World of Tanks || How To: LT-15 – Object 260

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m trying to complete one of the hardest in the LT-15: The Aggressive Recon Specialist for the Object using the T8 Chinese light tank the WZ-132.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Very useful guide on “how to”. Thanks for your insights, tips and tricks.
    Watching you is always a pleasure. Skill is always appreciated.

  2. Good T-shirt QB :)

  3. Inspired to give it another go :)

  4. thats a god aweful top

  5. I completed LT-15 for the T55A on Westfield in an AMX 1390. It was a
    complete surprise as I did about 4500 unexpected spotting to go with my
    2500 damage.

  6. LTTB stronk enuf >:3

  7. Frédéric PIERARD

    after all theses years i still dont undertand people whining about arties
    or “gold” ammunitions…they’re full part Of the game, And not using them
    is so absurd…
    i’m not saying your should spam gold, but when your have no choice to pen
    frontally or securing a game…
    And when i’m killed by a Nice arty shot, i congrat the guy instead Of
    whining like a retard!
    stop raging or play mariokart!

  8. It surprises me how much time you put into every video.Props to you man.

  9. Wow, so much work on those graphs, thank you for that QB!! Btw. when those
    mission were in their first unnerfed version, I have mannaged to do 6000 of
    assistant damage with Walker Bulldog on Mountain Pass!

  10. I did nearly 7k spot dmg in that bush at 6min.

  11. I feel alot better about my lack of success with LT15 grade 1 after
    watching this. Trying it with a 1 skill crew, LTTB without premium
    consumables or any gold ammo. Took 69 games to get it without honours
    (after stupidly throwing my tank away at the very end).

    I might not be that bad a light tanker after all…but man, it relies on
    your team being alert but not too aggressive. Also did it on Erlenberg, by
    constantly relocating, overwatching the cap and flanking.

    Light tanks have to be the most difficult type in the game…it killed my
    win rate.

  12. Hi Quicky,I also have a nice replay for this map.
    I did 10,5k Spotdamange
    I did 2,3k Damange and 3 kills

  13. That is exactly why I despise AMX 50B and T57 drivers almost as much as
    artillery and WTF100. Having a good game? NOPE, you are dead in 6 seconds
    no matter what!

  14. My tip is to go to wot replays look for the highest spotting dmg replays
    and go where they go…imo the best spot is malinovka south spawn if you
    can get in that magic bush to the left and spot everyone as they move up
    the hill you’ll get dmg on them. Stay there and you’ll spot stragglers who
    dont go hill and anyone who goes half way. If you find the sweet spot in
    the bush tanks directly to the left still wont spot you. Haven’t played
    much recently because all the bush removal so not sure if it’s still there
    but if it is USE IT.

  15. object 260 nice?

  16. nice analysis~

  17. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Tried it so often, all the stars has to allign for this mission – so damn
    brocken. Without platoon friends not possible. In your battle Arty did all
    the assistance damage on your scouting. With random players they wouldn’t
    care how well you spot.
    But finally its a great feeling to complete the 15th mission 🙂 Great play!

  18. Thanks for the tips! Working on my T-55A and for the previous two tanks I
    skipped the light missions, but this time I am considering skipping the
    medium missions. I don’t know what is worse, the medium missions where you
    need all this luck to set things on fire and get into games with opponents
    in specific tanks, or light tanks where you need all this luck for the
    right map. Heavy/TD/Arty missions have seemed to be way easier for the most

  19. “WN8: 148 – very bad” … WN8 really isn’t very scout-friendly, is it?

  20. wow that initial location of ur LT is my favorite spot to blind fire as
    arti in FV207!!!

  21. Iv had a dream game on prokarovka managing to do 18k spotting dmg in my m41
    walker bulldog in a tier 10 game with both team having plenty of camping
    TDs unfortunately it didn’t record or I would have shared it on quickybabys

  22. Well I got 9.5k assisted in my 30 90, for mission 15, but still not bad.

  23. I completed LT 15 with my 1390 with 3600 damage and about 6000 assistance
    damage on Prokorovka. I was going onto the hill and used the tactics which
    are shown in your Leopard 1 video “How to bush”. Basis for that success was
    a heavy tank which joined me on hill, preventing the enemy to rush me. And
    of course some big guns in the middle proving side shots into the enemy
    contesting the hill. Unfortunately I succeed the LT 15 only for the HTC
    with that particular game. The overall damage had been sufficient for the
    T55 mission and even for the Obj 260 mission.

