World of Tanks || Hit and Run

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing the T8 French Premium the AMX Chasseur de Chars (CDC) which is a highly mobile vehicle best suited to hit and run.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. masteries… masteries everywhere

  2. I like how every replay he makes, the current vehicle is his favorite 😛
    So many favorites… Love it!

  3. I absolutely adore this tank when it gets to shine. I often make the
    mistake of beeing the point man in battle in this due to the mobility. But
    when i keep calm this is a real killer on the battlefield!

  4. You should send this in to QB’s 300k replays, hopefully pick up a type 59!

  5. Hi QB it’s ThundercatMan I have a similar 10 kill game in my CDC the only
    difference is we were losing 8-3 and guess who pulled the game back 😉 I
    have the replay if you wanted to watch it, I had 3 of the enemy players
    congrat me after the game ;)

  6. I have an fcm 50 t and i think that is the best,becouse it had premium
    match makeing.

  7. how much premium shells do you use

  8. I have bounced a T28 Prot. off my CDC and a tiger with apcr bounced

  9. Funny how recently you only post videos when the team are full of tomatoes,
    never see you having great games against quality opposition any more.

  10. cdc is favorite target when i play arty lol

  11. i want the t-54 first protype, stronk stalin wood confirmed

  12. this tank is shit. ive been in my tier 9 american td the t30 with god like
    accuracy, and using the 152mm gun with HE loaded, ive done 1100 damage in
    one shot and turn my ass around to deal with a dumb ass in an e100

  13. so many reds on both team except QB, QB was hitting pigs.

  14. The only problem is that when I start a battle at the same position where
    QuickyBaby did, I can’t place a single shot, because all of the enemies are
    in cover going up the hill… It would be so cool if they would go on the
    side of the hill, like they did in this battle. I guess it was really
    fortunate. But ofc, nice game. :)

  15. Диловар Хомидов

    xvm не работает памаги

  16. I see a M53/M55 scumbag in QB’s garage…

  17. QB, have you considered getting a mic? Even something like a Blue Snowball
    will make a huge difference in audio quality, although the AT2020 from
    Audio Technica would be better, at a higher price. Either of these would
    make your voice less tinny and flat. Keep it up!

  18. You should have used an HE shell on the Lowe. He only had 7 hp. Using HE
    would have almost always killed him and you would have saved money.

  19. can you show us teh t-10

  20. Anyone seen Star Wars: Episode VII then you will know why I cry myself to
    sleep. I will not reveal my reason to my distraught emotions but if you’ve
    seen it, please cry with me…..

  21. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    He should just hide the ammo bar for the replays so people will stop
    complaining about gold ammo.

  22. congrats on brain dead enemies and allies!

  23. QB – thanks for identifying the weaknesses of the CDC, as well as the
    re-thinking of your recent playstyle – it was a good reminder of the need
    to re-evaluate how I play on a regular basis.

  24. Wow, a T1 Cunningham can penetrate the front armor of the AMX CDC? Wow,
    this tank have the worst armor ever, but still an damn cool and fast tank.

  25. If this tank go to blizt,it will be the worst tank in blizt,like leopard1

  26. Rare tank spotted at 14:35. He never showed a review on that T95E2 right?

  27. 9.40 nice Warpack

  28. needing prem for equal tier … YEAH load skill and camp … if all player
    would play like you the game would be so much fun! Plz encourage more
    player to camp and snipe with skill loaded! greeting from a Heavy Driver

  29. well played 😀 but more of hid(e) and run :D

  30. Hi QB! With that first shot were you trying to shoot the rear drivewheel?
    because if so that was awesome

  31. Wow that was a bunch of gold ammo. I felt that was a little too much, but
    still a good job! Did you guys see the T25/2 just managed to deal over 3k
    damage as well? QB wasn’t the only hero here :)

  32. Downloaded quickybaby new mod pack, it now has damage taken box.
    First i will admit, its only been small amount of games games but
    i can safely say that 70% of T10 players fire Premium at T8 tanks.

  33. Being a light tank driver, I think I could really put this thing too good
    work. I do not have one though. War Gaming keeps bundling it with a bunch
    of stuff I do not want instead of selling it alone. They do that a lot.

  34. So this is how you sound after few drinks night before? Or are you ill? xD

  35. hy there

  36. very nice work qb . very nice !

  37. Did any one see Ali-A on the kill feed?

  38. yeah i use that red dot and pen indicating dot on mine. it works really

  39. i have recently bought the CDC and I LOVE IT!!!

