World of Tanks|| How To Maximise Armour Effectiveness Gameplay Tutorial

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Source: Sir Havoc

of Tanks|| How To Maximise Armour Effectiveness Gameplay Tutorial

The one where look at how to best utilize armour effectiveness whilst during the heat of battle
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  1. Nice one Pete brave guy for living the dream!

  2. good luck Sir Havoc

  3. Jonas Offermann Martins (ThePacaray)

    What’s the difference between a ricohet and a bounce?

  4. Keep in mind guys tanks guns can pen the turret of some tanks but if your
    turret is sloped you shouldnt have a problem. If you have a tank with parts
    of the turret that are flat try and angle your tank as well as the turret,
    most tanks benefit from wiggling it around like the super pershing for
    example u need to move it up and around so people have a hard time hitting
    the weak spots

  5. Good Luck Havoc! :)

  6. Hey boss boss nice. Great work with H2VOC good stuff I always tune into
    twitch and people in havoc are amazing. Fites, Long, Beasty ect ect. u are

  7. Great video, as always! I’m playing wot for the past 6 months and tutorials
    like this really helped my gameplay. Keep on the good work!

  8. Playing a Tier 2 T57 arty, was able to bounce multiple shots as I retreated
    by backing away at an angle to the attacker. Thanks, Sir Havoc for these

  9. Good vid Sir Havoc, good luck with the venture. I hear good things about
    your clan too. Keep up the good work :)

  10. As always, a great video

  11. The first second scared the poop out of me!

  12. best of luck Pete!

  13. Very good luck and success wishes

  14. You quit your job? How are you gonna buy your virtual ships & tanks? loool

  15. really hope this goes your way mate. i havent been subscribed for long, but
    i really enjoy your content. originally i only came for the giveaway, but i
    stayed for the quality! good job mate! wish you all the best.

  16. Good video – easy and clear instructions for those who might not be aware
    and congrats on your decision about your previous job :)

  17. maybe u could use something like training rooms and tank inspector too? not
    meant sarcastic

  18. How do I maximise my armour effectiveness in a Scorpion??? HELP ME!!!!!! :D

  19. very helpful video, thanks mr goat :)

  20. Great tutorial another informative video about normal horizontal plane
    defection. Sir, how much concern should we players worry about the angle
    vertical plane that the enemy shoots from? could u explain how that works

  21. Great video Sir, reminding the basics we all tend to forget.

  22. Thanks for all your videos.

  23. Congratulations on dumping that job. From what I’ve seen of your videos
    you won’t have any problem succeeding as a full-time streamer/youtuber.

  24. Hats off to you, Sir, for the choosing your family and having fun at the
    expense of a job. I wish to you that this arrangement works out even better
    than you thought it would!

  25. This is just a suggestion, but why don’t you add an extra ad at the END of
    every Video, so those who want to support you can watch the ad?

  26. Nice vid. Good luck with your new job :)

  27. Armor angling is all good until premium shells start flying around. I am
    well aware that it’s their sole purpose – to negate armor, but it somehow
    gets really annoying when driving the Tiger II or the KV-4. :(

  28. good luck bro

  29. Thanks for the great video, Pete. Good luck with being your own boss!

  30. space goat :O

  31. That’s a big step. I hope it works out for you, i think a positive
    community in world of tanks is important, and the tutorial videos are great
    for new players as well as some who want to improve.

  32. One thing I would suggest new players doing is downloading the wot
    knowledge base for mobile/tablet, it’s really helpful for learning the
    correct angles to angle at for each tank

  33. I want to add (and I think some people have made some mention) that knowing
    your tanks armour is key, because that way you will know how and where to
    apply the lessons in your tutorial. In particular there are a couple of
    points that are useful as people start getting higher up the tiers;

    1. Pike nose tanks should not be angled. The pike nose design already
    provides a pseudo angling to the enemy and if you angle this again then you
    actually decrease the effectiveness! Its interesting, because what it means
    is that an IS3 is best protected when it is rushing directing AT the

    2. Tanks with squared turrets (or weak mantlets) should not face the enemy
    directly between shots. The obvious example is the E100. But there are
    others where this can be useful, such as the Churchill variants. In these
    tanks you would present a flat plate to the enemy if you look directly at
    them which is a weakness, whereas if you turn your turret at an angle (ie
    45degree) then you increase the armour just as you’ve described for tank

    Of course, these are very situational tips dependant upon the tank that you
    happen to be driving and so I agree that the important thing is to
    understand your own tanks armour.

    Finally, I love that you did this in tanks OTHER than heavy tanks. I think
    a lot of people reserve armour use for their heavies, but you show that the
    principles can be applied no matter what tank you are in.

    Oh, and finally finally… good luck!!!

    Oh, and finally finally finally… looking forward to more streaming!!!

  34. Great video as always, keep up the good work

  35. Good luck following your dreams !

  36. glad to have your vids back.. keep them up and you will grow your

  37. With the Is-3 is a bit more difficult to angle to actually get a bounce,
    since itțs dependent on the situation. Sometimes I found that just keeping
    the upper plate towards the shot helps, since the nose pick front, angling
    to much actually cause it to become flat, so yeah. Itțs the same for all
    soviet and other pick nose tanks. On most other tanks, just like Sir Havoc
    said, a good angle combine with you not standing still will yield
    surprising results !!!

