World of Tanks – High Dmg Gold Nub Stream Games

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Source: Anfield


  1. Gold nub!!!

  2. 50b = 50 bea

  3. MemoriesAreLost

    This comment isn’t toxic.

  4. Eddie Winchester

    hey anfield where do you live?

  5. how dare u load AP in a tier10 tank, APCR and HEAT only please. and its ok to use some HE as dipping sauce

  6. TheBlackStoneRanger

    Anfield bro i just 3 marked my amx 30 last week.
    which premium would you recommend atm? considering this quick flank switch play style

  7. “Get clipped by daddy!”

  8. gold noob, no skill, stat padder, OP tank player, mod user, seal clubber, bush camper, pay to win, no liffer, basement dweller, puppy kiker from hell

  9. fucking op mods, lol

  10. is3 vs 50b, who wins?

  11. Elvis Samardzic

    Random comment,gold noob,no skill fuck WG?

  12. no prem consumable and food? what a nub

  13. Richard Gustafsson

    22:40 the shell hits the house instead, and I wonder WTF was that lag!? Lul

  14. My gf plays WOT as well … I might use the term “Get clipped by daddy” later tonight.

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