World of Tanks || How to Bush

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Schmauchklaus going to show you a perfect example of using camouflage, mobilty and a ferocious gun on the T10 medium the to dominate. How to use bushes…

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. eventually lets hope it’s worth it

  2. FIRST!!!!!!!!

  3. First?

  4. Klaus.. hue hue if you know who i mean :P

  5. Dont mind me im fine

    43 secs ago :D

  6. 5th!!

  7. Any one doing the first thing?

  8. You mean how to camp? :D

  9. Nice, Leo 1 is a sexy tank

  10. Don’t wanna be THAT guy, but 89th!!!

  11. First comment

  12. First :P

  13. Woo hoo under 301!!

  14. Am I first to comment? YES! Achievement unlocked! Hi, QB

  15. Woah, That was an awesome replay!

  16. pimmerdd Gaming & Meer

    Leopard = most OP tank of WW2

  17. Victor Furubotn Storum

    Realy Nice i seeing all your vidios and whish you and peppey new year! LY

  18. Im really happy that e25 is gone, now i have a rare tank in my garage for
    the future and no noobs will play with it.

  19. Nice video

  20. Leopard 1 <3

  21. How to fap maybe?

  22. Love it. Didn’t know about it. Will use it hard.

  23. I want to see QB play more in his videos…

  24. What crew skills do u suggest on a Leopard1?

  25. I gave this a thumbs up. And i rarely do that. GREAT game.

  26. I’m german, and it’s sound’s sooo funny when you say Schmauklaus :P

  27. Game mechanics my ass. That hill up there is bugged as all hell! I can’t be
    parked there in my light tank or fire low caliber guns without being
    spotted by the tanks on the other side. Yes, doing the same thing.
    Grats to the Leo driver, but this was bullshit.

  28. да у них там одно рачье играет

  29. Was an awesome replay. Did I see the ISU 152 alive during the replay but
    when he showed the battle stats it shows as he was dead?? 

  30. t28 prototype or t30 review? :)

  31. came here for claus comment, still not posted ;/

  32. Im a master bushworker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. so manny likes lol 27

  34. Well there was a 55kWN8 ELC somewhere. Thought it would get something.

  35. George Bush approves of this Bush video.

  36. QB could you turn off this greeni thing which comes when you scope in? they
    wanted to simulate glas but it looks shit haha

  37. I actually learned something

  38. Hey QuickyBaby when the replay starts skipping pause it really quick and
    the skipping will stop 

  39. Could u play some war thunder pls. Wot really appreciate that :)

  40. What software do you use to record your voice for videos?

  41. EfficiencyBestMetric

    E50M still better just because of the armor IMHO.. 

  42. Good Game, glad to see a nice Leopard 1 replay.

  43. This video will teach you how to Bush-Fu

  44. Amazing

  45. Is for to be Claus for favorites name for to see for replay. For why? For
    because is say Schmell Claus! Is for to be funnies for me. Buts. Let’s for
    to be serious for minutes. Claus for to haves question. Is enemies tank for
    go hill for is pokes over for thens is be shoots for by Smell Claus. Is for
    to be shoots ones time. Is no sees Smell Claus. Is for to be shoots two
    times by Smell Claus is no see Smell Claus. Is for to be shot three time.
    For four time. For five time. Is what’s do enemy? Is backs off for so stops
    be shot? NO! Is for moves forward for to spots who for to shoots them? NO!
    Is for to shoots back blind for only ones place for can be is obvious is
    froms bush is be shot is shoots blind for bush? NO! Is for do anything? NO!
    Is what do? Is sits for be on hill for waits for like stupids duck for
    let’s Smell Claus shoots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 time for alls be dead! Is so
    stupids. Is thinks looks me I for to be sits on hill oh looks I for to be
    shot I for stay here oh I for to be shot again I for should moves back for
    maybe move forward for maybe shoot blind no I for just sits same spot oh
    for I be hits again for what’s do now for maybe I just for to sits same
    spot for more for maybe enemy stops for shoot me. LOL! Is what’s think?
    Claus explain what’s think. Is thinks nothing! Is no thinks! Is for what’s
    is be for to be define is “stupids”. Claus is for certain if you looks up
    word “stupids” in dictionary for English is have picture of those enemy.
    Looks up for check is must be true. If you for to looks up for dictionary
    for meaning of word “smart” is for to have picture ofs Smell Claus? NO! Ofs
    course nots! Is you for to be for too stupids? Is you nots learn anything?
    Ifs you for to looks up for English dictionary for word “smart” what for
    you to see? Is be picture of Claus! YES! 

  46. What software do you use to record your voice for videos, quickybaby?

  47. I just researched the Leo 1 and I am really looking forwards to buying and
    playing it!

  48. Ferocious german gun? Isnt the leopard 1 using a british gun?

  49. This is probably the compensation and due reward for all the shitty games
    he had being forced to play on brawl maps in this sweet sexy tank

  50. awesome tactic !!! :)

  51. Fires heat at jgpz e100 side skirts… gl..

  52. Ι musturbated after this sniping

  53. Leopard 1 or STB-1 ?

  54. I sense an incoming removal of bushes on that hilltop. Not because of this
    game but because they have been removing bushes all over for quite a while

  55. quite old QB replay of version 9.2
    How about something newer?

  56. my fav t10 med 🙂 such a great gun on a mobile tank can only be fun. at
    least if you do not get a corridor map :P

  57. the lepord 1 is awsome

  58. do a video on chi he

  59. GG Schmauchi…told you QB would like this Video.
    Greetings from [DIN] Keep up the work *thumbs up*

  60. if you look closely, you can see a .txt file on his desktop that reads:


  61. So impressive that he’d scored 3k damage and made the hill entirely
    unusable for the other team and yet they still hadn’t spotted him. They
    were being completely thrown back by an invisible DPM until 4 minutes in

  62. Troll video 

  63. we would now if we used damage log mod

  64. Highground is key, most people don’t know it 

  65. inb4 “enemy was noob, player was lucky”

  66. A well played use of the broken spotting system in WOT. A tank that close
    to an enemy should not be able to stay invisible.

