World of Tanks || How to Carry, How to Throw

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Today I’m playing in the T8 French premium medium the CDC in a round where at I then throw so .

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  1. Qb why do you have that damage-taken-counter in your game? I do have
    installed your modpack and i like it and it works but i don’t have that
    damage-taken thing.. can you put that in your modpack if its not in there

  2. Srđan Marjanović

    sranje klip

  3. иван игнатски

    Хааха i love this position 😀 but my view range is not so high and i use

  4. It happens to me so often, carry the game hard at the beginning and then
    some light goes up saying “ok, now do something stupid because the enemy
    will just surrender to your skill anyway”.. which of course does not
    happen, and the advantage (in case it wasn’t really huge) just blows up as
    soon as i am dead. I am sure that lack of discipline cost me 1% in WR..

  5. what a great game!!! 9 time in a row chances to win under 30%(12%,18% 22%
    etc)lost all of it! in one battle my entire team has 18k battles and first
    4 enemy players has 114 k battles! so balanced! nice little pay to win

  6. I think the ELC AMX has better h/t ratio

  7. Tuomas Heikkinen

    QB u have this same video where u drive the CDC. I watched it about 1month
    earlier. why u have same video 2times? 

  8. If u have a lemming team like this, you can better play with the lemmings
    and help them to secure that flank instead of useless defend on the other

  9. Love your accent it makes you sound smart, unlike my American accent.
    Although, confronting some ruffians in a dark alley my accent has its

  10. Ofc he god in cdc in t8 game…i played 200+ games and never,fucking never
    got to be top tier..FUCK YOU WG

  11. Quickybaby are you nemo and Marian from finding nemo

    Then we go out and back in, and then we go out and then back in

  12. *Most important tip:* If you see that a flank is being pushed hard and you
    are in a position to support them, get your behind over there and help.

    If your team-mates on your flank can easily handle the situation, don’t got
    for the cheap damage yourself but move to where you are actually needed to
    win the match.

  13. I do like the big guns on say the FV215b 183, or the aggressiveness of
    tanks like the T-57 Heavy, but I LOVE the enjoyment and overall team
    effectiveness I get from higher tiered light and medium tanks. If you have
    a relatively competent team, you can usually add more to the battle by
    being a good spotter/lone tank assassin.

  14. Location, accurate shooting (detracking), reacting to the mini-map.

  15. Lern deutsch 

  16. Nice play, Cpt Obvious.


  18. John Keith Llenado

    can you add the damage received panel in your mod? or can u give a link to
    where i can add one in your excising mod… thnx

  19. Thanx for the video QB, entertaining & helpfull as always. Plz could u
    update u r mediafire file for u r modpack . Thanx in advance

  20. I really liked this video, seeing a bit more of these kind of mediocre
    games. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see the epic 15-kill games but these
    kind of matches are nice spice to keep it mixed up and fresh. Educational,

  21. no no normal speed is too slow we’re going to have to go to ludicrous speed

  22. “Pretty much anything that fire at it (CDC) overmatches the armor”

    Right, i think if i did not clean my replays folder few weeks ago, i would
    have enough material to make you a nice “How to bounce a CDC” montage :-D

  23. i watched this on stream.. so did u actually just donkey’d out or assumed
    enemies will not be able to win in time, so it’s kinda safe to go ham?

  24. and again… QB is over
    estimating his role as a talkshow host. “Let’s talk about this game”….
    no, let’s not!

  25. How can you see who did damage to you? How do you enable that on XVM?

  26. Really useful vid QB. Thanks for uploading :)

  27. How to carry so hard then throw the game: Spot targets, shoot to 2x your
    hp, then get randomly 1shot by clickers.

