World of Tanks || HOLIDAY OPS LOOT

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2018. Today I break down the holiday event and buy 75 loot boxes worth £85 to show you what to expect (depending on your luck!)


World of Tanks is a 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. If you want to see the FULL, unedited opening I uploaded it here:

    • Quickybaby, you also should count in the premium time, garage slot, and the discount (etc) values if you really want to see are the boxes worth purchasing

    • I got T59 buying 25 modern boxes. 11k gold and some credits. It was worth it. I guess everyone cam try. But only once and if they can spend the money.

    • I spend 20€ for 11 boxes, and got 4200 Gold, 10 days of premium, etc – basicly 30€ worth of stuff. So its fine for me, the only problem is the Type-59 you can get, if you spend all your money, the money of your friends and familiy etc

    • How is that tinfoil hat fitting you?

    • im giving thumbs down its friggin gambling coz the SA server wont be able to buy anything since our currently is dying and thanks to that we are mostly unable to buy most of the tank..and the people that bought it mostly AUS

  2. First of all QB good luck spending 100K gold XD, second of all it looks like either you used all your luck on those prem tanks or they aren’t that rare in the loot boxes. Luv your vids

  3. Got two type-59 in consecutive boxes and then those low tier prem tanks, but i think that other type converted to that non painted patriot as i have it too, and it never showmed me getting that

  4. As long that people are throving money at wg they will sell shit to us.

  5. Quicky you moved away from window?? Finally!!!! Thnx

  6. I could buy 100 of these and get nothing, that is my kind of luck, the same goes for the RNG in the game

  7. Hey you said that you didnt get a type 59 but when you get thes garage slots and the 10.500 gold maybe tjere was a type 59 in.
    Isnt that right?

  8. Just say no to random loot boxes They are evil and a waste of money. Happy holidays everyone.

  9. It is a loot box, it is gambling

  10. Got the b2 for 40 euros but i got stuff worth of 60 i think its ok

  11. Liutauras Grybauskas

    I think I’d actually like the boxes system if there was a chance to send them to your friend as a gift.

  12. I really like the update, but I disagree with you QB. I think its cool that you can even win tier 8 tanks. If i would buy the crates I would do it for the fun, and for the gold. And maybe i would get a tank as well! I think its totally OK to have a really rare tank in the selection.

  13. Bought 11 boxes, got hype 59 in the last one.
    100% worth it.

  14. I brought 14 boxes, leaving me only needing 3 more tier 5 decorations. I got 3 of the low tier prems, 7 days prem, 3.5k gold AND the lor 40t!

  15. rigged LUL

  16. I dont want type 59..I just want T26E5 😀

  17. @QuickyBaby I received a type59 and an e5 within 28 boxes…no seriously..Check my channel! I think the odds of getting a prem t8 might be a little higher than we think!

  18. To provide some balance I bought 75 boxes and only got the AC1, 35 days premium, 32k gold and 4.5 mill credits …. totally NOT WORTH IT just reinforces the negative side of gambling.

  19. 5 people in clan got Type from 11 boxes 😀 so i decided to buy 25, well i got only t26e5 and lorraine + 14 000 golds and some credits. Although i did not get type I think it was worthy 🙂

  20. I bought 11 boxes, I got 6 prem days and 4750 gold… I don’t need prem days sooooo I got slightly less than if I had bought gold for the same price..

  21. I got the type 59 2 times….and much the same gold premium days and credits as you…..worth it…I guess…..

  22. Art of Stormdancing

    Those boxes seem to have fairly generous precentages for the goody goods. Of course if you want a certain tank the odds are way worse. Lots of peeps say that they got tier VIII prem from their few bought boxes.

    I think that all in all WG did well this holiday. Of course I hope that they tone down with the lootboxes, but I don’t know. They listened critics from last year and made things better.

  23. Some of my clan m8s got like 3 os the premiums, including the type 59

  24. Honestly it’s not luck at all it’s broken me and my friend bought 11 of them both got type 59s

  25. 44 boxes = 1 sentinel, no other premiums, rng sux

  26. Well i opened €60 worth of boxes and got not 1 tier 8 premium but a dozen little tanks…

  27. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wellp if anyone needs my luck I will open those Boxes for ya^^

    Bought 35 Boxes and got 2x Type 59?? Hell yeah.

    Now quickly sell the Account on Ebay for like 3K^^

  28. Never mind the gold and the tanks what I really want to know is how pretty and bling did you make your garage and tanks look with all those swags and lights!

    Your missing the point of Christmas it’s not about the gifts it’s the festive look! Then also about being good and generous to others, especially being generous to wargaming.

