World of Tanks || How am I Still Alive?

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. Today I’m going to ask myself multiple times “How am I still alive?” With some exciting tense moments!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Players often drown themselves just to piss off the opposite team. I don’t think any deep though ever goes into it.

  2. Retropaintball clips

    Russian bias at its finest! GL doing the same in a french or us tank! Then the video would be 4min Long ?

  3. That camo making me feel hot.

  4. Quickybaby watch my replay in t30 in wot were i survived against 6 oponents and got kolobanols medal. I called it with your name, i was so lucky that game.

  5. Completely surrounded by 5 tanks with my t34/100 on the hill at Himmelsdorf. Somehow managed to take down 2 (fv4202 and skorpion g) and put 3 shots into an is3 of them before they got me. Only lasted about 2 mins or so in the battle total but still enough to get a 1st class mastery badge and a Lehvaslaiho’s Medal out of it.

  6. VK 45.02 B on Lakeville, goes town to the cap. I am the last one alive vs 5. Managed to pull it to a 1v1 vs the 54 lightweight. I had to cap to force him out because I was low hp. He goes mid and he hits my tracks but didn’t pen and I managed to clutch the win. 1st (and only) Kolobanov’s + a R-W’s. Not a game I will forget anytime soon.

    Result screen:

  7. Love me some nihilistic uploads like this, the void penetrates even spaced armor.

  8. The camo reminds me of WOW hellfire citadel.

  9. That camo is so ugly. Cringe worthy. But you played so well, QB. Cheers!

  10. Fail platoon in the is7 battle

  11. Mr QB, may I know how can I get the camo on ur IS 7 in this video?

  12. that tank is beautiful!!! 🙂

  13. Where did u got that camo qb

  14. The code can be use in eu?

  15. WZ-111G FAKE TANK

  16. Reason why you are alive in MONIKA

  17. The only thing i put down to is rng favors high WN8 players i had the same issue where you fully aim shots at weak spots and do no dmg on players that have 2500 wn8 or high i feel the is issue with rng system

  18. Superiority ?

  19. The “Secret Stalin Armour” is strong with the IS7

  20. How is WoT still alive? I guess players are dedicated to buy tanks

  21. That camo is sexy AF

  22. Russian bias confirmed

    The Is7 was the first tier 10 that i unlocked and still hasnt got it… my bad.

  23. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

  24. @Quickybaby.. what is that CAMMO ?!?!?

  25. Quicky, you do not need APCR against the Jagdtiger, you do not need it, and now noobs will be using it…

  26. Why are you still alive? Because you aren’t at the bottom of a +2 Tier 3-5-7 match making.

  27. The reaper medal is still given on ps4. I got it (thru sheer dumb luck, I am not good at all), and was unaware of what it was. I understand that things are different on pc vs. console so I,may try this on my computer as well.

  28. I wasn’t subscribed, but I got a notification about this video anyway. What’s wrong with YouTube these days?? Either way good video.

  29. Notice how the first shot QB takes from the Jagdtiger, he blocks 490 damage but it doesn’t show up on the blocked damage counter in the bottom left. This has happen to me to several times.

  30. When I was in my VK P (T6) on 1HP and bounces a KV-2 on my turret

  31. These horrible fantasy Camos Are the worst addition to the game ever.

  32. T-54 brought the heat.

  33. I enjoying the game because in march WG puts a graphic middlefinger to me and say buy a new computer you uncapitalistic noob.

  34. 5hp in tog, rushed by 3 TDs survived got top gun


  36. how do you get the notifications on who is spotted, who has what win-ration and how many damage you took in the upper left?

  37. Qb is beast

  38. @QB : What would your life be without premium ammo ?
    Most of your opponents didn’t use a single one in your is7 fight…

  39. How do i get that camo?

  40. I saw these matches live. Some great entertainment!

  41. Answer is: look at enemy team.. mostly red ones..

  42. Cronester & SharahMaiLyn Gaming

    2nd T-10 sacrificed himself?

  43. wtf kinda name is that

    I ask that self my question every day 🙁

  44. 7,5k combined dmg in is7, 1st class ^^

  45. I watched the Chinese replay live on Twitch some days before. I laughed at how the enemy team just threw the game but still GG

  46. 10/10 rant, would feel existential crysis again

  47. umm because you pay to win

  48. Heroes never die i guess

  49. Do you still want to learn how you were alive?
    Answer is simple. Most of the player doesn’t know or think about the High explosive shells’ power. Most of the case I use HE shells to end a player. Why am I bothering myself to penetrate opponent in the next round?
    It is simple.

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