  28. QB, should I get the T-62A or Object?I am around 40-45k xp away fr om
    getting one of em.

  29. You can tell your married. all you want to do is go in and out of a
    bush)))) great video quicky))) thanks

  30. You make everyone playing this game chai snipe…Moves have to be bad and
    flanks have to be cleared. Chai sniping doesnt do that

  31. Chai snipe, run back, chai snipe, run back. Rinse repeat

  32. Great tutorial

  33. We dont see the dammage taken with ur mod pack right ? I dont remember a
    game when i saw -*dammage* from *tankname* while im using ur mods :/

  34. Hey QuickyBaby!
    What do you think about the tier V German TD the Stug lll G? Would you
    recommend it?
    Anyway I would like to thank you for all of your EPIC videos and live
    See you soon 😀

  35. mitchell mccormack

    Please showcase something with the t26e4 superpershing 

  36. Want a high winrate? Seal club in low tier games. Want a high WN8? Stat pad
    with the M41 Walker Bulldog. Want to have fun? Ignore stats

  37. I have a carry game with winning in the last seconds, where can I share it
    with you?

  38. Never go full Rtard in wot

  39. Hmm…ain’t the engine in the JagdPanther II in the middle-front of the
    vehicle and the back is reserved for ammo and personnel? Around 8:10 think
    you went mechanical and just targeted the back, but for a fire would need
    to be more in the center of the vehicle, yes?

  40. I need help getting back that line thing that shows on the minimap and
    shows where you’re pointing at. I’m using Quickybaby’s mod but it’s not
    there 🙁 can someone please help me. Thanks :P

  41. Hey QB what is that damage panel mod? Could you add it to your modpack?
    Read more Show less
    Reply · 1

  42. the BT-2 Russian tier 2 scout tank has the highest power to weight ratio
    at 40 to 1

  43. does the new modpack update from a week ago also has this damage announcer?

  44. Bats are not blind, QuickyBaby. Most have very good eyesight.

  45. One of my Kolobanov medals was on Sand River in Assault mode. I was in
    Comet on the defenders side,1 min left, my last teammate died and I simply
    drove down the empty flank… win against 5 enemies (that were alive). Well
    earned I’d say.^^

  46. Even pros are morons :D

  47. Spamming HEAT in a gold tank. *facepalm* This is why I am hoping AW kills
    this bitch.

  48. 20 HE rounds? Is that necessary?

  49. LOOOL I got my first kolobanov’s medal on that map in a Centurion I :’) all
    i did when it was 1vs 5 with 1 mil 30 secs left is camp at the back and
    track tanks as they approached until arty nearly wrecked me :(

  50. Hi quickybaby did you ever think to make a tutorial video for the new guys
    how to play and stuff like that :D?

  51. The most important thing for a tank isn’t it’s wiev range or camo rate or
    mobility. The 1 single most important thing in a tank is a strong turret
    front. You can NEVER rely on not being spotted no matter how good your
    camorate is. Also those bush mechanics is something that you can always do
    with any tank. But every map or every situation isn’t supporting that type
    of playing. Where as in every battle you fight you can find hull down
    positions but if your armor doesn’t have any tough points it just doesn’t
    matter how well you use covers because in order to shoot them you will have
    to expose at least a part of your turret to them. So yeah turret front has
    to be able to hold anything they can throw at you. INCLUDING kitchen sink.

  52. Richard Gustafsson

    15:15 I did almost 4k dmg in cdc just some days ago (Tier 9 game) :)

  53. Leonardo Morellato

    1:02 hahahaha is killing me, so funny

  54. I’m a carry player. I don’t leave it up to the team or blame the team. I’m
    the constant, all the pro tips didn’t help until I got a Quicky attitude.
    After I learned everything else, attitude became everything.

  55. Very refreshing, liked this one a lot, cheers !

  56. Svetlana Veljanoska

    Yay , potato player QB jk, that was a good game with a perfect point :)

  57. throughlifeagain

    This type of informative gameplay is very nice!

  58. throughlifeagain

    WWill you upload this new version of your mod pack QB? kinda like the new

  59. I think the only things that might have better p/w than it are the ELC AMX
    and the LTTB

  60. thnx for advices

  61. cdc new name is tin foil hat

  62. 0:30 absolutely Ludacris :D

  63. Steven Ribberink

    QB I really dont like (maybe even hate) the fact you are using a hitlog
    WITH the tank names. That jpanther 2 hasnt even been spotted when he shot
    you, and still the mod told you which tank it was. Thats a bit like
    cheeting in my eyes… :(

  64. carrying a game for me is pure map awareness and moving around alot.

  65. Great work QB, I learn a lot from you!

  66. Helixx_330 gaming

    300 views 1000 likes wtf???

