World of Tanks || How To: HT-15 – Object 260

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m trying to complete one of the hardest missions in the game HT-15: Tempered Steel for the 260 using… the T110E5?!?

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  1. ST-I
    Had several games where I’ve been able to bounce over 10k dmg. Dig in and
    give them nothing but the turret to shoot at. Doing a couple of thousand
    dmg then should be enough to secure it.
    Trying hard to do the same in my IS-4, but it’s front armor is so weak at

  2. And if you had not shown him your side armor at the end it would have been
    only 13,903 if I’m not wrong!Lucky you! ;-)

  3. Arty can actually help. Did the T55a equivalent with the Maus on Malinovka,
    driving into the open field after the battle had gone on a while and the
    GWE on the enemy team bounced 2 AP shells on me. 3000 damage blocked
    through those alone.

  4. HD T110E5 Armor is totally OP … great gun handling, good gun depression
    … nice fail WG.

  5. Could you give some advice for LT-15? been stuck on it for several months

  6. well even with my e75 i still cant pen the little tumor on the t110e5. so i
    cannot see any different armor change at all.

  7. Got 260 before QB 🙂 Buhahahha

  8. and im still stuck at ramming mission

  9. HD model of E5 brought its armor to beast models, but each shot i dont
    bounce hit my ammo… Yesterday i got penned from front 2 times in row by
    low caliber guns from the front and i got the ammorack dmged both times…
    from the FRONT…. I was so excited about the E5 in the HD, but seems like
    90% of my games i finish with dmged ammo-rack… “nice ballancing factor”

    I am sorry but that is just not right… you go directly at your oponent,
    wiggle, get hit to lower plate, ammo racked…

  10. I still maintain E-75 is a strong contender for HT-15 (at least at Stug IV
    and T28HTC level), as you get to see a rather large number of IS-6s… If
    you can get 1on1 at the end of a decent game and you can just laugh as he
    pings premium rounds off you all day long.

  11. nice happy for u never gonna happen for me :)

  12. I want this tank so bad, im so close to it, just 30 k XP and 5 million
    credits, I just hope I can get it before they hit it with the nerf bat

  13. You said it all, you have to play the game in the way that only helps you
    do the mission to be able to complete it. My question is, how in the holy
    f..k is this making the gameplay improve for others, how are these missions
    effecting the game in a positive way. they are promoting selfish play in a
    co-op game. The whole ecosystem has been fucked up since these missions
    came out. It is a stupid idea by drunk people in russia.

  14. best game ever.

  15. Obviously you’d use this tank for the HT-15 mission now. The T110E5 was
    severely over-buffed in the last patch which makes it the vehicle of choice
    now in CW’s and SH’s as well.

    The cupola should have never been made a “gold ammo only” spot like it is
    now, yes there is a small band that can be penned with regular AP and a
    favourable RNJesus situation, but it’s very unlikely when facing one of
    these things head on. The thing is taht the gun mantlet is coverring most
    of that band when you are on equal level or below the T110E5.

  16. I don’t know why but I would suggest the O-I experiment

  17. 10:03 It feels like QuickyBaby is violating the Geneva Convention here,

  18. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    My favorite and 1st tier X tank buffed?
    Time to re download the game! :)

  19. i have blocked 11k dmg whit maus and 10k dmg whit tier 9 vk 45.01b

  20. Surachai phiwphong

    pz. iv H

  21. Loved this stream. He wasn’t even trying. XD

  22. Mister Torgue Flexington

    QB ,any possibility that you might be playing armored warfare now that it’s
    in open beta?

  23. Lame, the potential damage of an HE shell is nice and high. If your armour
    is thick enough to not get penned, that difference in damage done should
    still credit the mission. : /

  24. Maybe I can try that with my only tier 10 “heavy” tank wz113 lol

  25. im at lt15 for stug 4 and i has bulldog i was close twice off by 300 or 400
    damage 🙁
    (4,000) dmg

  26. Mitchell Stankovski (SirIceeice)

    I having a hard time doing the mission b/c I just don’t have the high tier
    tank you need to do them.

  27. quicky baby I feel that arty is good because I got ht 15 from arty firing
    ap at my type 4 heavy

  28. quicky baby I feel that arty is good because I got ht 15 from arty firing
    ap at my type 4 heavy

  29. I completed HT15 for the object 260 in the is7, unfortunately I’m still
    doing missions for the t28…

  30. Louis-Philippe Nault

    another tank that,s good for ht-15 is the is-4,,, here’s the link

  31. I did HT-15 for the first set in my Is-3 blocked around 5k and did the rest
    in damage done which wasn’t hard with only 2k left. I made sure to find a
    hull down position and to keep myself angled as best i could the great gun
    did the rest. When going into these missions i personally did not attempt
    to achieve them but let them happen naturally. Of course you still need to
    have a good game to complete them but don’t stress getting them done and
    give it your all and before you know it they’ll all be done.

