World of Tanks – Hot TOG!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. “A very accurate gun” after missing 5 shots in a row lol

  2. There are so many TOGs in the MM on the NA server

  3. Will we see a return of TOG platoons?

  4. Love getting 3 or 4 “Hand of God” medals a game in my TOG II.

  5. I love the tog but this kind of result is very rare, so bash on all Togs LoL.

  6. Joseph Oberlander

    TurbboTOG fixes everything. 🙂

  7. As funny as the video was I laughed hardest on post battle screen as I know one of the players on losing team… and no it wasnt the P43….lol

  8. Explanation: the guy had to use the loo , came back and the game was over 🙂

  9. LearnBefore YouAct


  10. In defense of the TOG:

    No one really knew what WWII was going to look like in 1939. After the Poland invasion, there was quite a long time where the French and the British sat around in France doing a whole lot of nothing, waiting for the Germans to make their move. They assumed that the Maginot Line and the Ardennes would be a sufficient barrier to any wild adventurism, and at the time, it would have been completely normal to expect another trench warfare scenario. So, the TOG’s concept wasn’t quite as idiotic as many folks assume, though even in its intended role I think it would have suffered. It was more a case of being badly overtaken by events, those events being the German army and extraordinary amounts of methamphetamines.

  11. Terg! Ermagerd! It won all ther merdals!

  12. what a lovely gold spamming gameplay well done much skill much wow xD

  13. T.O.G. always wins.

  14. It needs another turret in on that massive back deck.

  15. Wonderful camo!

  16. It’s just a shame it wasn’t a TOG platoon 🙁

  17. This week is gravity mode in WOT Blitz. I have been playing the TOG 2 more often this week. It’s a lot faster and can get some air.

  18. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! So much gloriousness!!!🥰

  19. 5 kills in me Tog t’other day. You can see ppl poke to farm, & then retreat as they get a return on their deposit – 1on1, very stronk.

  20. finally…. a WoT replay, been waiting all week for one

  21. Dat thumbnail 🤘
    Awesome game/ commentary

  22. How to prevent scumbags. Prevent them from using the vehicle for a certain amount of time. The more they do it the longer the amount of time. Maybe the p43 DC half way through because war gaming servers are shit

  23. I see tog and jingles, I click. I’m a simple man

  24. Tog ist Gött.

  25. Panagiotis Spiliotopoulos

    It’s not the best tank in the game… But it does have the best skin, which is this one!

  26. Klosharr Klosharr

    steel wall in TOG…. :’)
    this is glorious

  27. Hold on wee sec MR. What a m12 should do in this map? No one go open ground to spot and whole team stay behind buildings, including terrible arc she have i don’t blame that player at all. You should call scumbags meds and lights not doing their job. Absolutely disagree with Your point!

  28. Was the committee that designed it a sub committee of the Ministry of Silly Walks?

  29. Sevinceur Invocateur

    That was a lot of gold

  30. If Jingles and Rita ever have a son, he’ll need four names, so his first 3 initials spell TOG! Thomas Oliver Gerald?

  31. one shall not underestimate the additional armor provided by the medium armory sized ammo stock this thing carries ^^

  32. The P43 Rengo_ player was either drunk as a skunk or let his kid play, because his stats aren’t super bad as this games performance would indicate.

  33. Brynjard Øvergård

    This deserves a like just for the title 🙂

  34. The TOG is the war piñata.

  35. Iowa Class Battleship

    Jingles, the TOG has electric motors which gives it infinite torque. It’s top speed is “slow” but the tank will keep doing that top speed over and through anything it comes across. Not even the Panzer IV or the T-34 could move up a 45 degree slope at the speed the TOG could.

    Furthermore the TOG was designed with modular armor in mind, and was actually supposed to be 114mm thick on the front and sides, though this could be upgraded further. You have the Tanks of TOG book, could you please read it?

  36. I stopped playing WoT a while ago, but I will ALWAYS be here for a Tog replay <3

  37. I love the shitty photoshop job of the thumbnail turret cutout

  38. I am calling B.S. on the Guerdarian/Liddel Hart tank theory book reading thingy

  39. A Hot Tog…..+1 TO WarGaming for that pun. And Yes jingles i also wish to bleach out my eyes at the sight of that camo, it is ugly as fuck when viewed from the top do to how janky the lettuce is. Still like that…tropical island camo i saw on a Atlanta once, Its a sight to be hold.

  40. Actually, Jingles…
    The first time the Germans started using 88 anti-air gun against tanks wasn’t in Russia… It was in France, when they encountered Matildas… And it was the idea of one Erwin Rommel…

  41. Christopher Putt Rogers

    TOG video gets a mandatory thumbs up.

  42. Top tip! drive tog in reverse the angled armour might do something and crew protected 😀

  43. I can’t help but look at the ammo usage and think “Only 5% of all ammo fired is gold.”

  44. Algorithm post

  45. Has that Tog got a vegetable patch on its back. It needs a potting shed to go with it.

  46. Being a veteran TOG-watcher, I was highly amused by StorminNormans’ attempts avoid damage by angling his armor. He must be a new TOG player. 🙂

  47. The TOG II, the Maus, the Ratte, the T28, the O-I… That era seemed to have a lot of tanks where the designers were doing the equivalent of playing with character-creation sliders. “What if we cranked this one _alllll_ the way up?”

  48. I got into a DPM battle in my Tog II vs an E 25. Well I won. By ramming him.


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