World of Tanks || How Many IS-3A’s Sold?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. The buffed IS-3A has been available for 2 weeks and you'll be shocked by how many accounts have them on EU.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. For where i live.. 1 euro is 7..

  2. Imagine how great tanks would be if a good gaming company were doing it.

  3. Between my friends and I (4of us)we bought a total of 7 sets of 75. We got 0 IS3A’s…..yup, 0. We are actually going deep into the statistics and against what everyone else has said the odds are. Would have been nice but might pick one up unless they only put it it in Christmas loot boxs.

  4. It is not OP in the hands of a mediocre player, it is absolutely not fool proof.

  5. Send 25 boxes as a gift for Christmas, my bro got one on the 17th! 🙂

  6. “World of OP Russian tanks”…however this spurs me to improve my own game in my terrible Chines tanks and other totally outdated tanks as the TogII 🙂

  7. LOL i open 3 boxes ang got it:D

  8. Bad player + op tank

    =this kind of game

  9. Greetings QuickyBaby and rest of players :-), i just want to know if “RNG” was main atribute for opening IS-3A. I rly think, that there is a algorythm, which bullying players which alrady spend money to this game. I opened 137 boxes and zero tier8 tank. Players which whole year didnt buy anyhing, open 3-15 boxes and ofc defender/IS3-A.

    This isnt crying, but i remember exactly the same situation last year.

    Coincidence… dont think so, think about it. 😉

  10. Dear Mr.Baby, I’m following you since ages. Sometimes you have your better moments and sometimes not, but will you please stop crying, that you didn’t got this IS3A from the loot boxes. The vehicle doesn’t have to be in the game and even speaking of it doesn’t do any good to the game. I’m an average noob and don’t have the time in spending every minute in playing – with the new OP tanks I feel cheated every time I meet one of them. The IS3a is a slap in the face of everyone, who grinded the oldscool trees and now have to deal with Italians with a FUCKING rail gun, impenetrable Swedes and now an IS3 from Mars…

    • And don’t get me wrong – stating the problems of the game is well appreciated – just stick to it and don’t say things like “hey, but if you have one of those, you’ll be able to beat the shit out of your opponents”

  11. Luckily most IS3A players on the Asia server are un experienced or unskilled players who got sucked into spending a fortune to become OP, which isnt quite happening for them … ‘they yolo and get focused like there’s no tomorrow. I love seeing them in the sight of my GW Tigerp

  12. They got my 40 bucks, and I got it around the 20th one I opened, so I’m pretty happy.

  13. O F F Sake..stop it wil ya.. Its there..point..enjoy it or hate it. but stop whining about it

  14. If i were you quick i would just boycott all future IS-3A replays in protest.

  15. It’s obviously predatory gamble, why so many people doing it?!
    That’s so many money WASTED DAMN IT

  16. Autoloaders are poison for the game. This mechanism should be removed.

  17. No box bought this year… and got no tank! 🙂 Not one more single cent for this bullshit.

  18. This tank is no where near as op as qb suggests, yes at top tier like this when you are good player 9 times out of 10 you will always be able carry. First game I was top tier got 4,8k damage and ace tanker. The gun on this is garbage at range it’s hilariously bad.

  19. I bought 80 boxes. I got only 3 x 5t. This is not normal .

  20. Before WG changed it, i really wanted the IS-3A because i love my Standard IS3 and a Premium version looked nice. Now that is ‘that’ i really think it’s ok not to have it and promote this kind of behavior from WG.

  21. Got the IS3-A and the Defender in my 1st 10 boxes 🙂

  22. The turret shape of the normal IS3 is different. The tank is a lot more sluggish as the IS3 and the shells go everywhere on medium or long range. I have both and my WR in the standard IS3 is a lot higher. In some situations I do really good in it. And on long range it is nice to have the autoloader because 2 of the 3 shells will mis. But the normal IS3 would only need one shell.
    You can find videos of a over-performing tank for every tank model on you tube. People do not upload all the bad games they have in that tank. They upload the games that are much better as their average battles.
    If the IS3A is OP the old IS3A should have been already a good tank like the IS3 is, but everybody hated the old IS3A. I was really happy to get one but I prefer the IS3 over the IS3A so it was a bit disappointing. So do not buy extra boxes in the hope to get this tank. It is not as good as they let you think.

