World of Tanks || Himmelsdorf Light Tank Game Play Tutorial Vk28.01 Hints Tips

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Source: Sir Havoc

of Tanks || Light Tank Tutorial Vk28.01 Hints Tips

The One Where Sir Havoc Plays Himmelsdorf in a Light Tank, Insight into how plays this with a Light Tank.
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  1. +TheGeorgianOne i had a 4 skill crew which i move out for a 50% crew and
    then i put in a 2 kill crew a BIG difference can be felt between all

  2. +Tom BigHeimdal ty bro

  3. +TheGeneralKirov more on there way mate

  4. +Gunnar Karotte the truth is as good as it is it is actually harder in a
    lot of ways, you MUST get used to how the gun behaves, the main strength of
    lights is there gun and the rapid gun of type 64 and t37 is lethal, because
    of that you in some situations would be much better off in those tanks, the
    long aim tank in this tank makes shooting dangerous, note how i poke out to
    shoot the IS8 and as he turns his turret to me i pull back , i knew i would
    not have time to aim fully and therefore it would not be good for me to
    gamble that his snap shot would not be accurate

  5. +Magnum Impact hay biskee

  6. +Khanh Le np

  7. +Mark Gonzalez more games in this tank coming bro

  8. +Alan Clark ty

  9. +Rui Almeida yeah bro

  10. +resizomb cheers matey

  11. +Jon Koskela aslains mod pack bro

  12. +totsytaylor snipey snipey he he

  13. +Gheorghe Herdean is that a question?~ it has a derp gun bro HE is its main
    ammo used 🙂

  14. +diggory turner aslains mod pack

  15. +slikrx agreed but i would sonner always play lights than arty mate, i can
    not do it, regardless of what some say, there is a “nack” to it

  16. +Kerwin S. ??

  17. +HeaddiePlays Ensk has an open section which is heavily dominated by
    mediums (if they play it right) and possibly some TD’s. I think the view
    range is also a bit worse since the map feels smaller… it’s much easier
    to get spotted.

    Himmelsdorf tracks and sidelanes (shots up the hill) is also very limited
    in options though… then again you can’t get Malinovka / Prokhorovka every

    Except if you are playing your Maus of course…

  18. +HeaddiePlays i agree, on ensk i feel i have options

  19. +Richard Wroblewski I prefer Ensk to Himmelsdorf, I feel it is a more open
    map and there are more opportunity to be a cheeky light.

  20. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)


  21. +Richard Wroblewski will do one on ensk soon mate

  22. +cbc Vanq I found the Awful Panther ok, it was inconsistent for me tbh, it
    lacked in so many areas and the areas it is strong were situational in most
    cases. I tried to like it, its replacement looks really great!!! -10 gun dep

  23. +Sir Havoc nice bounces;)
    how do you like the awful panther

    am i the only one who wish that it stays??

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