  32. LT – 15!!!!!!!

  33. This is unrelated…QB what is your headset? Where did u get that?

  34. If only they kept a tally of all the missions you would’ve completed before
    the missions ever came about. A long, long time ago I blocked over 14,000
    in my KV-4. I screenshotted it but it was on my old computer, and it has
    since undergone a factory reset. Man I wish I had that screenshot.

  35. MisterBob der Job

    The VK 45.02 Ausf. (B) is very good for this mission ! ;)

  36. Yeah shoot the rim of the turret xD, yeah if you can hit it to begin with.

  37. I completed it in my KV-5 completely by accident! It is possible but
    wouldn’t recommend unless you know what you are doing unlike me.

  38. I completed mine in IS-4, fairly easy i must say.

  39. obj. 260 video! make it happen!

  40. I really am wondering is the IS-4 has anything over the new E5

  41. E-100 can’t bounce a T110E4 that well.

  42. The FV215b

  43. HuntsWithWolves II

    OH MY GOD….. that was only a 1st class

  44. How to HT-15 Stug? Bearing in mind my highest tier heavy is a KV-85 (not
    enough armour). I have the M4A3E2 unlocked, should I get going on the T29?
    Done the mediums (Cromwell), lights (Chaffee, ELC), and TDs (up to and
    including T25/2 – 3000 damage game was mental, and a loss!) so just heavies
    to go. Also screw arty missions.

  45. I love how that game was only a first class…

  46. I’ve done this in Kariella once or twice.. surprisingly not in the Maus or
    E100 , but the WZ-111-1-4.. Managed to block 10k and deal 5.5K. once
    probably never again 🙂 ( sounds silly i know and yes i do have replay
    proof for those wondering) Of course this was mostly in part to a huge
    amount of luck.. I mean i didn’t survive either but still. Unfortunately I
    do not have this specific mission unlocked so it’s gonna be a very lucky
    day if i do ever get to that. Wp in the T110E5 though

  47. :O female crewman

  48. Did a total damage blocked and done with the O-I.
    Yes that tank is not OP at all.
    5k damage done and 8.5k damage blocked+death(970).
    Sadly i havn’t unlocked the HT-15 yet as i still struggle with doing 4k
    damage and capping/disrupting capping.

  49. today i blocked 7400 dmg in my m103 and made 3000 dmg haha xD

  50. I wish I had shit enemy players in my tier 10 battles… Since NA
    playerbase is low, there are only good players left.

  51. This mission is very annoying. almost every game in my IS7 every
    motherfucker fires HE only.


  53. i would love to get the obj260 but the dream is the t55a to bad im still
    stuck on spg and lt15 for the stug4 :/

  54. Is-4 is a nice tank nobody knows the ammo is actualy frontal at the flaps i
    have never been ammo rackt in it but you need to cover it wel so you dont
    get a shot in it you may can get hit in your ammo and thats not good for
    the dmg

  55. and no fucking mastery hahahahha

  56. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Do you think the Type 5 could replace the Maus for the missions?
    I can’t wait to see some Obj. 260 videos from you.

  57. With my E100 I blocked 17k dmg and I did 6,5k dmg. But i didn`t win the
    game. :(

  58. to get heavy mission done for blocking damage you need two things according
    to me.A) Tomato enemy, half tomato your team.B) You need to not suck,
    squeeze every bit of damage out of enemy and also a solid heavy with HP.

  59. Now solo Object 260 HT basecap mission

  60. Alowishus Davander

    I want vid’s of LT15!!
    Light tanks have been made completely irrelevant in the last two patches
    and for someone who doesn’t platoon – there is no way to achieve it.
    I got close – I was 4HP in one game about a month ago and have been playing
    nothing but light tanks since.

    “Light tanks – anything & everything that mediums can do, only worse….
    Soooo worth it!!”

