World of Tanks – Hit and Run

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Sorry the interruption, a quick World of and you can all get back to the important business of searching YouTube more videos of cats in hats eating cheeseburgers.

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  1. What a shit video…. ngl you’ve really dropped the ball with content… sad times

  2. isn’t T92 notorious for having insane gold ammo cost for 150 alpha?

  3. 2:36 Very dangerous when it is top down.

  4. That bourrasque early game on its side was hilarious……

  5. I like the T92 tank, its a good tank and fun to drive and it dont have a single fucking wheel.

  6. Full gold load out… pro. This is every day on ASIA

  7. Randolph Phillips

    I have looked all over, and can’t find very many hats eating cheeseburgers, and none were being worn by cats. I will keep looking.

  8. Norwegian_Bastard

    AHHH yes the T7 heavytank the IS-3

  9. This tank when I bought it on Wot Console made me recapture my love for the game. Unfortunately console WoT got Wrecked with the UI update 2 years ago

  10. Where’s my New Year TOG?

  11. I think most of the WOT battles I see/play are ~5min… Game changed so much

  12. That IS-3 looks suspiciously similar to an IS-2..

  13. World of warships videos usually take 20 mins and the wot videos keep getting shorter and shorter 🙁

  14. This was far from unique, Game is 90% blowouts now.😢

  15. Cats in hats eating cheeseburgers………………….. When did Akizuki start her own channel and where can I find it?

  16. To be fair to the E25 driver, the ammo capacity’s so short he’s probably brought nothing _but_ gold to the battle.

  17. Premiums are meant to make money this one certainly does

    For wargaming

  18. Should have been dead after 2 minutes.

  19. 6 minute Jinlges vid. This is either going to go very, very well or very very bad. Either way it’s going to be fun to watch.

  20. 6 minute video? I feel vaguely cheated… did anyone else hear a shotgun being pumped?

  21. I won’t be scrolling for cat videos…its hot chicks selling Bikini’s for me. And the occasional funny Pitbull video of them getting bullied by cats.

  22. really phoned it in today cuckhold paul

    • i am guessing you have no idea how hard it is to active scout in a light that is NOT a EBR and achieve that kind of result in that amount of time

  23. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    That has to be one of the fastest battles I’ve ever seen

  24. The Bourrasque got so excited to see a light rank he fell over. Poor guy. Better luck next time.

  25. Impressive numbers.

  26. “this battle isn’t going to take very long” .. No ofc not. It’s World of Tanks. Avg. battle times. 2 minutes 30 secs. 15-3 score.

  27. Doesn’t this game have two T92’s now? There’s this and the US Tier 10 artillery.

  28. Ah another typical game in WOT.

  29. Akazuki cam?

  30. too short

  31. Happy New Year, Mighty One!

  32. Cromwell weighs in 50% heavier than a T92.

  33. There is actually a pretty funny video about a cat stealing a cheeseburger. Doesn’t wear a hat though.

  34. I feel cheated. This is not enough jingles for the day

  35. How he did miss that borasque flipped and thats why didint kill the player.. aaaaa.. he is Jingles🤣

  36. Any news on what WG are doing about game rigging in WOT?

  37. To be fair, if gold is what is in the chamber, gold is what you shoot at a half-second glimpse of a light tank. You could spend a whole match swapping to the “right” ammo if you tried.

    • Fair. Aurorik78 doesn’t seem to need it though. Wasn’t carrying any so if you can aim or move to get a shot with a fairly accurate gun why even carry it.

  38. 5 min Ace, my fav

  39. That was fun.

  40. Phenomenal machine in Warthunder, great scout with good heatfs and dual 50’s for plane sniping.

  41. Seems like standard WoT to me

  42. The month or two I played WoT back in 2013 or whenever it was released, I saw battles like this all the time… with my team always being the losing side. I wonder if I was the common thread or if I was just one common thread among many in those days.

  43. noice: half a video for the price of one

  44. I’ve not laughed this hard watching a WoT replay in a long time, the minute the ELC started driving away and gave chase, i knew it was going to be a cracker!

  45. Meh…game. Nothing special.

  46. Sebastian Bemrose

    There’s a video of a cat in a hat eating cheeseburgers?? Where??🤣

  47. 2:37 and especially dangerous when the bourasque enters its sideways stance

  48. nice outtro

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