  40. I love the CDC but in a way I prefer the FCM becaus I feel so uneasy with
    the CDC on small maps and city maps where you just can’t get the range to

  41. Wow its realy easy for you to get 10 kills but at lower tiers its hrder
    cause teams are not friendly and on lower tiers you need to have luck and
    friendly team but at higher like 8 tier and higher you need to have only
    skill cause team are friendly

  42. i have 2 still wars in cdc it can baunce !

  43. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    This thing plays like a pre-nerfs Hellcat, wish I owned one.

  44. Nice QB. After watching that I really want to give CDC a try. I was
    thinking about it for some time now and this replay really showed me good
    and bad sides of this tank.

  45. If I still played WoT I’d probably really want on of those, seems right up
    my alley.

  46. @quickybabay why do u always take coffee instead of fire extinguishers for
    3rd consumable?

  47. how can i get a youtuber acount in WoT i want to begin a chanel on youtube

  48. Quicky are you using server reticle?

  49. he kemp bush

  50. best french premium

  51. Gold spamming at its finest.. If youre so good, why spam gold? Dislike

  52. Quickybaby what equipment do you use on the CDC?

  53. qwikibaeby unfare plane he kemp boosh!!1!11! raport plz kemper nob violet
    stet pedder

  54. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    French cloaking technology….

  55. awsome gameplay!!!!

  56. Because of the new reticle, I can not see the reload time. I guess, you
    exchanged the vents (what have you used in the 9.6 CDC review) to coated
    optics (what have you mentioned in this video), but use premium consumable
    to negate the effect of not using vents. I am right? :D

  57. the cbc is my only french premium but I find its gun, gun depression and
    mobility to be wonderful. a lot of fun games in it. it is a wonderful
    credit machine

  58. so every tank youtuber just collaberates and just uplaods the same kind of
    tank video each day thats stupes

  59. Quickly have you seen Star Wars yet? I highly recommend it :)

  60. Hey quickybaby and community. I’m looking to purchase my first tier 8
    premium while thy are on sale with the primary purpose of making credits. I
    know they are all good at it but which one in your opinion is best. keeping
    in mind my recent wn8 is 1350 but i have been improving greatly recently
    thanks to QB.

  61. That looked like a horrible game.
    Why don’t I get enemies like that? Fuck

  62. indien pz has a better rate of fire too !

  63. Mad props to the T-44 and T25/2 in that game, they certainly made your
    victory possible in that match.

  64. Fcm50t forever

  65. Fcm 50t 100%

  66. Do the ARL 44

  67. kill these nubs

  68. its only because i am a sherman collector that i bought the m4a1, but i
    find that the cdc and the fcm50t are better, they feel more manouvrable and
    the fcm and cdc are smaller tanks, the m4a1 is really tall which makes it
    pretty hard hide the tank, whilst with the cdc thats easier, and the fcm50t
    suffers from that aswell because of its length. overall i find the cdc the
    best tier 8 french premium

  69. Wow perfect I just bought the CDC yesterday and didnt like it this HELPED

  70. Showed detailed report.. +1

  71. WTF :D

  72. Hit and run lol. 4k dmg done without even moving. I mean I get what u mean,
    but this is not the game to showcase how “hit and run” is done. 😛
    Maybe change title to “CDC sniper” or something.

  73. Easy as fuck with those tomato enemies….

  74. QB has phil told u about one of his skirmishes last night!!!!!
    our clan was having fun . .

  75. Finally, a great sniping video. Thank you very much for this, and I hope
    this kind of gameplay applies well to VK 30.02 M too even though it is
    larger and slower than the AMX CDC.

  76. If only QB did not teach people to be goldspammers…

  77. I prefer the m4a1, i just love the damage of that tank

  78. No way… QB’s own replay :O

  79. No way… QB’s own replay :O

  80. quickybaby nice vid also like your Christmas tree

  81. 12:15 I’m crying….all those ace tankers…wow

  82. I knew you will feature this.. I saw it on the stream 😀 and though during
    this game QB was explaining how shit this tank is in duels :D

  83. Why didn’t he use a HE shell to take out the Lowe at 5:98

  84. Still like the T-54 Model 1 better, because that armor though.

  85. Love The Vids!

  86. Remember this from the stream xD

  87. Why spam so much gold? I have about 2-3 gold rounds on my tanks and i
    almost never use them. But a great video anyway :)

  88. 9:39 yep WAY many players have a reflux of shit to the brain, get greedy,
    die and the game is lost because they couldn’t play and plan for the
    greater good of the team

  89. I really enjoyed your tactical commentary on this video, especially at the
    end about “pushing for kills”

  90. I died a little when I saw he only had 9 battles in the Super Pershing ?

  91. It is not as mobile as people say. See “hidden” parameters, especially
    resistance to ground.
    (There are worse than in the Soviet IS-3!!)