  67. watched this live on the stream…

  68. How many tanks do you need to defend Paris ? no one knows, cos no one has
    ever tried.

    • Vladimír Kubinec

      +GeX223 just one white flag

    • Grandel svk (Pravdomluvný)

      +Kibble Jerf it may be joke for some people that know something of french
      military history, but don’t forget that this is internet and not everyone
      takes this only as making fun of french surrender during WW 2 but they
      might also believe it. So it is always good to remind them that it is not

      JOKE IT WAS A JOKE IT WAS A JOKE IT WAS A JOKE…. Did you know it was a

    • +GeX223 Your ignorance embarrasses us both…

    • Lol so true

  69. Self-criticalBaby

  70. Too many sky cancers have one shotted me, because broken mechanic,in this
    tank yet I still love it. Almost got my 3rd MoE today. 

  71. I have the feeling I have seen this match before…

    • If you are watching his streams you will know it i dont think he mentioned
      it but this game actually happebd on his livestream

  72. 2:05 *Good. Hit. There.* yeah QB is totally not salty about that…

  73. how can I get the damage indicator for recieved damage?

  74. Wait…. spotting damage doesn’t affect WN8 ratings??? That is 100% stupid.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Nuclear Disco Donkey WN8 is a per-tank rating, you cant “just play certain
      tanks” to increase it. if you play a few tanks in which you do good damage
      but suck in everything else, your wn8 will go down…
      And “plain damage” wins games, not “i camp at the spawn and i block X
      A camper blocking X location but not shooting anything wont get rewarded
      for good reason, if you re not shooting/spotting, you re useless to your

    • Nuclear Disco Donkey

      +PCWarMachine I don’t give 2 cents for those mods. They don’t reward
      situations where you, by just being present at a certain location, held off
      the enemy alone. And yes ratings should consist of as much info as
      possible. Not just plain DMG as everyone can pull off in cartain tanks.
      That is not skill – just sad.

    • Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

      +PCWarMachine The reasons behind the attributes affecting wn8 are here In short – they did some research
      on attributes that players with highest WR had and assumed their effect on
      winning a game. Anyway you do get some bonus for being the first to spot a
      tank, i.e. you have WN8 increased for spotting, but not for assistance dmg.
      I assume though that the reason behind not having assistance dmg affecting
      the WN8 at all might be – as it was said – that it came to stats only after
      8.8 patch. I’d personally like to see it there though, as I’m most sure to
      have won a bunch of battles by aggressive spotting resulting in several K
      of assistence dmg

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +gottwy CZ and anyway spotting in the current meta is completely irrelevant
      on most maps. You might as well just play your lights as shitty mediums. A
      light who is doing damage is one more tank doing damage, compared the the
      enemy team light tank who died in the first 30 seconds. So you basically
      play 15 vs 14 if you play your lights as damage dealers when spotting is

    • +PCWarMachine It isnt. Spotting dmg is only recorded after patch 8.8. So if
      you would count spot half of the players would have completly inacurrate

  75. You talk about the way you used the spotting mechanic and bush work as the
    “main” reason you managed to carry. But in honest. Lots of decent/good
    players are good at that. Think you underestimate the “awarness and
    understanding flow” of a battle. You saw that your flank was gonna fall,
    you did something about it before it was to late. That is what seperate the
    really good players from the good players. All good players can angle, shot
    weakspots, aim right, sidescrape. But to be unicum you also has to have the
    understanding of battleflow and be able to take the “right” decisions at
    the right time. Had you not fallen back, you had died and not been able to
    show off some fancy bush work :).
    Im a 1800 player with 54 % winrate (very few platoons ) And i think i need
    to improve that understanding to be able to carry more. 

  76. Hey QB what is that damage panel mod? Could you add it to your modpack?
    Like this comment so he can see it!

  77. impossible to get into your live streaming, some retarded M4real is
    freebaning everyone, is he on drugs??

    • Frankie Diamonds

      +Caleb Youngs Most streamers have moderators in their chats. And Twitch
      itself has bots that autoban/time out for certain things

    • +Julius K. XD Wait, QB has a bouncer for his livestream? That’s so cool.
      Obviously, I don’t ever watch his livestreams..

