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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX 13 105. Today I’m playing the that does the most average damage in the game!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. In wotb i have 20 steel walls in my bc

  2. HOW…… can someone dislike any of QuickyBaby’s videos? and if i see you disliking this or any other of his vids, i will drive up to you in an E 50 M and ram you to death!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. There’ve been a number of videos where I’ve heard you wondering about where it was you got hit by an enemy that he did/didn’t damage you, or conversely where you hit someone that they didn’t take damage. Have you considered Tornado’s Battle Hits mod for you mod pack? Very nice where in the garage after the battle you can see just that: where you got hit by the enemy’s shots, and where you hit the enemy.

  4. amx 13 57 8rds 8secs no tier 5 can out live its clip. no tier 6 can out dmg it. its really good at ambushing lower tiers or being an outright ass to tier 8 and 9.

    • I fucking hate it, I always get slaughtered by them in my LTTB. Every fucking time they wait until I’ve lost some health then pop over a ridge and bloody clip me. Nothing I can do, can’t angle my armour and can’t fight back because I’m dead in a few seconds and if I’m lucky I’ll maybe get two shots into them. Always firing gold as well. My damage feed is just:
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*
      AMX 13 57 *GOLD*

  5. Thank God you’re back! My depresssion is killing me!
    P.S. That was a joke, im just glad that you’re back!

  6. This is a supper nerf tank…
    Consider its time frame and the ammo is supposed to be High velocity..

  7. Rhm Pzw?
    How about, no? They reduced the alpha, and while they increased the RoF, it’s not enough to compensate, so it barely got any more DPM, which was WG’s reasoning towards that change.
    Keeping the alpha was better, and giving the one light tank meant for sniping some actual accuracy and penetration would be much more appreciated than this underhand nerf.

  8. I found an EMIL 1951 in the, Swede T8 premium have you any idea about it?

    • Its not to be as good as the EMIL 1 simply because it’s not a Russian premium

    • +Joshua Blundell i know the stats obviously as I looked it up but I’m more interested about if its coming to the game or is it just a bad joke.

    • +Poor Coyote I’m sure it will come to the game, it wasn’t that long ago the obj -432 was ‘leaked’ and now we have the LT-432 in game. So I’m pretty certain it’ll end up in the game, it’s just when. The lesser tech trees in the game are seriously lacking in premium tanks for free training so a Swedish heavy would be amazing

    • +Joshua Blundell True tho, I just trained 3 skills with an S1 and slapped it into the Emil. 5 skill crew in the UDES ?

    • +Poor Coyote I love the S1 and UDES. They both just suit my play style!

  9. The fv was lost

  10. That PTA was stock. Still got that 9 CM cannon on it.

  11. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    Bat.-Châtillon 25 t 1787 v s AMX 13 105 1556
    the difference in damage is 17%

  12. 50% donkeys? Wow, you are a piece of work…

  13. Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    The highest damage I ever had in a light tank was 100%, I net nobody can beat that

  14. the new personal missions are AWESOME!!!

  15. Not sure I will ever bother with tier 9 or 10 light tanks, I am still living in the past thinking of VK2801 with howitzer and all the other reduced ability tanks at tier 8 and below. The German or Chinese tier 10 lights are still more interesting than the French or Russian though.

  16. Still not clear on the purpose of tier 9 and 10 light tanks. All they did for me was bring in reductions for all other light tanks. Reminds me of the view range loss of tank destroyers.

  17. Chaffee reduced ability, however small it was, ruined play in that vehicle. Not impressed and not taking the bait to tier up to tier 9 and 10 lights.

  18. Enjoyed 13 90 alot, but i chose to grind for AP and 25t. Regret… 25t is just not my style

  19. All due respect Mr Baby 😉 but, you never really had a realistic view of Tier 9 and 10 light tanks. You wanted them to be so much more powerful then they should be. I agree they should have the best view range so they can do their job but we disagreed on almost everything else. Love your content. Keep it up.

  20. Muppet! Uh oh, clause contamination. …

  21. Shame WOT, Look after german T10…

  22. GG. This type of tank play totally matches my game style.

  23. Indonesian army still use this tank until now

  24. I’m just gonna leave this here….!AiAlh2ic9EywklPyfYCdcFTreTMI

    Also….I’m a console player.

  25. The tank is so bad, literally no point.

  26. The rhm is a perfect example of wg’s hatred for germany.

  27. About frech td, is there a problem for Foch B and the tier 9 sniping at long range cuz it’s only 257mm pen for a TD

  28. 6:50 of course the top french tank can go in reverse faster than any other tank..even other frenchies

  29. It should be against world of tanks rules you to be able to play an auto loader 😉 Damit fingers it’s just not fair … lol

  30. well bouncing unicorn skill 100% 😛

  31. Wot life is a bad place to compare tank statics, because of its crazy low sample size. Not a single one of those light tanks you where showing had more than 400 battles being used to calculated those statistics.

  32. 1st time I see you this night with your E50M (you lose, hahahaha, oups :P).

    My friend try to ram your tank.

  33. What a pay to win garbage game!

  34. Honestly I am a little suprised. I got the 13 105 about 8 months ago and when I got it I felt that it was way slower and handled worse than the 13 90. However I think I got used to it. Honestly, I expected the WZ 132 1 to have the highest average damage per game, the thing does 390 damage and it its exceptionally good at ramming.

  35. I was hoping you’d mention the PZ kpfw 38h 735 (f) on that list towards the end. Its a hellofa tanks. Its the premium i regret buying the least. $8 or so.

  36. QB, always proud of himself, when he does the most damage in 357, cute 😀 But when its equal tier, its boring and no variety xD

  37. Your not gonna believe this Quicky but theres loads of us who don’t have tier 9 or 10 tanks! I’m stuck at tier 8!

  38. So I’m a 50% donkey. Don’t insult your viewers Quicky it pisses them off.

  39. I haven’t played this since 2013 why am I watching this

  40. kamileater(roids) have over 10k damage with the light!!!!

  41. Candy crush with guns! I’m a genius!

  42. While I enjoy watching WoT videos, I know better than returning to that cancerous game. I’m enjoying WT much better.

  43. but the question is
    which one is better ???
    Amx 13 105 or B-C ?
    let the war begin

  44. the 13 105 is my fav tier 10 light as of right now.. I’m about 50k exp through the t54 lwt which I don’t like at all, only 700k exp to go for the t-100 lt. great replay.

  45. If the game had true physics that gun length would roll this tank every turn

  46. I’m sitting here procrastinating my thesis writing by watching QB videos and I’ve just learned that he actually has a PhD himself! Makes me feel more connected to him instantly, and more hopeful about not necessarily pursuing science after I finish my PhD.

  47. Quicky! Good vid bro. Enjoyed watching, just as much as I did 4.5 years ago. Great work.
    You should watch the clickbait though on this vid.
    Lots of love from Holland!

  48. 2:09 no….except for jagdtiger and mäuschen >:)

  49. You`ve done many good things and helped a lot of players evolve on their gameplay , you explain a lot of tanks,mechanics,maps,places ,youre awsome in so many ways. But man….Your such a gold noob. I think ur the most using gold streamer i saw….and thats a minus in my opinion 😛

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