World of Tanks || Hetzers Gonna Hetz

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . Today ciban18795 is going to show you why in the fan favourite T4 the Hetzer.

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  1. Got a radly Walter medal with the top “regular” gun on the hetzer (76mm I
    think) then got banned for hacking?? love when my teammates do that. Also
    called a noob by the guy who died first on my team! He had less the 100
    games played. LOL

  2. So I will probably get a lot of hate comments from this, but I have to say
    that I’m really tired of the rigged match making system in wot. Now I
    understand that there are some people who are so good, they can carry the
    team no matter the odds. However, when you get crap team mates in multiple
    successive games and you are doing 4k plus damage and multiple kills and
    you still lose 19 of 20 games in a row with your team being mostly red and
    the opponents teams consistently being green/blue/purple, one must ask how
    this is possible. It isn’t. The chances of multiple games in a row with one
    team having low skill players and the opposing team consistently having
    unicom like players is impossible. There is more chance of another species
    extermination event such as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. I will
    never ever spend another dime on this game and it really is sad. If the mm
    was truly random, I would not rant, but its obviously not, its rigged.
    Maybe Quicky Baby can explain why this happens so much. I know that I am
    not the only player to experience this phenomenon and am on the verge
    leaving this game for good. A perfect example is I recently was gifted a
    Strv m/42/57 Alt A.2. I have consistently gotten between 1100-1600 damage
    and 4-6 kills per game. I have a 20% win rate in the tank and have had 75%
    red players on my team and 75% green and above players on the opposing team
    for the last 15 battles and lost them all. How is that random mm? Oh, wait,
    I almost forgot. I wrote to wot stating my frustration with their mm. Their
    advise was if I didn’t like the way mm was programmed (notice no denial
    about the rigged mm?), I should try just playing team battles where it is
    more random! REALLY?

  3. U should make a new intro thing,tkx for all the vids

  4. Love blueberry and fruits

    3:38 Tier 4 British light tank*

  5. That’s the left side, not the right side

  6. what a way to start 2017, derping

  7. Can’t beat the hetzer for low tier derp fun. Great replay happy new year

  8. @quickybaby pls amx 40

  9. Show us the old empire Pz IV with helmet and laser 75mm

  10. 6:37 shows about how well-balanced the Hetzer is.

  11. they should and an inscription onto the Hetzer that Says Hetzer’s Gonna
    if not english then they could put it in german

  12. that awkward intense maaan and happy new year QB ><

  13. Happy new QB and everyone else!

  14. Great gameplay from a great tank!

  15. You should bring back the series about being the good guy i really liked
    when you showed people being awesome!

  16. Worst and luckiest Hetzer player. Nothing else to say.

  17. Quickybaby, I’m a free to play player and I still make credits at tier X!
    We aren’t limited to low tiers :P

  18. Happy New year From scotland Quicky Love ur vid buddy been watching u for
    about 2 years now love then <3 Keep it up!!!

  19. happy new year everyone!

  20. Great I just love the hetzer. I have a honest question is warthunder or WOT
    better? I have played both well my highest tier in WOT is a T-44 in WT i
    got a Sherman. I like the whole X-ray system and how crew members are
    really considered on shell hits :P. WOT it is fun but frustrating at the
    same time how I get a clean hit in my T-44 but the health bars on enemies
    and armor makes it hard to get kills. Like on war thunder I can get 8-12
    kills world of tanks I get like 1-2 kills.

  21. Happy New Year QB thanks for the Video

  22. QB Happy new year. Hopefully u can have a good day of RNG ^^

  23. he should have accepted the toon request for a crucial contribution

  24. Happy new current year

  25. happy new year every one

  26. Wish the hetzers gun was actually as short as it is in the thumbnail

  27. again an awesome bots team… Normal for wot….

  28. would like to see another “Before It Was Nerfed” because they are very
    inerteresting please do the hellcat i know that one was nerfed badly

  29. @Quickybaby with tank is OP on blitz, because of the small mapa

  30. Like the thumbnail :)

  31. I don’t want to watch a Hetzer killing noobs with gold ammo.

    A shameful display of an unbalanced tank versus inexperienced players.

  32. >Hetzer videos
    >Matilda videos

    Quickybaby, i’m happy that you’re making new videos, and enjoying making
    them, but come on.

  33. Minecraftster148790

    Does this guy think he has some kind of laser cannon? This tank has
    terrible accuracy, if there a couple of pixels of the enemy tank showing,
    you probably won’t hit it. At the start of this replay they missed so many
    shells on stupid shots

  34. In my hetzer I am jousing 3 gold and 17 HE rounds.
    HE is werry good on night tier tanks because it evry time do to 150-200
    damage.And on think this gun has the same HE penetration like on T29 :D

  35. I have only 1 Mission left for the StuG IV. The LP-15. 4k Spotingdamage. I
    only have a mt.25 light tank and this mission is very hard. Can you please
    tell me how i should try this? Sorry for bad english. love u
    Happy new year.

  36. why do you support seal clubber and their replays? disgrace!

  37. Instant like.

  38. I just don’t see the enjoyment in watching someone with 35k games killing
    noobs. Had he done 90% of the shit he did in a match with just avg players,
    he’d get 3-4 kills.. Call me a hater, jealous, w/e.

  39. can you do replay with old t-18…jt was OP

  40. The Hetzer is the best Tier IV tank destroyer

  41. Meh, unskilled seal clubbing. Please keep posting high skill-videos, QB. I
    don’t want to watch videos of matches that I or anyone else could easily
    do, if one was just waiting for the right MM in the right tank.

  42. I dont even play world of tanks…(LINUX)…..I like tanks, I like military
    related documentaries, I have a bunch of “commie guns”…and I wath your
    channel for the history, analysis, tactics, and LOTS and LOTS of FUN:)

    Thank your for the many laughs, heartbreaks, and all you do for your
    viewers QuickyBaby.

    Peace to you and yours:)

  43. I got about 2000 damage in my hetzer

  44. also the new sav has a piggy durp cannon, you should try it. VERY FUNNY

  45. Company of heroes 1 and two were amazing! Glad you know of it quick!

  46. On my hetzer I take 10 HE and 10 HEAT. I usually only use the HE though

  47. Happy New Year QB!
    Would be nice if you feature this replay

  48. Holy shit, whats the traverse speed of the hetzer?

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