World of Tanks || Hitting Your Stride

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about and hitting your stride after playing them!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. ty help out a loy

  2. Kosovo is serbia

  3. Hey quickybaby, what is your stream schedule on twitch?

  4. thanks for your video… it makes me feel better. had a 43k games player come tell me(6kgames) to uninstall because of a bad decision in my type 4 Heavy. it also had a 37%WR. now that I have the better ap gun (I really do not like the HE), it Is getting better. thx for your encouragement

  5. 40TP
    has to be the worst i have ever played..i would rather play the Lee

  6. hy , this game is very diferent from free to play account , the players just sit there in the open :)) , no arty fire against you , I just open a channel where I try to upload the real World of Tanks games  , that games nobody put online ( bad beats , bots in the game … etc ) the real free account player experience … , thx for all your videos they are very informative , but trust me the game is different on free account … the matchup is pretty horrible , when u have 0-7 in first 3 min off the game … ( sounds like bot matchup… ) , it is so unfare , and it is real and it happens at least 1 or 2 time  in an hour … ,  the armor don’t count ,  the penetration of the gun don’t count , the overall win rate don’t reflect your game !!!  … etc , the link for the real free account play :  , thank you for the attention and keep up the good work .

  7. when u beginner in tier 6 and u meet defender and i3 A ))

  8. T34 is the most destroyed tank in ww2, over 56k was lost in ww2.
    What the germans really hold back was the winter, 40% of the german tanks was lost in this period.

  9. Try the British heavy line. That will make you delete the game

  10. That second time you called germans “Fascist” -_- I guess you need to go back and take few history lessons, my friend 😉

  11. This truly is hilarious! Here we have Quickybaby, a unicum player validating every damned thing I have been saying for over a year! Furthermore to augment the raw hilarity of all this bullshit, players consistently argue there is ZERO Russian bias in Wot, yet out of all the nations in the game which does the unicum player pick? I don’t know, perhaps the one with the most convenient tech tree that shares a shit ton of similar modules with other tanks in the tech tree? How about the nation that gets the biggest and best guns? Or perhaps the nation who’s crews have the best gun handling? What’s that? What nation? No player should consider any other nation other then Russia. If you do your going to suffer like mofo. I am also somewhat convinced that RNG interferes far less if your playing a Russian tank. I have seen too many matches where players in Russian tanks pulled far too many “lucky” shots. Any other nation would have dunked those shots. WG needs to cut the shit and pull their collectove heads out of their arses and consider some kind of relative fair gameplay changes. Not keep pulling out pure bullshit Russian tanks that have auto loaders that fire faster and faster each shot tbey fire, yet have no down time while the clip is being reloaded!

  12. I started a new account and play german vehicles exclusive and have win rate to 54 55 % each and 55 %win rate for account

  13. QB, your videos aren’t showing up in my feed. I have the notification bell checked, but I have to manually check to see if you’ve put out a video.

  14. Panther 2 is a horrible stock grind. I stopped playing it till i could free xp the turret

  15. I’m very used to aggressive monetisation in video games by this point, I hate it, but i’m used to it. One thing I will never get used to in Wargaming products is just how expensive everything is. I live in Australia and tier 8 premium tanks cost $70. Buying gold in world of tanks or doubloons on Warships is also $70 for a reasonable amount. I have given Wargaming thousands of dollars over the years and I really feel dirty because of it. I don’t give them money any more, I just can’t justify the expense. They could literally halve the cost of everything they sell and it would still be more than it is worth for non existent digital items.

  16. And to all of you complaining about the IS-3A being changed on PC be glad you aren’t on console because we just got an autoloading Rhm-Borsig being able to dish out 1,450-1,800 Dmg per clip at tier 8…..

  17. I was introduced to your channel by the Mighty Jingles. I had done reasonably well with World of Warships and figured I’d give World of Tanks a try.

    I’m not going to lie, things haven’t been going well. I play on the North American Server, so sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to queue up a game. Then, when the game does load, I end up dying very quickly, which I kind of expect because I’m a new player. New players have a lot of things they need to learn to become good, including angling, positioning, map control, equipment, and just plain old muscle memory. But when I go out into battle, it often happens that I push up further than I should. I don’t know this, because I haven’t had time to get a fully trained crew, much less the sixth sense skill. Had I such intuition from the beginning, I would at least be mentally prepared to expect incoming fire. Also making life harder is that I haven’t had much time to become acquainted with the maps. It’s not just knowing which bush to hide in, but also those bushes where the enemy might be. Experienced players know that certain roads are kill zones, but me…

    The first indication that I’ve screwed up is usually when I get hit and I’m usually dead within seconds. Often times I’m killed without seeing what killed me or being able to return fire. This means that there is no chance for me to earn the experience I need to upgrade my tank from stock and increase the skill of my crew. And since I don’t understand what I did wrong, there’s no feedback on how to avoid a repeat of that experience except, “well, I guess I shouldn’t do that again.” I feel frustrated, helpless, and I can’t even say that the game was educational. For a time, I quit the game.

