World of Tanks || How to: HT-12 Sturdy Armour

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m on a mission, trying to complete -12 – Sturdy Armour for the Object requiring me to block 3 times the hit points of my vehicle cause 3,000 damage. I choose you – VK 4502 B the T9 heavy tank.

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  1. good sir, i manage to finish the HT mission in my KV-3 and get a japanese
    female commander 🙂
    (still on the stug IV)

  2. Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic

    what’s the name of that mod that’s showing bounced dmg? will you include it
    in the 9.10 modpack? tnx!

  3. Hello QuickyBaby
    I have a qustion for you. I use your mod pack, but i don`t have the hit log
    that you have. What i mean is that i don`t have the hit log in the left
    corner were i can see how shot me and for how much. I have the latest 9.9
    version. Have i missed something or is that hit log coming in a future
    version for me to download and use, let`s say 9.10 ?


  4. 9.10 MODPACK SOON pl0x!

  5. All due respect…BUT since when does somebody need sooo much “free” 2 days
    of premium who has years of it anyways?? INTERESTING….

  6. Typical WoT player:
    Continues to bounce on the front of a tank. Continues shooting at the front
    of a tank. Gets killed by the tank. Probably goes to the forum and opens a
    topic “tank xyz is OP NERF!!11” and another one called “My tank abc is UP.
    it is always beautiful if everything is so predictable.

  7. I did the HT-12 mission of the T28 HTC in the same place with the T32, I
    was vs 4 tanks and they didn’t push and I kill all of them without losing a
    single hp point :D

  8. “Thank god its not quadruple”… blocks almost 5 times HP with Armor, lol

  9. I cant complete personal missions even for Stug IV. Because I lack the
    tanks to do so.
    Highest medium I have is tier 6, highest light is tier 5, highest TD is
    tier 6. Only Heavy I have tier 9 and completed them with E 75 it was so

  10. Can you show us your first video of all time

  11. I made this mission with T34 in tier 9 battle.

  12. I did he 12 1 in the ft215b

  13. i want this tank so bad but all the other tanks before this seems to be
    crap :D

  14. Any1 else bothering to report the SPam eg Joanna Blake etc ??

  15. will you do any jgpanther videos?

  16. For all the HT mission: take a BP, go hull down, go take an ace cream.

  17. I managed to complete HT-12 for the T28 HTC with my M103 because f*ck logic

  18. How do you get that Damage Dealt/Damage Blocked counter in the upper right

  19. Paradoxical Penguin

    The fuck is up with all of the spam in the comments all of a sudden? Just
    in case anyone doesn’t know – those links are all scams; avoid them and
    report them. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

  20. make is4 tank review please .

  21. how to: ht-12 sturdy armor. answer: find team of idiots. btw u
    really need those 2 prem days?? really?

  22. Same here I did my HT-12 in this one for all 4. Good video thanks

  23. Brian “geeknik” Carpenter

    Doesn’t a knocked out commander affect everyone else in the tank as well
    since he gives a small bonus to all other crew members in the vehicle?

  24. nice vid, thx

  25. You fcking forgot the mission tab on the screen too long XD Nvm. Nice vid

  26. “Dead ammorack”

  27. What you need: a bunch of morons who outnumber you 6 to 1 and can’t work
    out that if they all charge you they’d kill you through your flanks with
    massed DPM.

  28. I did those missions back then when they where actually hard
    i did it when you needet to do 3 times your HP
    this mission is these days

  29. Hongypingpong Pongy

    Lol why can’t they buff it in WoT Blitz too?

  30. thanks man

  31. the lower armor in the vk4502B is 296mm lol monster tank thx i have gust
    got my E–75 by the way i saw you man oday playing the E50 M

  32. +QuickyBabyTv can play tie 8 t34

  33. The KV-4 is good for this one if you can sidescrape, for the first 2 sets
    at least

  34. Epic snapshot at 0:41 …

    *No fucks given*

  35. Who Shouldn’t go to Brenden’s Cabin?

  36. QB what mod were you using that tallied up your damage blocked? Part of my
    frustration with this mission is having to guess how much damage I’ve
    blocked. Thanks in advance.