  23. I think it is VERY wrong of WG to be pushing gambling into the game with super rare and OP premium tanks as the marketing bait. Cosmetics fine, but not some super rare tank that they know everyone wants. And no I’m not crying because I didn’t get one, as I got lucky last year and this year. I also think these tanks should be sold to the general player base if even for only 24 hours.

  24. ahahha I’ve actually bought 6 loot boxes and i got just an KV220-2

  25. 55k players to get their asses kicked 🙂 … when it gets in tier 10 matches… is3-a’s are rubish!

  26. Actually, QB, the plural of IS-3A is IS-3As, not IS-3A’s.

  27. I have buy IS3A when is come out now its better but 8 out of 10 games is 10 tier games that is horrible. But i buy now 3 loop box and i got very lucky , i get defender

  28. just one more OP tank

  29. Hellsrevenge is one of the worstes team players ever seen. Why i have to see this QB!? Its just rediculous how he lets everybody die around him, and staying there with full hp, since he could angle and bring his hp in. What a selfish bastard u gave an episode here….
    And what is wrong with artis in the end, why he penetrates a t29 with a snapshoot into the turret, half of his hit where just luckshoots that weren’t even aimed…. he was just lucky, greedy and overall really bad and you show this too us!? Why QB!?!? He did nothing intelligent/creative, no even worst, he desided so often so wrong and just got lucky that the enemie desided even more stupid. Defaq?

  30. I opened 31 lootboxes and i got is-3a but i wanted to get defender i was so hyped when i got is-3a because there was only last 3 lootboxes left on my acc

  31. I opened 11 boxes just for shits and giggles. Didn’t even expect any tanks but I got the IS-3A from the last box xD. I’m a mediocre player but am still pushing over 2.5k avg damage and 60% winrate so yeah I think its broken! But it’s fun tho:”D!

  32. I did buy myself a christmas present and got 25 boxes for 40 euros
    It’s a little christmas thing i buy for myself every year and if you play a game that much then i don’t mind putting in some money every now and then
    Did it more for the tier 10 skins and getting the christmas tree to level 10 than for a tier 8 premium
    had a lot of luck though, IS-3A, Scorpion G, 2 skins (batchat and grille) and simon claus
    next to 21 days of premium, 9750 gold and 800.000 silver
    got about 120 euro of value out of it so i’m not mad haha

  33. as they sold so many, they probably cannot crawl back – i mean, nerf it back where it belongs to…. (just thinking) or maybe they can/will, cos nobody really “bought” it, so it wasn’t “sold”.. all just have “won” it.. so it was a candy in a box – it’s a different story… 😉 i mean, some bought the normal version… and the version on steroids was “given” really… (i guess they clarified that for sure with their lawyers) haha – prepare for nerfbat still! it was a teaser to make money on x-mas… and it worked, so this tool gets scrapped maybe later on..

  34. Got 1 free from event, found lefefe inside
    Wondering how many more lefefes are in MM now

  35. nothing special maybe
    just a op tank
    with a coincident player and timing

  36. Much more loot crates than 5M as several youtubers is3a turned to gold
    I still have hope for a nerf as people who bought it in shop bought old version and new one is only from gamble so WG can say that they didnt have to buy loot boxes

  37. 5.5 million loot boxes? You’ve just caught Chris Roberts’ attention.

  38. Well … didn’t you day, that the IS-3A is vulnerable at long-range ? Then why does it’s spotting circle look like 455m ? XD

  39. Fuck WG this shit way too OP..

  40. All who got this tank spams only. Gold.. Can’t enjoy tier 7 even..

  41. maths noob alert – assumes 1 in 10 chance to win is3a, bases lootbox spend on made up numbers.

    ignores all the other tanks, gold and benefits that loot boxes bring.
    loot box buyers always get a good deal more than the usual shop cost of the goods they unwrap.

  42. It has an auto loader but its heaver and worse in nearly every other way. Get a defender

  43. me got one!

  44. You were warned years ago about loot crates, and buying bullshit DLC. You didn’t listen…so now enjoy what you’ve done to the world of gaming and stop whining about it.

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