    When I saw you talk about your Playsforfree account, I decided to give WoT another go. The experience still sucks, but your videos have been super helpful, partly for the tips that you give, but mostly because they make me realize that I’m not alone in this terrible experience. One of the most crucial things I noticed was that you had hit indicators. By default, WoT does not have advanced UI enabled. Once I enabled it, I was able to figure out where the fire was coming from and from what, and sometimes I was able to survive a little bit longer because of that. Imagine the poor players that quit without even realizing that was a thing…

    The new player experience is absolutely unforgiving. New players start with poor equipment, no crew training or skills, with only a vague notion of the gameplay mechanics, and are immediately placed into a battle against players who are more experienced, but also with tanks that are superior in both equipment and in crew abilities. Making matters worse, critical feedback systems like the advanced UI and the sixth sense skill, skills which are critical to developing a player’s survival skills and situational awareness, are not available by default. These are disadvantages I have BEFORE we even talk about the matchmaker and how unbalanced some tanks are!

    I’ll figure it out eventually, but I still wanted to thank you for bringing attention to what I’m going through.

  18. I think the tier of a Tank should be the average of the modules tier build in the Tank.
    So you got a stock tiger at 6.5 and a full upgraded Tiger schould be 7.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

  19. 9:33 Speaking of *expensive stuff*. Wargaming should make name changes cheaper… I want to change my name for 2 years and I REFUSE to pay 260 CZK / 9.99 € because I’m a student but at least I bought 3 loot boxes and got IS-3A for almost nothing (compared to its “price”)
    PS: Dear Wargaming name changes are cheaper in REAL LIFE THAN IN YOUR GAME. Yes, in real live you (at least in my country) you can change your name only for 100 CZK / 4 €.

  20. Stock wz120 was such a pain ;(

  21. Interestingly, he has 4 prem tanks on this “free” account( t34-85M, Is6, loor 40T and churchill III)

  22. Is it strange that I like to watch your videos and do not play this game at all 😛 awesome vid

  23. Yes, another video!

  24. I started playing August 2016. Just got my first tier10 December 2018 (Maus) and the worst thing in those 2 years is the credit grind.

  25. I really liked the Lago,got a 67% winrate over 33 games, and QB is waaay better than me. However, I was playing with a freebie Bia crew from that christmas launch event…hmm

  26. My experience with Italian tt from the time I actively played this rigged p2w BS game taught me not to even try playing Polish tt.
    Italian tt: tiers 1-5 are completely useless turds. Tier 6&7 are almost completely useless turds. Tier 8 seems nice, but it is t8, so you will be locked in t10 fights 99% of the time, so it sux anyway. You start playing only from tier 9…
    Polish tt seems the same, but actually even worse in this aspect. So, why bother?
    And you have awful MM (which is unlikely to change with these announced fixes; just check the templates and use basic maths knowledge combined with loot boxes given enormous number of OP premiums), horrible MM that sends shots all over the place while the enemy just snaps you, 2-3 crits upon receiving a single hits, 2 engine fires per match, 2-3 ammorack dmg per match, gold spam (which might increase upon fixes being implemented), teams consisted of more than 50% OP premiums…
    F this S, I’m out!

  27. I would love WG to allow players to try tanks they want to grind. I’ve had some major disappointments when getting to tier 10 and some of the grinds have been epic in terms of time taken and the boredom was unsurpassed…….not good

  28. Why should it not help when people pay otherwise would be stupid, players who want to spend money should have benefits to run a business like wg is not without expenses

  29. Nic to see you doing my usual game, minus your skills of course, because I do suck at times..

  30. Am I right that the first 15-20 game is much easier in the tanks because of better matchmaking? My win ratios always drop after 20-30 games, even though I manage to unlock all modules fast at the beginning during special events… :/
    Quickybaby should check stats after 100 games in the worst tanks 😀

  31. I was on the livestream

  32. I dare you to go the 277…expenaive as fuck to play without prem time.. And no prem tank means I sometimes don’t even have the credits to repair that piece of shit… Its a good tank tho.. But tier 10 is just not enjoyable if your free to play..

  33. When I started, I just wanted to play the Tiger I. The grind towards it was one of the most traumatizing experiences in my gamer life. It lead to an abysmal winrate, of which I’m still recovering. I play WOWS now. WOT is not fun anymore.

  34. Playing stock tanks is much worse these days, because of WG’s blatant OP Premium deluge: any enemy premiums you come across are now far better than tech tree tanks, putting you at a great disadvantage.