    • Vladimír Kubinec

      in past trolling was strong in QB’s chat, nowadays is too harsh from M4,
      not that much fun, QB should look into it

    • Frankie Diamonds

      +captainaustria95 Actually the last time I watched QB stream, QB was vocal
      that M4 was acting a fool.

    • captainaustria95

      hm, maybe u should check the Stream Rules b4. Usually M4real doesnt ban
      often and if he does, he has a reason.

  78. The audio is out of sync for me, any idea why?

  79. For such a lightly armoured tank, it does seem to get a healthy amount of

  80. Pessi Lyytikainen

    QB, what equipment are you ysing on your CDC? I have used vents, rammer and
    optics and getting 3 marks wasn’t that hard.

  81. Alexandar Milissov

    pls make live videos on youtube

  82. i had a round where i did 4k damage in my ferdiant and i was trying to
    complet a mission (3k damage and a kill) BUT sadlig i didnt get a kill :(

  83. you are REALLY after those warrior badges quicky ……

  84. What is this red pill, blue pill event? I’ve had some garage ad 15 minutes
    ago, but i ignored it

    • Just the chance to watch people in the same 5 or so tanks fight. I get
      kinda bored watching 3 Is-3s and 2 AMXs fight another team of the same make

  85. sadly that perfect bush work done by quickybaby is considered by many as
    “Cheating” because they can’t see him so he must be “Cheating”

  86. Why you started uploading videos with 48FPS. I cant wach HD now easily. :(

  87. QB did you upgrade your modpack with a hitlog?

  88. I have seen this video on the live stream on Twitch.
    And that has been one of my first videos that I have seen on the live
    stream !

  89. Les meilleurs char c les Français

  90. QB, I really did appreciate watching that. My biggest fault is that I
    would have not retreated soon enough, and would have gotten wrecked very
    early in the game. I will have to try and save my tank to defend the cap
    than just sacrifice it. Thanks for that replay, it was one of your best.

  91. I have 2 stell wars in cdc

  92. Can anyone tell me what the ingame voice says at 1:11 ? I do not understand
    french but I really want to know what it means! “il ecri passio sivo”?
    Probably can’t even type it!

  93. The game really is rewarding players for the wrong actions. Winning is the
    ultimate goal of any match, yet people are individually rewarded for doing
    well in a battle, rather than for the outcome itself. Now while a
    non-abusable reward system that rewards players for game-winning actions is
    very difficult to make, I still think that there are many ways how WG could
    change the way people get xp and creds in WoT in order to motivate people
    to just play to win, rather than play to get best performance/rewards.

    • +UrbanTarzan Duh So people trying to lose to get a good outcome for
      themself? Nonsense

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Jesse James Sure you can, but when all the odds are stacked against me; im
      not taking any chances. Sometimes a competent enemy team will do stupid
      shit and throw the game away, 99% of the time they wont.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup ye, u can end up winning it sometimes that way too

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +UrbanTarzan Duh Theres plenty of games that you can consider “impossible”
      to win right from start. 5 abysmal tomatoes at the top of the list of your
      team? Not a single heavy tank vs 5 top tier heavies on
      himmelsdorf/ensk/kharkov? Malinovka/prokhorovka without a single decent
      light/medium player on your team to control the battle? Might as well farm
      as much damage and points as possible before going down, you ll get
      overwhelmed at some point anyway.

    • Vladimír Kubinec

      +UrbanTarzan Duh they should introduce some reward mechanics based on win
      ratio, something like bonus for better WR

  94. one of your best videos QB.
    btw.. my clan (DSTL) fought a battle with yours a few days ago.

  95. today I have 2 carry’s one with Chi-nu and other with T67, with the Chi-nu
    I had just to kill, in that I kill 5, on T67 I made a lot of damage and
    also spotting damage, because I have binoculars on it.