  24. Yogi Priyo Prayogo

    I love the graph, it is awesome. :)

  25. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    That tactic on Malinovka is why I think that map is broken. If your tank
    isn’t fast enough, any scout, smart or suicidal, can make your game a short
    one. You have no control over whether or not you die, at it’s just

  26. Say “Prokhorovka” fast 10 times . . .

  27. 1:45… holy sh*t You weren’t kidding when you said you analyzed this
    properly on stream!

  28. im stuck with td-15 and i have 12 missions left for LT so what u say guys
    should i keep trying td-15 or go for LT missions? as i completed all other
    classes with honor i need only one last mission with honor and im getting
    frustrated :(

  29. I have uploaded a 1390 game play to quickybaby replays, it was on prokho,
    did 8900+ spotting dmg

  30. Half the video i was admiring QB’s graphing skills.

  31. You forget one thing, aditional to all the skills on the crew, Brothers in
    Arms (BIA) is increasing the overall skill by 5% that has been key to my
    missions. When driving my 13-90 my spoting range is 5% longer (or better if
    u will) than a tank without it. I have had 13-90’s driving 70-100meters
    close to me, without even spoting me in the E1 location. You got to get
    nerves of STEEL to get those missions done.

    But well played QB! And congrats with the obj. 260!

  32. reado the bobadog video the greatest scout

  33. Granger Prunier (G-Ranger)

    This is just what I was looking for. Don’t have a 4 skill crew for it. I
    will try it this weekend, thx QB!


    Designated target works only for your tank.

  35. u really like statistics xD


    goldnoob, unsub

  37. he’s not talk shitting arty in this video, of course ;)

  38. awesome stats thx u

  39. With base view range for tier 8 LTs at 390 or 400, why not skip the binocs
    (which don’t help when moving) and go with Vents (which help all
    skills/perks) and Coated Optics? Won’t that put you over the maximum
    spotting distance/view range of 445? Despite what the WoT wiki implies,
    Coated Optics work when stationary (wiki says they don’t work when binocs
    are active).

  40. Imo, lt15 requires:

    1. Luck (Getting Prok/Malinovka, being the only scouter of the team, and
    not having a tomato team).
    2. Well prepared tank (Having the most skilled crew, all the equipment for
    bonus view range).
    3. Personal skills (Analyzing the battle (Your team, the enemy team, types
    of tanks on the battle, the enemy scouters, when to passive scout, when to
    active scout).

    You may not have ‘Luck’ whenever you want, but u should def have those two
    others. If you have none of them, either work to get the 2. and 3. , or
    wait for ‘Luck’ to bring them (but I don’t think it will).

    *Didn’t mention ‘platoon mates’ because imo, it can be done without them.
    *This has ruined mm, because having 4-8 scouters (on both teams) most of
    the time in battles, is a fuckin joke.

    Gl everyone!

  41. that
    mission for T55A and 7K spoting dmg will kill me. Im playing it with
    amx1390 and can not get Malinovka for a last month or two…arghhhh

  42. Great tips QB.

  43. Nice t-shirt

  44. I wish I still had my replay but I got an 8.5k (spotting damage only) game
    in my ru 251 on fiery salient. Great replay you had here though.

  45. I see you won the “The Rock of Gibraltar” medal for running into a boulder!
    Thanks for the awesome replays and keep up the great work!

  46. Jeff Trowel (Pnakotus)

    While I’m a 13/90 driver through and through, the WZ-132 has to be the best
    one for this. It can be either active or passive, has a good gun, and is
    one of the more sneaky high tier lights.

