World of Tanks – How to get Fadins Medal

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  1. firat

  2. Kill steal….kappa.

  3. Anfield, if your gun isn’t at least 121mm then you won’t be able to pen
    STRV 103-0 and STRV-103B unless you hit his side or back. Basically his
    entire front is ricochet, you can only overmatch it.

  4. this replay is hilarious

  5. t57 heavy best gun. 2op

  6. oh and you had one medal before LOL

  7. Serb decided to say “Alright Farmer Anfield’s heat needs nerf comrade!”

  8. Total number received: 2. Kappa

  9. Herr Schicklgruber

    Witnessed stream. Lolled just as hard at the discovery of the forgotten T57
    Fadin’s medal as the shot on the Jageru.

  10. you look like David Benefield..a famous poker player. google it

  11. why the fuck do you waiste a HEATclip on an ANTI-HEAT grid

  12. broooo wut a bad RNG rip anfield

  13. is there a link available to your latest mod pack? thanks

  14. i was in the 907 i was expecting a full clip agaist that t57 and you came
    with one shell lol and that rng dude but its was a good comeback

  15. OF COURSE YOURE NOT GOING TO PEN HIM, its so angled, and it also has all
    spaced armor at the front.. that 1. you cant overmatch it with that gun,
    and 2 heat will always be absorbed.

  16. I got an unexpected fadins medal yesterday lol

  17. 57 op bruh
    pls nerf

  18. Don’t worry man, they’re nerfing shot distribution on the sandbox server.
    It’s all good.

  19. I think I have 2 Fadins medals as well, both were with the T-67 it’s so
    easy to run out of ammo in this thing.

  20. general anfield, master tactician

  21. How to get Fadins. Load one shell. camp all game. Kill last tank. GG.

  22. after wargaming finishes screws with aiming in the sandbox and if they
    iterate it, we’ll be excited to actually pen a that is 200 m with the rest
    just hits the dirt fully aimed

  23. Dear Mr. Hawk….Can I call you Ethan?????

    When will your mod pack be back up & running?

  24. @12:14 you say “the whole battle you guys were like Oh Anfield, your
    bouncing so many shots”…..but wasn’t it you cringing during the ENTIRE
    video cursing the gun wondering where the shots were going etc??

  25. Only have 1 of those medals myself although unlike u I removed 20 rounds
    from my tiger II to get it lol

  26. The fuck you guys talking about, he looks like a skinny Ricky Gervais

  27. You look more like Mignolet come to think about it

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