  96. I want the CDC to finally be changed to a TD

  97. Best power to weight ratio in WOT is:
    1-bt 2
    2-elc amx
    3-t2 light

  98. The BT-2 has the highest horsepower to ton at 42.02 ;)

  99. I think, much dmg is good, but dmg on the wrong place can lose rounds.
    Thats my experience.

  100. Bt-2 have highter in the game like 45

  101. Oh please, FCM 50 T is just so much better than that tank.

  102. JohnGC's Channel

    nice title ^_^

  103. The CDC doesn’t have the highest hp/t ratio, the BT-2 does. But tier for
    tier, the CDC is certainly better

  104. Rollo Tancredson

    My bush work is getting better, thanks to you and other YouTubers hammering
    it home. I’m still having a hard time making the right decision when It
    comes to critical moments in the game. when you paused the replay and
    discussed options I could only think of the thing I would do…..go kill
    arty and swing back.

  105. Correction t2 light has a faster power to weight ratio.

  106. QB, why are you uploading your videos in 48 fps at 720p and higher…? Just
    seems odd.

  107. ISU is better then CDC!

  108. Hey QB are you excited for the new Japanese heavy tank line coming out

  109. Whats that dmg indicator mod whats name of that mod

  110. Yep im stuck on MT-12 incinerator mission also. . Damn thats an annoying
    mission. . Last one I need apart from mt-15 for the T55a . . Do you think
    HE or rapid fire or big alpha is the way to do this mission?

  111. Dose this have better power to rate ratio than the T 50-2 used to?

  112. Highest Horsepower goes to BT-2 but this is a close 2nd/3rd

  113. I was accused of hacking because I dive my CDC in areas where no other tank
    can go and the CDC has the second best HP per ton ratio the ELC has the
    best HP per ton ratio

  114. As Steven Hawking once said about IQ, I will say about WN8… People that
    brag about their WN8, are the ones that are actually bad at the game.

    • +david kado This guy gets it. He’s not saying that low WN8 is not
      correlated with a low level of skill, he’s saying that people who brag
      about it are never as good as they think they are. People who are truly
      good at something don’t have to draw your attention to it. The need to draw
      your attention to it shows an inner lack of confidence.

    • +LeadHead If people are trying to improve most good players will do nothing
      but try to help (because more good players = more fun). It is usually the
      shit players that won’t accept they are bad and deny stats and wr who most
      of the abuse is thrown at.

    • People that take winrate an xvm too srs are usually dickheads; as long as a
      player is improving and trying to do well they dont deserve to be called
      bad people. A year ago I was kinda shite at WoT but now I am a comfortable
      52% 😀

  115. i downloaded QB’s XVM and i never got those amazing damage taken/blocked
    feed. And the latest XVM is just broken all to hell with all these crashes
    that i get so i had to remove it. I’m really hoping QB will address that
    issue soon. Please QB tell us what is that XVM and how do we fix it?

  116. I always appreciate your comments, but this particular game and it’s
    comments were quite illuminating to me. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  117. Darren Dalgleish

    Did anybody else notice the video is in 1080p 48 frames per second weird :o

  118. +QuickyBabyTV i was thinking about getting either the STA-2 or the CDC,
    i’m more of a flanking medium player, which one is better for that kind of
    play style

  119. I am confused to where all that XP came from….

  120. wait QB makes mistakes? I never knew he did

  121. Binjwan : Gaming Channel :

    BT-2 has a 42 power to weight ratio when upgraded a certain way so no the
    cdc does not have the best horsepower-to-ton

  122. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    Lttb has I think better hp/t but idk

  123. This was on the livestream right?

  124. CDC is like fire support vehicle :p 

  125. Sees EU servers sprinkled with reds everywhere. Looks at asian servers
    glittered with rainbows every game

  126. Quickly baby do you play world of tanks blitz?

  127. Totally agree on the effective/ineffective damage comments. The number of
    times I see top tier TDs sit at base do nothing, and then watch the
    inevitable as me and all other tanks that actually move, get overwhelmed at
    key locations of the map, before those WTs get themselves maybe a couple
    kills on 1 shot tanks and then get swarmed. More often than not its the
    unicums that do it just to increase their wn8.

    Another thing that really annoys me are those who yell lemmingtrain and
    yolo alone down one flank, before getting overwhelmed and then blame the
    “noob” teams. Im sorry but if you can see nobody is going down one flank
    why would you still go there?