  47. so, i have read somwhere than coated optics and binoculars don’t works
    together (i mean you don’t add the two bonus) but i guess you use the two
    for the two kind of scouting (active and passive)
    greetings from Belgium ;)

  48. qb everyone got object 260 already half a year ago nobody needs help for

  49. lol is was at the stream when you did this QB

  50. iJinks -Clash of Clans

    My highest spotting damage is 7,526 on my AMX 13 90

  51. Hey, congratulations on succeeding. However, it strikes me as a wee bit
    hypocritical that you see no harm in using artillery friends to complete
    the requirements for getting all 4 mission tanks, but refuse to play any
    artillery missions because apparently those arty are… unfair? Broken?
    OP?…. As its a lot easier to get all reward tanks if you dont restrict
    yourself to not playing arty…

  52. +QuickyBabyTV your shirt gave me an acid trip, minus the acid xD

  53. Q.B. is the new england patriots of wot.

  54. IMO, Malinovka is best for this if you can get to the bush you were in. You
    can spot almost entire map, which you can’t on E1 bush on Prokhorovka.
    Especially if you are doing it alone.

  55. I watched this live, your reaction was worth it

  56. you outplayed that is8 so hard holy sh**

  57. you outplayed that is8 so hard holy sh**

  58. Hey Quickybaby, is that a space shirt? Cause that torso is out of this

  59. But isn’t 445 the max cap spotting? Why bother with trying to extend it by
    pass it..

  60. GalaxyBabyTV

  61. *Dank* shirt QB

  62. I should have uploaded my RU 251 replay, I did 8.5k dmg with two ammoracks
    on enemy team

  63. Me and my Clan’s second best artillery have fed so many clanmates with
    LT-15 completions by queing up in an LT + 2x BC 155 58 platoon. With a
    single exposure, your LT can light it up a target for 2 shells per BC
    Arty… we once actually got him his LT-15 on Himmelsdorf when he was
    lighting targets on the flanking path up on the hill.

  64. nice shirt qb, love it

  65. Grats On 300k subscribers Qb!

  66. ELC! ;P Got a T9 game in it with 11000 spotting damage on hidden village

  67. congrats to 300k subs

  68. nice top u are wearing there QB

  69. Mitchell Stankovski (SirIceeice)

    On the map Prokhorovka I had a game in my AMX 13 90 were i did almost 9k
    spotting damage.

  70. thx dude

  71. I got 12k spot with my WZ-132 on Malinovka. for StuG 4

  72. quickybaby – the excel wizard

  73. I would have already done it with my M41 Bulldog in a tier 10 game.. 2k Dmg
    and 6k spotting dmg. But sadly I don’t even have the T28 :(

  74. I got lt-15 for the stug 4 on prokhorovka too, best way for me was
    “surfing” the ridgeline in the middle back and forth with a pimped out 13
    90, followed by an aggressive push into the dips towards the end of the

  75. El Haluf, once one of the best maps for spotting, now complete garbage, as
    seen on the spreadsheet, it came in last. Nowadays that map is all about 20
    tanks clustered in one small segregated part of the map peeking around
    corners trading shots with each other. Such a garbage map even after the

  76. done it for the first 2 in my RU 251…the only T8 LT that i have atm, but
    I like it very much.

  77. It’s all very well, but u need massive luck with your teammates and u need
    retarded enemies to complete it. Got Malinovka today, FINALLY, and only did
    2K spotting. Used the exact same bush that QB used in this vid. Fair enough
    it was a T9 game with mostly T8 tanks, but still. Should have done at least
    4K spotting, but it wasn’t to be. And ofc in the end my team capped when
    there were still 5 enemies left on practically full HP. Nothing I can do
    about a capping team, right??

    These missions make me sad, most of them rely on huge amount of luck
    instead of skill or knowledge about the game.

  78. Quicky you should put Nyan cat on that shirt you were wearing in the video

  79. Prokhorovka is where I did LT-15 for the Stug IV. It turned out to be the
    best for combined damage and scouting assistance. I am glad that my
    thoughts that it would be are shown to be true by your statistical
    analysis. :)

  80. Personally, I like the 13 90 as my first choice, I have good skills on my
    crew and I have it equipped with a cammo net and binoculars for passive
    scouting. But even after the enemies have spread out a little and not so
    many players are left in the game the guns 240 average damage racks up an
    easy 2000 damage by the end of the battle. After the 13 90 all the tier 7
    and 8 autoloaders do for me. (T71)

  81. Are you going to be doing an obj 260 vid, Quickybaby?

  82. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    I just got my t-55a, time to go bust my ass getting that obj.260 >.<

  83. nice shirt qb

  84. Dam I thought the 4k was hard, cant wait to suffer on 8k :D.

  85. Great video, again! Thx!!

  86. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    how long will these mission last until they change the reward tanks?

