World of Tanks – How Do You F*%k That Up?

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You'd think wouldn't be fooled by this title but this is the same company that doesn't see anything suspicious about the person I've reported dozens of times who's spamming hundreds of scam comments in my videos over the course of at least three months, so hey… it's worth a try.

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  1. When the matchmaker funnels all the drinkers into the same match it gets pretty hilarious, eh? Stoners just want a good bush to chill in while they smoke on another bush.

  2. only 1 tank was used and it’s the enemy M53/M55

  3. Droid Control Ship

    Ah yes the M53
    World famous, concept only artillery which served during the U.S. / Vietnam war.

    Truly, a spectacular concept, it was so spectacular the concept alone managed to kill people! Who’dathunk.

    • Don’t forget the STB-1 which was the first prototype of what would become the type 74.
      Which is still in use.
      So yes thats a real tank. Or atleast a Tank that became a real one.

      Which asks the question why they did not just include the Type 74. They are only a couple of years seperated.

  4. I don’t see that many players play the AX, but when I do see one, it’s usually a decent player. And it’s a beautiful thing to see when someone takes this tank and makes it look easy lol

  5. The Object 777 was in a usual sniping spot on Sitinabushka. From “right at the back” you get an excellent view of the hill and can snipe the enemy really effectively. Of course, like all sniping spots, the enemy needs to co-operate. I guess the Object777 decided the enemy were not being bold enough, so he had to advance. Unusual to see a heavy tank there, though.

    • I mean, he didn’t do the 60TP and just sit in the bush while the team gets annihilated, when there were only 2 people spotting easy shots for him he decided to come and join the party, and even halped a little with the autoloader rush.

      So he was worth more to the team alive than dead, and did score 1300 damage in the end, so I’ll chalk him up as just ‘a bit of a numpty’ instead of ‘total potato’.

  6. Completely agree. And many people are under 50% win rate, so that means many people are paying WG to play tier ten because they need to refill their credits. Luckily, I have a few premium tanks, so I just play them whenever I get low on credits. But it’s one of WGs main ways of making money, to make people buy gold and premium time.

  7. 8:50 what is that heavy tank doing camping in the back island

  8. Real tanks? And you mentioned the Maus? I don’t see a Maus on the teamlist, Jingles. But if that’s what it is, what about the IS-7? That is “a real tank”, isn’t it? Have seen battle, back in WW2…
    The camping tactic always wins, doesn’t it? Too scared to get my precious tank damaged.
    Oh, or yell at others to get out there and do something, while hiding behind them, to proof, ‘ha-ha, I lasted the longest’
    The requirements for a Pascucci medal (or how ever it’s spelled) has been changed, over the years, Jingles. Earlier it was the minimum of three artillery, now it’s two, being the minimum.
    Acing a tank with a topgun, better do it in style or nothing worth watching.

    About Acing two tanks, with a topgun, on the same map?
    Though, nice job

  9. Christiaan Carstens

    Yes that credit income, rushan meth, I mean math.

  10. M53/55? Was real and in service .. I guess this is my ‘Actually Jingles…’ moment. lol But was it a real…’s artillery.. hmm..

  11. Those three had him right where he wanted them.

  12. aye jingles I found a tank that was real! the m53m55 on the enemy team. In fact right down the road from where I live there is one on display, I even have pictures of it! yes I know its not a tank its a SPG

  13. 4:38 I don’t play WoT, but my God the firepower coming in lmao

  14. What’s missing is the anti-tank ditch that the Russians dug for only their tanks to drive into and get picked off by the Germans. Access to that part of the Russian archives has now been disallowed to non Russian scholars.

  15. M53/55 is real yes?

  16. Each team had three players who did nothing?

  17. Your store might be down. Clicked to look at shirts and got a 404.

  18. Out of all the vehicle in that match up only three existed the m53/55 the ae phase one (I say this because the u.s back years after the the second world War test a vehicle platform with a four quad track design and found that the idea was not very sound for tanks) and the cent ax even though it was a prototype I still came off paper

  19. So what do we win if we spot a real tank? That STB-1 is about as real as they come, or to give it its actual army designation: Type 74.

    Think the chinese also have at least a WZ 111 hull in some backyard somewhere, saw Cone of Arc do a video on it.

  20. Does a full size wooden mock up count? LOL

  21. Very well played!

  22. M53/M55 was real. You could see it in old vids after they were replaced, towing artillery.

  23. Actually Jingles the STB-1 is a real tank. It is the developmental prototype for the Type 74. That said my definition of real is they had to build it

  24. Great upload, Jingles!
    *The broken economy, and not being able to afford to play the fun tanks (above tier 8) I worked so hard to earn, is why I stopped playing WoT years ago, lol*
    Astonished to see they have NEVER fixed that, lmao!

  25. M53/55 was a very really tank that we utilized in Korea and Vietnam to provide for support for operations

  26. Hi Jingles. In games like this it would be a lot easier to see what’s going on with grass in sniper mode disabled, which is probably how most of your replay submitters are playing.

  27. All I can say is that WG’s award system across all their platforms is one of the worst, if not the outright worst for game play. Anywhere else you make a few coins/dollars/credits on a win with a basic account even if you get absolutely slagged in the process and a premium account gives you quite a bit more in bonus money and items earned. Not so with WG. With them you get a kick in the head and, “If you want actual good stuff buy our lootboxes,” from which the payout is dollar per dollar actually worse than just staying with a premium account.

  28. Thank god a WOT video only took 6 other ones

  29. Yeah Prok is a great map. Spotting is the way to play it even if you are a medium or heavy

  30. The 121b is basically just the type 79

  31. Made breakfast this morning and burned everything because of a new stove I have to get used to. Went to YouTube to finding Jingles calling me out…

  32. Арктическое Лисицъё

    121B as Type 69 rebranded
    Conqueror as… Conq..? Unless I can call it a Caernarvon, it’s a conqueror and has over 100 units built.

    I’ve looked up 2 other tanks to see if they’re real and I’m already tired of this, have fun with this list :3

  33. the STB 1

  34. The M53/55 is kind of a real tank (if an SPG counts as a tank)

  35. If tier ten battles are a losing proposition, then why do so many players play tier ten battles?

  36. That was a quick one… wow… And spot the T10 real tank I wouldn’t dare, don’t know to much of tanks to even spot them .

  37. Syahareen Sha Rani

    You rarely see the Centurion Action X in tier 10 is sad that the tank got seriously outdated …

  38. WAIT are we suppose to just over look that the S-Con was talking doodoo after the feat at 7:50 ? like you know the same S-Con thats at 0 kills at the time (0_0)

  39. m55? I mean it isnt a tank its artilliary. but …

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