  37. Виталий Беляцкий

    Нихрена не понимаю но смотреть твое видео приятно )

  38. Thank you QuickyBabyTV! You truelly have taught me alot about this game!

  39. I’d also like to point out that the buffed Conqueror is also very very good
    at this mission. Same health as the VK, and almost impenetrable turret
    armor, even for gold rounds and especially for HEAT rounds due to the
    angling on it. The only weakspot is the cupola, but it’s also got an
    instabounce area on top of it. In addition, the turret was unarmored for
    the longest time, so many tanks are used to being able to just fire at the
    turret and pen every time. I almost completed this mission accidently by
    letting a WFT E100 unload clips of ammunition into the turret fruitlessly.
    Stay hull down and watch the damage blocked climb.

  40. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    i have completed the HT12 mission for the HTC in a TOG XD

  41. Why don’t you say bad words? It would make it a lot more entertaining

  42. How convenient to get a game with no artillery.

  43. Why cant you use normal 780p or 1080p i hate the 780p48 and 1080p48 makes
    the video buffering take like years and i have a 100/100 line

  44. I didn’t mean to actually get HT-12 and HT-15, but I got it in the VK 36.01
    H XD

  45. Actually QB the stock turret on the T29 can hold the 105mm, there is no
    need to mount the 90mm.

  46. Alexander Schlecker

    this Mission is impossible for me

    i only own The French heavys…

  47. I play wot on Xbox one

  48. I am having trouble with LT-14 any hints?

  49. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    Possible candidates will be upcoming Japanese heavies, I think. Good
    armour, not bad guns, rather easy to angle – as long as there is no arty in
    match, they should do.

  50. If you angle it right the BlackPrince is best

  51. on this missions (3rd iteration) and almost at this tank.

  52. Man why can’t I find morons like this on the red teams I play against? I
    always find the players with half of a brain that just rush me and kill me.

  53. IS 7 is good for this cos it doesn’t have much HP and it’s armour is so

  54. I’ve blocked 15k in the Kv 4 :)

  55. QB mentions the T-29. But if you don’t have a german or american heavy tank
    then the KV-4 will be excellent for the job too. It has high HP whihc is a
    bit tricky but you won’t find better armour at Tier 8 and the gun is good
    enough to get that 3K reliably.

  56. I was gonna say the Super Pershing would be a great tank for these
    missions, but then I realized that’s a medium tank fuuuu

  57. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    I used is3 for first 2 sets of sturdy armor and is8 for the 3rd set, how I
    did it? Idek lol

  58. its a Tiger II

  59. What was the ribbon that he got in the post game stats?

  60. WoT theshadow9929 (WoT theshadow9929)

    +QuickyBabyTV Dont shoot at the lower Glaces of the vk. b its also 200 mm
    and better angled…

  61. lol i recently bounced 13.5k damage in my fv215b, didnt had sturdy armor
    on… fml

  62. HT-12 for the T55A completed on Mines in the ST-I. I pushed into the hill
    from the south and kept my turret over the middle, blocking an insane
    amount of damage.

  63. Ahh the VK4502B the perfect tank for the job good vid asper..

  64. lol i love how QB casually pops up the mission requirements while
    autoaiming and snapshotting the T-54 lightweight in the middle of the map

  65. Did you do the this in the maus or was that HT 10 ?

  66. awsome .thx for the help.
    one question…can i use the e75 for all the ht 12 missions ? dont have the

  67. That first shot tho…

  68. what is that medal on the left?

  69. thanks QB very helpful!!!

  70. what about an IS coz i so close to buy. but t29 i will need to start a new

  71. IS-6

  72. Quickybaby = Life !!

  73. i prefer Maus… 13k blocked easily if arty or HE doesnt shot you…

  74. how many missions till qb get’s the object 260?3 more?

  75. My mother in law is a real C yoU Next Teusday…

  76. but than i lpve the e 75 the most

  77. i don’t know y only have the tiger II jagdtiger 8,8 and the e 75

  78. 4:55 That’s the exact problem with most of the players i am forced to play
    with. There is 2 enemy tanks against 6 of us. We can easily just drive into
    them and kill them. Nope, it’s better to wait for their support. And what’s
    more? Their other flank somehow knows they can push their stronger flank.
    Or even better, we have more tanks on other flank and they still die.

  79. damn it would take me 1k games to get a tomato enemy team like this

  80. im only on HTC missions since i need to finish up with arty meds and lights
    and yes i do all 5 sets because more rewards.. But i do find IS-7 and ST-1
    good enough for heavy tank missions even knowing IS-7 tends to attract
    premium shells like a magnet i find it really good as long as i can go hull

  81. I did all of These Ht-Missions with Kv-220. Even The Obj. 260 Ht-12 was no
    Problem… I laughed so hard.

  82. 0:43 that snapshot tho!

