World of Tanks || How Did He Get There?

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World of Tanks – AMX 50 B. Today the enemy team will ask just how did juhani_28 get there!

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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to clarify my position and the purpose of this video.

    I personally think accessing these positions needs to be patched at the earliest convenience by Wargaming. As I said in the video they ruin the game for the other 29 players.

    This video intended to spread awareness around boosting, show the impact it can have and to gather your feedback surrounding the issue.

  2. Hope WG fix these locations so that no one can walk on (sorry my english suck :P), for me is as an unfairplay style where break balance of tanks (only lightmed or as 50b, fast tank can go there)…

  3. It’s not cheating … if you go to training room and explore all map you end up finding them spots … if spending more time than the average does not give you more, then let’s throw away Tiers !
    why have a T10 tanks, when it ruins the game of T7s ? why have heavy tanks, when it ruins the game of others ? why lights tanks ? IT RUINS THE HEAVYS GAME !! You idiots want balance in everything, but that’s not how the world is made !
    Especially that we are talking about TANKS !!! TANKS MOTHERFUCKERS !!! Tracks were originally planned to allow a tank to on every terrain, does it have hills, mountains, lakes, or open field …
    And climbing requires time and knowledge, so by putting it out, you admit that you want a game full of noobs, who don’t understand its mechanics … climbing is only a part of mechanics, like shell penetration, or view range !!
    It’s because “full equality” ASSHOLES that they put out asymetrical maps that a lot of good players loved (see Lost Maps Quicky’s vids)
    AND by the way, every battle in History was about the fact that one side have the “land superiority” … and if you are smart enough you’ll find a way to go past this superiority …

  4. Maps are broken. Climbing is fun. Balance maps = problem solved. Dont kill climbing its part of the game and you have to learn it. When you have overpowered heavy im not ashamed using locations like these to kill them. Balance tanks, balance maps, balance gold, balance premiums….

  5. Savage Gerbil V

    I am totally with you QB!
    Access to these “…hey how did he get there!” locations should be blocked by WG as soon as they become known.
    Sneaky play by light tanks skirting the edges of the map etc. are one thing but “…going where no man (tank) has gone before…” is NOT in the best interest of the community as a whole.
    Just my opinion… and as with rectums…everyone has one!

  6. I’ve been up there. It’s fun.

  7. well we know whats gonna happen this weekend……

  8. I think that spot wouldn’t be so bad if there was one on the other side

  9. if i can climb up that rock in my gw panther so can other tanks

  10. I think boosts like these should exist, as they give lightly armored, but agile tanks that advantage they traded in all that armor for. However, I also believe, that there needs to be a valid way to counter this sort of positioning. Artillery might work to some degree, but any tank needs to be able to do so, although with some up front investment. Perhaps another slope that’s slow to go up, but an E100 can do it and even though it’ll cost a lot of time, it’ll do to counter this sort of behavior.

  11. Use any advantage that you can in this game. Gold, position, armor, depression….whatever. Winning is what matters when I play….lol…..and I don’t win a lot!

  12. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Everyone else gets retarded armour and derp guns, amx50b gets power creep and a hill on 1 map. No problem here.

  13. It is a good use of game mechanics for sure and if it’s there people will use it to their advantage. I still think it needs to be patched out ASAP though if an area is blacked out on the minimap it shouldn’t be accessible!

  14. Using positions like this is like using an offshore bank account to avoid paying tax. Whilst it’s not technically illegal, it’s very clearly a misuse of the law.

  15. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Comment thread here is reaffirming what I suspected: wot players on average are total muppets. Ridiculous RNG, broken MM, powercreep, OP premiums, and *this* is what everyone is choosing to get outraged over. Unbelievable.

  16. Actually though, you are certainly letting the commentary slip a bit bud. It’s a lot like you’re just mailing it in these days. It’s like you’ve stopped reviewing your replay commentary before submitting. Sometimes I even wonder if you’ve watched the replay you’re talking on. It seems obvious to me that you’re not investing the same energy. Don’t get mad, it’s just my honest feedback. It’s intended to be constructive. Still love that you continue to share cool videos.

  17. those spots should be accessible by all tanks, so, we need bigger maps with more elevation

  18. Needs to be fixed or other side of map needs their own spot. Also encounter on Mines. South spawn starts farther away and has to cross water to head to center of map.

