though, looking forward to trying it out now.

  201. How important to chase a Stewart.. and leave his Team without support…
    Tomato-Wars? :)

  202. I’ve already seen this replay. It’s been up on youtube for awhile now.
    Sorry Q.B. ;)

  203. I dont enjoy watching videos from shit players who only win cause of lucky
    circumstances. This guy is a tard who fails in 99% of his games, no need to
    give such scum the big stage. This replay was nothing special, the tank won
    this for him not the red retard. He drive like a mad kid around in his
    hetzer at start, chasing lights with a slow td showing his side and back
    towards the enemy – lucky they were also red shits. Later a marder was
    spotted 2m next to him, also there is a WAKE UP sound he didnt even notice
    this guy. When the marder shot he finally noticed. Sadly he won, now he
    think he got some skill, also hes a retard with a lucky game. But i wanna
    say thank you to the RNG god that this blind red moron didnt get the
    rasenai medal for 14 or 15 kills. because this would be an irony.

  204. My favorite seal clubbing tank is the tier 2 French light tank the h35

  205. GJ HETZER!

  206. 16 777 wn8. Slot-machine winner.

  207. Half of the ammo was premium… it really needs it? i dont think so… In
    my opinion carry any premium ammo on tier 5 or lower is really patetic…
    Now coments deffending gold players, but in my opinion premium ammo must be
    deleted from the game, or atleast rebalanced.

  208. ultimate seal cluber is the american T18 in tier 2

  209. If there was a single half-decent player on the enemy team then he would
    have been killed easily.

  210. done it in a harder game. This guy is noob in top tier.

  211. Quicky baby keep being awesome 

  212. Come on QB, we all know the T18 and Panzer 2J arre the sealclubbers

    Though I must say, the FCM36 Pak40 is also a sealclubbers dream on the
    right map. 400 meter base viewrange and I run it with coated optics and
    binocs plus a camonet, try spotting that thing before it tears you to
    pieces in non city maps.

  213. Yeah if that covenanter had stayed in the cap they’d have probably won
    right there. He definitely had a lot of luck in this game but a lot of that
    is due to the Hetzers fear factor to inexperienced players. It made them
    make a lot of mistakes. 

  214. The new KV-1S with the 122mm Howitzer firing gold is toatly Op

  215. Also he had a perfect match set up. All the enemies were spread out enough
    that he only had to focus on fighting one at a time. I think in the end he
    did demonstrate good tactics with angling his armor and using the building

  216. hetzer gonna hetz

  217. Hi my name is arrogant asshat number 9,999 I play world of tanks so that I
    can feel superior and better than everyone else. I hate it when other
    players get lucky like this and play an op tank in low tiers…I would
    never get top tier in a low tier match in an op tank.

    Ill platoon with my mates and coordinate over ts and rig randoms all day
    that way and think im really special because of it.

    If my wr is not high enough ill just have my clan baby me through tank
    companies and games until it looks great even though on my own im just a
    poser wannabe orange in a blue/purple hero suit.

    My clan makes sure i have all the latest mods that come as close to
    cheating as humanly possible but as long as the game allows them its ok.

    Im really just a loser who lives in my parents basement a d needs some way
    to prop up his horribly low self image. Yes if you were wondering i am
    still a virgin.

  218. Thank you for showing us this Vid QB it gives hope to those still working
    to become better at the game.

  219. Seal Clubber? PZ 2 J for sure

  220. Why quickybaby! I clicked on the link in the 9.5 xvm video and all I got
    was malware!

  221. Hetzer is gonna Hetz!

  222. Ultimate seal clubber is the tier 2 chinese VAE Mk B with the pom pom
    firing apcr… I have an insane number of top guns in it and a 72% win

  223. 3:59 We got a British Eminem right here. 

  224. very entertaining! merry christmas guys!

  225. Fire enough gold and anyone can be a hero.

  226. Balanced

  227. Matilda is the beast of all!

  228. Tier 3: Pz. 2G
    No-one knows this tank !
    with 6 shell multiloader, 95 penetration 30 damage.
    Difficult to master because long reload time. This is my seal clubber !!!

  229. Jingles did a video of a hetzer getting 15 kills, the only rasanias hero
    medal I’ve ever seen

  230. The Tank I enjoy seal clubbing in most of all is the Luchs. you get that in
    a tier 4 game and you can literally clip out any tank. Give me the back of
    a matilda and I will give you a dead matilda in less than a second :P

  231. That is just what I really dislike about QB’s vids, he just does not show
    the chat. In a game like this, I would so want to see the chat because of
    the reaction if this. That is the only negative thing about it.

    But anyway, good vid!

  232. Make a review of the Tiger II :D

  233. Tier 1: Trolltractor
    Tier 2: T-18
    Tier 3: Pz. 1C
    Tier 4: Hetzer and Matilda

  234. a really fat black guy named thomas

    not as good as my game in the hetzer….i got a 1 v 27 stupid teamates only
    killed 3! ill send replay

  235. Hetzer gotta Hetz!!!

  236. only 2.2k dmg … disappointed…

  237. i wonder how many noobs did go like, fuck my tank im gona go get the hetzer
    line cuz as allways every noob thinks its just the tank that made the work
    and it has nothing to do with player skill using the tank.

