World of Tanks – Home Grown Talent IS-3 A 7K Damage Game Breakdown

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Source: Havoc’s Guides Tutorials Reviews and Moar!!

Let us scoot back to WoT for a minute!! Havoc199 a brilliant young man & WoT University Instructor, Schools us in Armor Angling, Target Prioritization and Weak Spot Aquisition – Great Job!!
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

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●Plan your World of Tanks Team Strategies Here!!

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
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  1. im triggered by the 2x voice bug

  2. you are completely right, the girls like a slow poke better then a fast

  3. Another great video Pete, really like this format, so much more
    informative! Gotta say Havoc199 makes it all look sooooo easy but you can
    forgive him that cause he’s such a nice guy.

  4. The biggest thing about WOT that bothers me to no end is that..
    Well the EU/NA divide.
    I cannot jump on and play with EU players because the server info doesn’t
    Which always makes me feel like the EU server isn’t the same as the NA
    servers either.

    When I watch RNG replay from WGEurope and other things, it seems like the
    game actually plays different for the EU server also. I’ve taken some of
    those tanks and tried to do these goofy ass things people do and it doesn’t
    work for me.
    I don’t think there is any way to ever prove that though.
    There probably is no difference.
    Why the hell am i still typing about this?

  5. Psh, Russian Bias. =D

  6. great game, but the middle on mines is useless If there is a semi capable
    artillery piece, so you see most people go to the right side towards the
    rock….but none the less., top notch.

  7. Reece “DJ Reece” Guisse

    Does WoT Uni have an NA branch?

  8. havoc199 is a leg end!

  9. Great vid ? i would like to see a video on the centurion7/1 from u tho,
    especially regarding the choice of gun on that tank.

  10. The Pilot Penguin

    anyone else get double sounds? like every time he fired it sounded like he
    did it twice

  11. Grate video! Detailed brake down is really informative and love the
    bloopers. It’s nice to see some one not blowing smoke up there own trumpet
    and praising others. Keep em coming!

  12. Chris_The_Autotech

    Great breakdown brotha, but it seams like there are two soundtracks for the
    game running at the same time over the solid video. Idk if you had any
    control over that or not, knowing how WOTs replay system can be. Just
    wanted to let you know. The rest is fine, like your voice over and what not
    is solid, just the gameplay soundtrack is wonky.

  13. I’m loving these new style of video, I love the extended break down, it’s
    really helping my gameplay. The old ~10 min videos were too quick. I’m glad
    you’ve decided to ignore the people who have no attention span. Carry on
    good sir

  14. sir havoc you rock on teaching us the useful skills,hats down

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