    Too many people don’t use their head to play this game these days, and the
    worst thing is it affects those of us that do. Its really depressing at
    times to lose over and over and over again. QB, or any other decent players
    out there, how do you keep up your morale?

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +HyinaM Lemmingtrains are depressing to see. Most of the time the 14 idiots
      who go to the same flank just get their asses kicked by 5 tanks, then get
      flanked by the remaining 10. Almost always goes like this. Usually an
      autolose on pretty much any map.

    • +HyinaM The lemming train thing really annoys me. I become that guy begging
      in chat for the team to notice. However, if you have the tank for it (say,
      an AT 2 in a tier 5 game) you can sometimes hold a flank alone, then it is
      absolutely worth it. Then you have to hope your noob team can beat their
      outnumbered opponents… happens less often than you’d like.

  128. Why i dont get that MM all red… to easy for QB

  129. Mark Rogachevsky

    The image I have of CDC players when they run around the battlefield and
    shoot things is a bearded French person holding a baguette who is
    repeatadly screaming “LE LOL” and spitting baguette pieces over the

  130. the eu2 is full of reds, damn i wish i can play there but it lags

    • +RieklinRideR I disagree. Being able to snipe is very dependend on your
      tank and whether you’re bottom tier or top tier. Have fun sniping in your
      Cromwell when you’re in a tier VIII game. Also you can be overwhelmed

      Red teams form lemming trains often, don’t take cover, don’t watch the mini
      map and don’t scout effectively. It is at least very difficult to
      compensate that on your own.

      (I remember one of those situations: I am in an AMX 13 90, spot the whole
      enemy team for 2 consecutive minutes: None of my teammates shoots even
      once. There is nothing you can do about that.)

      You are right in the sense that you are the deciding factor if you’re one
      of the few competent players in the team. On the other hand this is a team
      game. It’s unlikely for you to be able to control the engagement fully
      independetly of your teammates. (At least they must provide a meatshield to
      enable you to dish out damage.)

      (Figure yourself accidentally running into their lemming train,
      encountering their heavies alone, have half your team basecamping or having
      their Arty only shooting at you).

    • More often than not its your team that has the most ‘reds’.. This game isnt
      decided on which team has more good players, but which that has fewer bad

    • +Rubashow having a team full of reds means that you can snipe and farm
      damage so easily like quicky do here

    • +RieklinRideR Yeah, but that also means that your team is full of reds.
      Then again, if you play tier VIII-X here you’ll mostly have yellow teams
      with green sprinkles. I can imagine that most red players are in lower
      tiers irrespective of their server.

  131. Hannes Wiedfeldt

    the hp/t ratio of the CDC is amazing QB
    but there is one machine that it will never match: the BT-2
    the BT-2 has a disgusting 450hp engine while just having a weight of just
    over 10t
    -> that is 42.21hp per ton
    this thing will go up the hill of Himmelsdorf with 40 km/h
    nothing will ever match this ^^

  132. hmmm the fastest HP/t ratio tank would be the Chaffee sport. Silly QB

  133. Whats that new mod is what hes useing? (damage taken think)

  134. Don’t be a greedy potato.
    Instead be a GLORIOUS potato.

  135. 301 club.

  136. I’ve only ever had one major carry. It was in my cdc, and I was left alone
    with 3-4 other team mates. Our team manged to win against around 8 tanks
    because we stayed together.

  137. Hp/ton is second to BT-SV

  138. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Under 301 phew!

  139. QB your my FAVORITE!!!!!!

  140. Heartbreak :(

  141. First dislike :D

  142. UNDER 10!

  143. What’s the best way to carry your games?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • marquitoescort2011

      +QuickyBabyTV Nice explaining vid, thank qb

    • +QuickyBabyTV Spotting enemy, helping your team, making some damage and
      kills and not getting too much hit. In the end if you have a lot hp and
      enemy doesnt you have higer change to win.

    • +QuickyBabyTV “somekind of Alien…. o never mind it’s a kv-85” :DDDDDD

    • +Stef Hankel alleen het ziet er lui uit ja

    • +reptilespantoso hoe kan je xp farmen aan het begin van het potje door niks
      te doen? Damage doen vanaf je basis is niet hetzelfde als niks doen he :p
      (integendeel zelfs, het is heel slim)

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