  83. i tried to do the mission for T55A with T29 / T32 but the enemy kept
    refusing to shoot at my turret. they would just ignore me since they knew
    they cldnt pen me anyway (who would have thought that the WOT community was
    that smart ?? :D). the perfect tank for me turned out to be the black
    prince …… they tried soooo hard to pen me that i managed to achieve the
    requirements twice within that black prince grind (u know when there was 2
    times the xp for every win).

  84. 9:53 You are afraid that she might be watching.

  85. i Yoused my Black Prince for many of them block missions

  86. QB, the T29 doesn’t need to use the 90mm on stock turret, it can mount the
    105 on either turret.

  87. that first shot doe

  88. i did the first two sets by using the excelsior. so for the first one u can
    easylie doing it with t14 or excelsior

  89. Where did you get that damage blocked indicator? That’s useful.

  90. 8:23 Ammo rack is kill?

  91. dead ammorack?

  92. Alexander van Elten

    How far away is he from Obj. 260?

  93. t-150 and the black prince are also pretty good for the first 3

  94. Γιαννης Μελλης

    nice job

  95. I’ve never even got the Stug IV…. fuckin light tank missions…

  96. The mother in law!! That’s a good one and also very true.

  97. ‘Fantastic turret’ you mean random thicker turret than tiger2… Same with
    the Porsche one

  98. I lost my youth trying this mission for T55a…and you did it in 10-15
    games. RN Gesus is on your side.

  99. i have done both HT 12 mission for Stug and T28 HTC in my VK 4502B it’s
    suck a strong tank on front

  100. 0:44 throws this ridiculous RNG shot and doesn’t even mention it lel…

  101. I think IS4 will be also capable of blocking lots of damage. I’ve done
    twice hit points. Then I start to feel IS4 has too many hit points for a

  102. 59 Patton is NOT worth the $55. Huge commanders hatch and loweplate

  103. I have blocked 22k in e100 :D

  104. 9.10 tomoro

  105. My first or second battle in the IS-6 was a tier 9 game in which I blocked
    like 6000 damage. It makes you wish you could save those games for when you
    need them! ;)

  106. What damage log is QB using (the one that counts what damage he received)?
    Why is it not included in the modpack and where can i get it? Thank you.

  107. It’s a good thing you played against a bunch of muppets. 5 vs 2 tanks and
    the enemy team couldn’t find it in themselves to rush you while they had 5
    tanks and it was only you and one other tank. Luck plays a big role in this

  108. I am really disliking these missions. They are encouraging people to play

  109. That T-49 was probably a Russian player……..just saying

  110. 9.10 is out tomorrow guys :)

  111. I have that T-Shirt from Bovington! Noice!

  112. is-7 on ruinberg with no arty juste go hide behind the fountain in standard
    your lower plate is safe and your mission probably too

  113. I dont even have a tier 7 yet, and i only have 1 tier 6 (T150, a few others
    researched), and ive nearly completed all heavy and med missions for Stug
    iv, seriously, if you have high tiered tanks, its much easier to do the
    missions :(

  114. I think hes blind… can you differentiate 1 and I?

  115. Mother in law indeed. *sigh >.<

  116. can we have LT-15 ?

  117. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    If you see a VK B , just go the other way.

  118. What if u don’t have a t29 or the vk what other tanks are good for bouncing

  119. Once i have blocked 5500damage in my tiger2 with my turret.
    Interesting,isnt it!

  120. have you ever showcased the LT-15 mission? im trying to get my HTC but the
    LT missions arent easy.

  121. QB’s replay site still has the old name for Sturer Emil: Pz. Sfl. V

  122. 70 …. Kappa

  123. this mission is all about finding the balance between armour and health ao
    the best tanks that come to mind: the vk b t29 t32 t150 church bp tiger p
    e75 kv4 st1 is4 is7. german tier 10s have too much hpand other nations dont
    get the armour. the only reason the is7 is there is because for tier 10 it
    has a very small hp amount on a heavy. the is4 is there purely because its
    armour is incredibly powerful and makes most prem rounds bounce.

