World of Tanks || HOLD THE LINE!

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. Today p0w3rn00b_ going to do everything he can to hold the line in the T10 non-turreted destroyer, the T110E3!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Obj. 430 Tech Tree Showcase is live now 🙂

  2. after this Replay i’ve decided to do the 50b techtree , that beast reloads the clip really fast , someone could Tell me the pen on AP and apcr?

  3. T110E3 was my first TX in this game, but some thing strange is it was easy get ammo rack damage by HE splash behind lower plate

  4. I think it’s an American flag

  5. The colour scheme

  6. i sold my badger i cringed getting 50 win rate after i got that i sold it. and now I am proud like a smurf i have money for next upcoming russian tanks. so yeah fuck badger.

  7. Yes I could. Dude, Amx 30 B has 30 SIDE ARMOR. Load the HE and kill him in one shot!
    Besides that, amazing game bro, huge respect.

  8. that grille must be the most retarded person on wot.

  9. As his shirt stays load Tha gold

  10. purple player auto aiming….

  11. His mistake was his un-aimed shot at the AMX 50B
    If he had aimed his first shot on him properly he would’ve probably won the game

  12. Quickybaby, please make a video on how to watch old replays using old versions of the client. Any guides at the moment are super outdated

  13. God, QB, it’s just so awesome to watch your videos in the morning it just gives u that sort of chill mode, keep up the good work!

  14. Limit the gold ammo to 5-10% of total ammo capacity, scaling according to how much a tank can carry. Like if you agree!

  15. Well, now I can’t unhear that “hold the line!” from c&c generals

  16. Whoever thumbed down, has a shit life

  17. mmm i love the E3 it is my favorite Tank/TD in the game

  18. QB he’s making a statement!! Good for him!!

  19. why he is bouncing forward and back while moving?

  20. this player does spam a lot of premium ammo… dont like that…

  21. Nice game, Powernoob o/

  22. badgers have been very fun to bully with my o-ho. they might have dpm, but that doesn’t matter if I only poke out to fire a single HE shell then go back into hiding

  23. tfw a 155mm gun has cheaper prem rounds than a 76mm gun

  24. The first auto aim at the amx 50b make him lost this epic game..

  25. E4 is trash.. E3 better..

  26. Cuppy bits, cmon QB tank titties.

  27. I never use gold, of course my play style is somewhere between a tomato and a potato, so Purple/WIN8/Skill/Stat/Pro rounds would not help, anyways. I just leave those rounds to the Unisexuals, uhm Unicorns, I mean Unicums out there…………
    Keep up the good work.
    Battle On!

  28. Gabriel Dan Salcianu

    and wg sayd – only 5 % of the fired shells are premium ….

  29. Can you do some low tier tanks? As in like tier 6 i like the replay and the vids but i kinda wanna see simular tier games as me. Just a suggestion love ur vids

  30. Excellent marksmanship? He was spamming prem rounds.

  31. christophe laurent

    “it’s an excellent player” lol with a 15/10/3 for his ammo, after few shots for the gold ammo, no need to continue to watch

  32. HATE videos like this.  the e3 is one of the most ‘situational’ tanks in the game.  vids like this, where an e3 gets to sit hull down, don’t capture 99% of the normal gameplay – where they get flank fucked, or have to play where they can’t get hull down – i.e. most areas on most maps…

  33. Love that 5% spam from all sides

  34. Yet another gold spamming t 10 td. He could easly win this with normal ammo with standard pen, but yeah better make sure and pay for win

  35. love isn’t always on time!

  36. I’m actually glad he lost that. The t110e3 should never be able to win against a 50b and grille. Those two muppets should be ashamed it got so far.

  37. Love my E3 a lot more than my E100, good E3 tactic is to stay near a wall so that if you are flanked you can crush them against the wall, then back up and blast them.

  38. The end screen of this game really displays why premium rounds are a pay to win mechanic. The fact is spamming premium rounds is effective (specifically across where there are _almost_ no downsides). That means when you pay to be able to afford premium time to be able to sustain that gold output at all tiers, you gain an advantage for having put real money in that others haven’t. The same is true of many other systems in the game such as free exp, where you can grind ungodly inhuman amounts to free exp your tank to full competitiveness, or with crews where you forgoe having to put in a huge amount of work training crews by using free exp that others simply don’t have the ability to use.

    I can list more and more examples but I think for those who are convinced by facts and reasoning primarily they already agree or have been convinced.

    That being said let me be clear with what I’m saying to avoid the typical canned yet not so on the money responses.

    Firstly by pay to win I mean at an equal skill level, a player who pays is advantaged.

    Secondly, based on the previous rebuttal, that means simply having the chance to win despite your disadvantage does not change the fact that you are indeed disadvantaged.

    Thirdly, and I don’t say this because I think its a good argument, I say it because convincing people it isn’t is much harder, I regularly play at a dark purple level and have spent money on the game.

    So what is my point here. I just want people to consider one of the large flaws of the game we all likely play a lot of. That’s all.

  39. His HE is adornment

  40. Batbayar Batdelger

    Not “HOLD THE DOOR” ???

  41. Does that shirt really say “Load the Gold”? or am I seeing things? 🙂

  42. U Hallack’a to było…

  43. i have to be critical on this video…i will download this replay and watch it again..but i suspect A LOT of that banned Autoaim+ in use…I dont know if QB is moving the view by himself..or if its the true view of the player..but he locks on the targets without having them outlined…maybe it is a replay bug..but that first encounter with 50b…he autolocks him inspite of 50b being behind the building..of course he shot the house..50b didnt even move..this is fishy..i dont like this kind of replays..but I will check it out myself.and then maybe change my opinion…but right now..this player looks like a cheat to me…

  44. Screw a custom paint jobs for my tanks, I WANT THIS T-SHIRT.

  45. E3 and Maus r my go tank when ever I have bad day.

  46. @QuickyBaby Untill the Amx40 is able to get a paint job I will settle with this one:

  47. T110e3 patriot

  48. His marksmanship almost exclusively using autoaim

  49. Well an autoloader spamming gold will always win

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