World of Tanks || How not to play the VK28.01 Have a Laugh Gameplay Tutorial (joking ofc)

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks || How not to play the VK28.01 Have a Laugh Gameplay Tutorial (joking ofc)

The one where Sir Havoc teams up with his mates Oinked & Dalelerah for some online Tomfoolery
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  1. Stephen st.clair

    Hey Pete that was awesome……I thought nothing would top the belly dance
    but the whole vid had me rolling around………mega my friend keep it up

  2. That was funny. Hope Dale lightens up a bit–he didn’t seem to get you and
    Oinked’s sense of humor. But anyone should know you can be hilarious after
    watching the belly dance.

    • +Richard Rhiew Honestly Dale was fine it was part of the show, anyone who
      watches my streams knows that no one has the piss taken out of them by the
      guest and audience more than myself. Its part of the show we laugh and
      continue, Dale played his part well.

  3. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Yeah they line the goats up and for nuclear missiles at them Havoc. XD

  4. Arty says hi

  5. Unicum banter ?

  6. lmao ooooopppppps

  7. Love the Hunter turned photographer quote. . Got a few members of our clan
    that play like that. . We are making watching your Wot uni vids a
    requirement for new recruits. . Gonna have a quiz just to make sure .:) a
    few games ago I used your forward back dodging technique to cap an enemy
    base 100% on my own while out of ammo, constantly under fire and
    outnumbered. Was a lol moment. Saved the vid but not sure how to send it to

  8. Nice to see Pete having a game like us mortals.
    -Big Paulie W-Uni NA

  9. Nice video! Good to see people enjoying the game rather than raging over

  10. Great video as usual XD, when are you going to do TD videos?

  11. The butthurt is strong in Dale

  12. +t6finch did you watch until the end, sir_havoc does explain to the guy
    that they were just joking around and apologised if he had offended him.

  13. That was too good I haven’t laughed as hard as that in ages.

  14. real men use autoloader on 59-16

  15. Why are you being mean to that guy in your platoon? He clearly wasnt keen
    on it. You sound like a fucking tosser. Unsubbed.

    • +t6finch also please do not forget to see that Dale outplayed us in the
      last two matches, it was what it says in the description tomfoolery and a
      laugh and please do not use language on here bro kids read these comments,
      play safe, have fun and thanks for watching even if it is the last time 🙂

    • +t6finch It’s not so much being mean, we all enjoy a bit of light hearted
      banter! Dale is a great guy and we love him!

    • +Jesse Quindel also in my community i am the FIRST one to have and allow
      the piss to be taken out of me, its what we are about have a joke and have
      a laugh 🙂

    • +t6finch lol how funny Dale is my friend it was all an act!!!!

    • +t6finch haha we do that shit in my toons all the time, sure sometimes
      people take it personally but we’re (for the most part) men. You suck it up
      especially when it is so obviously a joke, we all take our turns being the
      punching bag and no1 should take offence

  16. If you would talk like this in all your videos. Then they all would be much
    more fun to watch ;)

  17. when enemy tank is running away from you there is 9/10 chance that they are
    leading you into a trap…

  18. Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing! That was such a fun game, even though I
    got shotgunned in a quite inconvenient manner! I watched over the replay
    again, I actually did hit the front of the M40 with a shot… but it
    bounced!!! Oh, and then I did actually get hit by BOTH arty!!!

    Would love to come play with you again

  19. any chance you could upload your mod pack?

    • +modest123 I’m pretty certain Havoc uses aslains mod pack installer… its
      got lots of options on it though… I use it too and if you take a look at
      my latest video you’ll see that my tanks looks completely different to
      havocs. It allows you to pick and choose what mods you want and leave the
      ones you dont.

  20. Lmao 0:52 – 1:04

  21. Richard Griffiths

    this game was too hard to try to stay serious on

  22. A funny how not to game with some great lol moments for light hearted side
    aching belly laughs

    • i beleive the best on for me is aslains modpack bro

    • Hey,
      Do you think you could do a video on best mod packs for WoT? I’m a beginner
      to all these mods and pretty confused about them. You know like you can
      explain what are pros and cons etc. Or where can I find info on this
      subject? Thanks in advance, cheers

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