  92. I just bought the CDC the other day after 6k total battles as my one and
    only t8 premium and don’t regret it one second. It’s mobility is fantastic,
    although track traverse could be better, but with that hp/t and top speed
    it’s more than good overall. Gun pulls off some ridiculous shots as well.
    It earns a hell of a lot of credits and just instantly made the game more
    enjoyable for me since playing high tiers with no premium account was
    becoming a drag, honestly, and low tiers are no longer fun. Thanks for the
    replay qb!

  93. does quickbaby uses camo skills in the cdc crew?

  94. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    That was good

  95. `50T baby vive la france moi ami et la poutine du Québec

  96. i think u might can know my problem with mods so i downloaded not your
    modpack because its difficlut but i downloaded a modpack from aslain but my
    sixth sense doesnt work and i cant see the stats

  97. Why have you the son of the game in frensh ??

  98. daily videos? what? who are you, and what have you done with the real
    quickybaby? :p keep it up!

  99. Don’t click Read more

    You are a rebel, i like you

  100. Top quality video, very helpful, great game. Keep up the great content :)

  101. I don’t understand why the Super Pershing only gets 175 penetration, it is
    very slow and has armour, the CDC has bad armour and very good mobility, so
    their guns should be equal right???

  102. guys i have a dude
    is t28htc like a premium tank?Can do the mism credits like a premium?

  103. you will do the happytanksams

  104. Ok, how you did not received at least 4 shots, get tracked and killed in
    the next shots when inside that bush at the beginning of the battle after
    shooting the first time?

  105. Go down to tier 8 hide and snipe all game then premium the shit out of the
    tomatoes. Superunicuming?

  106. Hey QB can you do a Pershing replay for me. It would make me really happy
    to see how you play it and how I can learn to play mine better. I have 715
    battles in it right at the moment and I don’t thing I’m to bad with it.
    Much apprecated

  107. British tanks have been released in war thunder. What are u doing here, in
    this joke game?

  108. Farming tomatoes in t8 no arty game on map where this tank can work and
    with probably at list 4 skill crew.Nothing to see here…move on.

  109. CDC is such a beast but can be so unforgiving.

  110. AMX CDC right now is my favourite vehicle in the game. I have got roughly
    1,000 battles under my belt in it.

    Here is a tip for you QB: Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal in
    your CDC, if you have obstacles within the area that you can circle.

    AMX CDC thanks to its RoF is amazing at tracking enemy vehicles as they are
    trying to get around a corner, thanks to its RoF and accuracy.

    The biggest catch I’ve had putting that method in to action was an Obj. 140
    on Siegfried Line Assault battle:
    I was on half my health and a near-full HP Obj. 140 came around. We traded
    shots once, which I believe forced him to use his repair kit to fix a
    damaged ammo rack. He had better DPM, RoF and current HP than I had, so I
    pushed forth to trade one more shot. He attempts to circle a Jg. Pz. E 100
    wreck to my right, but BANG. I hit his back drive wheel just as he went
    around and left him stuck there. He was left completely isolated under my
    mercy, because his teammates only 200m away were too busy dealing with the
    rest of my team advancing towards the square on Siegfried Line.

    Some three to five rounds later, the Obj. 140 was destroyed.

    Tanks from Löwe’s to IS-7’s have fallen due to the rather aggressive
    playstyle of this tactic, and some enemies have probably also been left a
    bit confused by it: “Why is a CDC rushing me– OH GOD HE TRACKED ME BEHIND

    Circling is also an option, one not as effective albeit.

    Keep making videos QB! They’re a joy to watch!

  111. Yo quiero ese tanque!! ??

  112. oh sure don’t give credit to the t-44 or t25/2 who help you carry. They did
    more then carry their own weight in that game 3k dmg each. But I understand
    this video is about you and you showing off the CDC. You did good. I just
    wish you would give credit to players whom help the team like the t-44 and
    the t25/2.