  61. congratz on achieving 300.000 subs QB:)

  62. Maus, hands down

  63. Great video! Hopefully QB uploads his final mission LT-15. It was a true
    nail-biter in the live stream.

  64. yay quickybaby joins the OBJ 260 club

  65. My tip would be always try the Maus, it has by far the best armor at tier
    10 and at range is incredibly hard to pen, I completed HT 12 and 15 for the
    T-55A in it, both battles in malinovka, just pray there’s no arty and if
    your dreams come true, just drive by the river (west) straight at the
    I bounced more than 14k damage in both times and you get ridiculous amounts
    of spotting damage so izi win

  66. I got the first round in my 110E5, but had a lot of issues the second
    go-round….. Finally got it for the second set in, of all tanks, my KV-85.
    got in a tier 8 match on Himmelsdorf, and side scraped a ton of shells from
    tier 7 & 8 enemies.

  67. Tanks for da advice quick! Mind doing one for LT-15 if that’s not too much
    trouble? (4K spotting damage drug 4)

  68. Hi,I Russian Like channel!)

  69. QB why don’t you never play your E-100?

  70. liar you didn’t try to complete HT-15 in this game only the last 3 min you
    went for it since you got close to it ;)

  71. that batchat artillerys name is “s**t scythe” in estonian.

  72. Get an Is7 and try to get on attic region spawning on the north, go to the
    rock on the bottom right and only your turret is exposed. I blocked 14000
    damage and dealt 7000

  73. QB, I don’t know if it’s just me, but shouldn’t the T110E4 (and maybe the
    E3, but not sure because I don’t know the armor profile of the E3) get an
    armor buff like the E5 since they’re based on the same hull?

  74. I never get this kind of luck… They could just push you and u will be
    defeated. But no, they camp and let u rape them. Just aweful…

  75. i did the ht-15 mission for the t55a yesterday with the e5 too :D

  76. What is wrong with the sound in this video?

  77. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    cant get lt15 for stug done only got 13 75 and type 64

  78. Floris van den Eventuin

    Can someone help me? It seems that QB has colored winrates in game with his
    xvm. When 9.8 went live my xvm winrate just went blanc. But I really liked
    it and I would like the colors back. I have already checked the xvm site,
    but it doesn’t say anything about that. HELP

  79. i watched you do this during the livestream

  80. If Quickybaby says the E5 is broken/OP. it is.

    It’s literally the best Tier 10 heavy, with armor comparable to the Is7

  81. If the AT-2 was a HT, I would have nearly completed that mission lol. 12K
    damage blocked in one match, lol.
    How would I go about sending the replay of it to QB?

  82. i cant even complete the Stug IV set of missions…………..

  83. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    This tank is just OP now. Wargaming sucks and should kill themselves.

  84. Everytime i roll my E5 out for battle now, everyone fires gold at me…you
    were quite lucky with the enemies there…very few gold fired at you…

  85. Ok, i am going to go to the Maus even when it is just the HT-15 of the Stug

  86. Im 3 missions away from obj 260
    8k dmg 5 kills in TD
    and 2 missions with medium tanks (set on fire one tier higher two times)
    pure RNG almost 2 month try to finish this one but no luck

  87. im only at tier 6 :(

  88. first comment

  89. godzila?

  90. Hey QB!Can you tell me how to get the damage blocked by armor panel that
    you have next to you tank icon from where you can tell how much dmg you
    have blocked?I thought it had something to do with XVM but i didn`t find it
    in the setting.If somebody can tell me how to get it I would be very happy.

  91. Maarten severijns

    I am trying to get the OBJ 260 I hope I will get it in May 2016

  92. QB, gratz with your 300k subscribers! Maybe you could do a contest again?

  93. Guillaume Lemaigre

    So… when will you make a review of the object 260 ? curious to see some
    of it.

  94. I finished that mission in Tier 4 B1 heavy tank!

  95. Rhys Crafting-Quake (MareepDoesMinecraft)

    I did ht 15 with my tiger

  96. dobre :)

  97. I would you’s the t29

  98. What about the t29 its turret is insane!

  99. Mister MatchMaking

    best for ht-15 for me is the is-8, its my only high tier heavy :’)

  100. well, not every enemy is stupid enough to keep bouncing at your armor.You
    have to find the perfect team and enemy team and the right situation to
    complete most of these missions.

  101. I used my M103 and completed the mission without even noticing

  102. I don’t know QB. You always seem to be so lucky. When I try to do this
    mission, everybody loads HE against my E-100.

  103. The Obj. 260 is the best tank for completing HT-15. Idk why nobody ever
    uses it…

  104. Holy shit, Quickybaby piloting an American tank? That hasn’t happened for a
    couple of months.

  105. qb, could you maybe move up your camera a little for future video’s and
    streams so your viewers can actually see your damaged blocked?