  124. Cromwell! !!!

  125. I don’t have that valuable tank, VK 45.02 B, so I had to do that mission
    with T-29… And it was hilarious when I did it:

  126. i did the 2nd set in the is4 completely by accident id gotten that mission
    a month or 2 before i got it then after that i wasnt playing heavies at all
    so that was nice :)

  127. What is the damage blocked mod called?

  128. Is this mission ”easy” to do with russian tanks? Like is-3, is-8 or is-7?

  129. These missions are kinda annoying as people will throw games just so they
    can achieve their chosen mission. Makes the game more frustrating and makes
    teamwork redundant.

  130. +QuickyBabyTV is is 7 good fot ht- 12 mission

  131. did it in the awfull wz111 using turret and heat .

  132. I did this whit kv-85

  133. Please review the panther 88

  134. if qb hasnt finish the personal missions yet how can the average player
    possibly hope to complete them? jeesus

  135. fuck this mission…. I tried to do this mission the whole day with my
    IS-7…. but I get spammed with gold shells and end up blocking only about
    500/1000 damage…..
    Yes I know how to angle and sidescrape…

  136. IS-7 is the easier

  137. god bless tomatoes, if it would have been like, green,blues+ they would
    probaly had rushed ya

  138. 7:43 “But luckily I got a tiger behind me” …. like the Tiger could do
    shit against the ST-1 lol

  139. getting the is-3 hull down is also very good for blocking a lot of damage

  140. and what if you don’t have the t29 or vk?

  141. hardest mission for heavy tanks in my opinion is mission 7.. where you have
    to cap or reset and do damage

  142. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    I use the KV-4 for it

  143. MasterUpdateCZ Let's Plays

    How to get that thing on the top-right?

  144. How to get that mod what shows the blocked damage?

  145. well i got only one game were i bounced 7k dmg and what did i found after
    the game? wrong mission activated and never been able to do it again

  146. Does the damage history panel include in QBmodpack?
    how can I display it?

  147. IS3: 6700 HP blocked (!) as top tier… and was doing some other mission xD

  148. you let the t29 alive so you can complete the mission, yes, that’s smart if
    you want the mission, the problem is that idea might lead to a loss, this
    is so pathetic for a game like this, i hate they made players play like

  149. for me e75 or is7 cn do the job..


  151. Shots fired 10
    direct hits/penetrations 6/4
    splash damage 0
    Damage 1561
    from a distance of more than 300 meters 0
    Hits received 33
    penetrations 4
    non-penetration 29
    Hits received as a result of splash damage 0
    Damage blocked by armor 6090
    Damage caused to allies (destroyed/HP) 0/0
    Enemy vehicles spotted 2
    Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 2/0
    Damage due to the player’s assistance 0
    Base capture/defence points 0/0
    Distance traveled 0,84

  152. My Vk B is my favorite tank in game.

  153. spam gold, nice jobe

  154. Lol dead ammo rack almost thought this was jingles :p

  155. sweet vid quickybaby!

  156. Today on How to lose at World of Tanks:
    Those donkeys that were engaging QB. 4v1 situation and none of them wants
    to sacrifice a bit of their health to get behind him and surround him.

  157. If i was on Sturdy Armor my T29 would have already done that…

  158. I like my IS4 the most for bouncing

  159. David Calderone (Nuttydave123)

    Yeah…I have a 12k blocked game in my VK B kinda meh gameplay.

  160. I bought this tank just because of HT-12

  161. This bloody mission. Don’t have any armored heavies… Stuck with this and
    don’t even have T28 concept….

  162. I cannot beat that goddamn thing frontally :P

  163. Holy damn I’m early

  164. Streaming while at work? Game on.

  165. Second

  166. What is your favourite vehicle for bouncing?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  167. FIRST :D…watching the stream

  168. Hello QB and others fellow tankers!
    Just wanted to let you know (and others) that I managed to resolve this mission (sturdy armor) for T55a with Jap tier 6 O-I!
    Under 140 games in it, I had several 3xplus dmg blocked, once even around 5,8k dmg blocked, but with 1,3k dmg dealt and was a no-go.
    And its been relatively easy when i got his derp gun and of course nice mm as top tier. If I manage to get over 3k dmg, maybe I will save it for obj260 mission?
    We will se! On the other hand O-I in tier 8 matches is really annoying, a big slow HP box which everyone can pen.
    Thnx for advice on VK which made me research a little on vbaddict on tanks with good % of hits w/o damage, there are several of them so its up to each individual player to choose one and be persistant in achieving this mission.
    After all, I believe you didnt manage to get this done in the first match with vk?!

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