  35. For everyone that have over 50%, there are others under 50%.
    It is just math… ?

  36. I dont think it’s fair that tanks are only enjoyable when fully researched, since you cant keep most of them anyway, when you want to get the next tank in the line, since you 1. need credits to buy better tanks, 2. dont have enough garage slots to keep all the vehicles. And at higher tiers its just painful AF. I can drive a stock tier4, bc in 4 games it will be better. But take like a T54 for example … you need like 100k XP to get all of the shit you need for the tank to be half decent…

  37. Recently got the T54E1. Stock, it is fucking horrendous, I genuinely hate it and I’m not even looking forwards to the upgraded gun.
    The Centurion 1 is also pretty painful stock, 17pdr is a good gun, but not at tier 8. You need 94.4 THOUSAND exp to unlock everything on it, assuming you haven’t already unlocked the 17 pdr from the british td lines. The Cent 1 is 100,000 to unlock. That, is genuinely fucked up that I’d have to play the Cent 1 as marginally less, if not more to ONLY unlock everything on it than it took me to fucking unlock it from the Comet, assuming I don’t use any free exp or don’t have premium time. It is essentially forcing you to use free exp. I’m sure there are more tanks that are just as bad in the grind if not worse than these two tanks.

  38. Tiers I to IV should be just about disconnected from tiers V+.
    Crews put into a low-tier tank should always get a 50,000 XP bonus so they play better (this’ll give a free crewman 100% Basic Qual, and give some first-skill XP to more expensive crewmen). That bonus isn’t added if they’re playing in a tier V+ tank.
    Equipment fitted to low-tier tanks should cost far, far less credits, but cannot be fitted to tier V+ tanks.
    And the Overall Stats the game tracks should be split into “Low-Tier Stats” and “Mid/High-Tier Stats”, so seal clubbers can no longer pad their win rates.

  39. Here’s something interesting about “Russian Bias”.

    A while ago I Made 2 new accounts, one with a Russian named character only driving Russian tanks and the other one German driving only German tanks. Both accounts have played over 5k games, both have tier 10s, both use premium and prem tanks and I mostly play meds, heavies and some lights. I hardly use TD so I don’t have one of those “OP” German high tier TDs. When comparing the two I get very similar overall winrates (55%) and one has a WN8 of 1980 and the other 1910. I play solo pretty much 99% of the time so there are no external factors at work here. Note that WN8 is all about damage done and doesn’t count spotting, which German tanks generally do better than Ru tanks.

    I didn’t expect this at all, I bought in to the Russian Bias thing and on points this is very much true but when comparing 2 completely different tank nations it turns out that my performance is really no different.

  40. hahaha kosovo is serbia ahahahahah lol game chat at the beginning hahahaah

  41. They share the same modules because they did. I mean in real like, most of them are based on each other along the line. The new tank in the game are mostly ideas and concepts so they don’t have that. I guess no one at wargaming thought about the fact that they could just change the modules a bit by now to streamline the game.

    The problem with stock tank, in my opinion, is not that they are stock. As most issues with the game is, as always, the match maker. In this case it does not take into account the “level” of upgrades on tanks, or crew. So stock tier 5 polish tanks meet fully upgraded tier 7 heavy tanks with good crews and equipment. The MM needs to, if they want to have stock tanks and bad crews, take these things into the formula for matching things up. But that could make ques, and I think WG have an phobia against ques more then anything.

  42. Tomislav Milosevic

    It is my favourite tank is t34 with one mark of exelence

  43. There’s an unlimited amount of absolutely retarded stock grinds in this game where you can’t free xp through if you don’t play 24/7. Just try the M103 for example, 198mm pen combined with that god awful turret. You think ah 254mm that isn’t too bad. But then you compare the turrets on tanks gg and you see it. You’re stuck with the gun for 27k xp, the turret for like 60k xp and you won’t have the “best” gun for another 30k xp if I remember correctly. Absolutely horrid.

  44. Tortoise stock is garbage. Stock gun and you’ll fight also tier10…???

  45. Tip for new players: The mid-tier american vehicles also share lots of modules, especially the 75 and 76 mm M1 series guns

  46. You have summarized quite well why I abandoned the Polish, Italian and Swedish lines.

  47. as an old-fashioned rpg player, I personally love grinds and not just rushing through everything, but what makes the grind in WoT so bad for me is that while I am grinding, I am so much weaker than what I go up against and crucially, as a result, I get killed easily and don’t get to even play the game! And when I finish my grind and manage to kill others easily, I feel so bad because I’m pretty much forcibly forbidding others to play the game…

  48. Didn’t the old SU-85 also share the 107mm?

    I seem to vaguely remember that ^^

  49. So… credits aren’t the problem, the experience grind is.

  50. If you do not have 100k+ free exp saved up for any T9 tanks that you buy then you are in for a world of hurt. If you think it is painful at the moment at lower tiers then get ready for a world of butthurt at the higher tiers. Training the crew from 90-100% is not difficult but some vehicles will need the tracks+turret before you can mount the top gun and without it you will be stuck with terrible penetration and practically useless without the ability to tap2 for premium pay2win ammo.

    I purchased the initial £80 worth of gold when the game first went live for around 6 months of premium and a Type59, not spent a cent extra on this game in a long long time. I have never converted xp and have played all lower tier tanks I had with 75%-90% crews and stock. If you like the t34 then you should keep it as a credit earner. When you need to buy tanks that are 2-3million credits and without premiums then you will have a huge grind.

    I cannot highlight this enough. If you are planning to take that account all the way to tier10 playing for free then you need to start saving your free Xp for T8 and T9 and stop spending it on tanks that can be upgraded in 30 battles.

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