  87. Am i the only one to think that every time he play WOT he is doing the
    hardest misions in the game ??? ???

  88. I won’t sacrifice my principles for anything. Fuck arty :)

  89. i got LT-15 (for the stug IV) in my ELC

  90. I’ve done 12000+ spotting dmg on malinovka. Then my team died and I
    followed suite. ? I’ve completed three of the lt15 missions. Malinovka for
    me is the easiest. Followed by prokhorovka. Completed the third absolutely
    by surprise on lakeville. They are some of the most frustrating of all the
    missions. If anyone has a recommended mod for accurately counting asst
    damage please share. ????

  91. Have no friends there are playing World of Tanks?


  93. Excellent technical video! Thanks a bunch for compiling all those
    statistics and not blabering off an unsupported opinion.

  94. Minecraftster148790

    Quicky u haven’t saved ur excel document. U should get in the habit of
    saving something after writing the title because after that u can just
    press ctrl s and it will save

  95. how did you put battle statistics to Excel? What app did you used?

  96. Dude, I love your shirt

  97. what do you guys think of about the direction wot has taken when it comes
    to passive spotting? With the recent changes to maps like redshire it has
    removed alot of my motivation to play wot as I play alot of light tanks.
    Also if you guys whant to get better at spotting, then check out Sir
    Havoc’s and 4tankersanddog’s youtube channel. 4tankersanddog also has alot
    of videos where he has tested perks like designantet target and things like
    GLD vs Vstab

  98. for designated target u indeed need to be directly aiming at the enemy tank
    ….. only direct lines of sight count (increases the time he is being lit
    from 10 to 12 seconds). if the enemy is behind cover and u aim at the
    “marker” it does nothing.
    hmmmm…. when thinking about it i rlly dont know if it is sufficient if
    you aim at an enemy that is being spotted by somebody else. TIME FOR

  99. This mission, 8k spotting, is really not hard to do. It’s just a matter of
    spawning on the right map, with idiots on the enemy team and passive
    players on your side, who wont steal your spotting. Just AFK in the E1 bush
    on prokhorovka, or spawn north on malinovka and AFK in a bush on the middle
    field. mission done.

  100. gz. i havent got t55a yet :(

  101. What ? The reptilians are not here ? … Hmmm, weird ! LET ME START IT …

  102. Game Krutas (gamekrutas)

    I did 8400 in ELC AMX :)

  103. QB u forgot to say that the chinese lights have the best cammo ratings

  104. in the livestream: totally panicking when the is appeared
    on youtube: “i saw that he was in a poor gun depression spot, kept my cool
    and took his tracks…

    dmt qb dont lie to us :/

  105. HISSSSS

  106. Pls do a Video about relocating in an arty ;)

  107. Most I’ve got was 4000 damage in my ELC…. didn’t even get an Ace Tanker
    for it

  108. I’ve been shot by my own teams other lights for taking that Phrokorovka
    bush more than once. Some people are getting really desperate for those
    scout missions.

  109. 17:48
    WN8: 148

  110. Dem excel skillz tho
    Very nice infographics QB. Much appreciated

  111. What a great video!

  112. Fucking MAP RNG mission how I fucking Hate it …. FUCK FUCK FUCK
    THey should fucking change the FUCKING requirements FUCK!!!!

  113. psofa mpastarde

  114. nice t shirt cough cough

  115. DAT T-Shirt

  116. Xbox is fun though. I hope to start streaming within the next two months on


  117. How did Instructor Quickybaby recorded all of that data and put it on a
    chart? o.o

  118. nice shirt QB

  119. f u google no real name

    so you got your 260 yet?

  120. will they ever bring back port :c

  121. The most I ever got was in an MT-25 on malinovka, tier 9 game, 7.2k
    spotting dmg

  122. Previous Redshire map layout, north spawn, middle bush+knocked out tree
    towards the south base… enemy could only proxy spot me there! Too bad WG
    messed up that map…
    And what happens to 500m view range cap? Is it really cap at 500m and
    everything above it is useless or the view range has no limits like the
    spotting(445) and rendering(564*) ranges have?

