World of Tanks – Hillary 2016 GreyFace

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Source: Anfield


  1. And one more thing they are complaining they are poor but they still have
    1500$ for AR15 and shit … they have money to buy guns they don’t need but
    still feel poor You are not poor you’re just DUMB !

  2. Was that some random team you joined? Or did you seek their company 😉
    “Battle Comms……derp!” Guy needs to stop age shaming you. Holy shit, I
    nearly pissed myself when you asked if broccolis had AR-15s!

  3. Maaaaan these guys sounds like tired , old ,fat and dumb pigs one of them
    sounds so tired I was thinking he is dying literally …

  4. “What’s something you take personally?”
    “Damage per game!”

  5. But seriously if you want to make this series a serious thing you’re going
    to have to join an EU clan, most Americans on this game are complete flids.

  6. Americans telling Anfield not to be a retard, loool

  7. Carlos Valenzuela

    lvl 3 vegan lmao

  8. OMW Anfield! You can’t just go triggering people in 2016 with lighthearted
    jokes man!!! Wtf how dare you troll and have opinions?! No but seriously,
    people need to adjust their trigger settings.

  9. or dry river bed

  10. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Trump for president guys ;)

  11. ” does the AR-15 fire HEAT?”. Absolutely hilarious.

  12. As a conservative i understand why someone would hate the clintons with a
    passion, but these guys are quite the rednecks. They understand politics
    about as much as they are good WoT players.

  13. do you know what that even did aynfelt?

  14. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    Im sure this game is For Fun, why does people take it so seriously? IF you
    are an adult/Old man, You play just to make you happy/Take your time right?
    Do Old people use this as Money Maker? Make YT Vids and stuff. What i know
    is YT Vids are hobby and Job is just another thing.. Correct me if im wrong
    sorry im not adult 🙁

    And Im thinking that you dont really have fun playing this Team Battle
    Stuff with this clan, Im not forcing you to leave but, If you keep being in
    this team battle team i just dont want you to not hve fun playing WoT and
    YOU DONT SAY BAD THINGS He is just basically Jealous of you being able to
    be a good youtuber, good set-up in such a young age,

    Thats all thanks for reading [ Anyone ] o7

  15. How embarrassing.

  16. LOL thanks for the laughs :)

  17. 40YearOldTexan.exe has crashed

  18. Kommander Kraken

    That guy sounds like he just got done fucking his cousin WutFace

  19. i like how people dont understand that the president doesnt pass laws and
    shit, thats the congress’ job…

  20. 95 percent of my countrymen are morons Anfield, I’m sorry.

  21. Broccoli has a spinal system. It has a nervous system he says. HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I’m a horticulturist with a bachelors from Oregon State Univ. and know for
    a fact that 1)no plant has a spinal system and 2)anyone who says they do is
    completely full of shit from their toes to their eyeballs.

  22. This right here is why you DON’T bang your sister.

  23. YOu are EVIL anfield, Ill just leave two comments here, both are of
    comparable truth:
    Arty prevents Camping -WG
    Most americans WOT players arent stupid

  24. Nathaniel Forcelle

    this was fucking great XD

  25. I genuinely feel bad for this guy talking about his financial situation
    over a video game…

  26. I can’t even… Just how…. I… I… Faith in humanity: LVL 3 lost.

  27. the earth is flat tho

  28. I was in that team, and you were honestly poking him, because you knew it
    would trigger him. If your gonna troll, make it funny.

  29. Do more of these videos please. I don’t think there was a minute I did not
    laugh in.

  30. Jonathan Schwarz

    Oh my gosh, I was actually interested in some of the questions Anfield was
    asking but apparently it’s just triggering lol

  31. jimbeam the redneck

    You cant fix stupid, there are retards on all sides that cant argue their
    opinions with reason. Anfield you were straightforward, i think it is
    pubbie scrubs that get mad at anything. They give my humorous name the bad

    3 VEGAN

  33. This is so absolutely cringe-worthy that it actually made my day. That guy
    in TS literally epitomized what people think about us Americans to a tee.

  34. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Just YNWA m8

  35. omg that redneck lol

    Some first class trolling there tho – well done indeed

  36. 44:52: 4-7 cents per round WTF?, 2.23 WTF? <<< Holy shit these guys sound like mildly retarded pre-teens. Anfield, you are welcome to try any of my firearms if you ever make it back to CA.

  37. It was glorious watching this live.

    I have never seen Walmart sell AR-15’s btw. Hunting rifles, yeah, but not

  38. Hillary supporters are such scum.

  39. Wolfshin Dreamer

    Why did you play (with i assume random people) team battles? That whole
    conversation at the end and bits throughout were kinda sad. People just
    cannot talk with each other…

  40. Anfield: “I’m a level 3 vegan and I really support Hillary Clinton”

  41. The ultimate proof of God’s existence:
    25:00 – 27:00
    God exists and he hates Anfield!

  42. this video was HILLARYious… no?
    i know where the door is, sorry :(

  43. why don’t they call it the river?

  44. Wait, what was the point in that guy’s monologue? He went on for like 10
    minutes about how you were half his age and didn’t conclude with anything.

    I thought avoiding the point was more of a Trump thing, then again Hillary
    is the one who wants to build the wall kappa.

    Oh hang on, I’ve watched the whole video now. So basically, you can’t make
    fun of Hillary because the guy supports Trump, he supports Trump because
    Obama raised the price of used cars which is the fault of Islamic
    radicalism, so to solve this problem we should shoot deer with AR-15’s. You
    weren’t born and raised on guns so you’re a fucking hippie who doesn’t
    shower, but you’re not allowed to ask about them otherwise you get banned.
    Don’t you dare let other people call him a red neck. And broccoli has a
    spinal system.

  45. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  46. that rng was painful to watch, well done for not smashing stuff.

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