  106. *Sits in corner and crying silently*
    *sniff* Still grinding StugIV… *sniff*
    But seriously, they have to nerf the missions. I can understand sthat maybe
    WG does not want everyone noob to have a Obj. 260. But 14K blocked +
    recieved?? That has nothing to do with skill anymore, thats just luck…
    around 9-10k is enough, in my opinion…

  107. Just gonna wait till X-Mas when they sell the token :P

  108. Play with IS-7

  109. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    Do you guys think I can do this in the is7 or waste my credits on the maus
    so I can get the 260 more easily.

  110. I like this manipulating players to help u complete missions

  111. I`m an average player with no T10 QQ(I find my comfort zone at T8). So far
    i’ve done HT15(StuG) with my KV-2 and i aced it with the T34. Seeing how
    the amount increases later on i find this somewhat difficult as i see these
    done mostly with the Maus or E100. However i see you doing this in this
    less popular? tank the E5 gives me some hope that i can pull it off with my
    crummy T8s.
    Also thank you for telling us where to hit this beautiful beast :3

  112. Did this one in a Black Prince. wasn’t trying to do it, just happened after
    60 or so battles.

  113. Circon uses the same tank for this mission :P

  114. DW2 for HT-15! The best tank ever! <3

  115. murica

  116. still trying to get my stug lol. I’m nly a new player with barely 4k games
    under my belt. stuck on LT 15 and TD 15. I have the other 3 with honors
    thankfully. I did my MT in the comet. Ht in T29/BP and SPG in the mighty
    FV304. I don’t have any t9/10 tanks yet they seem so far away, i only just
    got my T32 and centurion 1. made the mistake of trying the TD missions in
    british TD’s played through to the AT5 then sold it and went the newer brit
    TD line and i’m about halfway to the charioteer. I kind of wish the
    challenger had the 20pdr like the centurion.

  117. Nice video! Do you have any tips for LT-15 – T-55A? I’ve been stuck on this
    mission for months now and its the only mission I have left.
    Its either completing that one or MT-15 with honour, but I so rarely get in
    a match when it is even possible to complete that this feels hopeless.

  118. E5 best tonk EU Ayyy

  119. Hey Quicky, can you do a video on LT-15? I find that it is one of the
    hardest missions regardless of the tank you are grinding for.

  120. I actually would have finished this mission allready, got 15k potential dmg
    in my st1 once xD
    It was a shit game though, did allmost no dmg but i wanted to improve my
    record :p

  121. So Quicky, are we finally going to see another one of your reviews on the
    Object 260?

  122. I cant finish my mission 7 on my heavys its fucking retarded i cant belive
    how stupid are some of the missions

  123. I’m 301!!! XD.

  124. Just when i was wondering how to do this mission :D

  125. Nice,you’ll always the best QB!I love your chanel!

  126. Really need help with lt15, completed everything with honours got the stub,
    except lt15 and spg-15. Any help would be appreciated.

  127. Hi everyone and QB! I got a question. These missions to win the T28 HTC and
    the T55A? I think. Will these missions go away or be playable for ever???
    Cause I don’t play wot al lot and I have not completed all of the missions
    to get the Stug IV yet.

    Many thanks from Sweden!!!

  128. welcome to under 301 club, we have: nothing :c

  129. Can somebody tell me – I have to survive to complete this mission? :-)

  130. Don´t know if you saw it, but u didn’t pass mission with Maus… Total dmg
    combined was 13765… :D

  131. qb can you do another t29, kv3 or sta 2 game

  132. Ima going watch your live stream

  133. Thanks to your videos and you, my wn8 rating is from 450 to 1401

  134. HT-15 one of the most tricky missions? wtf, its one of the more easy
    missions imo. I did it 3 times in the last 2 weeks, (E5, E100 and even the

  135. Quickybaby what is your real name?

  136. Did my HT-15 in Type 4

  137. u didn’ accepted my friend request on WoT. Why?

  138. QB what do you think of the Ronald Jenkees’ new song?

  139. hey! QB has over 300k subs! maybe he does a video about it :D

  140. I was 7th

  141. TheHappy CatGamer

    Hi you are epic

  142. not first :(

  143. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    sub 25 vievs B)

  144. hello .

  145. First comment 🙂

    edit: second :0

  146. 1ST COMMENT
    this cam out 22 seconds ago

  147. What tank would you use for HT-15? And do you have any tips for users to
    achieve it?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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