  123. Great and helpful video. Before I watched it I had no idea how to complete
    the mission. Now I have.

  124. That bush on Campinovka yielded my best “pure spotting” game on the VK2801
    – spotted every single tank on the enemy team and of course easily got a
    Mastery – Ace.

  125. best light tank line for beginners?

  126. perfect luck, only 1 scout per team, and the enemy one is a noobish 1390
    wich goes for being kinda activ not passiv spotting at the start…he would
    have killed qb with the drum…AND the teams are kinda even, without bot /
    teamkill idiots…platooned with strong arty but only 2 per team so the
    frontline tanks got more hp(more tanks)…gg wp random number generater aka
    stalin money bag

  127. alexander brochowski

    hisssssssssssssss all hail the reptillian lord

  128. i missed this game in the livestream:(.i was on the loo:(

  129. Max Mustermann der Echte

    I completed it on El Haluf lol

  130. This spreadsheet just clearly shows how broken the scout tanks are. Remove
    50m view range on all tanks except lights. Problem fixed. The funny thing.
    Getting Prok/Fiery 9 times avged 8k dmg. So in the end if you get the map 9
    times in 50 games you would most likely get the mission done. So all in all
    its a lottery of the map rotation. Which is freaking bullsht. It took me 2
    weeks to get the T55A version done. And I did it on Fiery Sailent

  131. This was a very helpful video. I have been struggling to get through my
    light takes for the Stug and you had some really helpful tips and tricks
    for making it possible :-)

  132. Please do an stb-1 review QB I’ve been anticipating it since you got it.

  133. I am suprised that Malinowka only scores average., since your 12k game in a
    scout was on that map and it has some cool bushes. Which Scout is your
    favorite to earn the mission? WZ132?

  134. One time , I do 10 000 k damage spot with my magic 13 90 <3

  135. You could do it with 2 wt auf e 100 on platoon and just detrack enemies!?

  136. WZ-132 is amazing :D

  137. Interesting and definitely some sound advice , but what do people think
    about Malinovka encounter? ( yep i originally put assault so 😛 small fail
    on my part) – and the potential for spots there – of course i know you do
    not have as much bush cover , but active spotting might be useful for some
    especially on the Stug IV and T28 HTC

  138. I mean qb

  139. :thumbsup for Cosmos shirt

  140. CrouchingGrandpa is a wonderful name

  141. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  142. Too much math to blow off steam.

  143. I really admire the amount of effort you put into analyzing the data for
    us! Thanks qb

  144. For the people using the 132 for this mission: use the 85mm it has way
    better dpm for those 1v1’s at the end of the game. The decrease in pen
    doesn’t matter to much apart from against maybe a Mouse because 173 pen is
    enough for the sides and rear of almost all tanks. The 85mm also has better
    camo when firing. In the end it is all about personal preference though, if
    you feel more comfortable with the 100mm go for it.

  145. guickybabes is there any tip on useing the AMX ELC i have one not long ago
    and try alot of strategys but non of them work please help

  146. it’s funny that every time i decide to sit in that bush, some yolo player
    would rush across and spot me

  147. I did a 11k spot dmp game on Malinovka 😉 and still in WZ-132 =P

  148. with these tips now i complete the mission with honor…. thanks QB.. :)

  149. Qb your t-shirt is so awesome !

  150. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil
  151. 192 viewer :D

  152. Really appreciated the math QB…excellent instructional video. Working on
    the second mission now so this was very helpful.


  154. SMOKE BASS | I like BASS!

    Leaf a like! Hisssssssssssssssssssssss

  155. i was 48… FORTY EIGHT… spotting or damage away from the T28 HTC my 5th
    try… i even survived the battle.

  156. What’s the best light tank to do this in?

  157. yay! Thank quickybaby! I hope you show the Object 260 soon! I really want
    it. Sadly Xbox version of WoT is way behind PC.

  158. Fancy shirt you’ve got there!

  159. Do IS-7 video

  160. Video 9minutes up…Video is 22minutes long…34 likes…you guys love QB

  161. QG …….are u my father?

  162. one of the first comments

  163. hey quicky i am new to game soo what tanks do you recommend to take at tier

  164. Under 300!!! Finally, only 4 mins ago :)

  165. Any tips for LT-15?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  166. hi

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