  19. Must be very hard to fix these maps… so very hard. Stupid semi-russians.

  20. my dad has no idea what he is talking about. maybe one day

  21. Address the issue, fix it pl0x WG

  22. A lot of tanks can sit in the rear of the cap and hit people who try to reset but these spots must go

  23. socom international inc

    quickbaby I have a ? for you have you done any be game play on the M41B bulldog if not can you do one

  24. People complain about others exploiting bush mechanics, so I guess they will complain about this to.

  25. each map has to have this on both sides. sometimes that spot cause nothing but 3 or 4 people to fail getting up there and we lose!! double edge sword type deal i believe

  26. Andrew Jorgen Lee

    I think QB was having a jingles moment by mimicing us critics lol well actually quicky, your videos are awesome

  27. This needs to be patched now but back before self propelled guns were nerfed this wasn’t game breaking

  28. Thanks for ruining a spot I always use on this map, now it’s going to get fixed.. thanks qb, don’t post things like this. It kinda pisses me off now that everyone that watches this knows how to get here..

  29. James Irwin-McConnell

    sigh. every time someone has to show off these fun tricks, and upload it to brag about. now people are gonna complain and cry about this one until wargaming invisible walls it just like all the older ones. yes it’s fun to use once in a while and can change the outcome of a game. IF they can get up there, and IF they can do it alive. watch. thanks to this video and others showing off their game changing plays there, a few patches from now we won’t be able to get there. even in training rooms.

  30. i feel like these kind of areas should be made available to both sides, as not many know how to get to them it would make the game play a little interesting. its not impossible to kill a tank in these areas, just difficult, but people always whine and complain that they have to try harder to take out an enemy.

    and about all of the people complaining about him abandoning his team and leaving him to die, he did more damage than your above average players average game before he even got up there.

  31. Katherine Spezia

    Wargaming should probably remove these types of map exploits, but it’s not in any way cheating for players to take advantage of them as long as they’re available. If something is included in a game, whether intentional or not, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with players using that technique. People should do whatever it takes to win as long as they aren’t hacking, colluding, botting, or using unauthorized mods. I don’t care if some players think a particular tactic is dirty or unfair or dishonorable or whatever. If it gets results, it’s the right thing to do.

  32. This video got me to think about going back to wot. Sadly, I haven’t been top tier since this new matchmaker and sky cancer really got buffed so fuck me

  33. You can make a video about boosting without glorifying and congratulating the player.
    This video clearly show where you stand on this matter.

  34. The issue with spots like this is that only some tanks can get there, which means that once someone has gotten up there, the remaining enemy may be unable to go and engage them. This is why it is essentially cheating and why those geometry exploits need to be plugged.

  35. 7:30 hello… Mighty Jingle… is this you?

  36. how long does it takes in game engine to fix this? 5min i would say.. gj wg you do really care !!!

  37. If the tank is capable of getting up the hill it should be okay to do so

  38. Agree, unfair nothing worse than not having a level playing field. This exploitation of the game that is restricted to certain vehicle types is akin to those out there still using illegal mods. It is not intended in game and therefore should not be possible.

  39. Alexandru Jugureanu

    When I think about Overlord map,I realise there can be situations like QB has shown us in this vid(for example,when people shoot down at tanks on the beach),but at least there is a way to come face to face with those tanks putting up for a fair fight,unlike these “mountain goats” positions,where you need a powerful engine if you want to “exploit the new game mechanics” :)).I hope you understand what I mean.

  40. No rank mode?

  41. i think positions like that are gold if not everybody know them… so pls do something like that again

  42. I think its good personnaly because the map are actually too closed and the playes want more open map with more possiblity to flank ..

  43. I like these odd places and the odd features of the game mechanics but unfortunately these are just far from the reality which makes me concerned about the game.
    Also in some cases this makes the game unwinnable for the team on the plain if there is no vehicle that could chase a tank hiding up letting a sole little bastard to take the game as a draw even if not causing any damage.

  44. The_black_Frank_White

    Climbing should be not possible! I hope they will fix that!

  45. I agree with your position that this is really an “exploit”. It was obviously not intended that players be able to do this.

  46. BUFF ARTY!!!

  47. locations like these are very interesting, but unfortunately people do tend to take disadvantage from them

  48. Top tier heavy, loads skill ammo from the start, leaves the rest of the team to die while he is trying to climb imba rocks so he can farm all the dmg for himself… If that is the definition for a good player and the best AMX 50B game i might have to sell my acc soon…
    Sorry QB i almost always hit the like button on your videos but this one is a 100% dislike.

  49. Entfernter Verwandter

    Wow tier ..Coffee and only shoots gold ammo. This has nothing to do with skill. Agreed the mountain goating is nice ..but what does this have to do with skill when you watch some mediocre player throwing $ out of the window? Is this what this game has become? Spend the most $ and be the hero?

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