  67. I’ve had those matches where you in get the right spot and start nailing
    everybody. Nice having tanks move right where you want them to just keep
    nailing them for lots of damage. Most enemy tanks seemed lost. Last kill on
    the tank where the player was away from keyboard till almost the end. Stop
    micro analyzing the game. It’s just a game. 

  68. Shouldn’t he have gotten a mastery badge?

  69. Great game, just skill and brain!

  70. More stb 1 pls

  71. That guy spewed Gold ammo, 4 of 5 shells. Still very good maneuvering and
    use of ‘bring me a shrubbery!’! He must be a Knight who says ‘Ni!’

  72. only highroll for him ….

  73. That ISU – survives to the very end in a tier 10 game. I expected a good
    game for him. Then – 0 damage and 18 XP.

  74. fucking gold spamming bitch boi

  75. leopard 1 is my favourite tier 10 medium, i just love the darn thing 

  76. Not all that impressed, he was up against some real donkeys that had no
    idea how to play. Not one of them pressed the hill to proxy spot him. None
    of them had any view range to spot him. He had someone else doing the
    spotting for him most of the time and basically took advantage of crappy
    game mechanics. I can send you any number of replays where I carried games
    and earned more base xp while only doing 6-7k damage and didn’t take
    advantage of garbage game mechanics. 

  77. Meh that was pure luck, he got half his damage from an AFK Panther

  78. I think the proper term for it is boosh.

  79. hey QB what is the name of the replay site ?

  80. A few things: 1: As he moves back, he’s losing what camo he had standing
    still, which affects number 2: Which is that at close ranges, vehicles with
    good view range can see through bushes. Granted the Leopard 1 has amazing
    camo (And with his camo paint, he gets a further boost), but if those
    heavies had pushed a bit more, they probably would’ve seen through the

  81. I love the leo

  82. Is there more accurate gun than this gun on leo 1?

  83. Jagpanzer E-100 calls him a hacker… Tier 10 and still doesn’t know game

  84. He seems to not be running optics. My leo pt has a larger view circle with
    optics. I wonder what he runs instead.

  85. Why the fuck he doesnt got acetanker?????

  86. Great battle congratulation! QuickyBaby look at the PwlusSidewinder battles
    on Leopard 1. He shows that this tank isn’t only good sniper tank, he is
    playing very aggressive battles… I thing that Leopard 1 is probably the
    best medium tank in the game.

  87. Leopard 1 gun is german’ rheinmetal gun of high speed shell

  88. whatch to the left of the screen, a tree is going to fall 9:57 i think he
    used hes repair-kit and backed off

  89. does this bush mechanism works the same on lowest graphics ( standard ) ? 

  90. quickly, do you tank anymore?

  91. Magoskillz Magoskillz


  92. QUICKY BBY!!! WHY YEW SHOW DIS FEHGIT!?!?!?!?! I am dew bettar with mi T1
    Cunningham!!! I dew bettar cuhz I am a no life looozer who complanes on yer
    viders aboot howwww betterar I is!!!! 

  93. Thats not even a mastery?

  94. he is shooting gold unfair!

  95. Ярослав Филимонов

    Wonderful battle!

  96. The opposite of transparent is opaque.

  97. Game on the leopard :

    Start the battle , get quick into position and wait for the enemies … I
    get spotted … I pull back and…. BOOM oneshotted by artillery … End of
    the game.

    Game on the e 50m :

    Get quick into position i get spotted and .. Ding ding ding i start bounce
    shells from jagpanzers, t1103s , fv 183 s , then i pull back and i end up
    to do more than 5k dmg and at least a ramm kill at the end of the game
    ….. Thats the difference between e50m and leo

  98. Were is the Cromwell vid that you talked about on stream

  99. i constantly find when doing bush work i still get spotted, i know how to
    and still know how to after watching this video.

    Example sitting in the bush on fiery salient with a light tank spotting and
    not shooting and get spotted and i’m wondering hooowwww

    GG looked awesome and the best way to Bush is to invade afghanistan (sry
    america no offence meant) 

  100. great play. congrats schmauchklaus! qb..these are the vids that u must
    upload, not some lucky ass noob getting a great game because the other team
    are donkeys

  101. Well played mate ! This totally beats my 8700 Pool’s medal in STB hah. !

  102. Failed to mention that the Leo 1 crew had designated target and full camo
    perks… certainly helps a lot with this tactic/tank/position

  103. Great vid – tank you…

  104. He did more damage than his entire team combined, holy shit!

  105. This will I hope help me stay alive more as I never knew this?
    Maybe QB should find more of these gems for us NOOB tankers who watch all
    they can to try and get better? Tank Training School? :)

  106. Very good Leopard1 play. A pleasure to watch!

  107. Who knew that all you had to do to be a HACKER is to actually have a
    working understanding of the game mechanics. :P

  108. Unfortunately this type of spotting doesn’t work on the 360 version or the
    game is very very picky when it does.

  109. How you can have the freecamera

  110. My Leo is my fav tank, these kinds of vids are exactly how it is supposed
    to be played, just don’t YOLO about because it’s fast and you should do ok

  111. Hello and thank you again for your videos which are one more to perfect me.
    On the other hand I am French and credit note under titration by you tube
    would be one more to understand(include) everything. My English is one can
    light. Thanks to you

  112. this was the reply to the E50M replay..

  113. 14:15 Defender – reduce the cap by 700cp lol

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