  238. I have make 14 kills with t 18 but i didnt film it dam

  239. All I see is luck. Lots of luck because he’s in tier 4 match and the
    situation(no matilda too).

    Here are the seal clubbing tanks imo:

    FCM Pak 40
    Pz. 1c
    Pz. II G
    Pz II J
    Pz. B2

    I do not count hetzer as seal clubbing tank lol 😛

  240. 10 AP 10 HEAT?
    Wow he gives shit about his money 😛
    I’ve got 20 HE rounds because with AP you just bounce… It’s troll RNG,
    you bounce of f*cking everything xD I consider him “lucky” 😛
    And then.. What’s so special about his gameplay? Aggressive style which is
    not very hard to perform yourself.
    I’m a Hetzer driver myself because I have so many friends that just can’t
    get a T5 (TnT) and the Hetzer is very easy to play. T4 game: Go to
    somebody, oneshot him, go away, profit. T5: Go to somebody, spit HE with
    100 damage at him, stand there and reload, profit. T6: Flank somebody, spit
    HE at his butt, stand there and reload, profit.
    What he did there wasn’t hard to perform but he was quite lucky.
    The enemy team was pretty bad and his team was worse.
    I had a 7 kill game where I basically did the same thing but my team was
    way better than his team. And one guy managed to stay alive and steal the
    artillery kill because I hit the tracks and only splashed him 😛
    Every Hetzer driver will have a very good game, it’s just a matter of time.
    Still gg for that guy because 13 kills is still something to be proud of ;)

  241. Personally I think it’s fun to watch but actually really sad to see a
    “Superunicorn WN8 16.777” kill a bunch of noobs…. Would be the same if a
    heavy weight boxer picks a fight on a kindergarten playground…. ;)

  242. and then he got a tier 6 match right after…

  243. i think any low tier with a decent crew and equipment is a seal clubber

  244. Tier I Ms-1

  245. T1= MS-1
    T3= T-82
    T4= T-40 sniper/Hetzer brawler
    T5= T-67
    By T6 they should know what they’re doing…..

  246. If an elc did a drive by of a hetzer on him with atuo aim the hetzer could
    still fire at the elf amx

  247. 2 words

  248. How you make the free flying cam

  249. T18 tier 2

  250. T-127 is the ultimate premium sealclubber

  251. T18 is the ultimate seal clubber!

  252. Nothing special to be honest. Tank won all those medals, not the player

  253. No skill,only pure luck.

  254. Seal clubbing tanks= locust micro maus Matilda hetzer Sherman (with derp)

  255. New medal incoming
    Shabadouya medal
    Stand alone vs 10 enemy tanks and win the game

  256. I was so sad when that wespe missed. I mean, straight barrel and shot goes
    5 metres wide and short…. 

  257. This player is noob, he had only luck…..

  258. Amazing result in the end of a very dull game…. We could have just
    watched the results, i dont need to see this kind of clicking..

  259. “Joyeux Noël” QB and thank you for you’re videos!

  260. quickybaby how do i send a replay to you ? merry christmas

  261. Dear QB,

    Please continue to ignore all the fucktards complaining about a red players
    replay being featured on your channel.

  262. Tier 2 t18 is such a seal clubber 

  263. I’ve gotten a kolobanovs medal in my M41 artillery 

  264. load of crap

  265. Legendary. Hetzers gonna hetz

  266. T18 was epic

  267. Hetzer OP, even noobs can do top guns in it

  268. That covanter was the worst player ever wtf.

  269. T18 was an ultimate sealclubber back in the day! I don’t know if it got
    nerfed or not, didn’t play the game in quite some time now.

  270. i just love the tier 4 russian td the su 85b, its a lovely tank and i have
    had countless carries in it. its a sweet little machine

  271. QB so you’re saying that you have never seen the hetzer 1 vs 15 game :0

  272. Merry Christmas To All

  273. Hetzer gonna Hetz as the old saying used to go. :D..Good replay

  274. such retarded moves, so less skill srsly QB how low can you go? Awfull to

  275. Never used the Hetzer with the 105 mm, now I see what I’ve been missing.
    Tho my luck was that most of my games were tier 6 :/

  276. Panzer II J.. what else? 

  277. Am now going to get a hetz :)

  278. Hey quickie baby ive gotten 14 kills with e75 fucking faggot im so much
    better than him and you

  279. You always say to click inside the replay box to go to another video, but
    when I do, it just pauses this video. Can you include the link to those
    videos in the description pls! Thank you.

  280. hey whats that background music you have on when yuo’re looking at the
    stats page? Merry christmas! 

  281. B2 tier 4 prem tank!

  282. gg, well done and nice vid QB!

  283. From the comments I feel like only those “supernatural” unicums should be
    able to send replays to QB,Jingles etc and only them should be able to
    speak about game or upload good games to YouTube.Fuck you all, who feel
    like that.You’re not the only players WoT have and even though you’re
    better than most of other players, that doesn’t make you some super
    human.So stop being sucher ignorant cocks.

  284. hetzer armor op?

  285. FCM36 Pak 40 tier III TD, seals never even see U coming.

  286. ive triedthe hetzer on my first account i hated it couldnt get kills died
    alot i just dislike this tank

  287. I got my 1st ever TG with the derp Hetzer, had to kill the last 5 on my
    own, so it’ll always have a place in my heart 🙂 Sold mine after 500+
    games as it just didn’t seem fair :-(

  288. OMG, he is supermen

  289. Sealclubbers
    T1: T1
    T3:Pz 2 j
    T4:Matilda or hetzer or maybe Su-85B

  290. The ultimate sealclubber is the cruiser 2 with the howitzer. This tank is
    tier 3 and i have often about 1000dmg

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