  29. QB spend 85£ what a porrr guy! xD

  30. I got the Lorraine and the skorpion in the smallest package the one for £5

  31. I only got baby tanks out of my 25 boxes, still got around 65 euros worth of stuff though

  32. Hey quick I am a long-time subscriber of your channel and look forward to every video. I have wanted a type 59 for as long as I knew of the tank and I have been playing since 2012. I have entered every contest that I could, put in hours and hours, even days and weeks into trying to get one, and still I have had no success. I see every contest geared toward the better players who probably already have them. But I want to thank you for taking such a Firm Stance about the gambling and the use of the type 59 as bait. I guess I will continue to not have one because I have no intention on buying a loot box to try to get one. As far as I’m concerned they probably only give them out to people who already have them, so that they don’t actually give any new ones away. I think that this is a sadistic and cruel way of taking people’s money who are otherwise unable to get this tank that they want so bad. I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to get one or if I ever will but I will keep trying and trying and trying but what I won’t do is stoop to this level. Even if I was willing I would rather spend that money on presents for my children than the wargaming gambling facade. Thanks again Quick for standing up to them. I’m sure it’s a very delicate thing to do.

  33. Алексей Сафронов

    Well, the thing is that t’s not REALLY a gamble, since you are getting premium time and a shit ton of gold.

  34. To get an Type59 was to easy! I only bought 25 Boxes and got it… my Clan i think nearly all Players got one by open the Boxes… in fact Wargaming has ruined the Type59.
    I am happy to got one but i also think it was to easy.

  35. bought 9 boxes and got all of the tanks 😀

  36. IntergalaktikusSZupercsillagparaszt

    world of wallets

  37. I just logged in yesterday on world of tanks after taking a break for a couple of months. I didn’t buy anything with irl money but i got, 3 premium days, around 500 000 credits, 1000 gold, T29 (i know everyone did), and a T28-E F30, i think it was named. Am i special or did lots of people receive this kind of gifts?

  38. My glass shattered, full video just to explain the economics of a christmas games. And then what ? The game won’t be more fun.

  39. I don’t like the gambling aspect of this. I gave some friends 3 boxes. bought myself 11 and i got a tier 8 premium. my friends saw your video and heard me getting a tier8 prem and decided to try their luck aswell and didn’t get one. now I feel bad :l

  40. thats the problem for WG
    they ask us to gamble the money for them

  41. Yep, agree with comments regarding gambling. Not the best way to go. Just like real gambling, if you can’t afford it in the first place, don’t do it.

  42. Hi QB. Well, watched your video and listened to your comments regarding the Loot boxes. Decided that I would ‘experiment’ as you did and donated £85.95 to War Gaming’s war chest. I also noted what random goodies I received . Here are my results…Gold 40,200, Credits 2.1m, Premium days 36, loads of tier I-V decorations, Custom tank decorations 10, 2 small tanks 2, Garage slots 10, Scorpion G 2, Lorraine 40t 2. Great I thought. Went and played about with all those decorations I acquired and got Tier X atmosphere, discounts on several tanks, all the female crew available, plus loads of other consumables and xp bonus items. Then went and had a look at my Tier VIII tanks. Guess what? Yes a Scorpion G, yes a Lorrain 40t, but also a T25E5 and your dreaded Type 59. I got all the Tier VIII offerings. Either I’m very lucky, or you were very unlucky. Not sure which, but I’m happy with my unexpected windfalls.
    Thanks for the videos you’ve posted this year. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  43. Hi all I bought the 75 Gifts Pack and prepared for medium luck, after opened 40 boxes I get the T26E5. Then I had 13 boxes left, thinking ” Ok looks nice and I already bought in the past the T26E5 ” But after opened the nex box ( 13 ) I got picture of another T26E5 Thinking: ” What the hell… ” But looking into the stats of the vehicle, it was the Type 59 🙂 It was worth to spend the money, got nice amout of gold and credits, plus all bonuses from decorations. Hope you all will have the luck too, like me 🙂

  44. I bought 3boxes (5€) 1st box: Type 59 2nd box: T26E5 3rd box: 500gold..It worth it for me, but it was lucky as hell.

  45. Nice video QB.
    I got the Type 59 since 2012, and it’s still the tank in which I have played the most battles. But it’s been powercreeped and nerfed so much, that the only thing it has now is cool looks and the legendary status from 2012-13 (where premium ammo only could be bought with gold). Even the new, small buff hasn’t helped: it still has a hull made of butter (even tier 6 shoots through front plate – they just use premium), 181 pen, high dispersion, and it’s slow – oh so slow! the T26 Patriot is faster, except down hill.

  46. Bought 83 boxes and got 45k gold 90 days prem (had 30 before) and ONLY 1 Lorr and I got it in the 81st box….. While my clan mate bought 3 boxes and got a scorp. 🙁

  47. I got lorr 40 t , e5 and scorpion g but not the type 59 so if you want to have type 59 i dont recomend you unless you are a billionare.

  48. Yeah I just rolled for random tier V decoration since I had only one tier V dec, and it kept getting me the same tier V decoration I had.. Yeah WG dfinitely programmed this to be a scam

  49. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    this is not good at all!!!! They should not put that Type 59 there…

  50. I bought the same as qb for 100€, and in addition i earn like 150€ worth gifts (T26E5, all tier 4 premium, 38000 gold and 2 mounths premium)

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