World of Tanks Highlight | T28 Prot. | Give me a Break

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Should have backed up to the red line man.

  2. Tgere was not “nothing to ge done”. Should have just gone to the edge of
    the map. Would have been close but was your best chance.

  3. lol gold on a borsig

  4. U forgot to repair ur turret max

  5. U may have gotten the elc if u did

  6. You just forget to fix your turret noob

  7. Please don’t do the “show your face thing” nobody cares what you look like.
    oNlyh Circon adn Quicky are narcisstic enough to care “. I will unsub and
    forget you if I have to look at your face. Nothing personal but you’re not
    pretty enough to look at. And your “clients’ comments are irrelevant so why
    subject us to that. IMO. Goodbye.

  8. WG knows how to balance tanks Kappa

  9. Maxwell, is a e-mail adress or what ?

  10. This is why I love playing my elc. Such an annoying little fly and so

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