  113. how much gun depression?? @quickybaby

  114. Ahh do I miss playing WoT :/ ,good vid Quicky :D

  115. Thanks for this video Quicky! I just bought the CDC for Christmas, and have
    been really struggling to use it properly. This video helped me a lot :D

  116. “the game is close”…”lets use gold 100% from now on” – mechanix

  117. I bought the AMX CDC and well someone canceled the payment and I didn’t get
    the money back it was transferred to a different account and now my WOT
    account is now blocked :-(

  118. Thanks for another great video. Perhaps you, or anyone here could answer
    this question for me. I often see in videos of replays that there is a
    audible when you are spotted, but also another audible when you become
    unspotted again. Does anyone know what mod this is, for when you are no
    longer spotted?

  119. Don’t forget the gun depression. I really like the gun depression on the

  120. Does anyone else hear a click/blip at 0:42 or am I just going insane?

  121. why not first run and then hit?

  122. Holy crap that’s a good game!

  123. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    What rquipment do you use on it?

  124. Александър Захариев

    Hey, QB, why don’t you show us some good defensive replays like that when
    you’re from the other team. I saw that a lot of these replays on this map
    are like this one. The player goes to that bush at the begging of the match
    and then they fall back as you did… It’s getting little boring for me.

  125. Hi QB, What crew skills would you recommend for AMX CDC, camo or repair
    which one should go first, thank you!

  126. idk if theres something broken but my ru 251 goes up to 120 km/h after 80
    meters straight which was only 90 km/h in 9.12
    I like it tho xD

  127. Hey Quickybaby, I have a question : would you consider reviewing the FV4004
    Conway, British Tier 9 TD? I would love to hear your opinion about it. :)

  128. I watched your video on the FCM 50t so I decided to pick one up I’ve had it
    for two days and I’ve already got my first mark of excellence. It’s an
    amazing tank and I enjoy coming to your channel for tank reviews as they
    are helpful and informational. Keep up the good work!

  129. Thing is helpless players who dont have godlike invis crews would have died
    in that thing after firing the first shot in that bush ;)

  130. Qb mm… ;)

  131. When I started watching, the video only had 3 views and 0 likes

  132. I wish war thunder had french tanks because I love the AMX CDC

  133. Tempted to get this for xmas hols 🙂 Well done with the charity stream QB,
    keep up the good work and have a Happy Christmas

  134. QB, why did you remove your recent jagdtiger 8,8 video?

  135. The difference between the CDC and the M4A1 is that the CDC can play with a
    bad team (no spot or something like that)The M4A1 only can try to be a td
    in this situation…

  136. Black90 I AM GAMERZ :D

    1.40a.m. here

  137. All these mods are nothing but cheating in disguise.
    Good tank though.

  138. what about the 90mm Super Pershing

  139. I’ll still be driving my panther 88, just cause I enjoy it. So many CDC
    players are morons, though. They don’t realize how valuable a mobile,
    accurate gun is in the late game. Also enjoying the STA-2.

  140. AMX cdc

  141. AMX CDC, I love it, did a bit more then 6k damage and 2k spotting to get my
    second MoE after 550 battles in it :)

  142. QB good job on the 12 hour stream

  143. That T25-2 actually did very well

  144. I saw this live?

  145. fcm50t is much slower as we play as cdc, but t9 max tier tanks we face is
    much better than 10th )

  146. Protect your belongings with a sperm hole

  147. 17 mins ago 1279 views lol

  148. wow that was an excellent match. i wish i could plsy loke you??

  149. you eu players get the free tank yet?

  150. He looks at his 2cnd TV (dont know another word flr it, sry) before telling

  151. french

  152. is the AMX CDC worth the money? currently at the amx 12t 15k exp from amx
    13 75

  153. First

    And yes I’m being childish

  154. in the same battle, same battle line, with 1 base, and the same spawn and
    the same gamestyle, I had 5100 damage with t-71

  155. 552th view

  156. Hi all im looking for a BRITISH clan and a mod which can block the
    hungarians in chat and only the hungarians. thx

  157. Greetings comrades hope you are having a great day and always remember,
    death is the solution to all problems, no man no problem.

  158. “It must be the fastest tier 8″
    *Kanonenjagdpanzer and the lights look angrily at QB”
    “At least for the mediums”

  159. will quicky respond? i might never know

  160. 111 views 11 likes :D

  161. 😀 Under 300

  162. I feel this tank is so tricky toplay

  163. I only have an iPad I wish someone just delivered a good wot pc to my house
    would be epic

  164. Noice noice baby

  165. 11th viewer 😀
    too bloody early #RIPreallife
    Also: I have a similar reticule setup.
    Same colors, but the triangle type.

  166. Noice

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