  38. Sir Havoc, I am sure you will do well without your job, you are an amazing
    YouTuber, and you content is amazing. Just know that we will be here for
    you and support you along the way.

  39. don’t think that turret facing the enemy applies for e100

  40. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Wow, that is a huge plunge but I am told it is possible to live off of 20K
    subscribers it’s just hard till you hit around 50K. So I will be clicking
    on those ads for you and working on hopefully letting people know about
    your channel Sir Havoc, you’ve done the same for free and it has turned out
    amazing, so I will do what I can from my own channel’s end.

  41. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  42. Officially joined the NA clan on Sunday! I could’ve used this last night!!!

  43. Hey man I think you should stream on Monday Wednesday and Friday or
    Saturday because quickybaby streams on Tuesdays Thursday’s and Saturdays or
    Sunday’s. You would get more people watching if you didn’t stream on days
    he did. Just a friendly suggestion:)

  44. Havoc, I have really been enjoying your videos for a long time now. You
    have some of the best quality videos on YouTube. I would really love to
    make a giant donation to help you out, but as I am only 19 y/o I can’t
    afford it. You have brought my stats up a huge amount from these kind of
    videos. I will share your channel to all of my friends to help you achieve
    your dream. I will be a long-time subscriber and I hope you keep up the
    FANTASTIC work on this channel. Have a good one, and I will catch you next

  45. Love your content I have learned heaps of stuff off you and have slowly
    started to grind up my WN8 rating you have a loyal viewer here

  46. Why are you streaming the same days as QB?

  47. what’s the mod pack you use?

  48. it amuses me that people use so many mods

  49. brave choice quitting work, hope it works out for ya. cheers for another
    useful vid.

  50. Does anybody know about new Czech tanks being added to the game? There is
    an option for it at the nation select tab in the garage.

  51. I always shared your channel with all my friends and clan mates. So happy
    Jingles mentioned you. Love your videos i have over 10k battles and still
    learn things from your clips. Love everything you do. Good luck and i will
    always be supporting you and spreading the good word.

  52. Wouldn’t it have been easier to side scrape in the panther 2 against the
    tiger 1 in that situation, as you’ll bounce his return fire and make life
    easier for yourself by not having to manoeuvre as much.

  53. good luck with the change mate, keep doing what ya thinks right, good move.

  54. Hi sir havoc. Came from jingles a few months back for the massive give a
    way and even though I didn’t win I decided to keep watching because I found
    your videos very helpful. I’m glad you have decided to stream more because
    I might catch one or two now. Just want to wish you look in the future and
    to keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for giving your time to help others
    get better at a great game.

  55. I subbed to your channel a little while ago b/c either Jingles and
    Quickybaby mentioned you (I can’t remember which one). I really like what
    you do and I’ve learned a lot about WoT. I’m still a novice in WoT and I’m
    struggling to get above 50% xvm (holding 48% atm), but I want to get
    better. Because of good folks like you, Quickybaby and Jingles, it has
    inspired me to become a better player and to try harder. My goal right now
    is to get above 50%, which I’m close, then eventually a unicun. (I’m on the
    NA server, btw.) Anyway, for what its worth, I really appreciate your work
    here and keep up the good work, Sir!

  56. Good tutorial. Medium tanks and Light tanks are tricky to use when it comes
    to using the armour and especially to get the angle right (some
    exceptions). For the turret part it’s really useful when you have a round
    turret or one with angled cheeks. Flat front turrets requires a bit of
    angling but there aren’t many of them in-game. Some flat turrets actually
    spaced armour and you can just keep it facing the enemy (T26E4).

    Overall it is a really good tutorial.

  57. not funny… now tomatoes are stronger

  58. Good on you mate! Live that dream, very proud of you making this decision.

  59. Wish I could live in space like you !

  60. To close…. sir to close…

  61. Best of luck and keep up the great work, you will do good being your own
    Boss :)

  62. Grats on quiting the job SirHavoc! I can’t wait until I can make that
    video! Keep ’em rolling you’ll be fine brother <0

  63. I wish good luck with your ”new” job and I’ll recommend your videos to my
    friends :)

  64. Hope your channel gets huge so you can be solely dependent on it! Keep it

  65. Glad for another informational video!

  66. Sir Havoc , good luck with youre channel , i hope all turns out the way you
    Ty for the nice vids and taking the time to explain.

  67. Omg I feel so bad for you. D:


  69. Be nice if we could have clans in the xbox


  71. you are crazy mr Havoc… I wish you all the luck of the world in your new
    stage of life!

  72. Monthygreg- Wot Uni NA Junior Officer

    Thanks for the extra help! Keep it up!

  73. 2:56 AND our support via Patreon (hint, fellas, the link to Sir Hav’s
    Patreon account is in the video description).

  74. 29 viewer!

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